MELOKEA Office Chair Review: Exposing Months of Testing!

If you are seeking an in-depth, first-hand unboxing experience of the MELOKEA office chair review, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide you with all the details you need, so keep reading and don’t go anywhere.

The primary reason behind our purchase of the MELOKEA office chair was to replace our existing poor-quality chair. We wanted to evaluate whether the MELOKEA office chair would meet our demands for comfortable work sitting or if we would need to seek a refund.

Throughout our testing process, we encountered potential challenges but also appreciated certain features that facilitated a smoother setup. We did find areas that could be improved, such as limited adjustability in terms of height and armrests. However, the MELOKEA chair received high praise for its excellent lower back support.

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In this walkthrough guide, we discuss our first hand practical months of experience alongside the recent buyer reviews.

Let’s explore more on it.

Key Specifications Of MELOKEA Office Chair Review

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SpecificationsMELOKEA Office Chair Review
Sold To:700+ Customers
Buyer Satisfaction Ratings84%
MELOKEA Chair Size‎47 x 51 x 119.5 cm
MELOKEA Chair Weight15 Kg
Tilt / Recline90° to 115° Degrees
HeadrestYes, 6 cm
MELOKEA Seating Surface53 cm
MELOKEA Cushion Width10 cm
Seat Depth50 cm
MELOKEA Weight Bearing150 Kg
Overall Height118 cm -127 cm
Floor To Seat Height44 cm to 54 cm
Backrest Height73 cm
Best ForUpto 6 feet of Height
WarrantyFull Refund 30 Days Policy
Price (UK)Low Price Offer

MELOKEA Office Chair Review: Assembly Not As Expected

Let’s begin with the first impression of the MELOKEA office chair after arrival. See the picture below.

view of melokea arrival at home unboxing purchased tested by experts

During unpacking, I felt that the chair came with excessive packaging, particularly plastic, which was seen as environmentally unfriendly.

Setting up the chair was quite stressful, I must admit.

The back of the chair kept popping out of place, making it difficult to assemble. It took a fair amount of time and effort to finally get it together.

The instructions provided were not very clear, and I had to rely on a YouTube video to understand the assembly process fully. Fortunately, there was a saving grace in the form of a QR code that directed me to a video tutorial.

There is one step, however, where you need to keep the lower backrest in position while screwing the parts together, which can be a bit fiddly but not impossible to manage.

It would have been better if the written instructions were more helpful and comprehensive.

I strongly recommend using the video instructions right from the start to avoid the frustration I went through.

However, once the chair was fully set up, I found it to be incredibly comfortable, sturdy, and enjoyable to sit in. The chair’s construction feels great, and it provides excellent support.

Despite the challenging setup process, I believe that the comfort and quality of the chair make it worth the price.

view of melokea office chair review first impression at our office

However, there were a few shortcomings that I encountered during the assembly process. While I managed to assemble the chair alone, which was relatively easy, there were a couple of issues. The chair leans back slightly, which may not be ideal for everyone.

In terms of aesthetics, the MELOKEA Office Chair has a modern and sleek appearance. It’s available in various color options, and the black variant I chose looked stylish and professional.

However, one issue we had was a different color frame than what was ordered, indicating potential inconsistencies in the product’s appearance and accuracy in delivery.

Talking about the first two days, it gained our praise for its comfort and appearance. I was impressed with provided good lower back support and felt sturdy. It is also important to mention that the lumbar support was not adjustable, and it took some time to get used to. 

view of melokea office chair review trying out and areas to improve

Another aspect that impressed me about this chair is its lightweight nature. It is easy to move around, which comes in handy when rearranging the office or simply relocating the chair.

MELOKEA Office Chair Review: Months Of Testing Features Justifying Price

Let’s start with the positive aspects we experienced after months of testing.

First and foremost, during the first couple of weeks, I found the chair to be quite comfortable, providing good support for the lower back. It felt solid and well-made, which is impressive considering its affordable price.

view of melokea office chair review months of testing features justifying price

Being 6 feet tall, I appreciated the headrest, although I did find it a bit too high for my liking.

Additionally, the flip-up armrests were a nice feature as they allowed me to push the chair neatly against my desk.

The MELOKEA office chair brought a significant improvement for my back issues. It’s undoubtedly a step up from my previous chair and even outperforms some popular brands like Hbada in terms of comfort and support.

In terms of comfort, opinions vary. One of our experts mentioned certain discomforts declaring it as more suitable for short periods of use or gaming, rather than extended working sessions.

However, it’s important to note that comfort preferences can differ among individuals, and what works for one person may not work for another.

view melokea office chair two months of performance testing

Furthermore, we had some concerns with the durability of the MELOKEA office chair. With the use of abundant plastic parts and low cost. We were expecting to show signs of wear and tear in the next couple of years.

During testing, we found the seating surface cushion thickness should be more but so far satisfactory to work for hours.

When putting pressure excess to 130 kg, the MELOKEA office chair now squeaks and creaks and its stability has become questionable, with noticeable wobbling and a rickety feel.

Furthermore, the MELOKEA Office Chair lacks some adjustability when it comes to not only height but also armrests. The back seems to be set at one position and cannot be adjusted independently.

Personally, I prefer not to lean back, so I had to add a cushion to support my sitting posture. Although this is a minor inconvenience, it would be better if the chair allowed for more flexibility in adjusting the backrest.

Overall, despite these shortcomings, there are positive reviews as well. We appreciate the chair’s overall comfort and high-quality construction for an average-height user as tested. The high-back design support for the neck and shoulders satisfies us. The lumbar support helps maintain good posture during workdays. Additionally, the chair as per the price offering features are not inferior but commended for regular use.

Conclusion: Verdict

In conclusion, the MELOKEA office chair presents a mixed bag of experiences. While the assembly process proved to be challenging, the comfort and quality of the chair made it worth the price. The chair’s construction felt sturdy and provided excellent support once fully set up. The modern and sleek appearance, along with various color options, added to its aesthetic appeal.

However, there were some shortcomings, such as a slightly leaning backrest and potential inconsistencies in appearance and accuracy of delivery. The chair proved to be comfortable and supportive for shorter periods of use, although opinions on long-term comfort varied. Concerns were raised regarding durability, as plastic parts and low cost might lead to wear and tear over time. Overall, the MELOKEA office chair offers good comfort and good construction for an average weight height user, making it a commendable choice for regular use.

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