Cosori Vs Ninja Air Fryer

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For good reason, air fryers are becoming more and more popular as a healthier way to prepare meals. According to, these machines offer a useful technique to cook food without using a lot of oil or fat.

When there are so many excellent models available, it might be challenging to select the finest air fryer for your needs. Before choosing a model, it is essential to consider who will use the air fryer and for what purposes.

If you live in a home where people of all ages love creating snacks and meals, an air fryer with lots of intuitive preset settings can be your best option.


We discovered via testing and personal experience that an air fryer that places more of a focus on manual settings would be a better option if you enjoy experimenting with novel recipes that call for exact temperatures and timing.

The most popular air fryer brands that consumers consider while selecting one are Cosori and Ninja.

Although both companies provide top-notch air fryers, it might be difficult to choose one over the other. The pros and cons of Cosori and Ninja air fryers will be compared in this post.

Although many people consider pricing to be significant, we suggest you to consider additional factors before making a final selection. These consist of the features, ease of use, and effectiveness of the cooking.

In order to make an informed decision if you’re considering buying an air fryer, we advise you to continue reading and benefit from the information we’ll provide in this comparative study.

Air Fryer ModelsStores
Cosori ‎CP158-AFView Product
Cosori ‎CP137-AFView Product
Cosori Smart WiFi Air-fryerView Product
Cosori ‎CAF-P583SView Product
Ninja AF160UKView Product
Ninja Foodi Pressure CookerView Product
Ninja Max SP101UKView Product
List of Top Models of Cosori vs ninja air fryer

Cosori Vs Ninja Air Fryer: Pros and Cons

Each offers a unique combination of benefits and drawbacks that should be considered before making a purchase.

We’ll start with the Cosori air fryer since we found its simplicity appealing at the time. On initial inspection, we discovered that the control panel is built with more preset buttons than any other brand on the market, making it simple to operate.

Square-shaped baskets and trays provide more cooking space than circular ones do for people who need to make bigger meals.

In addition to offering greater cooking area than circular designs, the square-shaped basket and tray are a perfect choice for individuals who need to prepare larger meals.

The Cosori air fryer is renowned for providing food that is crispy and has the mouthwatering deep-fried flavour we all love.

The few drawbacks to take into account, nevertheless, could make you curious. The manual settings option is not the finest, and the temperature and timer buttons are particularly prone to confusion at first, until we get used to them.

You might need to adjust your timing because cooking time is always extended by one minute when the appliance is closed and cooking resumes.

Contrarily, the Ninja air fryer has a simplified control panel without any pre-programmed buttons. Because of this, it’s a great alternative for experienced cooks who use recipe books.

For some users, it is a more versatile alternative than the Cosori since it offers a variety of cooking choices, such as air frying, roasting, reheating, broiling, and dehydrating.

Additionally, it might not seem appealing to novice cooks who prefer the ease of quick frozen meals that can be prepared and then forgotten about.

The Cosori air fryer comes in a range of sizes starting at 4 quarts. Additional add-on features are also available, such as voice control over Wi-Fi. A variety of colours are also available, with the most common options being black, white, gray, and stainless steel.

The Ninja air fryer, in comparison, has a lower starting capacity, is less compatible with smart homes, and provides fewer extra accessories. Additionally, the price is typically higher than the Cosori.

Overall, each air fryer—the Cosori and the Ninja—has certain advantages and disadvantages.

Key Specifications Of Cosori Vs Ninja Air Fryer

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FeaturesCosori Air FryerNinja Air Fryer
Best air fryers evaluatedYesYes
Price (starting from)View Low PriceView Low Price
Capacity (starting from)5.5L2 quarts
Preset options114 (standard) or 6 (MAX)
Detachable fryer basketYesYes (dual basket for some models)
Non-stick basketPFOA-free and simple to clean with soap and waterDishwasher-safe non-stick basket with crisper plate
Approved recipesYesNo
Toxic plastic smellNot mentionedMinimized
Dual air fryer basketNoYes
Size range4 quarts to 32 quarts2 quarts to 10 quarts (larger air fryer and countertop oven hybrids also available)
Cooking capabilitiesSeven to nineFive or six (with more culinary features and capabilities)
Smart home compatibilityYes, compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon AlexaNot mentioned

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As of 20.12.2022,, displays the Cosori Air Fryer is one of the best air fryers evaluated, with a low price, double-digit features, and a sizable 5.5L capacity.

Cosori offers to take less time than anticipated and save energy, which is more promising. Not only that, but compared to deep frying, it uses 85% less oil.

With 11 preset options, a special detachable fryer basket that lets you separate food from oils, and a PFOA-free nonstick basket that is simple to clean with soap and water, the CP158 model has it all.

cosori cp158 model

Additionally, Cosori offers recipes that have been approved by their staff of seasoned chefs, and customers may find more ideas by looking up the ASIN number B07PRJYGB2.

Next, let’s talk about the Ninja Air Fryer (AF100UK), which costs a little more than the Cosori but has a 3.8L capacity. It is still a top choice among air fryers on, nevertheless.

Ninja is a respectable company that makes a variety of fryers, and their AF100UK model includes a premium-feeling display and buttons.

ninja af100uk model purchased view

Just like Cosori claims, ninja to 50% faster and delivers no oil. During testing, we found standard models with 4 cooking options whereas MAX is not only expensive but also has 6 options.

The Ninja air fryer gains attention in minimizing the toxic plastic smell that develops during cooking and eventually goes away after a few uses.

The dishwasher-safe 3.8L non-stick basket with a crisper plate allows for oil-free cooking for all cooking tasks.

Cosori Vs Ninja Air Fryer: Price and Brand Compare

Beginning at £80 for Ninja and £90 for Cosori, respectively, both brands include more expensive and more affordable versions. The lowest Ninja model has a capacity of only 2 quarts, whereas Cosori’s beginning price includes double that much.

Ninja’s small size can be the best option for individuals with little counter space or who only need to feed one or two people. However, Cosori offers more affordable options if you’re searching for larger, more sophisticated versions. Their top model, for example, costs £120 less than Ninja’s most costly model while having nearly comparable specifications.

In our tests, we particularly liked the Ninja’s dual air fryer basket, which let us cook two different dishes on two different settings. If this matters to you, Ninja might be a better option.

Price is important, but it’s not always true that cheaper is better or more dependable. Cosori offers solutions that are both affordable and have some great performance models.

On the other hand, most of Ninja’s air fryers are expensive, except for their compact models with basic features.

Cosori Vs Ninja Air Fryer: Design And Size Capacity

The Cosori vs Ninja debate often boils down to design and size capacity. Ninja air fryers offer a wide range of sizes, starting from 2 quarts and going all the way up to their largest traditional air fryer model at 10 quarts.

The Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 and the Ninja Foodi 13-in-1 are two even larger air fryer and countertop oven hybrids available from the manufacturer. The Cosori 12-in-1 is the company’s largest air fryer and countertop oven combination, and it measures a massive 32 quarts. In contrast, Cosori’s standard air fryers range in size from 4 quarts to 6.8 quarts.

The Cosori Max XL and Ninja Max XL, two versions that compete with one another, have nearly identical capacities of 5.8 and 5.5 quarts, respectively.

Comparing competing models of Ninja and Cosori, there isn’t much of a difference, so ultimately it comes down to preference. Both models have modern, industrial looks that would be stunning in elegant kitchens.

The Cosori CS-100 AO is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a larger air fryer because it has a 26-quart capacity.

Large households should utilise it because it can prepare more food at once. On the other side, Ninja defeats Cosori with their Ninja AF080, one of the most compact air fryers on the market, if you’re looking for something little.

It is ideal for people who live in flats with little space.

Cosori Vs Ninja Air Fryer: Cooking Functions

Both Cosori and Ninja air fryers offer numerous settings that enable different cooking methods, including broiling, dehydrating, roasting, and baking. The two brands do, however, differ in a few ways. Cosori air fryers often have seven to nine capabilities, while most Ninja air fryers have five or six.

Additionally, certain Ninja models come with multiple baskets, enabling the simultaneous preparation of two distinct foods. Cosori doesn’t have a model with two baskets, but it does have a lot of air fryer and toaster hybrids that can cook numerous items at once at the same temperature as well as larger foods like whole chickens and pizzas.

cosori air fryer cooking view

Models from both manufactures can withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Many Cosori air fryers are compatible with your phone and offer voice control through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa if you have a smart home. The majority of them also include in-app recipes and can even be used to automatically scan and prepare some frozen meals.

Ninja air fryers are generally more adaptable kitchen partners because they have more culinary features and capabilities.

However, Cosori air fryers provide a wide range of models with a number of cooking capabilities, many of which can be controlled via an app.

A dual-basket air fryer model is something that Cosori provides that Ninja does not, which can be a huge benefit for people looking to cook two foods at once. With their VeSync app, Cosori is also regarded as the most cutting-edge manufacturer of smart air fryers.

Cosori Vs Ninja Air Fryer: Oil Reduction

The Cosori Airfryer Max XL and the Ninja AF 101 Air Fryer are two popular brands that stand out for their oil reduction capabilities. The Cosori model uses up to 85% less oil than traditional deep frying methods, while the Ninja model can reduce up to 75% of the fat. This means you can enjoy your favorite fried foods guilt-free, without worrying about consuming excessive amounts of oil or fat.

Cosori Vs Ninja Air Fryer: Temperature Range and Easy of Use

Compared to their Cosori counterparts, Ninja air fryers offer a greater temperature range, going from 105 to 450 degrees F. The temperature range for Cosori air fryers, in comparison, is 170 to 400 degrees F. In comparison to Cosori air fryers, Ninja air fryers can cook food more quickly when the temperature is high.

The Cosori air fryer has an easy-to-use design that is plain and uncomplicated. It has no unnecessary fluff and is simple to clean since there are no extra grills or tricky parts. A thorough instruction manual that walks you through every step of using your air fryer for frying is also included with the appliance.

On the other hand, although the Ninja air fryer is likewise a fantastic appliance, beginning users may need some practice operating the knobs and controls. Although the Ninja air fryer offers a broader temperature range, which some users may find useful, it is still important to note.

Cosori Vs Ninja Air Fryer: Cleanup And Accessories

Fortunately, the Cosori and Ninja air fryers also contain dishwasher-safe parts, which makes cleanup simple. The baskets and pans’ nonstick coating also makes them easier to clean.

The accessories offered by the two brands, however, are where they vary most. A huge oven cake pan, a skewer rack, a large pizza pan, and other items are offered in an accessories kit by Cosori. The air fryer becomes a more worthwhile purchase thanks to these extra attachments that increase cooking possibilities.

While there are fewer accessories for Ninja air fryers, you can still find generic ones on Amazon that will function just as well with the appliance. Some people might not find the lack of branded attachments to be a deal-breaker, but others might favour the quality and ease of the Cosori accessories kit.

Overall, cleaning both Cosori and Ninja air fryers is simple, but Cosori offers more attachment possibilities, making it a better option for people who want to increase the versatility of their air frying.

Cosori Vs Ninja Air Fryer: FAQs

  1. What is an Air-Fryer?

    An Air-Fryer is a small countertop convection oven that uses hot air at high speeds to circulate and produce a crispy layer over the food being cooked.

  2. Is Cosori A Smart Option?

    Yes, according to the information provided on, the Cosori Air Fryer is a smart option. It has a cheap price, double-digit functions, and a large 5.5L capacity. It also uses 85% less oil compared to deep frying, allowing for healthier cooking. The 11 preset options displayed on the front of the cooker are a unique design element and are not featured on other fryers in this price range. The 5.5L advanced square basket maximizes the cooking area and serves more food than the round one. It also has a unique detachable fryer basket that allows you to separate the oils from the foods and dispose of the oil properly.

  3. Is Ninja A Smart Option?

    Yes, the Ninja Air Fryer (AF100UK) is a smart option, but it is more expensive than the Cosori. Ninja is a reputable brand that has developed a range of fryers. It has a premium display and buttons, and it is up to 50% faster than fan ovens. It also offers a healthier way to cook using little to no oils. The standard model has four cooking functions, including Air Fry, Roast, Reheat, and Dehydrate, which all have the option without oil. It also includes a 3.8L non-stick basket with a crisper plate and dishwasher-safe parts. However, it lacks preset features compared to the Cosori.

  4. Will I save money on my energy bills using an Air-Fryer?

    Air-Fryers are one of the best investments if you want to save on electricity usage. Cooking 4 burgers in an Air-Fryer for an average of 14 minutes costs £0.10, while the cost for the same amount of time and cooking in a gas or electric oven is significantly higher.

  5. Are Air-Fryers really expensive?

    There is a misconception that all Air-Fryers are expensive, but there are models available for less than £100. It is recommended to spend a little extra to get a branded product that works well. The Cosori Air-Fryer and the Ninja Air-Fryer Max are two of the highest rated Air-Fryers on

  6. Are Air-Fryers really healthy?

    Air-Fryers are a great alternative to cooking with oil or butter, which reduces oil intake by up to 80% and saves calories. Although there is a slight difference in taste compared to traditional frying, the benefits it offers over the traditional frying method outweigh the difference.

  7. Can I use aluminium/metal foil with Air-Fryers?

    There is no problem I see with using metal foil in an Air-Fryer, as it only uses hot air to cook food. However, acidic foods may corrode metal containers, which is true for both conventional and convection ovens.

Cosori Vs Ninja Air Fryer: Conclusion

After testing a number of air fryers from Amazon, we discovered that the Ninja and Cosori stood out from the competition. We were delighted by the Cosori air fryer’s digital display and numerous quick-use buttons. The Ninja name, though, is already well-known in the marketplace. There is no apparent winner or loser in the Cosori vs Ninja air fryer comparison because each appliance is different.

It can be difficult to decide which of the two brands is superior because they both provide a variety of models at close to the same pricing. The choice ultimately depends on your cooking requirements and money. The Cosori air fryer is the perfect choice if you want an air fryer for regular foods like bacon, meats, and reheating food. On the other hand, the Ninja air fryer is your best option if you like to dehydrate food and experiment with new air fryer recipes.

The Cosori air fryer is unquestionably the finest choice for making everyday favourites and frozen or fresh meals that you would typically deep-fry. For further security, it provides 9–11 pre-sets and an automatic switch-off feature. When it comes to manual control panels, it falls short of the Ninja. However, consumers quickly overcome their first bewilderment and pick up using it.

The Ninja air fryer, on the other hand, has an edge for skilled food dehydrators because it provides four practical cooking options: air-fry, roast, reheat, and dehydrate. With more than 100 recipes in the Owner’s Manual, manual cooking is given more of a focus. For more seasoned cooks, it is a superior option because it is simpler to pause when removing food for shaking or turning without having to adjust the timer.

If you take care of your innovative new kitchen magician, both the Cosori and Ninja air fryers promise quality and durability. The decision between the two brands ultimately comes down to your cooking requirements and budget. Choose Cosori if you like simplicity and have a limited budget. The Ninja air fryer is the best option if you want more bells and whistles and have extra cash to spend.

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