SIHOO V1 Review: Comfort Solution? Our Two-Month Test Reveal

if you are looking for a first-hand unboxing experience SIHOO V1 office chair review, this article is for you. Keep reading this one. You are at the right place.

The reason for purchasing the SIHOO V1 office chair was to replace our existing SIHOO M76 office chair.

After being highly impressed by SIHOO V1 features and numerous positive reviews, we finally decided to order it online to give it a try.

During our thorough investigation and testing, we discovered noticeable differences and standout features. The SIHOO V1 is a more modernized version of its sibling. The lowest armrest settings are comfortable and suitable for individuals up to 6 feet 1 inch in height. However, it may not be the ideal chair for petite users below 5 feet 5 inches.

After two months of use, we also identified areas where its sibling’s SIHOO chairs could benefit from improvements in design and practical ergonomics.

In this walkthrough guide, we will share our first-hand experience and provide honest and unbiased reviews based on real-world usage. Unlike sponsored content or paid promotions, our thoughts are solely focused on delivering an authentic assessment of the SIHOO V1.

So let’s dive deep and explore more in our review.

Key Specifications Of SIHOO V1 Office Chair Review

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FeatureSIHOO V1 Office Chair
Sold To:400+ Customers
Customer Satisfaction Ratings90%
Overall Size‎59 x 78.99 x 68 cm
Chair Weight21.6 Kg
Armrests4D, 8 Grears
Adjustable Seat Depth5 cm
Recline And Tilt140° Degrees
Seat Height From Floor42 to 51.5 cm
Backrest Width51.5 cm
Backrest Height53-59 cm
Headrest Height17 cm
User Height5′ 5″ to 6′-1″ inches
Warranty3 Years, 30 Days Full Refund
Price (UK)Low Price Offer
Price (US)Low Price offer
Price (Australia)Low Price offer
Price (Spain)Low Price offer

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SIHOO V1 Office Chair: Initial Observation With Of Aesthetic

Unboxing the SIHOO V1 was a smooth and organized experience that gave me a glimpse into the brand’s attention to detail and high standards.

See the picture below.

view of sihoo v1 unboxing and first impressions

Unlike some chairs in this price range, the SIHOO V1 was expertly wrapped for protection, which was impressive.

The assembly process stood out to me with its clever design decision of providing just one type of screw and requiring only four screws for assembly.

This made the whole process much easier and reduced the chances of misplacing any screws. These small touches reflected the brand’s commitment to user convenience and satisfaction.

view fo assembly parts of sihoo v1
view of sihoo v1 manual instructions outside the package arrival at home we unboxed

After using the SIHOO V1 for a few weeks, I found it to be a superior choice compared to the SIHOO M57 competitor model in terms of features, aesthetics, and cost.

The chair offered a wide range of customization options, allowing me to adjust the tension, height, and lumbar support without having to leave my seat.

The ability to personalize the lumbar support was particularly appreciated, as it allowed me to tailor the chair to my specific comfort preferences without any hassle.

The SIHOO V1 showcases an exoskeleton construction with a spinal configuration resembling that of a human.

While it may not reach the extreme style levels of chairs like the Herman Miller Aeron, the V1 still has an aesthetic appeal that could make it suitable for special conference rooms or important meetings.

view of sihoo v1 office chair our unboxing package arrival home

The chair’s durability and comfort are two standout features for me. It strikes a balance between flexibility, ventilation, and durability through the use of sturdy metal parts and permeable mesh. This ensures the longevity of the SIHOO V1 and makes it suitable for prolonged hours of work.

During testing, we appreciate the attention to detail in its design, which adds a touch of refinement to any office, taking inspiration from the curvature of the human spinal column.

Moving on to the one issue that has bothered me during my time with the SIHOO V1 office chair, it’s important to mention it in this review. The lumbar support did have one drawback—it wasn’t strong enough to support the lower back’s sweet spot.

While different body shapes may vary, I felt that the lumbar support should have been placed a little lower to adequately support the small of the back. In this sense, the M57’s lumbar support was superior, providing reliable support without any fancy curvature.

view of sihoo v1 design and lumbar support

Overall, the SIHOO V1 office chair offers a positive unboxing experience with attention to detail in packaging and assembly. It provides a range of customization options and overall comfort.

The design is aesthetically pleasing, although the lumbar support could be improved to better support the lower back.

Nevertheless, the SIHOO V1 is a durable and stylish option that brings a touch of refinement to any office space.

SIHOO V1 Office Chair: Two Months Features Performance Testing

After using the SIHOO V1 office chair for two months, we discovered the SIHOO V1 office chair headrest and armrests may not be everyone’s preference due to potential durability concerns.

However, the headrest of the V1 is well-designed and offers adjustable height and tilt, providing personalized comfort.

During my testing, I found the headrest to be comfortable whether I was reclining or sitting upright. The smaller bulge of the V1’s headrest, compared to the M57, was more preferable in my experience.

See the picture below.

view of sihoo v1 headrest and armrests

The armrests of the SIHOO V1 are highly adjustable, allowing for flexibility and providing a comfortable resting place for the elbows. However, I did feel that the armrests could have been softer for enhanced comfort during prolonged use.

Adjusting the armrests required lifting them all the way up and then bringing them to the desired height, which could be cumbersome and could have been simplified considering the chair’s price range.

One notable feature of the SIHOO V1 is the inclusion of a footrest, which I found to be a useful addition. The clever design of the footrest supports the feet comfortably without compromising the overall appeal of the chair.

During my testing, the footrest provided an enjoyable and cozy experience, giving me a sense of being suspended.

Although the footrest did not specifically address the demands of the lower back, it complemented the reclining feature by providing support to the upper back.

Speaking of the recline mechanism, the SIHOO V1 office chair deserves praise for its carefully managed mechanism that ensures a smooth reclining experience without any creaking or safety concerns. The chair slides smoothly with you as you recline and feels solid.

However, it’s worth noting that the reclining feature may be more suitable for individuals with specific body shapes.

The seat of the chair is movable, allowing users to adjust it forward to accommodate larger bodies or leave it in its default configuration, providing added flexibility.

view of sihoo v1s recline mechanism 1

In terms of the caster wheels, we opted to use rollerblade caster wheels for testing, which proved to be a great choice for business settings as they are designed to protect floors from scratches. These caster wheels enhance the overall ergonomic experience of the chair and come highly recommended for anyone concerned about preserving their wood or tile floors.

When considering the price of the SIHOO V1 Office Chair, it is important to note that it costs approximately £220 without a footrest and £240 with one.

While some people might find these prices to be on the higher side, especially considering the current inflationary situation, I personally believe that a high-quality chair should cost at least £200 even before inflation.

Given the inflation effects, a comfortable chair of comparable quality would be expected to cost around £180. Considering SIHOO’s reputation as a trustworthy brand, its emphasis on packaging and customer service, and the availability of replacement components from accredited vendors like TW, the slightly higher price premium for the V1 seems justified.

Overall, While there are some areas for improvement, such as the softness of the armrests and the complexity of adjusting them, the overall performance of the chair is commendable. The inclusion of a footrest and the smooth recline mechanism are notable features that add to the chair’s appeal. With careful consideration of the price and the brand’s reputation, the SIHOO V1 presents a viable option for those seeking a comfortable and customizable office chair.

SIHOO V1 Review: Recent Buyer Reviews

Pinoy Average Consumer

In this video, Aldrich from Things We Use is now the official distributor of SIHOO explains The SIHOO V1 is a mid-range ergonomic chair with more adjustment features compared to the entry-level models. It comes at a fair price.

The assembly process of the SIHOO V1 is relatively easy, with fewer pieces compared to other chairs. The chair feels sturdier and well-built, with denser foam and premium materials. It offers 11 points of adjustment, including the headrest, armrests, seat pan, back tilt, lumbar support, and optional leg rest. The chair provides excellent support and comfort, making it suitable for long work sessions.

The only minor issue mentioned is that the armrests may be too high for some users, but overall, the SIHOO V1 is highly recommended for its quality and features. So, if you have the budget, investing in this mid-range option would be worth it.

Conclusion: Verdict

In conclusion, the SIHOO V1 office chair experience was overall satisfactory and able to offer a solid and comfortable seating experience during the months of use.

We feel that both the SIHOO V1 and the M57 are built to last, with an estimated lifespan of at least 8 years for the average user.

The V1’s ease of adjustment makes us happy and remained a notable advantage. While some of the chair’s aspects could be improved, such as the footrest weight bearing capacity, and wheels, the V1 still provides a reliable ergonomic sure-shot solution to combat back-related issues.

Based on our testing and evaluation, we award the SIHOO V1 a rating of 8.5 out of 10 score points.

SIHOO V1 ReviewOverall Rating
Easy to assemble9/10
Comfort and Support8/10
Wheel Casters7/10
Build Quality8.5/10
Lumbar Support8/10

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