GT Omega Apex Vs Next Level Racing Wheel Stand

If you are looking for a comparison review of GT Omega Apex Vs Next Level Wheel Stand, this article is for you, Keep reading you will get first-hand experience and a practical answer with us.

There are multiple brands that work on offering the best wheel stand.

This time we made a new purchase of a next-level wheel stand to test them out with already using GT Omega Apex. We took several weeks to identify and noticed some big differences.

If you are more interested in GT Omega Apex vs Classic, you can read the article here.

The purpose of unboxing and testing is to identify how they stack up against each other and to determine which one provides the best value for money.

Both of these stands are designed to provide a realistic and immersive racing experience, but they have unique features that set them apart.

So, let’s dive in and find out which one of these stands is the ultimate choice along with recent buyer reviews.

Key Specifications Of GT Omega Apex Vs Next Level Wheel Stand 2.0

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FeaturesGT Omega ApexNext Level Wheel Stand
Sold To:350+ Customers400+ Customers
Buyer Satisfaction Ratings96%92%
Footplate AngleFlatterElevated
Footplate BackwardNoYes
Paddle Angle AdjustabilityYesNo
Adjustable feetNoYes
Height ChangeSubtleDramatic
Cable Management SystemYesNo
Add-onsWider rangeLimited
Warranty30 Days Full Refund30 Days Full Refund
PriceView Low Price OfferView Low Price Offer

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view of next level racing wheel stand unboxing purchased package arrival home

GT Omega Apex Vs Next Level Wheel Stand: Differences We Tested

Straight off the bat, during testing, we discovered the biggest difference between these two models is the angle of the footplate where the pedals are mounted.

view of gt omega apex unboxing purchased package arrival home

The GT Omega Apex has a much flatter footplate, while the Next Level Wheel Stand has a more elevated position.

view of gt omega apex vs next level wheel stand differences we tested

However, the latter allows for moving the plate backward, which is not possible with the GT Omega.

Another significant difference is the ability to adjust the angle of the wheel plate, which is only available on the GT Omega.

For taller users, the lack of bars on the GT Omega also adds to its appeal, as it allows for a more comfortable seating position.

GT Omega Apex Vs Next Level Wheel Stand: Wheel Paddle Angle

Our experts always look at the ability to adjust the angle of the wheel paddle.

The GT Omega Apex offers a high degree of adjustability in this area, allowing us to position the wheel at the perfect angle for our driving style.

The Next Level Racing Wheel Stand, on the other hand, does not offer this level of adjustability as tested.

If you’re someone who values being able to customize your setup to your preferences, the GT Omega Apex may be the better choice for you.

GT Omega Apex Vs Next Level Wheel Stand: Adjustable Feet

In our tests, one advantage of the Next Level Wheel Stand is its adjustable feet, which are not available on the GT Omega.

This feature allows users to level the stand on uneven surfaces, which can be especially useful if you have a wooden floor.

However, if you’re using a carpet or a solid surface, the adjustable feet may not be necessary.

On the other hand, the GT Omega is more sturdy and flexible than the Next Level Wheel Stand, which may make it more appealing to users who value stability over adjustability.

GT Omega Apex Vs Next Level: Height Changes

Moving on to the height adjustments, both models offer a similar system for adjusting the height of the wheel paddle, which is achieved through twist bolts.

However, during testing, we discovered the height changes are more dramatic on the Next Level Wheel Stand due to the angle of elevation of the main bar.

As a result, the wheel paddle becomes more effective in terms of height on the Next Level, while it brings the wheel closer to you and slightly higher on the GT Omega.

Recent buyers who prefer a more dramatic height change may find the Next Level more appealing, while those who prefer a subtle change may prefer the GT Omega.

GT Omega Apex Vs Next Level Stand: Cable Management and Addons

In terms of cable management, the GT Omega Apex has a clear advantage over the Next Level Wheel Stand.

The GT Omega Apex comes with a cable management system that allows you to keep your cables neat and organized. We took full benefit to avoid mess.

view of next level stand cable management and addons

The Next Level Wheel Stand, on the other hand, does not have any cable management system in place, which can be a bit of a hassle if you have a lot of cables to deal with. We added separate tape strips to bind the wires.

As for add-ons, both the GT Omega Apex and the Next Level Wheel Stand offer a variety of accessories to enhance your sim racing experience. For example, you can add a shifter mount, a keyboard tray, or even a monitor stand to either one of these wheel stands.

However, the GT Omega Apex offers a wider range of add-ons compared to the Next Level Wheel Stand we tested.

GT Omega Apex Vs Next Level Stand: Price

Looking at the price comparison, which wins one over another? The GT Omega Apex and Next Level Wheel Stand 2.0 are both priced similarly, with only a small difference.

The GT Omega Apex is priced at around £170, while the Next Level Wheel Stand costs around £150, which makes it slightly more affordable. However, if you are planning to add a shifter mount to your Next Level Wheel Stand, then you would have to spend an additional £25, bringing the total cost to around £170, which is the same price as the GT Omega Apex.

In terms of value for money, for us after using several weeks, both wheel stands offer good value for their price. They are both durable, and sturdy, and have a lot of adjustment options, which allows you to find the perfect position for your wheel and pedals.

GT Omega Apex Vs Next Level Wheel Stand: Buyer Reviews


This is a discussion between users about the two wheel stands: GT Omega Apex and Next Level Racing 2.0. The original poster is asking for help to choose which one is better for their GT DD PRO 8NM with load cell pedals.

Some users recommended the NLR Wheel Stand 2.0, stating that it’s one of the best around, and its chair tray at the back makes a ton of difference, especially with a DD wheel. Others mentioned that they have the GT Omega Apex and that it’s also great for their old Logitech stuff, and that mounting the DD unit itself is perfect with 3 screws. However, one user mentioned that the CSL pedals can only really be mounted using the front 2 screws into the heel plate, and even the screws that do line up have a short metal tube/stay, which is only slightly wider than the drilled holes in the apex pedal tray.

Other users mentioned that the NLR Wheel Stand 2.0 is sturdier and more substantial, but folding up is a pain if you’re hoping to do that. Some users also mentioned that the plate that you can put your chair legs onto in the NLR Wheel Stand 2.0 stops the chair from pushing back while driving, which works well.

In general, users seem to prefer the NLR Wheel Stand 2.0, citing its sturdiness and additional features. However, some users have had success with the GT Omega Apex, and its mounting of the DD unit is praised.

Race Department

The discussion thread revolves around the topic of finding a suitable wheel stand for a new wheel and pedals setup that is both solid and easy to remove from the desk area so the PC can be used for other games. Several wheel stand options are mentioned, including the Wheel Stand Pro, GT Omega Apex, GT Omega Classic, Trak Racer FS3 Wheel Stand, Next Level Racing Wheel Stand, and Playseat Challenge.

Opinions and experiences are shared by the members of the thread, with some recommending the GT Omega Apex for its adjustability and affordable price, while others suggest the Next Level Racing Wheel Stand for its build quality and expandability. The Playseat Challenge is also mentioned as a possible option, although some express concerns about its height and the potential for the chair to slip away during use.

Members of the thread also offer solutions to prevent chair slippage, such as using a strap to tie the chair to the stand. One member asks for recommendations for a cheap stand for the T150 Pro with T3PA pedals, to which some suggest the Playseat Challenge or the GT Omega Classic.


The conversation is about choosing a racing wheel stand. The original poster is deciding between two options, GT Omega Racing and Next Level Racing. The Next Level Racing stand is around $330 with taxes, while the GT Omega Racing stand is just $150+tax. Both have the options of expanding to a full cockpit. Another member suggests a third option, the GranStand, which falls in between the price range of the two.

One member, ChevelleSB406, recommends the GT Omega Racing stand, which he has personally used with a T300 RS and T3PA pedals. He appreciates its stability and adjustability, as well as its ability to be expanded to a full rig. Another member, GlennP, recommends the NextLevel wheel stand, which he has used for the past two years with his Clubsport pedals, GT3 wheel, and shifter. He finds it very stable, with no center post, and it slides right up to his desk. He also likes that it is expandable, so he can add a chair, monitor stand, etc. However, he notes that their stock was depleted over the holiday season, so he was unable to purchase the seat.

Lastly, Felipe M asks Glenn for feedback on his impression and comparison of both the Next Level Racing and GT Omega Deluxe cockpit, as he has received the GT Omega Deluxe cockpit as a gift for Christmas. However, there is no further response from Glenn on his comparison between the two stands.

Conclusion: Verdict

After testing and comparing the GT Omega Apex and the Next Level Wheel Stand 2.0, we can conclude that both models offer great value for their price. Each has its own unique features, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference when choosing between the two.

The GT Omega Apex offers a flatter footplate, adjustable wheel paddle angle, no bars for taller users, and better cable management, while the Next Level Wheel Stand 2.0 offers adjustable feet, a more dramatic height change, and a chair tray at the back.

The price of both models is similar, with the Next Level Wheel Stand 2.0 being slightly more affordable but requiring additional spending on a shifter mount.

The buyer reviews show that both models have their pros and cons, and it is up to the individual to decide which one suits their needs better.

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