Best office chair for tall person UK(6′ to 7.5′) in 2023

Are you a tall person like me who has struggled with finding the right office chair? This article on the best office chair for tall people in the UK is written by ergonomic expert and is for you, don’t go anywhere. Keep reading this article.

Being tall has its perks, but when it comes to finding the right office chair, it can be quite a challenge. As someone who has experienced the frustration firsthand, I understand the struggle of sitting on a chair that is simply too small for my frame. Legs extended beyond the seat’s edge, knees uncomfortably contracted – it’s not just an aesthetic issue but can also lead to health problems in the long run.

Thankfully, ergonomic office chairs designed specifically for tall individuals have come to our rescue. These chairs are tailored to accommodate our body types, allowing us to adjust the posture for optimal comfort and support. Without the benefits of such chairs, we may suffer from poor posture, back discomfort, and reduced productivity. It might seem trivial, but sitting correctly at a computer can make a world of difference in our overall well-being.

When your body doesn’t seem to fit into typical seats that others find comfortable, it can be aggravating. I often find my thighs hanging over the seat’s edge, feeling awkward and uncomfortable. Using a poorly designed chair can lead to chronic health issues and diminish both productivity and quality of life. But the good news is that there are solutions out there, such as ergonomic office chairs tailored to tall individuals by reputable manufacturers.

In this article, I want to share the insights I’ve gained from weeks of testing various office chairs, along with valuable advice on selecting the most comfortable chair for your body type and height. Choosing the right seat depth and height is crucial, and I’ll offer recommendations to help you make an informed decision.

Having firsthand experience with the drawbacks of using an ill-fitted chair, I cannot stress enough how important it is to find one that truly works for you in an office environment. The right chair can significantly improve your productivity and overall well-being.

Regardless of your budget, there are recommendations in this article to suit every price point. Let our experts guide you in finding the perfect office chair to meet your needs. At Finexo uk, we understand your frustrations, and we’re here to help you find a chair that you’ll love to sit on, promoting comfort, health, and productivity throughout your workday. So, let’s delve into the world of ergonomic office chairs for tall people and find the perfect match for you.

Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Tall Person At A Glance

Let’s Look at them

Tall Office Chair BrandsBuyer Satisfaction RatingsMax User Height (Feet)Seat Height (inches)Price Range
Herman Miller Aeron Chair C88%5’3″ – 6’6”16.5″ – 22.4″£900- £1000
Steelcase Leap Chair84%less than 6’4”16” – 20.5”£900- £1000
SONGMICS (Recommend)88%less than 6′ 6″18.5” – 22.5”£150- £200
MOOJIRS90%less than 7’1″19.5” – 23”£150- £200
Humanscale Freedom Chair90%More than 7’2″20.” – 27.6”£600-£800

Defining How Tall Is Tall?

So, you might be wondering, what exactly qualifies as “tall”? It’s a tricky question because the answer varies from person to person. For the purpose of this guide, we’ll be focusing on height in relation to office chairs. In the UK, the average height for men is 5’9″ and for women, it’s 5’3″. These measurements pretty much define the world around us.

For most people, height is never an issue, and they can go about their daily activities without a second thought. But being tall comes with its challenges. Some things, like finding well-fitting office chairs, become a real struggle. You have to search far and wide to discover products that cater to taller individuals.

Now, if you find yourself standing at 6 feet or above, congratulations! This article is here to serve you. It’s a handy guide crafted specifically for tall folks like us. The world is mostly designed for average-height people, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Throughout this page, we aim to provide helpful advice and suggestions tailored to those of us who are vertically gifted. Being tall might pose some unique challenges, but with the right information and resources, we can conquer them all. So, let’s dive into the world of office chairs for tall people and make our lives a whole lot more comfier!

Maximum Seat Height Measurement

It’s frustrating to sit on a chair that doesn’t cater to our height, leaving us with limited adjustability. I’ve experienced this myself, trying to get comfortable by either bending my knees or stretching out my legs.

The problem with this makeshift solution is that it puts unnecessary stress on my lower back, thighs, and hips, leading to discomfort and even pain after prolonged periods of sitting. Ideally, for a comfortable sitting position, our knees should form a 90-degree angle with the seat. So, determining the right height adjustment is vital in selecting an ergonomic office chair.

To figure out the seat height adjustment you need, measure from the top of your knees to the bottom of your feet. This measurement will guide you in finding a chair that provides the right level of support. Without proper adjustment, tall people like us might end up in awkward positions, straining our lower body and impacting our overall comfort and productivity.

Maximum Person HeightSeat To Floor Height
5’8”18″ (45.7 cm)
6’1”19″ (48.2 cm)
6’3”20″ (50.8 cm)
6’6”21″ (53.3 cm)
6’8”22″ (55.8 cm)
7’1”23″ (58.4 cm)
7’3”24″ (60.9 cm)

Using your height as a reference or measuring from knees to feet, you can identify the maximum seat height that suits your needs. Look for a chart that shows the maximum seat height required for various heights. This way, you’ll have a handy reference when searching for the perfect office chair, especially if you can’t physically assess the chair beforehand.

Having access to this measurement chart is invaluable, as individual characteristics can differ, and we want to ensure the chair we choose complements our unique physique. Remember, the right seat height should allow your knees to form a 90-degree angle and your feet to rest firmly on the ground.

So, armed with the knowledge of maximum seat height measurements, we tall folks can confidently search for an office chair that provides the comfort and support we truly deserve. No more settling for ill-fitted chairs and no more discomfort – it’s time to sit tall and proud!

Seat Width Recommendation

For tall individuals, a seat width of 16 inches or more is recommended, while those who are both tall and big should look for chairs 19 inches or greater.

This measurement is often referred to as the “seat pan width.” Big and tall individuals need a wider seat to comfortably rest their thighs, with a minimum seat width of 24 inches for those above 250 lbs.

While the standard seat width is usually between 17-20 inches, it’s important to select a chair that is appropriate for your body size to ensure comfort and support throughout the workday.

Body SizeRecommended Seat Width
Tall16″ or more
Tall and Big19″ or greater, based on body size
Above 250 lbsat least 24″

Height And Width of Backrest Recommendation

Let’s talk about the height and width of the backrest – the third and final measurement that’s so important for tall folks like us. Our torsos come in all shapes and sizes, so finding the right backrest is crucial. We need one that supports the natural “S” curve of our spine, offering enough support for both the lower and upper back. This way, we can reduce any potential stress on our spine and pelvis.

Taller backrest office chairs are a blessing for us tall individuals, as they can accommodate our bigger frames comfortably. An adjustable backrest height is a fantastic feature too, just like the seat slide. It allows us to customize the chair to fit our bodies perfectly, providing optimal support.

Now, some ergonomic office chairs go the extra mile with an adjustable headrest along with a higher backrest. This additional feature offers even more support for our head, neck, and shoulders, ensuring we have a truly comfortable sitting experience.

When it comes to backrest height, we need to consider a few factors. If the chair has a headrest, especially if it’s fixed and non-adjustable, the height of the backrest becomes crucial. A shorter backrest may not be comfortable for us taller folks. So, a minimum height of 20 inches is recommended to support our upper back in the absence of a headrest.

Another important consideration is the width of the backrest. For those of us with broader torsos, a backrest width of 20 inches or more is usually preferred. This ensures that we have enough room and support for our entire upper body.

Backrest HeightImportanceRequirements
General HeightNot important unless there is a headrestN/A
Headrest IncludedImportant to align with cervical spine or back of headHeight should be adjustable
No HeadrestEssential for supporting upper backHeight should be at least 20 inches
Taller BackrestBetter suited for taller individuals and larger framesN/A
Height AdjustableAllows for customization to individual body shapeN/A

Seat Depth Measurement

As a tall person, I’ve come to realize that longer femur bones are quite common in our group. With that extra length, finding a comfortable seat depth becomes crucial. When your legs are longer, a seat depth of at least 18 inches is recommended, according to ChairOffice.

So, what exactly is seat depth? It’s the distance between the back of the seat, where your butt rests, and the front of the chair seat, often having a curved “waterfall” front edge. To ensure comfort, you want the ideal distance between the edge of the seat and the back of your knees to be around 2 to 4 inches. This way, you can avoid any uncomfortable pressure on the back of your knees.

Max User HeightRecommended Seat Depth
Under 5’4″15″ – 16″
5’4″ – 5’11”16″ – 18″
6’0″ – 6’3″18″ – 19″
Over 6’4″19″ or more

A chair with adjustable seat depth or seat slide capability is even better. This feature allows you to customize the seat position to fit your body perfectly. Considering the longer femur bones of tall individuals, it’s essential to choose a chair with a deeper seat depth to ensure maximum comfort.

Based on advice from our Finexo business UK specialists, tall people like us should aim for a minimum seat depth of 19 inches or more. This depth will provide the necessary support for our lengthy upper leg bones, preventing uncomfortable seating positions.

By paying attention to these tips and selecting chairs that cater to our unique physique, we can finally enjoy the support and comfort we deserve.

Top 10 Best Office Chair for Tall Person UK- Tried & Tested

Why you can trust Finexo Enterprise UK: Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair C

Sold To: 100+ customers | Star Ratings: 4.3/5 Excellent | Dimensions: ‎112.8 x 69.5 x 66.4 cm | Chair Weight: nearly 19.5 Kilograms | Colour: Black Grey | Material: Die-cast aluminum frame and base + more | Total height:  99.8 – 112.8 cm | Weight capacity: 159 Kg | Warranty: Full Refund+ 12 Years

best tall person office chair
Credit: Herman Miller

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Reasons To Buy

  • 71% of 158 buyers give this model a 5 star review 
  • Impressed With Recline
  • Excellent Warranty
  • Forward Tilt

Reasons To Avoid

  • 9% of all buyers give this one a bad review.
  • Seat depth is not adjustable
  • Without headrest
  • No adjustable back height
  • High Price

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is a highly-regarded office chair that is known for its exceptional adjustability and ergonomic design.

It is a popular choice among taller individuals looking for a comfortable and supportive seating option.

One of the standout features of the Aeron Chair is its adjustability.

The chair has a wide range of adjustments for the lumbar support, seat height, and armrests, making it easy for taller individuals to find the perfect fit as tested.

The chair also features a unique mesh back that conforms to the user’s body, providing additional support and comfort.

For most of us, the $1,000+ Herman Miller Aeron will be an indulgence, especially when a $300 chair like the Branch Ergonomic Office chair will more than suffice — and be far easier on your wallet. Yet there’s no denying the comfort afforded by the Aeron, which simply can’t be beat. I especially liked its mesh seat, which felt like a hammock on my hindquarters as I labored over endless spreadsheets. If you can’t afford the Aeron’s price tag, my advice is to look for office liquidation sales or other deals. Your butt will thank you for it.

mike prospero
Mike Prospero, U.S. Editor-in-Chief Tom’s Guide

Unlike other office chairs, this does not come with a headrest.

Another point to be noted is the cost. The chair is on the higher end of the price spectrum and may not fit every budget.

If we look at its price the Herman Miller Aeron Chair ranges from £900 to £1,200.

Overall, The Herman miller aeron chair is an excellent option for taller individuals looking for a comfortable and ergonomic office chair. It offers exceptional adjustability and lumbar support and is highly rated by customers and experts in the field.

Buyer Reviews

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is a top-rated chair for its exceptional ergonomics and high-quality construction. Uk customers or buyers have praised the chair’s comfort and durability, with one buyer saying it’s the best ergonomic chair they’ve ever sat in. The chair’s solid feel, adjustability, and breathability were also mentioned positively. If you’re considering buying the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, it’s recommended to purchase from a reputable seller like amazon uk that gives 30 days full refund and checks the condition of the product carefully upon arrival.

Steelcase Leap V2 Ergonomic Office Chair

Sold To: 500+ customers | Star Ratings: 4.5/5 Excellent | Dimensions: ‎‎66 x 62.5 x 104 cm | Chair Weight: 27.1 Kilograms | Colour: Black, Cloud, Grey, Blue | Material: ‎Alloy Steel + more | Total height:  103 cm | Weight capacity: 135 Kg | Warranty: Full Refund+ 5 Years

best ergonomic office chair tall person
Credit: Steelcase

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Reasons To Buy

  • 76% of 500 buyers give this model a 5 star review 
  • Wonderful Ergonomic Adjustments
  • Quality built, comfort
  • 5 Years Warranty

Reasons To Avoid

  • 7% of all buyers give this one a bad review.
  • High Price
  • No Adjustable Back

One of the most striking features of this Steelcase leap chair is the LiveBack technology, which allows the chair to move with the user, providing continuous support throughout the workday.

The chair also features a flexible backrest that conforms to the user’s spine, providing exceptional comfort and support.

The chair’s 4-way adjustable arms also allow for a customized fit, while the adjustable lumbar support allows for targeted lower back support.

However, the most disappointing feature we had was no back height adjustment of this chair.

Also, when it comes to price point, just like Herman Miller Aeron Chair, this ranges from £800 to £1,100.

For height accommodation, I am just 6′ 2″ for me it works. But it does not work best in case of your height is more than 6’4″.

While writing the review of Leap chair Gref Knighton states:

If you’re over 6’4” and wanting a chair with an adjustable back height function, the Leap chair is not it. Unfortunately, the way they have tied the back to the mechanism, this function is not possible. The back is fairly tall at 25” so it could still potentially work for users that are tall.

greg knighton
Greg Knighton, President btod

Buyer Reviews

Steelcase Leap is a popular office chair that receives positive reviews from customers in the UK and other countries. Customers praised the chair for its adjustability, flexibility, and comfort. Overall, it is clear that the Steelcase Leap is a good product with varying experiences among UK customers.

Chachi Mesh Office Chair

chachi mesh office chair for tall person uk

It’s ingeniously engineered to be fully adjustable, allowing me to customize the support to fit my unique body shape. With the lower backrest support capable of moving up and down independently, I can achieve the perfect level of comfort and support for my lower back.

The synchronised tilt and reclining backrest are also impressive. I can easily fix it in any position that suits me best, ensuring I can find the perfect angle for my work style and preferences. Plus, the adjustable armrests add another layer of comfort and support. I can customize their height to better fit my body and the height of my workplace furniture. The integrated headrest is a bonus, properly pivoting to provide added neck and head support.

Durability is a big plus with this chair. It’s been specially developed for intense 24-hour use, making it perfect for those long working hours. The heavy-duty gas strut has been put to the test with up to 25 stones in weight, assuring me that this chair is built to last and support heavier individuals like me.

One of the highlights for me is the full-body mesh design. Not only does it give the chair a modern and sleek appearance, but it also keeps me cool during long hours of work. The mesh allows air to circulate, preventing any uncomfortable sweating or stickiness.

However, I did find a minor shortcoming with this chair. While the lumbar support is fantastic, I wish the headrest was also more adjustable. It’s less flexible in place, and for taller individuals like me, it could be positioned a bit higher to provide better head and neck support.

SONGMICS Tall Office Chair UK

Sold To: 800+ customers | Star Ratings: 4.4/5 Excellent | Dimensions: ‎‎‎70 x 72 x 129 cm | Chair Weight: 17 Kilograms | Colour: Black | Material: Metal + ‎Nylon, Fabric + more | Total height:  120-137 cm | Weight capacity: 150 Kg | Warranty: Full Refund

best tall person office chair uk

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Reasons To Buy

  • 62% of 852 buyers give this model a 5 star review 
  • Executive Looks
  • Budget Friendly

Reasons To Avoid

  • 4% of all buyers give this one a bad review.
  • No Warranty
  • Non-Adjustable (Recline)

A chair with greater depth with an adjustable headrest of 91 cm fits your sitting position. SONGMICS is an ergonomic chair that brings an executive feel, I would say the chair is specifically designed for a taller person.

If you are someone who is bothered by a lot of lumbar support, it might be a good idea to consider a different model, even though this is the preference of a minority of users as tested.

When it comes to the cost of it, the chair ranges from £150 to £200.

Overall, The SONGMICS with 91 cm high back chair is a great budget-friendly option for taller individuals looking for a comfortable and ergonomic office chair.

Although it may not be as durable as some of the higher-end options on this list but has three different headrest adjustable positions similar to a car seat non-rotatory.

Buyer Reviews

Customers in the UK who purchased the SONGMICS office chair had very good feedback. Customers praised the chair for being top-quality, comfortable, and easy to assemble. One buyer, who was 6ft 5 and worked from home for 8 hours a day, found the chair provided excellent support and comfort. Overall, the chair received positive reviews for its space saving, quality, sturdiness, and adjustability.

MOOJIRS Large Office Chair UK

Sold To: 60+ customers | Star Ratings: 4.5/5 Excellent | Dimensions: ‎‎‎‎50 x 50 x 120 cm | Chair Weight: 28.24 Kilograms | Colour: Black | Material: Aluminium + more | Total height:  Suitable for taller more than 6 feet 3 inches+ approx | Weight capacity: 150 Kg | Warranty: Full Refund

best tall ergonomic office chair for large person with back pain uk

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Reasons To Buy

  • 71% of 60 buyers give this model a 5 star review 
  • Budget Friendly
  • Comfortable and Ergonomic
  • Excellent Headrest

Reasons To Avoid

  • 5% of all buyers give this one a bad review.
  • No Warranty
  • Not So Reclining

The MOOJIRS ergonomic office chair especially works specifically for those who are 6ft 3in and above. This chair is designed with a variety of adjustable features to ensure a comfortable and ergonomic experience for taller individuals.

Many people who have used this chair have given positive feedback, and recommend it for its variety of adjustable features, and comfortable and ergonomic experience.

On the price point, a budget-friendly option for taller individuals.

Overall, for those on a budget and looking for a taller chair, the MOOJIRS office chair has proven to be a is a solid option. However, for those looking for more advanced ergonomic features and higher durability, it may be worth considering one of the more expensive options on the list.

Buyer Reviews

MOOJIRS chair buyers in the UK have good feelings about their purchases. Buyers praise the chair for its sturdiness, comfort, and adjustability, saying it compares favorably with more expensive office chairs. One buyer writes that the chair is “almost perfect”.Overall, reviews are positive, with buyers praising the chair’s adjustability, lumbar support, and comfort. One reviewer calls the chair “amazing,” while another says it feels like “sitting on a cloud.”

Human Freedom Chair With Headrest

Sold To: 50+ customers | Star Ratings: 4.5/5 Excellent | Dimensions: ‎‎‎‎67.95 W x 66.04 D x 122.43-134.62 H. | Chair Weight: 17.24 Kilograms | Colour: Black | Material: Aluminium + more | Total height:  Suitable for taller more than 6 feet 3 inches+ approx | Weight capacity: 150 Kg | Warranty: 15 Years

best home office chair for tall person
Credit Humanscale

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Reasons To Buy

  • 75% of 700 buyers give this model a 5 star review 
  • Quality Built, Recline
  • Warranty
  • Superb Design and Looks

Reasons To Avoid

  • 5% of all buyers give this one a bad review.
  • High Price
  • Wide Armrest for short-height users.

One of the standout features of this chair is its dynamic lumbar support, which automatically adjusts to provide optimal support for the lower back.

The chair also features a unique mechanism that allows the user to adjust the chair’s tension, ensuring a comfortable and supportive seating experience for individuals of all sizes.

This lives up to the expectations of user height between 5’0″ to 6’4″ tall only.

Really, the downsides of the Freedom are minor nit-picks. Overall, we’ve been thoroughly impressed with this chair in terms of its quality and comfort levels.

For the price we paid for the entry-level fabric and graphite version of the Humanscale Freedom, which was around £550 in the UK (that’s around $720), this chair represents superb value for money. In recent times, that price has crept up rather, and at the time of writing stands at more like £750 (around $1,040), but the Freedom is still well worth that amount of money.

That said, the value proposition of the basic fabric version is one thing, but if you want the leather version of this office chair, you will pay a lot more than that – not too far off double, in fact – and the value factor is therefore proportionately lessened (so drop a half-star).

darren allan

Darren Allan, Writer, Techradar

When looking at the downside armrest are appropriate to work for people of greater heights but remain unsuitable I mean too wide for shorter ones. If you are more for the neutral lumbar system, you may look for other options this will not be at its best. Yes, it does reduce the pressure on the tailbone, more work for a perfect fit.

On price point, can be found for around  £750, making it a more expensive option.

Overall looking at its effectiveness, one from a high-end, ergonomic option, the Humanscale Freedom Chair is a great choice with minor flaws. However, it is a more expensive option and may not be suitable for those on a budget.

Buyer Reviews

Human Freedom Chair has received good of buyer reviews from customers among countries, with some praising the product and the customer support they received, while others have expressed complaints. Positive reviews mention the chair’s durability and the company’s great customer service, with some customers loving the chair for years. Others mention the website’s ease of use and the company’s quick response and helpfulness in assisting them with their purchase. Negative reviews, on the other hand, mention issues with the website, such as its clunkiness and the lack of photos or information about products.

Ideal Office Chair Height Chart for Tall People in UK:

Person’s Height (feet)Chair Seat Height (inches)Person’s  Height (cm)Chair Height (cm)
6’0″19.4 inches181.5 cm49 cm
6’1″19.7 inches184 cm49.6 cm
6’2″19.9 inches186.5 cm50.3 cm
6’3″20.2 inches189 cm51 cm
6’4″20.5 inches191.5 cm51.7 cm
6’5″20.7 inches194 cm52.3 cm
6’6″21 inches196.5 cm53 cm
6’7″21.3 inches199 cm53.7 cm
6’8″21.6 inches201.5 cm54.4 cm
6’9″21.8 inches204 cm55 cm
6’10”22.1 inches206.5 cm55.7 cm
6’11”22.4 inches209 cm56.4 cm
7’0″22.6 inches211.5 cm57.1 cm
7’1″22.9 inches214 cm57.7 cm
7’2″23.2 inches216.5 cm58.4 cm
recommended by BFIMA

How We Tested

When it comes to testing tall office chairs, there are a few key factors we consider before scoring them. We to ensure that the chair is comfortable, durable, and safe for everyday use. At our testing facility, we use a variety of methods to evaluate the chairs we review, including real-world testing, in-depth analysis, and comparison to industry standards.

One of the first things we do when testing a tall office chair is to ensure that it is properly assembled according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This includes checking for any missing or damaged parts, and making sure that all hardware is tightened to the appropriate specifications.

Once the chair is assembled, we sit in the chair and adjust the height and tilt to our desired comfort level. We pay attention to the chair’s stability, making sure that it does not wobble or tip over. We also check the armrests, if the chair has them, and make sure that they are at a comfortable height and that the chair provides adequate lumbar support.

We also take the time to evaluate the chair’s durability by testing its weight capacity and overall construction. We check for any signs of wear or damage, such as loose or broken parts, and examine the materials used in the chair’s construction to ensure that they are of high quality.

Finally, we compare the chair to industry standards, taking into account factors such as price, warranty, and customer reviews other trusted sites. This allows us to provide an in-depth and well-rounded review of the chair, giving our readers all the information they need to make an informed purchase decision.

When it comes to testing tall office chairs, we take our job seriously and make sure to provide accurate and detailed information. We understand how important it is to have a comfortable and durable office chair, which is why we put so much effort into our reviews.

FAQ’s on Best Office Chair For Tall Person UK

  1. How tall should a chair be for a tall person?

    A chair for a tall person should have a seat height of at least 18 inches, with a backrest that extends to the top of the shoulders. The chair should also have adjustable armrests and a tilt function to provide support for the lower back. Additionally, the chair should be able to accommodate the taller person’s legs by having a deeper seat and a longer seat pan. Overall, the chair should provide proper support and comfort for a tall person while also allowing them to sit in a neutral position that promotes good posture.

  2. How tall should my chair be?

    The ideal chair height for you will depend on your individual body measurements. A general rule of thumb is that your feet should be flat on the floor and your knees should be at a 90-degree angle when sitting in the chair. To achieve this, you can measure the distance from the floor to the top of your knee and add about 2 inches to that measurement for the appropriate seat height. Additionally, it’s also important to consider the height of the backrest and the armrests, making sure that they align with the shoulders and the arms. It’s also better to try out the chair and adjust it accordingly to ensure it meets your comfort and support needs.

  3. Am I too tall for my chair?

    It’s difficult to say without more information about your body measurements and the chair you are currently using. However, if you are experiencing discomfort or poor posture while sitting in your chair, it’s possible that the chair is not the right fit for you. Some signs that a chair may be too small for a tall person include:1. Your feet not touching the ground2. Your knees being higher than your hips3. Your back not being fully supported by the backrest4. Your shoulders and arms not aligning with the armrestsIf any of these apply to you, it may be worth looking into getting a chair that is specifically designed for taller individuals, which typically have higher seat heights, deeper seat pans and longer backrests to accommodate taller person’s legs and back.

  4. What is a good seat height for a 5' 7?

    A good seat height for someone who is 5’7″ (170 cm) would be around 17 inches to 18 inches (43-46 cm). This will allow their feet to rest flat on the floor and their knees to be at a 90-degree angle. This will put the person in a comfortable and ergonomic position, which will help to reduce strain on the lower back and promote good posture. However, this is just a general guideline and it’s always better to try out a chair and adjust it to make sure it meets your comfort and support needs, as every person might have different preferences.

  5. Do tall people need a footrest?

    Tall people may benefit from using a footrest if their feet do not touch the ground when they are sitting in a chair. A footrest can help to support the feet and legs, which can reduce strain on the lower back and promote good posture. It can also make sitting for long periods of time more comfortable. However, it’s not a must-have for all tall people, as the footrest depends on the chair height and the individual’s body measurements. Additionally, it’s possible to use a footrest with an adjustable height, which can be adjusted to the person’s preferred height and angle. It’s always recommended to test the chair and adjust it according to the person’s comfort and support needs.

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Gareth Thomas is a professional writer with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He is a guest contributor to Finexo Enterprise UK where he writes reviews and best buys for a range of products. His work is based on publications, extensive research, and hands-on experience, making it credible and trustworthy. He has a keen eye for detail and is always up-to-date with the latest trends in his field. Gareth is known for his clear and concise journalism writing style, making his content easy to understand and engaging for readers. He is dedicated to providing accurate and unbiased information to help consumers make informed decisions.

harry author

Harry is a professional and has 10+ years of experience in a chair manufacturer company. After so many requests he agreed to write an in-depth research knowledge article for Finexo Enterprise UK.

He dedicated his career to designing and creating high-quality chairs that provide ultimate comfort and support for users.

He has used extensive knowledge and passion while writing articles for us giving a unique perspective on what makes a great gaming chair.


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