Flexispot EQ5 vs E7: Who Claims The Title Best Standing Desk?

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Flexispot is a popular brand that allured us to make a purchase. A few months back, we decided to unbox both models and kept the suitable one in our office.

We ran experiments on both Flexispot EQ5 and E7 and tested them consistently for several weeks. The ground purpose was to know more about the desirable characteristics matching our needs.

During the process, we precisely worked on measuring performance based on its load capacity, leg design, noise, and height settings and found noticeable differences.

Both desks offer a lot of potential with plenty of features similarities like the LED touch screen, cable tray, kid lock, and memory setting etc.

With the price variation. The Flexispot EQ5 costs less than £300, while the Flexispot E7 costs about £400. Although both units are strong and long-lasting, they have different weight capacities and motor noise levels. The EQ5 achieves greater height than the E7, but the E7 carry more weight capacity.

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In this walkthrough, we will share insights from our first-hand experience alongside recent buyer reviews. Let’s deep down into the comparison of Flexispot EQ5 and E7. See the picture below of E7.

view of flexispot e7 standing desk unboxing
view of flexispot e7 standing desk purchased package arrival home

Key Specifications Of ️Flexispot EQ5 Vs E7

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FeaturesFlexispot EQ5Flexispot E7
Overall Sold To:1500+ Customers4000+ Customers
Buyer Satisfaction Ratings98%95%
Mini. Height62 cm58 cm
Max. Height127 cm124 cm
Min. Width120 cm110 cm
Max. Width180 cm188 cm
Transition Speed3.5 cm per second3.8 cm per second
User Height3’2″ short – 6’5″ tall3’0″ short – 6’9″+ tall
Full Refund On AmazonYes, 30 Day’s Full Refund PolicyYes, 30 Day’s Full Refund Policy
PriceView Low Price OfferView Low Price Offer

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view of flexispot eq5 standing desk unboxing purchased package arrival home

See the picture below of EQ5.

view of flexispot eq5 standing desk unboxing

Flexispot EQ5 Vs E7: Leg Design And Weight Bearing Capacity

Let’s begin with the leg design. Both of the models EQ5 and E7 standing desks are with superb leg designs adding to substantial stability as tested.

Compared with the other desks which are in the same price range, the EQ5 has inverted legs with larger leg frames. This increases stability even at the greatest height and is often seen in premium electric workstations.

Whereas E7 leg frames are available in two shapes: T type and C type. See the picture below

view of flexispot e7 leg design and weight bearing capacity

The T-type features a foot stand that is 26.8 inches long, a leg frame that is centred on it, and legs that are joined in the middle.

The C type, in comparison, has its legs off-centre and its columns are attached to the stand 12 inches away from the centre. Those who like additional room under the desk will be the best-suited style.

You might not want the desk to take up your entire workspace if it is small. With a C-type desk, you may slide items like shelving underneath the desk.

Moving on to the weight capability. During testing, we found the E7 is a great option if you need to accommodate two desktop computers as well as additional equipment like printers, lights, and speakers on the desk because it can support a maximum weight of 355 pounds or 161 kg.

In contrast, the EQ5 has a weight capacity of 220 pounds, or 100 kg, which is less than the E7 but still excellent given its price range.

Due to the twin motors used by E7 and EQ5, there is seldom ever a transitional sound, and the speed is also commendable.

The E7 can move 3.8 cm per second, compared to the EQ5’s 3.5 cm per second. It’s really convenient because you won’t have to wait more than 20 seconds for the desk to adjust.

Flexispot EQ5 Vs E7: Stability And Custom Choices

Both the EQ5 and E7 models from Flexispot, carry the highest calibre within the range of settings.

But the stability is a key consideration. Thanks to their flawless leg design and multiple motors, the EQ5 and E7 are both strong and long-lasting.

But in terms of steadiness, the E7 excels above the EQ5 as tested. Manual instruction explains it as BIFMA certified for its exceptional stability and has passed 20,000 motion tests in manufacturing.

view of flexispot eq5 memory settings

The desk is sturdy even at its maximum height settings with the carbon steel construction of the legs. The three-stage leg structure reduces the distance between each column and eliminates any shaking effect.

view of flexispot7 eq5 memory settings 1
view of flexispot7 eq5 memory settings

The EQ5 still is a reliable choice in its pricing range, despite not being as stable as the E7. It is a fantastic option for people looking for a secure standing desk on a tight budget because it also boasts a three-stage leg construction that reduces wobbling.

Talking about customising, both of the model’s desktops offer you a choice of size and material. There are three desk sizes available for the EQ5: 120 x 60 cm, 140 x 70 cm, and 160 x 80 cm. You may also select between a rectangular or curved form.

Additionally, a variety of colours are available, including ebony, mahogany, marble, white, grey, and black. The width of the desks, which can be either bamboo or fiberboard, varies from 110 to 170 cm.

A larger range of desktop sizes, from 48 inches to 80 inches, are available with the E7. Sizes including 48″x24″, 48″x30″, 55″x28″, 60″x24″, 60″x30″, 72″x30″, and 80″x30″ are available.

Similar to the EQ5, the E7 is available in a variety of colours, including ebony, marble, mahogany, white, grey, and black. The EQ5 does not, however, have the option of having a solid wood desktop, while the E7 does.

Flexispot EQ5 Vs E7: Height Range

Moving on to our tests on deciding height range winners between the models. The height adjustment range for the E7 standing desk is 23 to 49 inches. This height range is appropriate for those who are 4′.2″ to 6′.4″ tall. However, employing monitor stands is advised for maximum comfort if you are taller than 6′.4″ as tested. See the picture below

view of flexispot e7 height range

The EQ5 standing desk, on the other hand, has a height range of 24.5 inches to 50 inches. This makes it better suited for taller people who might find the E7 desk uncomfortable or overly low.

Although the Flexispot EQ5 and E7 both have a respectable height range, the EQ5 has a little greater maximum height. Therefore, the EQ5 would be a better option for you if you are taller and want a standing desk that can adjust to your height.

Flexispot EQ5 Vs E7: Price And Which Is Better

The budget-friendly choice is the EQ5, which has a price below £300 on the manufacturer’s website. The E7 pro desk, on the other hand, is one of the highest-quality desks on the market, but depending on customization choices, it costs more around £450. However, the cost can be decreased by going with fiberboard or smaller sizes.

In deciding which works for you. Within its affordable price range, the EQ5 offers luxury features including LED panels, inverted legs, and stability. It is a fantastic choice for anybody seeking a cheap standing desk.

The E7, on the other hand, delivers a beautiful finish, a durable and ecologically friendly coated spray, and outstanding stability in addition to having practically every electronic function you can imagine. If you have more money to spare, the E7 pro desk is a great option.

Remember to your height, and how tall you are before picking any model of a standing desk.

Flexispot EQ5 Vs E7: Buyer Reviews


The person is looking to buy a standing desk and is torn between two choices: Flexispot EQ5 and E7. Their primary concerns are stability and capacity. They are 173cm in height and plan to have a dual 32” monitor setup, a laptop, keyboard and mouse, AirPad, and some other small items on the desk at all times. They also plan on using the desk for occasional DIY, but nothing too heavy.

Both desks have 3-stage legs and dual motors, as well as memory functions. The EQ5 has inverted legs, which the person is not sure is good in terms of stability. The E7 supports more weight, but the person’s budget also allows for the EQ5, which is currently on sale.

After researching and reading reviews, the person has decided to go with the Fully Jarvis desk instead. They found that many reviews of the E7 and EQ5 were sponsored, and the few unbiased reviews they found satisfactory. Additionally, they wanted a nice desktop, and the only options available within their budget for the E7 and EQ5 were wood-like desktops.

The person acknowledges that all frames from pretty much every known company are from similar manufacturers.

Hot Deals UK

This comment thread is discussing the Flexispot standing desk models, specifically the EQ5 and E7. The initial comment by shadowise points out the main difference between the two models, which is the load capacity and warranty duration. The EQ5 can handle about 100kg and comes with a 5-year warranty, while the E7 can handle around 125kg and comes with a 7-year warranty. Theadm1n shares their experience of setting up the desk, mentioning the heavy parcel and their advice on cable management. Hax3 recommends the desk based on their positive experience with it. Vipul_PatelHm1 expresses gratitude for the information provided. Various users ask questions about the desk’s features, such as control panel placement, screw length, and compatibility with different table tops. Other users share their personal experiences and recommendations for using the desk, including pairing it with an IKEA table top and an anti-fatigue mat.

Overall, the comment thread provides insights into the features, assembly, and user experiences with the Flexispot standing desk models. It also highlights the community’s engagement and willingness to share information and recommendations.

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Conclusion: Verdict

In conclusion, the Flexispot EQ5 and E7 standing workstations each offer particular benefits and distinguishing qualities of their own.

Both desks’ leg designs, with the EQ5’s having inverted, thicker legs and the E7’s giving an option between T and C-type legs, add to their stability. The EQ5 can support up to 220 pounds of weight, but the E7 can support up to 355 pounds. The two motors in both workstations offer amazing transitional speeds.

flexispot eq5 height adjustable standing desk at our home

Depending on your unique requirements and preferences, you may choose between the two models. The EQ5 provides a more cost-effective alternative while still offering a reliable and useful workstation.

The E7, on the other hand, is a tough and reliable solution for anyone who needs a desk that can support more weight without sacrificing performance. See the picture below of the setup of E7.

view of flexispot e7 height adjustable standing desk
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