Comhoma Office Desk Chair Review- Discover Pros and Cons

As someone who has spent many hours sitting at my desk, I began my journey with a low-price Comhoma office desk chair from Amazon, and I am quite pleased with its performance so far as per the cost. I am an average to low height user neither too tall nor too short.

I know how important it is to have a comfortable and supportive chair. That’s why I decided to purchase the ComHoma office chair, and I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed.

If you really want your money to work for you, but you’re not quite ready to drop more than £100 on an office chair, Comhoma fuses quality with affordability for an all-around high-performing chair.

Source, OWEN GOUGH, Senior Journalist Commerce Writer, Twitter

Not only does it have an adjustable and ergonomic design that ensures proper posture and support, but it also boasts a modern look that fits seamlessly into any home office or workspace decor.

The lumbar support not being adjustable but with enough high backrest to provide ample support during workdays, and the ergonomic design ensures that your body is properly aligned, reducing the risk of strain or injury.

What’s more, the chair has a small footprint, making it perfect for smaller rooms or workspaces. And with a price point, it won’t cost you high as well.

In this review, I will dive deeper into the features, complaints and benefits of the ComHoma office chair from a user’s perspective, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to your own workspace needs.

purchased view comhoma office desk chair

Key Specifications Of Comhoma Office Desk Chair

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ComHoma SpecificationsDetails
Sold To9800+ Customers
Customer Satisfaction Ratings4.2/5 (60% Percent)
Chair Dimensions68D x 28W x 59H
Colors AvailableBlack, Grey, White
MaterialMesh, Nylon, Fabric
Chair Weight12 Kg
Cushion Thickness3 cm
Backrest Width48 cm
Backrest Height56 cm
Seat Width47.5 cm
Seat Depth50 cm
Floor to Seat Height43 cm- 53 cm
Weight Bearing Capacity140 kg
Total Height94.5 cm – 103 cm
WarrantyFull Refund


  • Decent Chair at Decent Price
  • Multi-Tasks Chair
  • Impressive Looks


  • Not for Heavy and Tall Users
  • Not To Spend All Day

1. Manufacturer

Comhoma is a company that specializes in providing a range of home and office furniture products, including chairs, desks, and sofas. Their products are designed with comfort and functionality in mind, and are available at affordable prices, making them a popular choice among consumers.

Here is my comprehensive review of this affordable office chair from the user’s perspective, with supporting evidence and product expertise.

2. Arrival and Unboxing

As soon as I received my Comhoma office chair in its original packaging, I was pleased to see that all of the parts were properly protected and packed separately.

comhoma office desk chair original packaging view.jpg

The bubble wrap and cardboard ensured that each element arrived in perfect condition, and I was able to easily find all the necessary parts during assembly.

However, while unpacking, I did notice a loose thread on the back of the chair, which made me worry about the cover’s durability.

Despite this minor issue, I was overall satisfied with the package’s weight and the quality of the packaging materials, which helped make the unboxing and assembly process time-consuming.

3. Assembly

Assembling the Comhoma office desk chair was a bit of a mixed experience for me. While I was initially disappointed by the assembly process, I managed to complete it by myself in only 45 to 50 minutes.

comhoma office desk chair close up view

The instructions were clear and easy to follow, and all the parts were included with a few extra screws as well.

However, some parts were difficult to install, such as the armrests on the backrest. This step was frustrating and required me to hold two heavy parts while screwing with the other hand. In hindsight, having a second person to help would have made the process much simpler.

Despite this, I was able to complete the assembly without any major issues and the chair looks great once it was put together.

4. Support

Compared to high-end office chairs, the Comhoma chair may not have all the bells and whistles, but it certainly holds its own when it comes to support and comfort.

In fact, I found the Comhoma chair to be more comfortable for me, which may or may not be a helpful factor in deciding whether to spend money on an expensive chair.

comhoma office desk chair seat cushion view

While it may not provide the same level of back support as other chairs in its price range, the backrest takes the shape of my spine, which makes leaning on it feels natural.

The seat cushion may not be as thick, but it still offers enough padding to keep me comfortable throughout the day.

As an average to low height user, whether I’m typing away at my desk or engaging in a video conference call, the chair provides the support I need to stay focused and comfortable.

Even when I have to work overtime, I don’t feel any discomfort or pain in my back or legs.

When comparing it to other office chairs, the AmazonBasics High Back Office Chair stands out with its heavily padded backrest that provides excellent support.

On the other hand, the Boss Office Products ergonomics drafting chair and CLATINA office guest chair don’t provide the same level of support as the ComHoma office chair.

5. Comfort

During the first month of using it, I found it to be quite comfortable. However, as I have been using it more and more, I have noticed some issues with its comfort level.

The padded armrests and seat cushion provide a soft surface to rest arms and sit on. However, it’s not as comfortable as the Homall chair. I can say that it’s comfortable enough to sit on and get work done.

Being someone who is a little bit on the heavier side, I find that the chair does not provide enough support for my back, and my lower back starts to ache after sitting for long hours. So, not for spending all day on it.

Moreover, the 3 cm seat cushion appears to be thick enough before sitting, it flattened significantly after consistent use. For an overweight user, it would be uncomfortable to sit for prolonged periods.

comhoma office desk chair flat cushion view

Comparing ComHoma to some of its competitors, I would say that it does not match up to the comfort level provided by some of the other office chairs in the market.

However, I do appreciate its basic adjustable and some of its ergonomic features that provide some degree of customization to suit my preferences.

6. Adjustability

 COMHOMA Chair PartsAdjustability
Armrests2D Foldable
Seat HeightAdjustable
Seat Depth AdjustmentNo
Back SupportIntegrated

Being an average body type user, its basic adjustability is sufficient for my needs. I can say that the basic adjustability of the chair is decent. You can adjust the seat height, and armrests that’s pretty much it.

You can adjust the height with the lever on the right, and the lever also controls the tilt lock. Pushing it in will lock the tilt, and pulling it out will release it.

comhoma office desk chair back view

The lack of a full recline feature may be a downside for some users, but I personally don’t miss it. However, the poor lumbar support compared to some other office chairs does make a significant difference in terms of comfort during long sitting sessions.

When compared to its competitors, the chair’s basic adjustability is similar to the Flash Furniture Mid Back chair, but the latter has better lumbar support.

7. Mesh Backrest

Comhoma is with mesh backrest. The premium mesh fabric used in the chair’s backrest and seat promotes excellent airflow, which has helped me eliminate sweating and moisture, especially during the hot summer months.

However, I do have some concerns about the chair’s coverings. The fabric used in the chair is quite fragile, and the protective fabric on the seat has already lost its tension after only a few months of use.

This is disappointing, and I hope it doesn’t affect the chair’s durability in the long run.

When compared to some of its competitors’ office chairs, the Comhoma chair’s comfort level is comparable in most situations, although the rough synthetic material used for the backrest could be improved as it is neither warm nor soft to the touch.

8. Value

After using the Comhoma office chair for several weeks consistently, I can confidently say that it provides great value for its price.

Compared to its competitor’s office chairs at the same price, this ComHoma chair stands out with its elegant design and sturdy build.

The armrests, although well-padded, are small and could be improved. This is a minor issue and may differ from person to person based on arm length and height.

However, the central piston that allows for easy height adjustment works perfectly and is very stable.

comhoma office desk chair flippable arms side view

The chair is also very quiet, which is ideal for office environments where loud noises can be a disturbance.

The wheels are precise and efficient, providing good stability while making it easy to move around.

Although the chair only comes in grey and black, the two colors are versatile enough to match any workspace.

As for comfort, the chair provides decent support, although it may not be suitable for prolonged sitting for those with back problems.

Comhoma Office Desk Chair Review: User Reviews

We are writing a review ComHoma office chair from our real-world experience but just one person’s perspective may not be useful. Instead, they opt to take a general overview of the reviews on Amazon, where 60% of people have given this chair more than 4 stars.

The chair scores highly on short people, with one writing: “I’m 5’ and have always struggled with chairs that are comfortable for my height as a lot of them have stiff backs and I’m always too short to sit comfortable. I love this chair!” One person writes, also complaining the back doesn’t tilt, and does not work. Although it is a low price chair, you can pick another high price office desk chair if you bother lumbar support.

Generally, a lot of users praise it for its design and looks fit to their working style. ” Smart, basic office chair that is sturdy and has the features advertised”, a user writes. However, a few people have complained that the chair seat cushion is barely thick enough and also cracking noise now too.”

‘I can literally feel my back singing with delight when I sit in it!’ This top-rated ergonomic office chair is reduced to less than £68 on Amazon

Source, Emily Scrivener For Mailonline, Linkedin

GH Tech Review: “I wish the arms were just a little bit higher like about an inch or so but this will differ from person to person based on your arm length and height so the height of the armrest might just be perfect for some of you.

I am five-six and weigh 172 pounds and so far the shirt feels comfortable my butt doesn’t touch the bottom frame of the seat. I don’t know the weight capacity of this chair but it’s probably around 300 pounds the base of the wheels is sturdy and rolls decently on carpet since the chair itself isn’t too heavy weighing in at 27 pounds.”

While the brand sounds like something Matthew McConaughey would shout in one of his ultra-hip movies, COMHOMA is more at home producing well-built, comfortable office chairs. We like the curved backrest, the spongey seat and it’s the sort of chair that matches pretty much any office environment. Oh, and the arms flip up, which may sound like something trivial but is great if you need to save a bit of space when you aren’t using the thing, as it’ll fit nicely under your desk as a result.

Source, MARC CHACKSFIELD, EIC of Shortlist, Twitter

Downsides Of The Comhoma Office Desk Chair

Despite there being several specifications, let’s look at the cons of the ComHoma office desk chair. There are also some potential drawbacks that you should be aware of before making your purchase.

  • It is a basic design office desk chair model with not so many adjustments.
  • May not be suitable for long hours of sitting in an office job.
  • Not provide the same level of comfort as higher-end office chairs
  • No Warranty
  • No Headrest Facility
  • Not for Tall People

Why The Comhoma Office Desk Chair Should Be A Choice?

  • Never Outdated Looks
  • Budget Friendly
  • Available at Online Stores
  • Well Packed and labeled parts
  • Plenty of Youtube Assembling Videos are available.

Best Alternatives Choices

Office Chair ModelPrice (approximate)
Hbada Ergonomic Desk Chair£99.99
SIHOO Affordable Office Chair£94.99
IntimaTe WM Heart High-Back Chair£89.99
Yaheetech Adjustable Mesh Office Chair£59.99
Amazon Basics Office Chair£89.99


Comhoma office desk chair offers great value for its price and is a good choice for users looking for a comfortable and basic office chair. An affordable, comfortable, and space-saving option is highly appreciable.

comhoma office desk chair wide room view

Looking at its basic adjustability, it is sufficient, but the poor lumbar support compared to some other office chairs may be an issue. The chair’s mesh backrest promotes excellent airflow, but the synthetic material used for the backrest could be improved.

Overall, provides excellent value for its price. Let’s look at the concluded verdict below.

COMHOMA Office Chair ReviewOverall Rating
Packaging & Assembly7/10
Primary Features5/10
Build Quality and Support7/10
Comfort and Ergonomics7/10
Verdict (Value)7/10

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