Top Best Air Fryers For One Person UK: Save Time and Money!

if you are looking for the best air fryer for one person in the uk, this article is for you and is based on our first hand unboxing experience and reviewed by air fryer kitchen experts. let’s get started.

Are you tired of spending too much time in the kitchen cooking for just yourself? We get it; we’ve been there too. That’s why we decided to put air fryers to the test for several weeks, even months, to find the best ones for solo cooking in the UK.

Let’s face it, life can get busy, and cooking for one person often feels like a hassle. But that’s where air fryers come to the rescue. These kitchen wonders can transform your mealtimes, making them faster and simpler.

We handpicked the top-rated models that aced our testing procedure, ensuring you get excellent value for your money. These air fryers are like countertop ovens but quicker and easier to use. Over the last two years, we’ve reviewed numerous air fryers, and the ones we loved the most are right here.

Curious about each air fryer’s performance? Just go through to our in-depth assessments below to discover why we think a particular model might be your perfect kitchen companion. And if you’re looking for a bit more cooking space, we’ve got a guide for the best twin-zone air fryers and options.

Air fryers have become incredibly popular over the past year, and it’s easy to see why. They’re versatile, require little to no oil for frying thanks to their hot air circulation, and are energy-efficient, potentially saving you on power costs.

Most air fryer models are compact enough to sit on your countertop, and some even offer space-saving features like cable storage. From crispy air-fried chips to delicious buffalo cauliflower wings, doughnuts, and healthy chicken breasts, the possibilities are endless.

With an air fryer, you can enjoy your favorite fried foods with a healthier twist. It may sound too good to be true, but this kitchen marvel allows you to savor classics like fish and chips without the guilt.

So, if you’re looking to simplify your solo cooking and enjoy delicious, healthier meals, keep reading to discover some of the top air fryers currently available.

Let’s look at insights of our first hand unboxing tried and tested experiences alongside the recent buyer reviews.

Best Air Fryers For One Person UK At A Glance

Air Fryer For One PersonBuyer Satisfaction RatingsStores
COSORI92%Low Price Offer
Tower T1702590%Low Price Offer
Venga90%Low Price Offer
Salter EK281790%Low Price Offer
Chefman88%Low Price Offer
Amazon Basics86%Low Price Offer
FABULETTA88%Low Price Offer

Air Fryers Design

I’ve tried various air fryers, and one thing that stood out is the basket design. These tall, slender air fryers have a primary unit with heating elements and fans, and they come with trays or baskets that roll out and fit right in. While they’re fantastic for cooking, I’ve learned that achieving even results sometimes requires a bit of intervention.

Yes, it’s true; I’ve had to pause the frying process occasionally to rearrange or toss the food around. This is because these fryers often have a smaller cooking surface compared to oven-style fryers, which can be less convenient when preparing one person meals.

Some models automatically shut off when you do this, while others need to be stopped for precise timing. It’s a small trade-off for the delicious, crispy results.

Now, let’s talk about rotisserie air-fryers. These are designed to create mouthwatering, uniformly browned birds in significantly less time than traditional ovens. They’re a hit at gatherings, not just for their cooking prowess but also because of their cool inside lighting. I’ve personally used the chip rotisserie baskets for making crispy potato delights. They allow the heat to reach every nook and cranny, resulting in that perfect crunch we all love.

However, Rotisserie air fryers are designed for larger items like whole chickens and are great for gatherings. They may not be the most practical choice for cooking small portions or one person meals.

Moving on to what I call “mini ovens.” These air fryers cook food on flat, slide-in trays using convection or fan technology. Besides roasting, they also use hot air to enhance crisping. What’s convenient is that they take up about the same space as a typical microwave. Some even come with rotisserie components, giving you the option to roast whole chickens or other delectable dishes. These are versatile workhorses in the kitchen. For one person, the most suited design of an air fryer would likely be the “mini ovens” style air fryer.

Lastly, there are air fryers with inside paddles. I recently tested a Tefal model that had an inside paddle, which constantly stirs the food in a doughnut-shaped pan. This feature is perfect for dishes like sauces, rice, or casseroles since, unlike ‘basket’ types, the oil remains in the pan, creating rich flavors and textures and may not be the most efficient option for preparing single-serving meals.

Pre-Set Programmes Controls

Most air fryers also come with a handy recipe book, which is a real boon if you’re new to air frying and need some culinary inspiration.

First up, we have the choice between manual and electronic controls. Some air fryers come with good-old-fashioned manual knobs that you turn to adjust the temperature and cooking time. I’ve used these, and they can be straightforward and reliable.

On the other hand, digital versions have caught my attention recently. With these, you simply push buttons to set the temperature and time, and you can see the remaining cooking time displayed digitally. It’s a modern twist that I find convenient, especially when I’m juggling multiple tasks in the kitchen.

Now, let’s talk about those predetermined program options. Do you prefer a machine to handle the nitty-gritty details of cooking, or do you like to be in control? Some air fryers offer up to nine pre-set programs for common items like chips and even shrimp. I’ve tried these, and they do come in handy when I want to whip up a quick snack without fussing over the settings.

Weight and temperature controls are essential, allowing you to tailor the cooking process to your specific items. A pull-out loading tray that fits seamlessly into the machine is a feature I’ve appreciated, as it simplifies the cooking process. Plus, models with detachable pieces that are dishwasher safe make cleanup a breeze.

Internal Light for Better Cook

The next consideration is whether the air fryer comes with an interior light or a transparent lid. I’ve used models with see-through lids, and they’re fantastic for keeping an eye on your food as it cooks. It’s reassuring to watch those chips turn a golden brown without having to open the basket. However, I’ve also used air fryers that require you to stop the machine and check manually. The clear-lid models often come with a slightly higher price tag, so you’ll need to decide how important this feature is for you.

Shaking things up during cooking is a common requirement with most air fryers. I’ve found that shaking your chips halfway through cooking ensures even results. Some fryers have ingenious mechanisms that automatically flip the food for you. While these models tend to be pricier, they offer the convenience of letting your meal cook itself while you attend to other tasks.

Best Air Fryers For One Person UK: Tried and Tested Models

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cosori air fryers for one person uk

If you’re cooking for one in the UK, the COSORI Air Fryer has quickly become my go-to kitchen companion, and I’ve got plenty of reasons to sing its praises.

One thing that’s truly outstanding about this air fryer is its digital display. It’s like having a mini kitchen assistant right there on your countertop. The digital display allows me to monitor the cooking progress from anywhere in my kitchen. And those simple icons? They make deciding the cooking times for various foods a breeze. It’s a small appliance, which is perfect for me as I live alone and use it almost every day for my main meals. Plus, it’s not just for cooking; I’ve found it handy for re-heating too. No more waiting around for the oven to warm up.

This COSORI Air Fryer isn’t just about convenience; it’s efficient too. It consumes minimal power, which is great for both the environment and my energy bills.

view of unboxed the cosori air fryers for one person uk tried and tested for several week unboxing purchased package arrival at home testing experience

But let’s talk about capacity. This 2L air fryer may not be the largest, but it’s perfect for singles like me. It comfortably handles 1-2 food portions, making it incredibly versatile for solo cooking. It’s also excellent for camping, with its low wattage and the ability to cook two portions of fries or one portion of fries and a few nuggets. It’s compact, so it won’t take up much space in your kitchen, and it’s even more ideal for campsites where space is a precious commodity.

Now, about cleaning – it’s a breeze. Easy to clean and store, which is a significant win in my book. After all, who wants to spend more time on kitchen cleanup when you can be enjoying your meal or the great outdoors?

But no appliance is perfect, and this air fryer is no exception. Some users have noted that the basket size is relatively small, so you’re somewhat limited in what you can fit inside. It might take a bit longer than a larger model, but I found it to be just the right size for my caravan adventures.

Also, a word of caution – the heat generated from the rear of the air fryer can be quite intense. It’s so powerful that it even cracked a glass kitchen splashback in one user’s experience. So, it’s important to ensure that there’s enough clearance around the air fryer, especially when using it in the kitchen.

Tower T17025

tower t17025 air fryers for one person uk

When it comes to compact air fryers in the UK, the Tower T17025 has made its way into my kitchen for some rigorous testing. It’s always a balance of praises and shortcomings, so let’s dive in.

What I really love about this air fryer is its size. It’s smaller than a traditional stove-top chip pan, and the best part – no need to pour liters of oil into it. This is a game-changer for me, as it not only saves time but also eliminates the issue of dealing with stale oil. Cleaning and washing are a breeze, which is a huge plus in my book.

The mechanical timer is a reasonable addition, and I appreciate the easily adjustable temperature dial that goes up to 200°C. Preheating is swift, taking only a fraction of the time it would in an oven. And let’s face it, when you’re hungry, every minute counts.

However, let’s not ignore the elephant in the room – the taste. It’s true that food cooked in an air fryer is not quite as delicious as deep-fried or oven-baked food. I’ve noticed it’s missing that depth of flavor you get from traditional cooking methods. Instead, air frying often requires an array of seasonings, spices, and oil-based marinades to make up for the flavor deficit. While the textures are spot-on, the flavor just doesn’t compare.

I’ve tried a variety of dishes in this air fryer, from cubed aubergines to oven chips, and even “roasted” spicy mixed nuts. The results are okay, but they don’t quite measure up to the oven or deep fryer. It’s fantastic for reheating and heating up pre-prepared food, making it convenient but not necessarily a flavor powerhouse.

One of my initial goals was to use this for recipes that involve deep frying before soaking up flavors in a simmering sauce. Unfortunately, it seems the blandness of air frying doesn’t quite cut it for that. The flavors just don’t penetrate the food as they do in an oven or on a grill. It’s not a disaster, and the textures are excellent, but it doesn’t quite capture the essence of traditional cooking.

On the bright side, it’s easy to clean and has that satisfying ding when it finishes cooking. The single-portion sized basket is a nice touch, but the disassembly feels somewhat counterintuitive, resulting in accidental drops.

Overall, the Tower T17025 Air Fryer is ideal for single-portion cooking and those looking for a compact, easy-to-clean solution in the UK. However, it’s important to set realistic expectations about flavor. If you’re in it for convenience and don’t mind a bit of creativity with seasonings, this air fryer might just be the right fit for you. Just don’t expect it to replace your deep fryer or oven. It’s more of a reheating and baking device, with a drying element due to high airflow. Keep it simple, and it’ll serve you well.

So, with all said and done, it might not be a complete substitute for traditional cooking methods, but it can find its place in your kitchen, especially for single-serving needs.


venga air fryers for one person uk

When it comes to air fryers for single-serving cooking in the UK, I put the Venga Air Fryer to the test. As with any kitchen appliance, there are praises and shortcomings to consider, so here’s my take.

One of the things that immediately struck me about the Venga Air Fryer is its size. It’s compact and doesn’t take up too much space, which is great for small kitchens or those who value countertop real estate. But, as I embarked on my culinary journey with this appliance, I couldn’t help but wish for a recipe book to accompany it. If you’re new to air fryers, a little guidance in the form of recipes would have been a helpful starting point.

On the positive side, using the Venga Air Fryer is a breeze. It’s user-friendly, with a touch screen interface that simplifies the cooking process. Plus, there’s no messy oil to deal with, making it a cleaner and healthier alternative. It’s easy to operate, and I found it ideal for single-serving meals.

Now, for the shortcomings. While it’s perfect for solo cooking, if you’re planning to use it for larger portions or cooking for two or more people, you might find yourself wishing for a larger capacity. In such cases, a bigger air fryer would be a better fit.

Additionally, the Venga Air Fryer doesn’t come with a recipe book, which would have been a valuable addition, especially for those looking for culinary inspiration. Relying on guesswork can sometimes be a hit or miss, and a recipe book could have provided a more guided experience.

Overall, the Venga Air Fryer is a stylish and easy-on-the-eye addition to any kitchen, particularly for single-serving cooking. Its compact size is a plus, and it’s a breeze to operate. However, it’s best suited for those cooking for one, as it might not have the capacity to handle larger portions. It’s economical and efficient, making it a valuable addition for solo cooks. Just remember to source your recipes separately and make the most of this handy kitchen companion.

All in all, this air fryer brings convenience and healthy cooking to your kitchen, with a minor caveat of limited capacity for larger meals. If you’re looking to keep things simple and quick in the kitchen, the Venga Air Fryer could be your ideal choice.

Salter EK2817

salter ek2817 air fryers for one person uk

First and foremost, this air fryer takes up very little room, making it a perfect fit for a student’s kitchen. The compact size is ideal for cooking single servings of food, whether it’s a batch of veggies or a quick protein fix. I don’t have an oven, but this nifty appliance has become my go-to for preparing meals efficiently. It even outshines my microwave on most occasions.

One minor quirk I noticed is a small ‘handle’ that sticks up in the middle of the rack, which can be slightly obstructive when trying to cook something in the center evenly. However, I stumbled upon a simple solution – flipping the rack upside down. This allows food to be easily accessed from the side and eliminates the uneven cooking issue. It’s a small adjustment that goes a long way, especially when cooking frozen pies or desserts.

view of unboxed the salter ek2817 air fryers for one person uk tried and tested for several week unboxing purchased package arrival at home testing experience

The Salter EK2817 Air Fryer is not only easy to use but also a great fit for one person. I’ve discovered a multitude of uses for it, from cooking my vegan sausages and the dog’s chicken to baking potatoes and warming up bread rolls. To make cleanup even more straightforward, I invested in small silicone cake dishes to contain the food, reducing the need to wash the fryer’s main compartment.

In terms of saving energy and money, this air fryer is a winner. It heats up quickly, and I’ve observed that it cooks about 20% faster than my oven, which is quite impressive. I’ve been using it for various dishes, including burgers, chips, onion bhajis, small pizzas, and more. It’s also my morning savior for warming up croissants – it’s incredibly fast. What’s noteworthy is that it consumes significantly less electricity, which has made a noticeable difference in my energy bills. In fact, I’d say it’s paid for itself in the year I’ve had it.

One slight drawback is finding liners that fit this specific air fryer can be a bit of a challenge due to its smaller size compared to most available options. However, with its efficient performance, energy-saving qualities, and versatile cooking abilities, the Salter EK2817 Air Fryer is an ideal companion for students and individuals looking to simplify their cooking routine.


chefman air fryers for one person uk

Firstly, the compact size of this air fryer immediately caught my attention. It fits perfectly in my campervan, taking up minimal room on the countertop. The convenience it offers is impressive. During my testing, I found that it cooks various foods remarkably well. From crispy chips to croquet pots, jacket potatoes, chopped veggies, and chicken, it handled a variety of dishes efficiently. However, it’s essential to note that this air fryer is more suitable for one person due to its compact size.

One aspect I discovered during testing is the importance of using liners. While this air fryer excels in cooking, using liners made the cleaning process much more straightforward, which is always a plus in my book.

The Chefman Air Fryer is excellent for a small household or as a secondary air fryer. If you’re cooking for one or preparing 1-2 portions of food, it delivers crispy, hot results. The compact size is an asset for those with limited space or as an additional kitchen gadget for specific needs.

One minor concern I had during testing was the design of the trivet and the bottom of the drawer. It would be more convenient if they were flat, as it could be slightly tricky to cook things inside a container with the current design. But apart from that, it serves its purpose efficiently for single servings.

Amazon Basics

amazon basics air fryers for one person uk

Firstly, the positive aspects. The air fryer appears to be well built, even though I purchased it as an Amazon warehouse deal, which came with a few minor issues like scratches and an unexpected guest (a tiny spider) in the box. The unit stands at 32CM tall, 28CM wide, and 38CM deep, including the protruding handle and cable strain relief on the back. The digital display is user-friendly, featuring straightforward buttons to power the unit, control cooking time and temperature, and start or pause the cooking process. I appreciate that it displays temperature and time separately, even showing seconds while counting down.

Another significant advantage is the inner metal lining that runs throughout the unit. This ensures efficient heating, and the presence of an aluminum fan with small fins above the heating element adds to its performance. The air fryer’s noise level is audible but tolerable, and it switches off automatically when you remove the drawer, resuming cooking when you insert it back in.

However, there are some downsides to consider. In my opinion, the silver and black design might not be to everyone’s taste. Upon turning it on, I noticed an unpleasant plastic smell that filled the kitchen, even at low temperatures. One unique feature of this air fryer is the double basket configuration, which has its pros and cons. While it potentially enhances air circulation, it also means having to clean two baskets after each use. My main concern with this design is the thinness of the metal used for the baskets. They are remarkably thin, akin to a greeting card, which raises doubts about the long-term durability of the non-stick coating, and the possibility of rusting, similar to baking trays from pound shops.

Another drawback I noticed is that during the insertion and removal of the drawer, the outer basket may rub against the metal lining within the air fryer. This friction could lead to the bottom of the basket losing its non-stick coating, potentially scratching and peeling off over time.


fabuletta air fryers for one person uk

Having tested the FABULETTA Air Fryer, I want to share my insights into its performance and the pros and cons I’ve encountered.

First, the positive aspects of this air fryer. The delivery was fast and reliable, and the product arrived without any missing or damaged parts. I decided to place this air fryer at my workplace to provide colleagues with a simple, quick, and economical meal option. It’s versatile, offering various cooking choices. This is a game-changer for us, as we’re often busy and don’t have the time for take-out sandwiches or lunches. Having a microwave for reheating food complements this appliance perfectly.

One of the notable strengths of the FABULETTA Air Fryer is its relatively quiet operation, which is essential in a shared workspace. Additionally, it’s a stylish and visually appealing addition to our worktop. The availability of different color options is a nice touch. This air fryer doesn’t require the use of oil, making it a healthier cooking option. Moreover, it’s easy to clean and handle, with a convenient size that suits our needs.

On the flip side, this air fryer offers some disadvantages. It lacks the flexibility of larger air fryers, limiting its capacity to cook for more than one or two people. Despite this, the compact design and efficient performance are ideal for smaller households.

How We Test

Testing air fryers for one person involves a comprehensive evaluation process to ensure these appliances meet the unique needs of individuals or small households. Our testing approach focuses on several key aspects to provide an insightful perspective on their performance.

  1. Capacity Assessment: We begin by examining the air fryer’s capacity to determine if it’s truly suitable for one person. We measure the internal cooking space and assess whether it can comfortably accommodate single servings.
  2. Cooking Performance: Testing includes preparing various foods commonly cooked in air fryers. This typically involves items like frozen fries, chicken wings, vegetables, and even baked goods. We evaluate how well the air fryer cooks these items, assessing factors such as crispiness, taste, and cooking time.
  3. User-Friendliness: We analyze how easy it is to use the air fryer. This includes evaluating the control interface, preset cooking programs, and the intuitiveness of adjusting settings like temperature and time. We also assess the clarity of the user manual and the availability of recipe suggestions.
  4. Noise Levels: Noise can be a significant factor, especially if you’re living in a small space. We measure the noise produced by the air fryer during operation to determine if it’s tolerable for one-person use.
  5. Cleaning and Maintenance: Cleaning an air fryer can be a tedious task. We test the ease of cleaning, considering factors like dishwasher safety, the non-stick coating’s durability, and any design elements that make maintenance simpler.
  6. Build Quality: We examine the materials used in construction and the build quality of the air fryer. Durability is crucial, as a one-person household may rely on this appliance for a long time.
  7. Size and Footprint: A compact size is typically desirable for one-person air fryers, so we measure and assess the unit’s dimensions. We also evaluate how it fits on a countertop or in a smaller kitchen.
  8. Safety Features: Safety is paramount in any kitchen appliance. We check for features like automatic shut-off when the cooking basket is removed and assess the risk of accidental burns or scalds during use.
  9. Versatility: While a single-person air fryer doesn’t need to be as versatile as larger models, we still evaluate its ability to cook a variety of foods. A versatile air fryer allows for diverse meal options.
  10. Customer Feedback: We also take into account real-world feedback from customers who have purchased and used the air fryer. This helps provide insights into long-term durability and any common issues users encounter.

By comprehensively testing these aspects, we aim to provide potential buyers with an informed perspective on the performance, strengths, and shortcomings of air fryers designed for one person. Our goal is to help consumers make the best choice for their unique cooking needs.

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