Dxracer Vs Gtracing Gaming Chairs

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The gaming community favours chairs made by GTracing and DXRacer. However, due to their apparent logos, obvious similarities, and significant differences, choosing between them can be challenging.

As a team of professional experts, we know it’s always best to invest in brands with higher customer satisfaction ratings. This time, we online ordered the two popular brands right now among the options available GTracing and Dxracer.

The arrival of both the chairs was on time. We went through each of the features, and functionality very precisely after unboxing. It took us several weeks to test and use them for long sessions. In this walkthrough, we look at the personal experience involving recent buyer reviews.

The most supporting capabilities and features, such as a headrest, lumbar cushion, and general ergonomic design, are best provided by GTracing seats.

Even though not every GTracing just like Dxracer has a footrest or leg support, the adjustable armrests allow for varying degrees of relaxation.

For formula gamers and racers, DXRacer chairs are more well-liked and have a higher price tag. These seats are perfect for tall gamers since they offer a higher backrest than other rivals, like GTracing.

The heavy-duty metal frame and ergonomic design of DXRacer seats are other features that draw customers.

Popular Model AlternativeBuyer Satisfaction RatingsUK Store
AutoFull 92%View Low Price Offer
GT OMEGA90%View Low Price Offer
Anda Seat Kaiser 292%View Low Price offer

To assist you in picking a gaming chair, Let’s deep down into the capabilities of both the GTracing and DXRacer seats in our comparative study.

Key Specifications Of Dxracer Vs Gtracing

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Design and FeaturesUnique and upscaleStandardDxRacer
Durability and StabilityFineGT racingDxRacer
PaddingThicker and harderLess paddingDxRacer
Ergonomic GoodGoodTie
PriceLow Price OfferLow Price Offer
Gamer’s ChoiceProfessional ChoiceIntermediate/advanceDX Racer

About Brands

In 2006, DXRacer launched its business as a manufacturer of sports vehicle seats. The business produced the first gaming chair that transformed the gaming industry in 2018 already. Thereafter, DXRacer has established itself as a global leader in the gaming chair industry and is renowned for producing stylish, comfortable, and innovative seats.

view of second dxracer gaming unboxing purchased package arrival home

As a result of this, the firm has increased the number of models available in its product line to accommodate various gaming interests and price points. The seats from DXRacer are utilised by professional gamers, esports competitions, and people all across the world, making it a reputable and trustworthy brand.

Under a different registered name, GTracing was founded in 2005 and rose to prominence in the early 2010s. Since then, the business has established itself as a mainstay in several esports competitions all around the world, and its chairs are renowned for their excellent craftsmanship and dependability.

view of second gtracing gaming unboxing purchased package arrival home

With its gaming seats offering outstanding features, reasonable prices, and comfort, GTracing is a prominent competitor for DXRacer.

Dxracer Vs Gtracing: Design and Features

Let’s talk about what our experts feel and experience with both of the models.

In our tests, we discovered that both DXRacer and GTRacing provide a variety of practical and functional characteristics in their designs and features that make their seats suited for both professionals and gamers.

Although GTRacing chairs have a standard design, they can be customised with elements like headrest pillows and adjustable lumbar support. With taller backrests and a higher weight limit, the DXRacer, on the other hand, is more suited for high-end consumers and professional gamers.

Both manufacturers offer reclining, rocking, and armrest adjustments as expected. With an ergonomic design that hugs your back and legs to keep you supported for extended lengths of time, the GTRacing chair is surprisingly cosy and supportive for us.

For increased convenience, the DXRacer series has moulded 4D adjustable armrests and improved incredibly flexible tilt settings than the previous ones.

Moving on to the material, The GTRacing chair features a smoother PU leather texture than the DXRacer, which is more comfortable, but the seat is smaller and may be too small for those with bigger frames desire as tested.

Furthermore, the DXRacer was more pleasant to use because of its rubber-padded armrests and somewhat thicker, harder seat cushioning.

view of dxracer design and features

However, after several sittings, the DXRacer was less comfortable (only one of our experts felt not the other two) than the GTRacing chair due to the lack of padding around the headrest and the rough vinyl material as tested.

DXRacer has an advantage over GTRacing in terms of design aesthetics thanks to its distinctive designs and greater space alternatives. Professional gamers choose the DXRacer series since it is seen to be more upscale and has more comfortable seats.

Despite having adjustable lumbar support and a headrest pillow, the GTRacing chair cannot compare to the high-end DXRacer models.

Dxracer Vs Gtracing: Adjustable

Each model of the DXRacer and GTracing chairs has a variety of customizable functions, and both chairs are extremely adjustable. Both models of chairs have movable armrests.

Compared to the DXRacer chair, which can only recline up to 135 degrees, the GTracing chair has a wider range of adjustment, can recline between 90 and 170 degrees, and features a rocking motion.

Both chairs come with head and lumbar cushions, though the GTracing cushions are more comfortable and simpler to adjust than the DXRacer cushions. The DXRacer chair can be adjusted for height, tilt angle, reclining angle, and 4D armrests, and it features a lockable tilt angle and 130 degrees of recline as stated.

Despite this, the GTracing chair still provides a high degree of adjustment, including a 170-degree recline angle, 3D armrests, height adjustable, and a rocking motion. The GTracing chair excels in this area whereas the DXRacer chair falls short.

Dxracer Vs Gtracing: Durability and Stability

Stability and durability are important qualities we always focus on while buying gaming seats. The seats from GTracing and DXRacer were made to be strong and durable we saw.

The ergonomic metal frame of GTracing seats guaranteed us stability and support even during lengthy gaming sessions. Durability and comfort were provided by the heavy-duty plastic bases, nylon casters, and leather or cloth covers.

However, it is important to keep in mind that GTracing chairs are typically regarded as belonging to the generic chair category and having a gas lift of average quality.

DXRacer chairs, on the other hand, are a top-tier brand of superior quality that provide high-grade leather coverings, PU casters, and aluminium bases. The chairs are among the most sturdy and stable chairs on the market thanks to their plush cushioning, 4D armrests, and class 4 hydraulic lift. You can sit comfortably for hours on end thanks to the high-quality headrest and lumbar support.

DXRacer seats outlast GTracing chairs in terms of structure and material. While both brands offer stable and strong chairs, DXRacer’s premium parts give them a longer lifespan. So, in terms of stability and durability, DXRacer is the clear winner if you’re looking for a gaming chair that will last for years.

Dxracer Vs Gtracing: Base And Padding

Both the DXRacer and GTracing gaming chairs provide excellent comfort and support in terms of cushioning.

GTracing seats include ample cushioning on the backrest, seat, and thigh support to keep your body comfortable throughout extended gaming sessions.

These chairs also have lumbar and headrest cushions that can be adjusted using stripes to make sure your body is in the right position and you don’t feel any pain or discomfort.

DXRacer seats, on the other hand, include water-resistant PU leather that is not only strong but also comfortable to sit on as tested.

Additionally, these chairs have two nylon stripes that you can use to personalise the headrest and lumbar pillows to your preferences.

In our tests, The DXRacer features improved detailing around the lower backrest and seating area, with coloured piping running down the edges, giving it a sleeker appearance. Both chairs have comparable race car seat appearances. The DXRacer is more visually appealing than the GTracing chair because of its simpler form.

Both brands offer five different colour options, with the DXRacer having three options that are black, white, or grey and two more options that are blue and red. In contrast, GTracing provides the same colour choices in addition to a purple colour.

Both DXRacer and GTracing provide dependable and durable solutions for gaming chair bases. The 5-point foundation of the chairs is made to accommodate practically any weight capacity.

Both chairs also feature heavy-duty nylon base casters that are scratch-resistant, provide smooth mobility, and can withstand pressure from foreign objects and debris.

Dxracer Vs Gtracing: Ergonomics

Both the DXRacer and GTracing chairs are ergonomically created to be cosy and supportive over extended gaming sessions.

A detachable lumbar cushion and headrest pillow are included in the GTracing chair’s high-back design to fit a variety of body shapes and to offer additional support.

view of assembly parts of gtracing ergonomics

Additionally, the brand uses a high-density shaping mould to help with pressure distribution and lessen discomfort from prolonged sitting.

Similar to this, DXRacer offers suitable lumbar and headrest cushions, as well as an adjustable armrest to provide your arms and shoulders the best possible support.

Dxracer Vs Gtracing: Price and Warranty

There are several significant variations between DXRacer and GTRacing in terms of pricing and warranty. GTRacing seats cost around £100 less than DXRacer chairs, which cost about £100 more.

The GTRacing seats provide greater value for the money even if the DXRacer chairs may be somewhat superior in terms of quality. For a budget chair, the GTRacing chair works admirably considering its price and provides decent build quality and comfort.

Additionally, GTRacing offers a “no questions asked” warranty that covers defective products within a year of purchase. GTRacing items come with a 2-year guarantee for online customers and subscribers. On the other hand, DXRacer provides a lifetime warranty on the steel frame and a 2-year warranty on chair parts.

Although both warranties are excellent, the lifetime guarantee on the steel frame offered by DXRacer is a distinct advantage. The additional cost associated with this warranty benefit, however, might not be acceptable to many consumers.

Dxracer Vs Gtracing: Buyer Reviews

Both DXRacer and GTRacing have positive consumer feedback when it comes to reviews. GTRacing, however, has a sizable advantage in terms of popularity and favourable ratings.

The GTRacing chair, which has received over 16,000 customer ratings and a 74% 5-star rating, is the most popular gaming chair on Amazon. The GTRacing chair’s value for money is appreciated by many consumers. However, despite having fewer user reviews—just 82—the DXRacer still has an impressive 81% 5-star rating.

The DXRacer, however, did not do as well as the GTRacing chair on review websites like Trustpilot. Despite having more than 6 million clients globally, GTRacing remains the undisputed champ in this area because to the vast majority of favourable internet evaluations.

Conclusion: Verdict

In conclusion, gamers may choose between GTRacing and DXRacer gaming chairs because both companies provide excellent functionality, comfort, and support.

While they are similar in many ways, professional gamers and streamers prefer DXRacer over GTRacing because of its premium quality and heavy-duty metal frame. GTRacing seats, on the other hand, are significantly less expensive, and some even provide a greater reclined angle of up to 170 degrees.

As a result, GTRacing is a fantastic option if you’re on a tight budget thanks to its adjustable headrest, lumbar support, backrest, and seat height. Ultimately, you can be sure that whichever brand you select will provide you with a product that you will enjoy using for a long time.

GTRacing is the clear victor in terms of popularity and value for money, especially on Amazon, according to the overwhelming majority of good reviews posted online.

However, due to its superior build quality and a lifetime warranty on the frame, DXRacer is the best choice if you have enough money to spare and are looking to make a long-term investment.

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