Duramont Vs SIHOO: Which Office Chair Reigns Supreme?

if you are looking for a comparison review of Duramont Vs SIHOO office chairs, this article is for you. Don’t go anywhere keep reading this one.

We got the opportunity to unbox and try out office chairs from the two popular brands which were available at remarkably affordable prices.

Initially, we decided to keep one of the two models we purchased. The actual purpose was to compare the features and saw which works best for us.

On tests, both chairs share a similar shape, materials, and ergonomic adjustments, one notable distinction lies in the wheels. The Duramont office chair boasts roller blade style wheels made of polyurethane, while the SIHOO office chair features standard plastic wheels commonly found on most office chairs.

After using them for several weeks, our first-hand experience explains some little improvements can make these chairs a real competitor of high-price premium models.

We also liked the most that both chairs have gained substantial popularity on Amazon, consistently ranking as best-sellers for several consecutive years.

In this walkthrough guide, we share insights into our personal experiences with both Duramont and SIHOO alongside the recent buyer’s reviews.

let’s deep down into this.

Key Specifications Of Duramont Vs SIHOO

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Sold To:5000+ Customers13000+ Customers
Buyer Satisfaction Ratings92%94%
Size‎66.04 x 59.94 x 106.68 cm60 x 64 x 107 cm
Weight20.23 Kilograms20 Kilograms
Seat Height42~51 cm43~51cm
Armrest Lift9.9 cm7 cm
Tilt and Recline120 Degrees126
Headrest Lift9.9 cm9 cm/45 Degrees
Weight Capacity330 LBS330 LBS
Ideal forLess than 6 FeetLess than 6’1″
Warranty5-YEAR + 30 Days full Refund30 Days full Refund
Price (UK)Low Price OfferLow Price Offer
Price (US)Low Price OfferLow Price Offer
Current PriceDuramontSIHOO
AustraliaLow Price OfferLow Price Offer
CanadaLow Price OfferLow Price Offer

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Brand manufacturing

Talking about brand manufacturing, both have their own reputation.

SIHOO, the manufacturer of Sihoo office chairs, entered the market relatively recently in 2014. Despite their relatively short time in the industry, Sihoo has managed to amass a large and loyal customer base.

How did they achieve this? Well, Sihoo chairs are known for their sleek and fashionable design, making them a practical ergonomic choice that can effortlessly fit into any home or office space.

Not only this but also SIHOO chairs are suitable for long working home office sessions. The huge varieties of SIHOO chairs accommodate every height of person addressing the issue of footrests making the brand popular.

On the other hand, Duramont specializes in ergonomic office chairs that cater to specific groups of users. Their features are praised for being typically found in more expensive, premium chairs, but Duramont manages to provide it at an affordable price point.

In fact, Duramont claims to provide more adjustable options than any other chair in its class. As a result, Duramont chairs are ideal for those seeking an ergonomic chair with adjustable back support, especially if they suffer from back pain. The affordability of Duramont chairs makes them a popular choice among consumers who desire premium-like features without breaking the bank.

Duramont: Our Unboxing And Testing Experience

First, let’s start with the unboxing experience. When the chair arrived, the box was unfortunately quite banged up. Although this is not Duramont’s fault, it was disappointing to see a moderately expensive item arrive in such a ragged package. However, once we moved past the initial appearance, we were eager to assemble the chair. See the picture below.

view duramount office chair unboxing purchased package arrival home
view duramont office chair assembly parts our testing first hand experience

The assembly process was straightforward, thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions provided. It took us only 30 minutes to put the chair together. See the picture below.

view of duramont office chair manual instructions

We recommend attaching the back onto the bottom bracket before installing it to the seat unless you have someone available to assist you as tested.

It’s worth noting that you should check the shims before starting construction, as only a few fit the large screws.

In our case, we had to take out three screws and replace them with the correct shims. Fortunately, all the necessary components were included in the package, and Duramont even went the extra mile by providing mesh gloves to keep your hands clean during assembly.

Once assembled, we immediately noticed the chair’s comfort. It proved to be a significant improvement over our old chair, which caused mild back pain after only an hour of sitting.

The Duramont chair, on the other hand, provided exceptional comfort even during extended periods of use. The breathable mesh back kept us cool in our otherwise warm office environment. See the picture below.

view of duramont our unboxing and testing experience

The chair’s construction is primarily made of metal, giving it a sturdy and durable feel. We were impressed by the quality and solidity of the materials used. Additionally, the adjustable height armrests proved to be a handy feature, especially for those who switch between desks of different heights regularly.

Another notable advantage of the Duramont chair was the quiet and smooth-rolling casters. We could move around the office with minimal noise, allowing for a distraction-free working environment.

However, there were a few downsides to consider. Firstly, as mentioned earlier, the chair arrived with a strong chemical smell. We let it air out overnight, which helped reduce the odor, but it still required a couple more days to completely dissipate. If you are sensitive to smells, this may be a minor inconvenience.

Secondly, we noticed that the armrests felt slightly wobbly. It wasn’t due to the brackets being loose but rather the lifter mechanism not being super tight. Although this didn’t impact the chair’s overall functionality, it did raise concerns about its long-term durability.

Overall, our experience with the Duramont chair has been positive. In terms of comfort, it compares favorably to more expensive chairs within its price range.

It offers a significant upgrade over basic task chairs commonly found in the market.

While we can’t predict its long-term durability just yet, we have high hopes that it will hold up well over time.

SIHOO: Our Testing Experience

Moving on to our testing experiences with SIHOO. With nearly 3,000 mostly positive ratings, it appears to be a smart buy. We were excited to look into this. See the picture below.

view sihoo office chair unboxing purchased package arrival home

We unboxed it and put it through rigorous testing to evaluate its real-life performance. Let’s see what we investigated. See the picture below.

view of sihoo our unboxing and testing experience

Assembly of the SIHOO M18 was relatively standard, and one notable inclusion was the white gloves provided, saving hands from greasy residue on some parts. See the picture below.

view of sihoo office chair manual instructions 1

However, achieving even armrest height proved challenging as they had to be positioned in different areas of the guide holes, leading to initial frustration.

The materials used in its construction offer a mixed bag. The metal base is sturdy and elegant, but the casters exhibit slight irregularities in roundness. Plastic components, including adjustability controls and cosmetic pieces, are abundant.

The upholstery, particularly in the backrest, feels rough and can generate static, although this is less noticeable when wearing clothing. The mesh back, while rough, excels in keeping the back cool, making it ideal for hotter climates or those prone to sweating.

Comfort reigns supreme in an office chair, and the SIHOO M18 pleasantly surprised us in this aspect, especially with its seat.

Initially, the seat felt stiff and unforgiving, but it softened with time. The cushion strikes a good balance between softness and support, while the W-shaped indentation relieves pressure from the thighs and promotes proper seating posture.

Throughout several weeks of daily use for six to eight hours per day, the chair provided consistent support, ventilation, and comfort.

The seat dimensions measure 20 inches wide by 20 inches deep, accommodating most users comfortably. The 20-inch depth also allows for good clearance between the thighs and the seat’s edge, thanks to the waterfall edge design. See the picture below.

view of sihoo our testing experience

Now let’s explore the SIHOO M18’s ergonomic features. The headrest offers a 45-degree tilt angle and three-inch height adjustability. While the headrest effectively relieves neck tension, it tends to shift out of place too easily.

The armrests are only height adjustable, but they offer a good range and provide ample clearance under a standard-height desk or when set high enough to be level with the desk. The tilting mechanism allows rocking the backrest up to 125 degrees or locking it into one of the three intermediate positions.

Unfortunately, the tilt lock feature can be problematic, as it often gets stuck at the maximum 125 degrees, requiring more effort to unlock compared to other chairs. The height adjustability of the chair caters to a narrower range of people than expected.

At its lowest setting, it suits individuals around 5’4″ in height, while at its highest, it accommodates someone around 5’9″, give or take an inch or two. Lastly, the lumbar support, despite its cheap plastic material, does an excellent job of supporting the lower back.

It can be adjusted for both height and depth, and it effectively resists shifting, offering comfort and support.

Duramont Vs SIHOO: Built Quality And Ergonomic Adjustments

Moving on to the built quality comparison first, SIHOO boast a steady and durable aluminum base that exhibits excellent resistance to wear and tear.

On the other hand, the Duramont ergonomic office chair primarily utilizes plastic in its construction, with a thin, flexible mesh backrest. However, the chair base is made of durable, high-quality steel, ensuring stability and longevity we tested.

Since both brands prioritize the use of silent caster wheels that rotate and move freely on most surfaces, preventing scuffing on floors but SIHOO showed some irregularities in this.

For even better rolling performance and floor protection, it is recommended to use a chair mat. Overall, both manufacturers demonstrate similar levels of workmanship and quality in their chair construction.

Let’s focus on our experience with the ergonomic adjustments after several weeks of use offered by these chairs.

Both the chairs are identical in shape and provide excellent lumbar support, ensuring a pain-free and comfortable sitting experience however of plastic parts as we tested.

Starting with the Duramont office chair had expected wide range of adjustable features. The abundance of adjustment options ensures that individuals of different sizes can find their perfect sitting position. Compared to some high-end ergonomic chairs that tend to be more expensive, the Duramont office chair offers similar ergonomic adjustments at a fraction of the price.

The chair had exceptional lumbar support for us with its ability to go in and out, up or down, and recline, provides comfort and helps maintain a proper posture throughout the day. The adjustable headrest further enhances the sitting experience, allowing for personalized comfort.

Similarly, the SIHOO office chair also excels in providing ergonomic adjustments. It offers sufficent headrest height and angle adjustment.

The chair features an S-shaped backrest that mimics the natural curve of the human spine, ensuring optimum comfort during extended periods of sitting. The backrest can be reclined by approximately 30 degrees, enhancing relaxation.

Additionally, the SIHOO office chair comes equipped with 3D adjustable armrests that can be adjusted up or down, front and back, and rotated according to individual preferences. This flexibility is particularly useful for tasks that involve using a phone or requiring different arm positions.

Duramont Vs SIHOO: Comfort and Material

In terms of comfort and materials, both the Duramont and SIHOO office chairs offer similar benefits. Whether it’s the flexible mesh of Duramont or the certified solid materials of SIHOO, both brands deliver chairs that cater to the comfort needs of users.

Duramont office chair, despite being primarily made of plastic and featuring a thin mesh backrest, this chair offers impressive durability. It has a weight capacity of 330 lbs, thanks to the sturdy and high-quality steel base that accommodates different body types.

The flexible mesh material used in the chair provides support while keeping the back cool and comfortable. Mesh office chairs like Duramont’s are favored by many due to their ability to provide ample airflow, keeping the body sweat-free throughout the day.

The mesh material also contributes to a more breathable and comfortable sitting experience compared to leather chairs. Additionally, the mesh material is relatively easy to clean, making maintenance hassle-free.

In comparison, the SIHOO office chair, also features a similar breathable mesh material in both the backrest and seat cushion.

While the cushioning may not be as plush as that of leather chairs, the mesh material excels in providing a cool and comfortable sitting experience.

Duramont Vs SIHOO: Buyer Reviews


Duramont chairs receive plenty of positive reviews from recent buyers. Customers praise the chair’s comfortable and sturdy design, making it perfect for long hours of sitting. They also appreciate the mesh back, adjustable lumbar support, and lockable tilt features, which allow for a customized fit and comfort. The chair’s assembly is relatively easy, and the company provides additional screws and shims in case of any construction issues. Furthermore, Duramont’s customer service stands out for their prompt and effective response to warranty claims. Overall, customers consider Duramont chairs to be of excellent quality, durable, and affordable compared to other office chairs in the market.


Sihoo office chairs are highly rated by UK customers for their quality, comfort, and affordability. Many customers praised the chair’s ergonomic design, which provides great support for the back and neck, and allows them to sit for long periods without experiencing any discomfort. They also appreciated the easy assembly process and the good customer service, which provided prompt replacements for damaged or broken parts. The chairs are also highly affordable, making them an excellent option for those working from home on a budget. Overall, customers have had a positive experience with Sihoo chairs and would recommend them to others looking for comfortable and affordable office chairs.

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