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As a dedicated gamer who has spent countless hours building my own gaming rig and perfecting my gaming setup, I understand the importance of comfort during those long gaming sessions. Gaming has evolved from a casual hobby to a true art form, and having the right equipment is crucial to fully immerse yourself in the gaming experience.

That’s why I turned to gaming chairs to provide me with unparalleled comfort during my gaming sessions. In this article, I’ll be sharing my personal perspective on two popular gaming chair brands – GT Omega and DXRacer – that I have tried and tested myself.

So, fellow gamers, put down your controller, mouse, or keyboard for just a moment, and let me take you on a journey into the world of gaming accessories to help you make an informed decision on which brand is the best fit for you.

After all, spending hours in front of the screen (probably playing through Skyrim again) should be done in ultimate comfort.

Key Specifications of Gt Omega Vs Dxracer

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In this article, We are comparing two popular gaming chairs from the brands GT Omega vs Dxracer.

FeatureGT OmegaDx Racer
MaterialPU leatherPU leather or fabric
Weight CapacityUp to 330 lbsUp to 265 lbs
Reclining Capability85-160 degrees90-135 degrees
Armrest Adjustments4D (height, angle)3D (height, angle)
StitchingConsistent andSome inconsistencies
DesignStandard office chairUnique base design
Height AdjustmentHigherLower
PriceView Low Price OfferView Low Price Offer

GT Omega Vs Dxracer: Brand Manufacturing

When it comes to brand manufacturing, GT Omega and DXRacer both have a significant presence in the gaming industry. GT Omega may be the younger of the two brands, having been established in 2009, but it has already made a name for itself in just a decade. GT Omega focuses on providing gamers with an exquisite home set-up at an affordable price, offering a wide range of products that cater to the eSports scene, including gaming chairs, simulation racing equipment, and other gaming accessories.

See the unboxing and package arrival picture below.

view of our purchase dx racer and unboxing package arrival

On the other hand, DXRacer has been around since 2001 and has a long-standing history in the gaming market. Originally starting as a manufacturer of car seats for luxury cars, DXRacer quickly ventured into the gaming industry and has maintained its popularity for almost two decades. In fact, DXRacer’s enduring popularity is evident as we’re still writing about them in 2020, which speaks to their continued success.

See the unboxing and package arrival picture of GT Omega below.

view of our purchase gt omega and unboxing package arrival

Both GT Omega and DXRacer are known for their gaming chairs, among other products. GT Omega offers a wide variety of gaming chair options, ranging from ergonomic designs to racing-style chairs, catering to the diverse preferences of gamers. DXRacer, on the other hand, also offers a range of gaming chair options, known for their durable construction and ergonomic features.

GT Omega Vs Dxracer Gaming Chair: Features and Adjustments

Both the GT Omega and Dx Racer office chairs come with a range of features and adjustments that enhance their comfort and functionality. One notable feature is their reclining capabilities, allowing users to tilt the chair back until it is level with the floor, making it perfect for taking a quick nap or simply relaxing we tested. The chairs also offer ample weight support, ensuring that users can comfortably lean back without any concerns about stability.

gt omega gaming chair features

When it comes to armrest adjustments, after using it for several weeks, for us the GT Omega chair takes the lead with its versatility. The armrests on the GT Omega chair can be adjusted not only in height but also from side to side, at an angle, and can be pushed forwards and backward. This provides users with more customization options to find their most comfortable position for gaming or working. On the other hand, the armrests on the Dx Racer chair only offer height adjustment, which may be limiting for some users who prefer more flexibility. See the picture below.

view of armrest comparison of dx racer vs gt omega

Another feature worth mentioning is the heavy bases of both chairs, which contribute to their stability and durability. The GT Omega and Dx Racer chairs are designed with sturdy bases that allow for comfortable reclining without the risk of tipping over. This is especially beneficial for users who enjoy leaning back or taking a nap during long gaming or work sessions.

GT Omega Vs Dxracer Gaming Chair: Stitching and Design

The stitching of a chair plays an important role in its durability and aesthetic appeal. In this aspect, when we closely observed, the GT Omega and Dx Racer chairs showed some differences in their stitching quality.

view of gt omega leather stitching

The GT Omega chair boasts consistent and well-spaced stitching, giving it a clean and polished look. The stitching was carefully done, ensuring that the fabric was securely held together, which contributed to the chair’s longevity. See the picture below.

view of gt omega gaming chair stitching and design 1

On the other hand, the stitching on the Dx Racer chair showed some inconsistencies, particularly with the use of black thread over white fabric. In your case, this may result in a less seamless and uniform appearance, and could potentially impact the durability of the chair over time. While the stitching on the Dx Racer chair was still functional, for us not be as aesthetically pleasing or durable as the stitching on the GT Omega chair.

view of dxracer gaming chair stitching and design

When it comes to design, both chairs offer unique features. The Dx Racer chair, in particular, stands out with its base design, which deviates from the standard office chair look. The base of the Dx Racer chair is more intricate and has a distinctive shape, adding a touch of style and uniqueness to its overall appearance. This can be appealing to users who appreciate a more unconventional design and want to make a statement with their gaming or office chair.

In contrast, the GT Omega chair features a more classic and understated design, with a simple and streamlined base. While it may not have the same level of uniqueness as the Dx Racer chair, the GT Omega chair still exudes a professional and sophisticated look, which can be suitable for users who prefer a more traditional design aesthetic.

GT Omega Vs Dxracer: Products

Looking at the products offered by both GT Omega and Dx racers, each has its unique design sensibilities and features that cater to the different preferences of gamers.

GT Omega’s products are known for their professional and minimalist look, with a sleek black color scheme that exudes a sense of modernity. Most of their gaming chairs and racing wheels feature a stylish jet-colored finish, giving them a sophisticated appearance. While GT Omega does offer color variants for their chairs, the overall design is intended to be black, which may not be appealing to everyone. In addition to chairs, GT Omega also produces durable and minimalist cockpits that complement their chair designs, creating a luxurious and cohesive gaming setup.

On the other hand, DXRacer’s products are known for their cool and futuristic designs that are likely to appeal to younger gamers. See the picture below.

view of dxracer gaming chair product

DXRacer incorporates a wide range of features in their chairs, creating chairs that are not only comfortable but also visually striking. Their designs may be more zany and adventurous compared to GT Omega’s minimalistic approach, with a variety of colors and patterns available to choose from. DXRacer’s chairs are often described as living up to the vision of what people in the past imagined the future to be like, with a touch of sci-fi aesthetic.

Both GT Omega and DXRacer offer comfortable gaming chairs that are designed to provide optimal support during extended gaming sessions. However, the choice between the two brands would largely depend on personal aesthetic preferences. If you prefer a sleek and minimalist look, GT Omega’s products may be more suitable, with their black color scheme and professional design. On the other hand, if you’re drawn to a more futuristic and adventurous design, DXRacer’s chairs may be the better fit, with their cool and visually striking appearance.

GT Omega Vs Dxracer: Comfort and Height Adjustment

Comfort is a crucial factor when it comes to gaming or office chairs, as users often spend extended periods of time sitting in them.

The GT Omega chair is known for its firmness, providing a supportive and sturdy feel. The padding is well-cushioned, offering a comfortable sitting experience without sinking too much into the chair. This can be ideal for users who prefer a firmer sitting surface, as it can provide better support during long gaming or work sessions, promoting good posture and reducing fatigue. See the picture below.

view of gt omega comfort

On the other hand, the Dx Racer chair tends to feel softer, with a plush and cushioned feel. The padding is thicker and more plush compared to the GT Omega chair, offering a more “sink-in” sensation. This can provide a cozy and comfortable sitting experience for users who prefer a softer sitting surface or enjoy a more relaxed and casual feel. See the picture below.

view of dx racer comfort

When it comes to height adjustment, the Dx Racer chair has a lower height range compared to the GT Omega chair. This means that the Dx Racer chair may not be as compatible with taller desks, as it may not provide sufficient clearance for the user’s knees and thighs. Users who have taller desks may find that the GT Omega chair, with its higher height range, offers better compatibility and adjustability to achieve an ergonomic sitting position.

GT Omega Vs Dxracer: Prices

When it comes to prices, GT Omega and DXRacer offer gaming chairs that cater to different budgets. GT Omega tends to stay closer to the affordable side of things, with their PRO series of gaming chairs priced at around £220 or more. While it’s not the cheapest option out there, it’s relatively affordable for a luxury item. However, if you plan to buy accessories as well, the cost can go beyond £400, so budgeting in advance is recommended.

On the other hand, DXRacer chairs tend to be more expensive compared to GT Omega. Most of their products are priced at around £300 and beyond, with even their most inexpensive line of chairs starting at £270. This higher price range may be a deterrent for some potential buyers, as it can quickly add up, especially when you factor in the cost of accessories. To truly enjoy a complete DXRacer set-up, be prepared to spend a significant amount, potentially exceeding £500.

It’s worth noting that both GT Omega and DXRacer offer quality gaming chairs with different design aesthetics and features. While GT Omega leans towards a minimalistic and sleek design, DXRacer offers more futuristic and zany-looking options.

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Conclusion: Verdict

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a gaming chair that offers a balance of reliability in prices and cool designs, GT Omega may be the better choice over DXRacer. GT Omega tends to offer more affordable options with prices that stay closer to the cheaper side of the spectrum, making it a more reliable choice for budget-conscious gamers. Additionally, GT Omega’s minimalistic and sleek designs may appeal to those who prefer a more understated aesthetic.

However, if budget is not a concern and you’re looking for a brighter and more colorful option, DXRacer could be the way to go. DXRacer offers unique and zany-looking designs that can make a statement in any gaming setup. Keep in mind, though, that DXRacer chairs tend to be more expensive, and accessories can further drive up the overall cost.

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