Flexispot E5 Vs E7: Which Standing Desk Reigns Supreme?

If you are looking for a first-hand experience comparison review of the Flexispot E5 and E7 Pro Plus standing desks, this article is just for you. Don’t go anywhere; keep reading.

We needed more standing desks for our office staff, and this time we made the decision to purchase electric dual-motor desks instead of manual ones that required a removable hand crank.

We had our eyes on the Flexispot models E5 and E7 Pro Plus, but we were unsure which one would work best for us. The interesting part is that we decided to order both online and planned to return the one that didn’t meet our needs.

During the testing process, we carefully followed the provided instructions and identified noticeable differences and similarities between the two desks.

Throughout the testing period, we paid close attention to the build quality, durability, and overall performance of both the E5 and E7 Pro Plus models. We analyzed their motor operations, noise levels, cable management options, and any additional customization features they offered. Additionally, we evaluated their suitability for different workspace configurations and user preferences.

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In this walkthrough guide, we will share valuable insights from our personal perspectives after using both desks for several weeks. We will discuss the pros and cons of each model and provide an overview of recent buyer reviews. So let’s dive deep into this comparison review.

Key Specifications Of Flexispot E5 Vs E7 Pro Plus

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SpecificationsFlexispot E5Flexispot E7 Pro Plus
Adjustable Height Range (Without Desktop)24.4″-50″, 3-stage leg22.8″-48.4″, 3-stage leg
Available Desktop RangeW:47.2-80″, D:24″-30″W:47.2-80″, D:24″-30″
Capable Frame Width43.3″ – 66.9″43.4″-74.8″
Adjustment Speed1.38″/s1.5″/s
Adjustable Foot Leveling14mm14mm
Wire ManagementYesYes
Noise Level50 dB50 dB
Frame ColorGrey/Black/WhiteGrey/Black/White
Warranty10 years15 years
Price (UK)See Low Price OfferSee Low Price Offer
Price (US)See Low Price OfferSee Low Price Offer

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Flexispot E5 Vs E7: Delivery And Assembly

The assembly process differed in terms of complexity and the need for additional assistance.

During testing we found, If you prefer a simpler assembly experience, the E5 model might be more suitable.

view of view of flexispot e5 standing desk unboxing purchased package arrival home
view of flexispot e5 delivery and assembly

Conversely, if you’re willing to invest more effort into assembly and value a longer warranty period, the E7 Pro Plus is a compelling option.

view of view of flexispot e7 pro plus frame standing desk unboxing purchased package arrival home

view of view of flexispot e7 pro plus top board standing desk unboxing purchased package arrival home 1
view of view of flexispot e7 pro plus top board standing desk unboxing purchased package arrival home 1

Both models were delivered by Flexispot and arrived in a timely manner to us. You can also opt for to order them without any risk of 30 days full refund.

Talking for warranty, both models offered warranty coverage, although with varying durations. The E7 Pro Plus stood out with an impressive 15-year warranty that covered the frame, motor, and other mechanisms. On the other hand, the E5 had a 3-year guarantee for the electronics and other mechanisms and a 5-year warranty for the frame, motor, switch, and controller.

E7 Pro Plus And E5

Assembling the E7 Pro Plus proved to be a more labor-intensive task. The desk came in two separate boxes, which were noticeably heavy. It’s important to mention that we took handling assistance as the boxes alone can be challenging.

It is convenient that the desktop is not attached to the frame but simply sits on top. This design feature facilitated the assembly process, allowing us to align the components smoothly.

In contrast, assembling the E5 standing desk was a relatively straightforward process. The desk could be put together within 15 to 30 minutes, which was quite efficient. However, similar to the E7 model, we still recommend having two people working together during the assembly to ensure stability and ease of installation.

Flexispot E5 Vs E7: Our Testing Experience

Flexispot E5

During our testing process, the Flexispot E5 left a positive impression from the moment we began setting it up. The process was remarkably easy, thanks to the clear instructions and well-designed components.

Once we started using the E5 on a daily basis, its convenience became apparent. The quiet motor operations were a pleasant surprise, as the dual motors operated silently, maintaining a peaceful work environment.

The high-quality construction of the E5 was also noteworthy. The desk exhibited exceptional stability, providing a sturdy platform for various work setups. It demonstrated durability and robustness, instilling confidence in its long-term reliability.

view of flexispot e5 our testing experience

However, it’s important to mention one drawback we encountered during our testing: the keypad design. While functional, it didn’t align with our preferences. The layout and overall design could have been improved to enhance the user experience.


  • Easy to set up: Streamlined installation process for a hassle-free experience.
  • Convenient to use: Effortless transition between sitting and standing positions.
  • Quiet motor operations: Dual motors operate silently, minimizing workplace disruptions.
  • High-quality construct: Sturdy and durable, offering stability for long-term use.


  • Unfavorable keypad design: Layout and design could be improved for a more user-friendly experience.

Flexispot E7 Pro Plus

Our experience with the Flexispot E7 Pro Plus was equally rewarding. We found E7 pro plus is more solidly constructed compared to E5.

It provided exceptional stability to us, even when accommodating heavier work equipment. The E7 Pro Plus performed a secure organizing workstation.

The quiet and efficient operations of the desk’s motor system were commendable. The E7 Pro Plus impressed us with its impressive weight capacity of 355 lbs, making it suitable for a wide range of setups.

Despite its outstanding features, the E7 Pro Plus had a couple of drawbacks to consider. Firstly, its weight made it less portable compared to lighter alternatives. Moving it around required more effort and might not be ideal for those who frequently rearrange their workspace we tested. Secondly, the assembly process demanded some work and time due to the desk’s robust construction.


  • Solid construct: Offers exceptional stability for a secure working environment.
  • Quiet, efficient operations: The motor system operates smoothly without disruptive noise.
  • Supports 355 lbs weight: Accommodates heavier setups with ease.
  • Works great for both standing and sitting: Versatile functionality for various work preferences.


  • The desk is heavy: Less portable and may require additional effort to move.
  • Assembly requires some work: The robust construction takes more time and effort to set up.

In conclusion, our testing experience with the Flexispot E5 and E7 Pro Plus provided valuable insights into their performance and features. The E5 impressed us with its easy setup, convenient usage, quiet motor operations, and high-quality construction. Meanwhile, the E7 Pro Plus stood out for its solid build, quiet and efficient operations, high weight capacity, and versatility for both standing and sitting. Depending on individual preferences and priorities, either model can be a suitable choice.

Flexispot E5 Vs E7: Design And Ergonomics

Both the Flexispot E5 and E7 Pro Plus standing desks offer appealing designs and ergonomic features, catering to different user preferences.

The E7 Pro Plus impresses with its sleek appearance, thanks to the hole-less leg design and accommodative frame. On the other hand, the E5 emphasizes functionality while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look.

In terms of ergonomics, the E7 Pro Plus excels with its convenient transition, sit-stand reminder, and charging port. Similarly, the E5 provides an easy transition, programmable height settings, and a long-time sitting reminder.

E7 Pro Plus

Talking particularly about the E7 Pro Plus design, We were impressed by its hole-less leg design allows it to seamlessly blend into any workspace.

Whereas, The E7 Pro Plus truly shines in terms of ergonomic features. It’s a super convenient transition between sitting and standing positions. The three programmable height settings that we worked with.

The best part we found during testing is the inclusion of a sit-stand reminder to be a valuable addition, as it prompts users to change positions regularly, promoting healthier habits.

The added charging port on the side of the desk further enhances convenience, allowing users to easily charge their devices while working.

E5 Standing Desk

On tests, it seems, the E5 standing desk showcases a design that prioritizes functionality without compromising aesthetics. Just like the E7, we found ourselves effortlessly switching postures throughout the day. The three programmable height settings help us to find the perfect balance. Adjusting the reminder duration was a breeze to us, simply requiring the press of the up and down arrows.

Flexispot E5 Vs E7: Quality and Performance

Both the E5 and E7 desks share some commonalities in terms of performance and quality. They feature motorized height adjustment.

view of flexispot e7 quality and performance

The motor operation in both models is remarkably quiet, generating a sound output of only 50 decibels, ensuring a peaceful work environment. Additionally, both desks exhibit excellent stability, providing a solid and sturdy surface to support your work activities.

The key dissimilarity in terms of performance between the E5 and E7 models lies in their adjustment speeds. The E5 model offers an adjustment speed of approximately 1.38 inches per second, while the E7 model boasts a slightly faster speed of about 1.5 inches per second.

view of memory presets motor operation e7 1

This difference in speed may be a consideration for those who prioritize quick height adjustments. While we didn’t find it much important during the testing. It’s a matter of seconds.

Regarding Quality, the E5 desk impressively maintains exceptional stability without the need for additional support, such as a crossbar or wedge. On the other hand, the E7 desk sets itself apart with its remarkable stability at every angle, including the highest level. This feature ensures that the desk remains sturdy and secure, even when elevated to its maximum height.

Another notable dissimilarity is the weight capacity. The E5 desk can handle a weight of up to 220 lbs, while the E7 desk surpasses it with an impressive weight capacity of up to 375 lbs.

This higher weight capacity of the E7 desk makes it a suitable choice for those who require a desk that can support heavier equipment or objects.

Flexispot E5 Vs E7: Height Adjustments and Add Ons

Both the E5 and E7 models offer impressive height adjustability, allowing users to find their ideal working positions.

view of flexispot e5 height adjustments and add ons

The E5 provides a height range of 24.4 inches to 49.2 inches, while the E7 offers a range of 22.8 inches to 48.4 inches. This versatility caters to users of different heights and ensures ergonomic comfort throughout the day.

Looking at the desktop options, the Flexispot E5 comes in three different desktop colors, including Maple, Mahogany, and Black. Additionally, the E5 is available in three different size options—48, 55, and 60 inches—providing flexibility to fit various workspace requirements.

In contrast, the E7 Pro Plus offers a wider range of desktop dimensions, ranging from a width of 47.2 to 80 inches and a depth of 24 to 30 inches. This makes the E7 more suitable for larger workspaces or those needing extra surface area.

Talking more, the E7 Pro Plus offers frame colors of grey, white, and black. While there is some overlap in color options, the specific shades may differ slightly between the two models. This is what we liked.

Overall, If you value a broader range of desktop size options and require a larger surface area, the E7 Pro Plus might be the better choice. However, if you prioritize a variety of desktop color options and need a more compact desk, the E5 could be the more suitable option.

Conclusion: Verdict

After extensively evaluating the Flexispot E5 and E7 Pro Plus standing desks, we have arrived at our conclusion. Each desk offers unique features and benefits, making them desirable options for users seeking a reliable and ergonomic standing desk solution. However, in terms of overall performance and value, our top choice is the Pro Plus Standing Desk E7.

The Pro Standing Desk E5 is undoubtedly a top choice desk in terms of easy assembly and usability, and a variety of color choices to match your workspace aesthetics.

The only area for improvement lies in the E5 keypad design, which could be enhanced for a more user-friendly experience. Nevertheless, the Pro Standing Desk E5 remains a solid choice that will provide a satisfactory user experience.

However, it’s important to note that due to its weight, assembling the Pro Plus Standing Desk E7 alone may pose a challenge.

Considering all factors, Investing in the Pro Plus Standing Desk E7 for your home office is a decision that is well worth the cost.

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