Breville Vs Russell Hobbs Toaster

If you like breakfast as much as I do, you understand the value of a decent toaster. Additionally, selecting the best one might be a little difficult because there are so many brands and types available. I chose to contrast two of the most well-liked alternatives as a result: Breville and Russell Hobbs.

I have used both Breville toasters for my workplace and Russell Hobbs toasters in my kitchen, and I have become familiar with their distinctive traits and features.

As a user and an expert who loves a delicious slice of toast or a bagel in the morning, after using both Breville and Russell Hobbs for several weeks, we discovered that there are both advantages and disadvantages to both versions, from the modern design to the range of options.

In this review, I’ll discuss my own experiences as well as performance tests with each brand, and I’ll be very open about which one I favour. My goal is that this comparison will assist you in selecting the toaster that best suits your needs, whether you are a seasoned toaster user or are just getting started. Let’s start toasting now!

Key Specifications Of Breville Vs Russell Hobbs Toaster

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We are comparing two popular units Breville VTT981 Edge 2-slice and Russell Hobbs 24381 from the brands Breville vs Russell Hobbs.

Toaster FeaturesBrevilleRussell Hobbs
Model NumberVTT981‎24381
Sold To:1400+ Customers4000+ Customers
Customer Satisfaction Ratings90%90%
5 Star Ratings68%71%
Bad Reviews4%5%
MaterialAlloy SteelAlloy Steel, Plastic
Size32 x 25.7 x 23 cm‎11.73 x 11.61 x 7.68 cm
Number of Slices24
Weight2.15 kg3 Kg
WarrantyFull Refund PolicyFull Refund Policy
Price Check Low Cost offer Check Low Cost offer

Brand Manufacturer

When it comes to kitchen appliances, Breville and Russell Hobbs are both well-known brands that offer a wide range of products. Breville is an Australian brand that has been producing high-quality kitchen appliances for many years. They are known for their innovative designs and advanced features that make cooking and food preparation easier and more convenient. Russell Hobbs, on the other hand, is a British brand that has been in the industry for over 65 years. They are known for their affordable yet reliable kitchen appliances that cater to different budgets and needs.

See the unboxing and package arrival picture below.

russell hobbs purchasing arrival view unboxing tried and tested

Breville Vs Russell Hobbs Toaster: Pros and Cons

Let’s look at the pros and cons first, which we discovered after using them for several weeks both Breville and Russell Hobbs.

The Breville toaster’s capacity to accommodate all bread sizes, even extra-tall slices, is one of its key features. Additionally, a variety of toasting options are available, enabling you to tailor the amount of toast browning to your preferences. Contrarily, the Russell Hobbs toaster only has one set of controls, making it unable to independently change the amount of browning on each side. Additionally, the slots are fairly shallow, making it possible that larger slices of bread won’t fit.

The Russell Hobbs toaster also has terrific pricing, which makes it an inexpensive choice for individuals on a tight budget. Additionally, it provides excellent browning, resulting in some of the tested models’ most evenly toasted bread.

Moving on, the “lift-and-look” feature of Breville is another benefit because it enables you to examine the toast’s progress without pausing the toasting process. People who want their bread gently toasted will find this to be especially helpful.

The Breville toaster’s uneven toasting on both sides, with one side often being darker than the other, is a drawback.

Similar to Breville, Russell Hobbs also has a “lift-and-look” feature that enables you to check on the status of your toast without interrupting the toasting cycle.

Breville Vs Russell Hobbs Toaster: Design and Functions

When comparing the appearance and capabilities, the Russell Hobbs toaster has a substantial yet fashionable appearance and does the job well for a low cost. It has a rather simple design with only one browning dial and no warming or bagel features. The bread it produces is some of the most uniformly toasted of the tested models, making up for its simplicity with even browning.

view of russell hobbs toaster design and functions

While the Breville toaster has a “wow” effect as soon as you take it out of the box thanks to its sleek and polished appearance. The toaster comes with comprehensive instructions on how to operate it, including advice on how to get the best toasting results with various bread kinds. See the picture below.

view of breville toaster design and functions

Russell Hobbs is adaptable for various toasting requirements because to its frozen, cancel, and reheat modes. Additionally, the toaster includes an additional lift feature that makes it simpler to remove tiny objects like crumpets without burning your hands. The stylish blue LED indicators on the exquisite chrome decorations give your kitchen a little extra flair.

When using Breville for the first time, we discovered that the chunky, sleek, and icon-based controls made it simple for us to infer their purposes even without reading the manual. The controls for the toaster are on the side, taking up less space on the countertop, and it is an average size. The toaster is elegant and would look good in a contemporary kitchen.

Breville Vs Russell Hobbs Toaster: Easy of Use

During our testing, we found that both the Breville and Russell Hobbs toasters had practical features that make toasting simple.

The Breville toaster is simple to use and has function buttons with clear labels that glow attractively white while in operation. Nine different choices are available for use with the browning control, enabling for exact personalization of toasting settings.

view breville kettle with manual

The “lift-and-look” option, which enables you to check on the status of your toast without pausing the toasting process, is one of its greatest features. By simply lowering the lever once again to continue toasting to the appropriate degree, this solves the problem of underdone or burned toast. Additionally, the toaster’s sides don’t become too hot, assuring safe use.

On the other hand, the same is true while using a Russell Hobbs toaster, which has a “lift-and-look” feature that enables us to check on the toasting process without stopping it.

Additionally, if you’re only toasting one round of bread, it has separate levers for each side, which helps conserve energy. The reheat function performs admirably and uniformly toasts frozen bread, which is a noteworthy quality.

However, although not as hot as other all-metal versions, the toaster’s body may get rather warm when in use. Despite this, the toaster is simple to maintain thanks to its distinct crumb containers and neatly tuckable cord.

Breville Vs Russell Hobbs Toaster: Cooking Results

Breville is quite simple to operate, even taking only 2-3 minutes on average, depending on the desired amount of browning. The toast turns out to be crisp and well browned on all sides. For us, toasting takes only about 2 minutes and 10 seconds on setting 5 for a typical loaf. However, because various breads require different amounts of toasting time, you will need to modify the settings according to the type of bread you use. See the picture below.

view of breville toaster cooking results

For those who prefer artisan bread, though, the Russell Hobbs toaster is a great option. This toaster easily takes thicker and standard sliced bread, albeit the top inch of higher slices might not get toasted. Although toasting takes a little longer than usual—roughly two and a half minutes—the flawlessly crisp and golden toast that is produced is well worth the extra time.

Breville Vs Russell Hobbs Toaster: Buyer Reviews

Russell Hobbs

Buyer reviews for the Russell Hobbs 24381 Toaster in the United Kingdom have been mostly positive. Customers have praised the toaster’s nice quality, sleek design, and its matching kettle. However, some customers have expressed concerns about the lifting mechanism, stating that it needs improvement to push smaller slices of bread, waffles, and teacakes higher for easier removal. Despite these minor concerns, customers have generally found the Russell Hobbs 24381 Toaster to be a good product, well-made, and visually appealing.


The Breville VTT981 Edge 2-slice toaster has received a lot of positive feedback from UK customers. Customers have praised the toaster for its ability to fit a standard slice of bread, something that many other toasters on the market cannot do. The toaster’s shape allows bread to be placed sideways for complete coverage. Customers have also commented on the toaster’s practical functions, with some even describing it as the best toaster ever. While some customers have experienced uneven toasting, they still found the toaster to be satisfactory. The toaster’s deep slot has been particularly useful for toasting larger slices of bread without the need to turn it around halfway through.

Breville Vs Russell Hobbs Toaster: Conclusion

In conclusion, to accommodate various demands and tastes, both Russell Hobbs and Breville provide distinctive features and functions in their toasters. Breville is renowned for its cutting-edge designs, sophisticated features including the “lift-and-look” option, and capacity to toast various types of bread.

On both sides, it could, however, have uneven toasting. Russell Hobbs, on the other hand, is more reasonably priced, provides uniform browning, and has a straightforward design with fundamental features. Both toasters have useful features and are simple to operate. In the end, the decision between Breville and Russell Hobbs will be based on personal tastes, financial constraints, and necessities.

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