SIHOO Vs Secretlab: Who Wins the Battle for Comfort?

When it comes to finding the perfect office chair, performance is the key factor that determines our choice. In our quest for the ultimate seating experience, we decided to compare two renowned chair models: the SIHOO chair vs the Secretlab chair.

Our intention was to thoroughly evaluate their performances, highlighting their strengths and identifying areas for improvement. After testing both chairs extensively for several weeks, we are excited to share our findings.

Throughout our testing process, we discovered several standout features in each chair. The SIHOO chair impressed us with its ergonomic design, providing exceptional comfort and support. Its adjustable height, tilt options, and lumbar support made long hours of sitting a breeze. On the other hand, the Secretlab chair stood out with its premium build quality and luxurious materials. The attention to detail in its craftsmanship and the plushness of its padding added a touch of elegance to our gaming workspace.

However, it is important to note that no chair is perfect, and our testing also revealed areas where both the SIHOO and Secretlab chairs could be improved. While the SIHOO chair offered great adjustability, we found that it lacked certain advanced features found in higher-end models. Similarly, while the Secretlab gaming chair exuded luxury, we felt that it could benefit from more customizable options to cater to individual preferences.

To delve deeper into our experiences and to gain valuable insights into these two chairs, we invite you to read our comprehensive walkthrough guide.

Whether you’re in search of comfort, durability, or style, our review will provide you with an informed perspective to help you make an informed decision. Join us on this journey as we compare the SIHOO and Secretlab chairs, and discover the chair that best suits your needs.

Key Specifications Of SIHOO Vs Secretlab

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We are comparing only two successful units SIHOO M57 and Secretlab Titan Evo.

SpecificationsSIHOO ChairSecretlab (Medium)
Sold To2000+ Customers800+ Customers
Buyer Satisfaction Ratings88%96%
Overall Chair Size43 x 61 x 110 cm49.02 x 55.88 x 130.05 cm
Chair Weight18.9 Kilograms20 Kg around
Armrests Adjustment3D, Not 4D4D
HeadrestAverage Sized, AdjustableFixed
Floor To Seat Height46-55 cm45-55 cm
Weight Capacity150 Kg170 kg (390 pounds)
Max User Height6 feet 1 inch5’5″ to 6’2″ inches
Material Used In ChairAluminum Alloy+Nylon+MeshADC 12 Aluminum
Width of Seat Surface51 cm47 cm
Total Chair Height107-123 cmAround 130-140 cm
Seat Depth46 cm49 cm
Seat Cushion Thickness8 cmN/A
Warranty30 Days Full Refund Policy5 Years
Price (UK)Low Price OfferLow Price Offer
Price (US)Low Price OfferLow Price Offer

SIHOO: Our Unboxing And Testing Experience

Let’s start with the advantages. First and foremost, this office chair is incredibly comfortable. I can sit on it for long periods of time without feeling any discomfort. Whether I’m working hard or indulging in some video game sessions, the chair offers great support.

view of sihoo our unboxing and testing experience

One of my favorite features is the breathable mesh fabric. No matter how hot my office gets, the chair keeps me cool and at ease. Unlike leather chairs that tend to peel and break over time, the sturdy mesh material of the SIHOO chair remains intact even after months of use.

view of sihoo office chair design comparison difference

Setting up the chair was a breeze, taking me just a little over an hour. I appreciate the inclusion of extra screws and pieces in case of loss, and the instructions were easy to follow. The armrests are quite comfortable and offer some padding, although I wish they were a bit more cushioned. Nevertheless, they are customizable, allowing me to find the perfect height and position.

One of the most impressive features of the SIHOO chair is its silence. Even during Zoom conversations, this chair remains absolutely quiet, which is a vast improvement over my previous creaky chair. As a person standing at 5’11”, the chair fits me perfectly. However, taller individuals might find it less comfortable or have difficulty reaching their workstations. Fortunately, there is an adjustable headrest that tilts and extends, catering to taller users’ needs.

The SIHOO chair boasts two bottom-mounted levers for adjustment. With these levers, I can easily adjust the chair’s height, lock it in place, and comfortably lean back. For someone like me who often experiences lower back discomfort, the lumbar support can be easily adjusted to provide the necessary relief.

In terms of design, the SIHOO chair is both stunning and sturdy for a practical weight under 130 kg. The combination of metal and plastic gives it a modern look, and the high-quality materials used throughout inspire confidence in its durability. I must also mention how affordable this chair is, which pleasantly surprised me. Compared to other chairs in its price range, it offers exceptional value, priced at £230 pounds on

The mesh fabric adds a subtle yet attractive accent, showcasing the attention to detail put into the chair’s design. Upon close inspection, I couldn’t find many flaws as per the price, and the overall craftsmanship is excellent. Any workspace setup would undoubtedly benefit from this chair.

The SIHOO M57 ergonomic office chair has surpassed my expectations in every aspect. It delivers exceptional comfort, durability, and versatility at a reasonable price. If you spend a significant amount of time working or playing video games, this chair is definitely worth considering.

Secretlab: Our Unboxing And Testing Experience

First off, choosing the Secretlab Titan Evo gaming chair was an easy decision for me. The Secretlab Titan chair had already been a great companion for me at home, and I was confident that the Titan Evo would be just as amazing. And I must say, it has exceeded my expectations.

view of secretlab our unboxing and testing experience

The gaming chair has been upgraded with new features, including the cloud switch armrest system and the magnetic headrest. The lumbar support of this chair has been improved compared to the previous model, providing excellent back support. Secretlab chairs are built like tanks, offering enhanced durability and support compared to regular market seats.

view of secretlab gaming chair at our home tested by experts

Despite the chair’s many impressive features, there are a few shortcomings worth mentioning. Firstly, my experience with the magnetic headrest cushion has been a bit hit or miss. When I initially switched from the previous chair with a strap, I occasionally knocked the magnetic cushion off while moving. However, as I got used to the chair, this problem occurred less frequently. The strength of the magnets in the cushion is a minor flaw as well. They are so powerful that attaching the cushion to non-metal surfaces can be challenging. Adjusting the position of the magnets to increase their magnetic pull would make it more user-friendly.

Moving on, Secretlab refers to the seat base as the “proprietary pebble seat base.” This redesign aims to alleviate strain on the back of the legs with a rounded front and greater bolstering on the sides. While I didn’t experience any discomfort in the previous chair generation, my partner appreciated this feature. It provides extra support and helps distribute body weight evenly throughout the seat base. However, some users might find the seat a bit too firm, considering Secretlab’s reputation for its firm cushioning.

An noteworthy aspect of the Titan Evo chair is the L-ADAPT lumbar support system, which allows for depth control and adjustable height. This technology enhances the chair’s comfort, but it does have a few drawbacks. Secretlab acknowledged that early production batches had issues with the backrest making cracking noises. I had to go through the warranty process to get a replacement backrest that significantly reduced the noise. While there might still be some minor mechanical noises, they are insignificant and have no negative impact on the overall experience.

In summary, the Secretlab Titan Evo gaming chair has proven to be a reliable and comfortable companion for my work-from-home work as well as gaming setup. The additional features, such as the cloud switch armrest system and lumbar support, have enhanced the chair’s comfort and functionality. Despite a few minor drawbacks, like the magnetic headrest and early backrest issues, Secretlab has addressed and improved their product over time.

SIHOO Vs Secretlab: Comparison

There is a significant difference in the price range of the SIHOO and Secretlab chairs. SIHOO chairs are generally more affordable, making them a budget-friendly option for those looking for ergonomic seating solutions. Secretlab chairs, on the other hand, tend to be priced at a premium level, reflecting their high-quality construction and additional features.

SIHOO Vs Secretlab: Brand Reputation And Ergonomics

Secretlab is a well-established brand in the gaming chair market, renowned for its premium-quality chairs and innovative features. On the other hand, SIHOO is a relatively newer brand that has gained popularity for its affordable and ergonomic office chairs. Secretlab’s reputation for quality and innovation might give it an edge in terms of customer trust and brand recognition.

Both the SIHOO and Secretlab chairs are designed with ergonomics in mind. They feature adjustable components such as height, armrests, and lumbar support, allowing users to customize the chair to their individual needs. This promotes proper posture and helps reduce the risk of developing back and neck strain.

SIHOO Vs Secretlab: Built Quality And Design

Both brands are known for their sturdy build quality. The SIHOO and Secretlab chairs are constructed using high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. The chairs can withstand regular use without showing signs of wear and tear.

The SIHOO and Secretlab chairs have distinct design aesthetics. SIHOO chairs often feature a sleek and modern design with a focus on simplicity. On the other hand, Secretlab chairs have a more gaming-oriented design, featuring bold color schemes and racing-inspired aesthetics. The choice between the two designs depends on personal preference and the desired look for your workspace.

SIHOO Vs Secretlab: Comfort And Customization

Comfort is a top priority for both SIHOO and Secretlab. The chairs are generously padded and provide ample support to keep users comfortable throughout the day. Whether you’re working, gaming, or simply relaxing, both chairs excel in providing a comfortable seating experience.

Both chairs offer a range of adjustable features to cater to different body types and preferences. Users can adjust the height, armrests, and recline angle to find the most comfortable position for their specific needs. These customization options ensure a personalized and ergonomic sitting experience.

Secretlab chairs often come with a range of premium features that enhance the overall user experience. These may include built-in adjustable lumbar support, memory foam padding, and 4D armrests. SIHOO chairs, while still offering excellent comfort and adjustability, may not include the same level of advanced features found in Secretlab chairs.

Conclusion: Verdict

In conclusion, both the SIHOO and Secretlab chairs offer ergonomic design, comfort, and adjustable features to promote a healthy and comfortable sitting experience. The choice between the two ultimately depends on factors such as brand reputation, budget, aesthetic preferences, and the importance of additional features. If you’re seeking a more affordable option without compromising on comfort and adjustability, the SIHOO chair might be a suitable choice. However, if you’re willing to invest in premium features and enjoy the gaming-inspired design, Secretlab chairs could be the ideal fit for you.

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