Noblechairs Vs Secretlab: Which Gaming Chair Reigns Supreme?

if you are looking for a first-hand experience comparison review of noble chairs vs Secretlab gaming chair models. This article is for you. Don’t go anywhere, keep reading this one.

The purpose of purchasing noble chair this time is to compare features with the already purchased Secretlab month before.

During testing, we precisely looked at from comfort to the seat’s texture, to neck cushions, etc all distinctive qualities that give a brand its notoriety.

After investigating for several weeks, we found some noticeable differences as well as similarities between the variety of models of Noblechairs and Secretlab.

Both of the chairs carrying own traits of comfort, toughness, or customizability. In this walkthrough guide, we share insights full study of first-hand knowledge alongside recent buyer reviews.

Let’s dive to explore Noblechairs and Secretlab’s intriguing products as we delve into the realm of gaming chairs.

Key Specifications Of Noblechairs Vs Secretlab

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Noblechairs And SecretlabStores
Noblechairs HeroLow Price Offer (UK),
Low Price Offer (US)
Secretlab TitanLow Price Offer (UK),
Low Price Offer (US)
Noblechairs EpicLow Price Offer (UK),
Low Price Offer (US)
Secretlab OmegaLow Price Offer (UK)
Low Price Offer (US)

Noblechairs Vs Secretlab: Model Comparison

Talking about the model comparison, the Noblechairs Hero and Secretlab Titan are the first models that spring to our minds when discussing the conflict between these two well-known gaming chair manufacturers.

There is no such surprise that the most popular Reddit post debating this particular comparison underscores the interest in identifying the best chair. So, we took the initiative of it.

Even if the post doesn’t offer a comprehensive response, a quick scan could make you think that the Secretlab Titan is ultimately the best option.

Hero, though, has some amazing qualities of its own as we tested.

Let’s explore a thorough comparison.

Noblechairs Hero Vs Secretlab Titan

Beginning by comparing the Secretlab Titan and Noblechairs Hero gaming chairs.

Our testing team is evident that both models arrived at our home fully packed with advanced features as expected. See the package arrival picture at home below.

view of noblechairs hero unboxing purchased package arrival home
Noblechairs Hero

At first glance, both chairs exude a sleek and premium aesthetic, featuring a black base that reflects their price tag.

view of noblechairs hero assembling parts at home
view of testing experience of noblechairs hero

Additionally, they utilize high-quality upholstery and provide excellent lumbar support. The gas frames are steel-based, ensuring durability, and both chairs are equipped with five casters for smooth mobility. With price points starting around $/£390, these chairs are also relatively affordable within their respective categories.

view of noblechairs hero our unboxing assembling parts

While the chairs have several similarities, there are notable differences to consider.

On tests, we discovered that the Noblechairs Hero stands out with its impressive load capacity and 4D armrests with padding, delivering enhanced comfort. Its load capacity exceeds that of the Secretlab Titan by approximately 30 kilograms, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a higher weight limit.

Moreover, the Hero’s infinitely adjustable lumbar support offers exceptional customization to us, potentially surpassing Titan’s new lumbar support technology.

Whereas, the Secretlab Titan shines with its XL casters and a wider range of color options. The Titan’s design provides a body-gripping experience, emphasizing its gaming chair aesthetics. While both chairs offer comfort, the Secretlab Titan is generally considered more comfortable overall.

However, the breathability of the Titan could benefit from improvement, which is an area the brand should focus on in future iterations.

FeaturesNoblechairs HeroSecretlab Titan
FabricPU leather material, high-end faux leather, real leather, or fabricLeatherette, softweave, or leather
Weight Bearing330 lbsSmall: 200 lbs,
Regular: 220 lbs,
XL: 395 lbs
Seat height range50.8″ – 53.9″Choice of PU leather material, high-end faux leather, real leather, or fabric
Lumbar supportDepth Adjustable lumbarHeight and depth adjustable lumbar
Seat width28”Regular: 22”
Small and
Head and neck supportYesYes
Neck pillowNon MagneticMagnetic
Rocking mechanismYesNone
Recline functionUp to 135 degreesUp to 155 degrees
Up to 165 degrees

Noblechairs Epic Vs Secretlab Omega

It’s surprising for you as well to know, while inspecting Noblechairs Epic and Secretlab Omega, the comparison for us proved to be a challenging one, as both models offer exceptional features for their respective price points. See the package arrival picture at home below.

view of secret omega unboxing purchased package arrival home

This comparison is one of the closest battles between gaming chair brands, making it difficult to determine a clear winner.

Both chairs boast impressive attributes, including 4D armrests, breathable PU leather materials, body-wrapping cold foam, high-quality caster wheels, a wide array of color options, and stunning designs.

However, During testing, we discovered the Secretlab Omega with its impressive advanced cold foam technology, provides us enhanced sitting experience.

Sitting on the Omega chair feels noticeably better in various ways.

Additionally, the Omega offers a $/£30 price advantage compared to the Noblechairs Epic, making it a compelling choice. Another winning point for the Omega is the inclusion of lumbar support for the neck, adding to its overall ergonomic design.

On the other hand, the Noblechairs Epic excels in terms of load capacity, supporting gamers weighing up to 120 kilograms. See the package arrival picture at home below.

view of noblechairs epic unboxing purchased package arrival home
Noblechairs epic

While this offers a modest advantage of an extra 10 kilograms compared to the Omega, the Epic doesn’t have any distinctive features that set it apart from the Omega. Both chairs are considered premium models, leaving the decision to personal preference.

Overall, Secretlab Omega is renowned as one of the market’s bestsellers, making it an excellent option for those with a budget of approximately $/£300.

FeatureNoblechairs EPICSecretlab OMEGA
Armrests4D armrests4D armrests
MaterialBreathable PU leatherBreathable PU leather
FoamCold foamCold foam
Caster wheelsYesYes
Color optionsGood VarietyVariety
Lumbar supportAdditional lumbar cushionBuilt-in neck support
Load capacityUp to 120 kgUp to 110 kg

Noblechairs Epic Vs Secretlab Titan

The Secretlab Titan Evo series and Noblechairs Epic both brand editions have actual leather and fabric finishes.

After using the Secretlab Titan Evo series for several weeks, we had no complaints about the Incredibly soft memory foam head cushioning. See the package arrival picture at home below.

view of secret lab titan evo unboxing purchased package arrival home

This chair has a magnetic mounting method for the head cushion, making adjustments simple, unlike most gaming seats, which employ a strap system, we experienced.

On the other hand, the standard pillows we saw in the Noblechairs Epic may be disappointing for you but we had no issues.

Comparatively, these cushions are not very soft or pleasant because they are constructed of ordinary foam. With straps holding them in place, the head cushion and lumbar support cushion are not as comfortable as the Secretlab chair.

Noblechairs does, however, sell supplementary memory foam cushions separately, which significantly improve overall comfort.

Moving on to the armrests, another obvious distinction we saw. The 4D armrests on both chairs may be adjusted in four different directions: up and down, back and forth, side to side, and in and out. The Secretlab chair, on the other hand, goes a step further by including detachable armrest tops that are held in place by magnets.

This innovation makes it simple to switch out the armrests and offers a surface that is a little bit softer than the Noblechairs armrests.

Despite the fact that both chairs feature comfortable armrests, the Secretlab armrests have a little more padding and sturdy construction as tested.

The construction quality of both seats is excellent. The Secretlab chair exudes a premium appearance and feel thanks to its fine stitching and sleek carbon fiber-like finish. Similar to this, the Noblechairs Epic features attractive elements like a metal handle and fine stitching.

Although they look to be made of metal, the Noblechairs chair’s eyelets are actually plastic, which may be considered a slight disadvantage.

Overall, both chairs include a variety of adjustability options, including the ability to tilt the seat’s base and back, change the height, and recline. They don’t lie flat, but they can be moved into a variety of positions for maximum comfort.

FeaturesNoblechairs Epic Secretlab Titan
MaterialHybrid PU leatherHybrid PU leather
Available finishesPU leather, real leather, fabricPU leather
Head cushionStandard cushion, not as comfortableMagnetically mounted cushion with memory foam and cooling gel, very comfortable
Back cushionStandard cushion, not very comfortableNot mentioned
Armrests4D armrests4D armrests
Armrest topsFixed topsSwappable tops held with magnets
Lumbar supportAdjustable with cushionsAdjustable with built-in support and height/depth adjustment wheel
AdjustabilityHeight, tilt, armrestsHeight, tilt, armrests
DesignUnderstatedUnderstated, high-quality stitching
Build qualityGoodGood
ComfortAdequatePlush and supportive

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Noblechairs Vs Secretlab: Buyer Reviews


The discussion starts by questioning why Noblechairs, despite being a dominant player in the industry, is more expensive than SecretLab, which offers similar products. The thread compares the prices of specific chair models and materials, highlighting the price differences between the two brands.

One key point raised is that while SecretLab had a long sale period during the COVID-19 pandemic to support people staying at home, Noblechairs actually increased their prices. This price increase is criticized as morally questionable, especially during a global pandemic when other competitors are offering discounts to help customers. The comparison between the PU leather base options shows that Noblechairs is £41-£56 more expensive than SecretLab. Similarly, when comparing special edition materials and fabrics, Noblechairs remain more expensive.

Other factors contributing to the price difference are also mentioned in the discussion. SecretLab offers free delivery, while Noblechairs charges a £15 delivery fee. Additionally, SecretLab includes memory foam pillows with their chairs, whereas Noblechairs requires customers to purchase pillows separately for an additional £55. The warranty periods are also different, with SecretLab offering a 5-year warranty compared to Noblechairs’ 2-year warranty.

Overall, the thread concludes that Noblechairs offers a worse overall value proposition due to its higher prices, lack of included accessories, shorter warranty, and lack of free shipping. The question raised is why Noblechairs doesn’t try to compete more aggressively in terms of pricing and improve its value proposition to gain more market share.

Several commenters share their experiences and opinions, providing additional insights. Some mention that the lumbar support in the SecretLab chairs is not adjustable, while others express satisfaction with their Noblechairs and emphasize their comfort. One commenter shares a negative experience with SecretLab’s customer service and discomfort with their chair.

The discussion highlights the importance of considering factors beyond just price, such as included accessories, warranty, and customer service, when comparing gaming chairs. The price difference between Noblechairs and SecretLab is attributed to various factors like manufacturing costs, market share, material quality, and brand strategies. Ultimately, the thread indicates that the price difference has influenced some users to lean towards SecretLab despite initial interest in noblechairs.

OverClock UK

The discussion thread titled “Secretlab Titan Evo or Noble Hero?” started by mattyfez, brings together gamers who are contemplating a choice between these two gaming chair models. Mattyfez expresses his dilemma, having read numerous reviews and opinions, and finds both chairs appealing in terms of looks and price range. However, he notes that the Titan wins in terms of color options, which better complement his decor, while finding the Hero design somewhat cheesy.

Bobert50, having experienced both chairs, offers insights based on his own comparison. He highlights the exceptional build quality of both chairs and acknowledges the Titan’s visually appealing aesthetics. He also mentions that the Titan provides a snugger fit, especially around the shoulder area, making it less wide when seated. However, for someone tall and wide like himself, he finds it difficult to properly rest his shoulders and shoulder blades on the Titan, resulting in discomfort. In contrast, the Hero provides a looser, more relaxed fit and greater comfort for shoulders. Bobert50 suggests that individuals around 5ft 10 and above might find the Titan more suitable, while those who are tall or heavy may prefer the Hero.

Mattyfez, being 6’3 and 100kg, takes the recommendations into account and considers going for the XL version of the Titan. He acknowledges the potential customer support concerns but appreciates the wider fit of the XL model. He further adds that the Titan feels softer on the seat compared to the firmer seat of the Hero. While Secretlab has a reputation for subpar customer service, Noblechairs is known for its excellent aftercare.

Relentless81 shares their experience with the Titan Evo, praising its ability to alleviate upper back pain by adjusting the lumbar support. However, they admit to encountering issues with the lumbar support making a creaking noise. After several interactions with customer support, a replacement backrest was provided, which improved the situation but still exhibited some noise.

The thread continues with further discussions on lumbar support noise, tips for minimizing the issue, and individuals contemplating selling their chairs in favor of other brands like Herman Miller or Steelcase.

In an update, mattyfez takes a risk and purchases the Secretlab Titan XL version. Being 6’3 and 100kg, he finds the XL size suits him well, allowing for more flexibility and movement. He mentions that the armrests have a slight rattle when wiggled but considers it a minor issue. Overall, mattyfez finds the chair comfortable with firm support and anticipates it will become even more comfortable over time.

Conclusion: Verdict

After trying and testing for several weeks, we found that the Noblechairs HERO boasts superior durability and sturdiness compared to the Secretlab TITAN, despite the latter’s reputation as a top performer and bestseller. However, the second part demonstrated that the Noblechairs EPIC falls short in terms of advanced features, while the Secretlab OMEGA emerges as the superior choice in terms of overall quality.

It is important to note that modern chair users prioritize specific features, and this preference heavily influences the brand selection process. If comfort takes precedence over breathability, Secretlab stands out as the better brand.

On the other hand, if you desire a sturdy, breathable chair with a slightly higher capacity and have a budget of $/£400, Noblechairs presents a solid option.

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