Fully Jarvis Vs Flexispot E7: Which Standing Desk Reigns Supreme?

if you are looking for a comparison review of Fully Jarvis Vs Flexispot E7, this article is for you. Don’t go anywhere keep reading this one.

The reason for purchasing these two popular standing desk models is to identify which works best for our office staff as nothing beats firsthand experience to truly understand the nuances and performance.

During testing, we go through the in-depth analysis and range of customization possibilities. After weeks of using both models Fully Jarvis and Flexispot E7, we found noticeable differences between them.

Despite their differences, both the Fully Jarvis and the Flexispot E7 share a common feature that greatly enhances usability—the inclusion of programmable height presets. This feature allows users to save and effortlessly switch between different height settings, catering to individual preferences and multiple users.

In this walkthrough guide, we share valuable insights from our first-hand experience after using them for several weeks alongside the recent buyer reviews on it. We also discuss the pros and cons highlighting the challenges and successes encountered along the way.

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So, let’s deep down into the detail one by one.

Key Specifications Of Fully Jarvis Vs Flexispot E7

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FeaturesFully JarvisFlexispot E7
AssembleChallenging to Non-DIYersStraight Forward
PriorityStable To Heavy EquipmentDurability, Aesthetic
Color ChoiceVarietyLimited
Height Range24.5” – 50”22.8”-48.4”
Width42”-78” inches47.2”-80” inches
Motor Speed1.5”/s1.5”/s
Cable ManagementAdvanceMedium
Noise level50 dB50 dB
Price (UK)Low Price OfferLow Price Offer
Price (US)Low Price OfferLow Price Offer

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Fully Jarvis: Our Unboxing and Testing Experience

Beginning with the delivery, the Fully Jarvis Bamboo standing desk arrived in a total of five boxes, a few of which were quite heavy. See the picture below.

view fully jarvis standing desk unboxing purchased package arrival office home

Moving these boxes might require assistance due to the weight, particularly with the metal legs just as we required.

Heavy desk reflects the solid construction and ensures durability but require additional help during assembly. The packaging was well-organized, with clearly labeled components, making it easy to identify each part. See the picture below

view of fully jarvis our unboxing assembling parts

During testing, we found that the assembly process consists of 13 stages, which can be time-consuming. It is worth noting that the complexity arises from the high level of customization available to users, necessitating comprehensive instructions to cater to various configurations.

However, for those less inclined towards DIY projects, the process may feel intricate. Both the written instructions and accompanying video were at times challenging to follow, resulting in a few missteps along the way as experienced.

During testing, we found for a non-proficient person, assembly time for the Fully Jarvis Bamboo standing desk took approximately two and a half hours, which was slightly longer compared to the Flexispot adjustable standing desk pro E7.

However, it is important to consider individual proficiency and familiarity with DIY tasks. A confident DIY enthusiast may complete the assembly in around 45 minutes to an hour.

view of fully jarvis our unboxing and testing experience

It is worth noting that while the desk includes Allen keys, a crosshead screwdriver and, if opting for the cable management tray, a drill will need to be provided separately.

Additionally, one particular challenge we encountered was fully screwing in the controller at the front of the desk. This issue was not isolated, as we discovered another reviewer on a sister site had experienced the same difficulty. It remains unclear whether this is a coincidental occurrence or a potential design flaw.

While used for office work purposes, the desk showcased its exceptional stability and sturdiness. The desk offered a spacious and versatile work surface, providing ample room for multiple monitors, accessories, and ergonomic adjustments.

view of fully jarvis bamboo standing desk

Flexispot E7: Our Unboxing and Testing Experience

Talking about the Flexispot E7, the package was delivered to us two weeks later. The unboxing process was straightforward and hassle-free compared to fully jarvis. See the picture below of arrival.

view flexispot e7 pro frame standing desk unboxing purchased package arrival home office

When differentiating from its sibling model, the Flexispot E8, the E7 came with fewer accessories, simplifying the assembly.

The first box contained the bamboo desktop, available in a spacious 55-inch version, complete with the integrated wireless charger.

view of flexispot e7 bamboo desk our unboxing and testing experience

The second box contained the legs, which resembled those of the E8 but were labeled differently. However, the differences between them were minimal.

The third and final box included the casters and the cable management solution, chosen to maintain a clutter-free and organized workspace.

At first look, we got impressed by the crafted way and meticulous attention to detail. The bamboo build exuded a sense of durability and sophistication.

Notably, the placement of the integrated wireless charger demonstrated thoughtful design as tested.

The setup process was straightforward, aided by clear and user-friendly instructions. Additionally, the bamboo desktop featured pre-drilled holes for the legs and control panel, facilitating easy alignment and screwing.

The Flexispot E7 Standing Desk boasts an impressive weight capacity of 355 lbs (161 kg), instilling confidence in its ability to support various work items and equipment.

During testing, the Flexispot E7 standing desk proved to be highly functional and reliable. The motorized legs allowed smooth and effortless adjustments, enabling users to find their preferred ergonomic positions easily. The spacious bamboo desktop provided ample room for multiple monitors and other work essentials.

While the integrated wireless charger was a convenient feature, it is worth noting that it is not movable. Therefore, careful consideration should be given to its placement during the initial setup to ensure easy access as tested.

Fully Jarvis Vs Flexispot E7: Design And Frame

The Flexispot E7 Pro Plus has a robust carbon steel foundation that has attained an automotive material grade, giving it a stable and long-lasting design. Because it is BIFMA certified, this standing desk is stable and long-lasting.

The desk comes in a variety of tool-like shapes, including C- and T-shapes, to suit various tastes. Additionally, the Flexispot E7 Pro Plus offers a selection of desktop hues and materials, from improved chipboard to natural bamboo and solid wood. The desk’s integrated cable tray and attractive appearance offer a clutter-free workspace.

The Fully Jarvis standing desk, on the other hand, has a strong steel frame and offers a variety of customizing choices. It offers flexibility in style with its rectangular form and mid-century styling. Because of the frame’s simple C-shape construction, there are some negligible to no stability issues. See the picture below

view of fully jarvis design and frame

With its programmable memory keypad, the workstation makes up for this by allowing customers to specify up to four favourite height positions. It also has a cable management tray with a power grommet for a neat workstation.

Fully Jarvis Vs Flexispot E7: Aesthetics And Built Quality

During the testing process, we felt fully Jarvis more focused and prioritized solid and stable build, providing ample support for heavy equipment. Whereas, Flexispot E7 prioritizes the combination of durability with aesthetic appeal, featuring a range of design options.

Fully Jarvis

The Fully Jarvis bamboo standing desk’s heaviness translates into a sturdy and reliable desk once assembled. The desk exudes a sense of strength and stability, instilling confidence that it can support even heavy equipment. It exhibits remarkable stability, even when subjected to pressure or leaning.

view of fully jarvis built quality

With a weight capacity of 350 lbs (158 kg), the Fully Jarvis surpasses many other standing desk options. It offers the largest weight capacity which makes it special among outperforming competitors like the Flexispot adjustable standing desk pro and the Humanscale float height adjustable desk.

The lifting mechanism of the Fully Jarvis operates smoothly and quietly. The console, equipped with intuitive arrows, allows effortless adjustment of the desk height. The desk also offers convenient memory options, automatically moving the desk to the desired position with each use.

Overall, the lifting mechanism delivers a seamless and satisfying personal experience.

Flexispot E7

The Flexispot E7 desk showcases a variety of design options, and in our testing, we opted for the curved 55-inch by 28-inch bamboo top.

The components of the desk, including the Premium Keypad, the E7 T-Frame, casters, and cable tray options, exude durability and longevity.

One notable feature of the Flexispot E7 Standing Desk is its Premium Keypad, which offers four programmable heights, a built-in USB-A port, and a height display. This keypad combines functionality with an aesthetic appeal, enhancing the overall user experience.

Similar to its counterpart, the Flexispot E8, the E7 Standing Desk incorporates an anti-collision system within its motorized legs. This safety feature ensures that the desk halts immediately if it detects any obstacles, resistance, or assistance during height adjustment. While holding buttons for height adjustment may not benefit from this feature, the E7’s programmable buttons make it a valuable addition, providing convenience and added safety.

In terms of mobility, the Flexispot E7 Standing Desk offers optional caster wheels that can be easily screwed into the desk legs. These wheels, two equipped with brakes, provide the flexibility to move the desk when necessary.

Fully Jarvis Vs Flexispot E7: Features and Accessories

Standing workstations that offer stability and powerful lifting capacities include the Fully Jarvis and the Flexispot E7 Pro Plus.

Even at the highest height settings, the Flexispot E7 Pro Plus guarantees a sturdy and wobble-free experience. Devices are kept firmly in position during height adjustments because to its fluid movement. See the picture below.

view of flexispot e7 features and accessories

The Flexispot E7 Pro Plus can effortlessly hold numerous monitors and other devices because to its 355 pound weight capacity. For users between 4 feet 2 inches and 6 feet 4 inches, it offers a height adjustment range of 22.8 to 48.4 inches. It also comes with a keyboard tray for better ergonomics.

The Fully Jarvis standing desk exhibits stability and has a 350-pound lifting capacity. Additionally, it offers a stable experience at every height setting. The desk emits noise of fewer than 50 decibels while adjusting height.

Users can select three preferred height positions on the programmable memory keypad, which improves convenience. The Fully Jarvis workstation provides customization options for size, colour, and material to accommodate unique tastes and ergonomic requirements.

Both standing desks provide useful accessories as well-rounded solutions. Easy-rolling casters, desk drawers, and an inter-clamp power strip are all features of the Flexispot E7 Pro Plus.

It becomes a flexible workstation because to the additional storage, mobility, and convenience these accessories provide.

A power grommet, a wire management kit, and desk extensions are all available with the Fully Jarvis standing desk.

The cable management kit keeps cords organised, and the power grommet makes it simple to charge devices. The desk extensions give more room and increase the workstation’s adaptability.

Fully Jarvis Vs Flexispot E7: Performance Or Customizations

Both the Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk and the Flexispot E7 Standing Desk deliver impressive performance and offer customization options.

The Fully Jarvis Bamboo provides extensive customization possibilities, allowing users to tailor the desk to their specific needs, while the Flexispot E7 excels in versatility and adaptability for various work scenarios. So, specific preferences and workspace demands matter a lot like us.

Fully Jarvis

Recognizing that every home office setup and body height is different, Fully offers a wide range of customization options for an exact fit. Instead of a simple “Buy now” button, the website invites users to “Design your own” desk, emphasizing the level of customization available.

When designing a Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk, users can select the shape of the desktop (rectangular or contour), the size (ranging from 120 cm to 180 cm in width), and the finish (natural or dark bamboo).

Additionally, customization extends to choosing grommets (black, white, or none) and the option to add power grommets. For the frame, users can choose the color (black, white, silver, or alloy), the height range (various options available), and whether to include a standard or programmable up/down switch. Casters and cable management options are also available to keep wires organized.

Flexispot E7

Whether used for hardware testing, intensive business tasks, or as a flexible studio space, the E7 proves to be a highly adaptable desk. Its size and sturdy build quality allow it to transform into the ideal workspace for any purpose.

view of flexispot e7 performance or customizations

The desk features cable pass-through holes in the back corners, facilitating cable management and maintaining a clean and tidy appearance. This design element enables easy cable routing when the desk is positioned against a wall.

Additionally, the built-in wireless charger, conveniently located on the desk, ensures that users can keep their phones within reach and eliminate the need for additional charging accessories. The desk’s versatility shines through as the wireless charging area can be used for other purposes, such as opening boxes, reviewing documents, or creating additional workspace, without requiring any reconfiguration.

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Conclusion: Verdict

After extensively reviewing and testing the Flexispot E7 and the Fully Jarvis Bamboo standing desks, it’s time to deliver our final verdict. Both desks offer impressive features and functionality, catering to different preferences and needs.

The Flexispot E7 has proven to be a highly functional and practical desk. It strikes a balance between providing ample space for various setups while ensuring that even a simple laptop doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the desk’s size.

The standing features work seamlessly, the desk material is of high quality, and the legs operate relatively quietly. Overall, if you’re in the market for a standing desk, the Flexispot E7 deserves strong consideration due to its outstanding performance and versatility.

On the other hand, the Fully Jarvis Bamboo standing desk stands out with its exceptional solidity and robustness. It is an ideal choice for those who need to accommodate heavy equipment or a substantial load on their desk without any concerns.

Additionally, the desk offers extensive customization options, allowing users to optimize their limited home office space efficiently. With its attractive design and smooth, quiet operation, the Fully Jarvis Bamboo standing desk exudes a premium feel that enhances any workspace.

While assembling the desk may require assistance from a more capable individual and it may not be the most budget-friendly option, the overall package of the Fully Jarvis Bamboo standing desk receives high praise.

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