Maidesite Vs Flexispot: Which Standing Desk Reigns Supreme?

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With a bewildering array of options, varying specifications, and a wide range of prices, we got the opportunity to thoroughly research and compare two popular contenders Maidesite and Flexispot.

During the testing process of several months of use, we found that both mid-price range brands have some similarities as well as dissimilarities.

While both models feature efficient memory controls, the Flexispot E8 surpasses the Maidesite standing desk with its lower minimum height. Additionally, the Flexispot E8 takes the lead in weight capacity.

We precisely investigate and prepare an honest and unbiased assessment considering a variety of factors.

In this walkthrough guide, we will discuss valuable insights and performance scores we evaluated after testing for several weeks.

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let’s dive deep into this to know more.

Key Specifications Of Maidesite Vs Flexispot Standing Desk

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We are comparing two popular units Maidesite (S2) and Flexispot E8.

FeaturesMaidesiteFlexispot E8
Sold To:100+ Customers300+ Customers
Mini. Height28 inches23 inches
Max. Height47 Inches49 inches
Motor TypeDualDual
Weight Capacity105 Kg125 Kg
Thickness25 mm19 mm
Transition Speed36 mps38 mps
Child LockYesYes
Noise Level<50db<50db
Frame & Desktop Finishes9 Combinations16 Combinations
Full Refund On AmazonYesYes
Price (UK)See Low Price OfferSee Low Price Offer
Price (US)See Low Price OfferSee Low Price Offer

Maidesite Standing Desk: Our Unboxing And Testing Experience

Let’s begin with the Maidesite, overall the performance report was satisfactory though doesn’t have as many features as some competitors with similar prices, it nevertheless offers a stable basis for a productive workspace as tested.

Talking about the unboxing process, the Maidesite S2 Pro Plus came to our home in excellent packing condition having individual boxes for the desktop and frame. See the picture below.

view of maidesite unboxing purchased package arrival home

Polystyrene in abundance guarantees safe protection throughout transit. The fastenings’ packaging, however, could have been more environmentally friendly.

Despite this slight hurdle, the frame is neatly divided into its parts, suggesting an assembly procedure that wasn’t too difficult as tested.

ComponentWeight (kg)Weight (lb)

When the S2 Pro Plus is first unboxed, its durability is evident. The desktop and frame both have a substantial weight to them.

The assembly is quite simple thanks to the detailed instructions. While the desk has a label pointing viewers to an installation video, a QR code or link for quick access would have been more practical.

However, the written manual has sufficient information to lead you through the procedure. Despite the manual’s recommendation that two people build the desk due to its weight, you may assemble it by yourself if you use a few clever techniques.

For instance, to attach the leg screws simpler, we place L shape leg ends in a triangle shape.

During testing, we found that the loose connectors must be handled carefully to avoid damage; you might want to tie them to the sides to prevent accidents.

view of maidesite standing desk assembly

Talking about the material, we are fully satisfied with the MDF desktop solid constructed.

After heavy use for several weeks, there were no trace of cracks, dents also the round shape edges protecting hurtful scratches for small size rooms.

However, the S2 Pro Plus is a workstation with limited capabilities as we tested.

Compared with the same price other standing desks, it is with USB type A charging only whereas other models are with wireless charging, a built-in function on the control handset.

Among other optional accessories, it is with wheels.

One area where the S2 Pro Plus falls short is cable management. We handled the wires with the plate to hide them properly.

Talking about the four memory slots, allowed me to set different height presets as per convenience.

Additionally, there is a 30- to 2-hour alarm feature that comes in handy when I need a reminder to switch up my sitting or standing position.

One aspect that initially puzzled me was the lack of clear indication in the guidebook about which features apply to specific models. It would have been helpful to have that information readily available to avoid any confusion.

I did notice that accessing deeper settings could be a bit challenging due to the limited user interface. It took me some time to familiarize myself with the process, but once I got the hang of it, I found it to be quite effective.

I appreciate the anti-collision mechanism of the S2 Pro Plus desk, as it prevents any objects from colliding with the desk when it’s in motion.

It allows me to adjust the sensitivity settings, so I can choose the pressure at which the desk stops moving towards or away from an obstruction.

However, one minor flaw I’ve noticed is with the grommet design. The cap used to open and close the cable passthrough lacks a convenient grip or lever, making it slightly challenging to use smoothly. It’s a small issue.

Overall, despite a few minor quirks, the desk’s features and functionalities make it a good recommendation to buy.

Flexispot Standing Desk: Our Unboxing And Testing Experience

Talking about the Flexispot, we had a Flexispot E8 model purchased a month before. The desk has a clean and appealing appearance thanks to the concealed motor made possible by its dual motor design.

The E8 stood out as our top pick in our assessment of the finest standing desks because of its dual motor and affordable pricing. We wanted to see if it could help people exercise more during the day and smoothly transition from sitting to standing.

We installed the E8 for our tests, utilized it for several months, and carefully observed how it motorized the change from sitting to standing and back again.

We sought a mechanically sound operation that operated quietly and smoothly.

During testing, we put coins on their ends and counted how many remained upright during the cycle to gauge how smoothly the table moved. The journey was smoother the more coins remained vertical.

The steel frame of the E8 is quite heavy to assemble, but this weight helps to its stability, even at its highest point.

The actual assembly is simple, requiring only the use of an Allen key to attach the side brackets, lift columns, handset, control box, wires, and management tray. Although we were able to put it together on our own, help may be needed when lifting the table into place. See the picture below

view of flexispot unboxing purchased package arrival home

The generously sized rectangular E8 has room for a laptop, desktop computer, monitors, and other necessities thanks to its generous dimensions.

view of flexispot standing desk assembly

For a standing desk, the quality of the motors is an important consideration, and the E8 succeeds admirably in this area.

Only two coins tipped over throughout our test, indicating a pleasant ride. The desk’s raising speed of 3.8 cm per second enables seamless changes in workflow. Even with constant use, the motor continues to run quietly and consistently.

The E8 has three stages for lifting legs, with a 125cm maximum height. The table’s stable steel structure guarantees stability, while the softer edges that form when it is elevated assure security by preventing finger entanglement.

The desk has a kid lock option for enhanced security. Confidence-inspiring features include the desk’s four memory functions for pre-set sitting and standing heights, a USB charger for easy phone charging, and a claimed loading capacity of 125 kg.

view of flexispot memory slots

Overall, the Flexispot E8 standing desk appropriate for a range of users and jobs as tested. The E8 delivers a smooth sit-stand routine also have a huge number of buyers.

Maidesite Vs Flexispot: Comparison

Design and Aesthetics

  • Maidesite S2 Pro Plus: The Maidesite S2 Pro Plus features a sleek and minimalistic design with a durable MDF desktop. It offers a clean and professional appearance, and the white version is particularly appealing. The rounded corners are a thoughtful touch for added safety.
  • Flexispot E8: The Flexispot E8 also boasts a contemporary design with a rectangular desktop that can be customized in various colors and finishes. It offers a sleek and modern look, allowing users to match it with their existing workspace decor.

Assembly Process and Stability

  • Maidesite S2 Pro Plus: The assembly of the Maidesite S2 Pro Plus is relatively straightforward, thanks to the detailed instructions provided. It is recommended to have two people due to its weight, but it can be assembled by a single person with some clever techniques. The desk is stable and provides a solid foundation for work.
  • Flexispot E8: The Flexispot E8 assembly process is also straightforward, requiring the use of an Allen key and assistance when lifting the table into place. The steel frame adds to its stability, ensuring a secure and wobble-free experience even at its highest point.

Durability and Materials

  • Maidesite S2 Pro Plus: The Maidesite S2 Pro Plus is constructed with a durable MDF desktop that is resistant to chips, cracks, and dents. The materials used provide a sturdy and long-lasting desk for everyday use.
  • Flexispot E8: The Flexispot E8 features a steel frame that adds to its durability and stability. The desktop options include rubber wood, marble, bamboo, and maple, offering a range of choices to suit different preferences.

Functionality and Features

  • Maidesite S2 Pro Plus: While the Maidesite S2 Pro Plus lacks some advanced features found in competitors, it offers reliable and easy-to-use functionality. The control handset includes a USB charging connection but does not have other built-in features. Additional features such as wireless charging or wheels are available separately.
  • Flexispot E8: The Flexispot E8 excels in functionality with its dual motor design, providing smooth and quiet operation. It offers four memory functions for preset sitting and standing heights, a USB charger for convenient device charging, and a claimed loading capacity of 125 kg.

Cable Management Capabilities

  • Maidesite S2 Pro Plus: The Maidesite S2 Pro Plus includes adhesive cable ties and a cable management plate to manage cords. While it effectively manages cable slack, a more integrated solution, especially on the legs, would have been preferable.
  • Flexispot E8: The Flexispot E8 offers a cable management tray that helps keep cords organized and reduces clutter. It provides a more convenient and visually appealing solution for managing power cables.

Height Adjustment Range and Ease of Use

  • Maidesite S2 Pro Plus: The Maidesite S2 Pro Plus offers a height range from 62 cm to 127 cm, accommodating a variety of user preferences. It provides quick and easy height adjustment with a responsive touchscreen interface.
  • Flexispot E8: The Flexispot E8 offers three stages for lifting legs, allowing a maximum height of 125 cm. The smooth and seamless height adjustment, with a raising speed of 3.8 cm per second, ensures a comfortable transition between sitting and standing positions.

Conclusion: Verdict

After carefully comparing the Maidesite standing desk with the Flexispot E8, it is clear that both models have their strengths and weaknesses. The Maidesite offers a more affordable price point and a decent range of customization options. However, the Flexispot E8 stands out with its sleek design, lower minimum height, and higher weight capacity. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on individual preferences and specific requirements. Both desks provide a satisfactory sit-stand experience, but the Flexispot E8 offers a slightly more impressive overall package.

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