Magimix 4200xl Vs 5200xl: Which One Will You Choose?

As a food enthusiast, I’ve always been a fan of using the right kitchen tools to make the cooking process easier and more efficient. And when it comes to kitchen appliances, one of the most versatile and indispensable ones is the food processor. Magimix, a well-known brand in the world of food processors, has two popular models that often leave consumers in a dilemma- the Magimix 4200xl and 5200xl.

In this article, I will be comparing these two models of Magimix food processors to help you make an informed decision about which one to buy. I’ll be sharing my personal perspective based on my experience, as well as reviews from the recent buyer with both machines and evaluating them on factors like motor power, capacity, accessories, and price.

This article is designed to be helpful for anyone looking to buy a Magimix food processor and weighing the differences between the 4200 and 5200 models.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear idea of which one is the best fit for your needs and budget. So let’s dive in!

Key Specifications Of Food Processor Magimix 4200XL Vs 5200XL

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FeaturesMagimix 4200XLMagimix 5200XL
Sold To:531+ Customers500+ Customers
Satisfaction Ratings92%92%
5 Star Ratings79%80%
Bad Reviews4%4%
Motor Power950 watts1100 watts
Capacity3.0L largest bowl size3.6L bowl
Best ForSmall to medium familiesHeavy-duty food (Legendary)
PriceSee Low Price OfferSee Low Price Offer

Brand Manufacturer

Magimix, the leading brand manufacturer, has pioneered kitchen appliances for over 40 years. Renowned for its innovative and high-quality products, Magimix has earned a reputation as a trusted name among professional chefs and home cooks alike. From its iconic food processors to its versatile coffee machines, Magimix products are designed to simplify and elevate the culinary experience. With a commitment to sustainability and durability, Magimix ensures that its appliances are built to last, making them a wise investment for any kitchen.

Magimix 4200XL

The unboxing experience of the Magimix 4200XL was satisfactory. My wife had been eyeing this food processor for a while.

See the picture below.

view of our purchase and unboxing arrival magimix 4200xl tried and tested

The packaging was delivered properly to us, with polystyrene for protection, though I must admit I’m not a huge fan of excess packaging. However, I understood the need to keep the delicate parts of the food processor safe during transit. Once I lifted the machine from its plastic wrapping, I was immediately impressed by its sleek design and modern appearance. The clean lines and unfussy aesthetics of the Magimix 4200XL were visually appealing to me.

The materials used were of high quality, and the overall construction felt solid and reliable. I appreciated the thoughtful design elements, such as the large feeding tube but not greater than 5200xl that would make it easy to add ingredients while the machine was running.

My wife did not find any issues after putting 4200xl on tests. We began with the basic task of chopping vegetables for a stir-fry. The food processor performed flawlessly, effortlessly chopping the vegetables to our desired consistency within seconds. See the picture below.

view of putting 4200xl on tests

Magimix 5200XL

The first appearance from the same brand was a premium. The arrival box was just the right size, not too big, and had minimal polystyrene padding, which is a big thumbs up for being eco-friendly. See the picture below.

view of our purchase and unboxing arrival magimix 5200xl tried and tested

When I opened it up, I found the food processor nestled snugly in plastic wrap, keeping it safe from any scratches or damage during shipping. The packaging was professional and reflected the quality of the product inside. The unboxing revealed an array of components that come with the food processor.

view of magimix 5200xl plastic wrap

The Magimix 5200XL is based on the designs of the original food processor made by the French company Robocoop, known for their commercial-grade machines used by professional chefs worldwide.

Using the Magimix 5200XL was a breeze, with easy-to-use buttons for off, on, and pulse functions.

Food Processor Magimix 4200XL Vs 5200XL: Comparison

As both the Magimix 5200XL and the Magimix 4200XL are food processors from the same brand, Magimix, during testing for several weeks, we found they share several similarities also. Both models have powerful motors that are capable of handling various food processing tasks efficiently accommodating various sizes needed.

Magimix 4200 Vs 5200: Power And Capacity

The Magimix Food Processor 5200xl has a more powerful motor with 1100 watts compared to the 950 watts of the 4200xl model. This makes the 5200xl model better suited for tougher tasks and larger quantities of food.

view of magimix 4200xl capacity size

Looking at the capacity difference, the Magimix Food Processor 5200xl comes with slightly larger bowls, including a 3.6L bowl, compared to the largest bowl size of 3.0L in the 4200xl model.

This makes the 5200xl model more suitable for larger families or those who need to process larger quantities of food. See the picture below.

view of magimix 5200xl three sizes bowls

Magimix 4200xl Vs 5200xl: Accessories

For the Magimix 4200 xl, assembling the 11 accessories is easy and intuitive, requiring little reference to the manual. The accessories include 2/4mm discs for shredding, grating, or slicing, a dough blade, geared whisk, Sabatier main blade for chopping, and a specially designed spatula that fits into the bowls for easy scraping. See the picture below.

view of magimix 4200xl accessories

One unique feature of Magimix 4200 xl is the blending ring that sits in the large bowl, allowing for blending or puréeing soups and sauces by deflecting liquids onto the main chopping blade. Additionally, all the accessories fit into a hard plastic, lidded storage box, keeping them organized and off the countertops or loose in cupboards.

Comparatively, the notable components we used in Magimix 5200 xl include four discs for shredding and slicing, serrated and extra sharp Sabatier blades, and three different bowl sizes, which are particularly handy when working on complicated recipes without needing to wash out the bowls in between tasks.

view of magimix 5200xl accessories

The Magimix 5200XL also includes additional attachments such as an egg whisk, bakery dough blade, blender mix for soups or smoothies, and a citrus press for making large batches of juice.

Magimix 4200 Vs 5200: Easy Use

Beginning with the feed tube, the Magimix Food Processor 5200xl has an extra-wide feed tube, which allows for easier processing of larger fruits and vegetables without pre-cutting. The 4200xl model does not have this feature, which may require more pre-cutting of ingredients. See the picture below.

view of magimix 4200xl vegetables cutting

Talking about the Magimix 4200XL 18473 food processor is incredibly easy to use, thanks to its versatile three-bowl design. With large, sturdy bowls of varying sizes (3-liter, 1.2-liter), you can easily process different quantities of ingredients for various recipes. The processor comes with a range of attachments, including a blending ring, grater, slicer, egg whisk, bakery dough blade, blender mix, and citrus press, making it highly versatile for everyday kitchen prep tasks and more.

On the other hand, the food processor of Magimix 5200 xl is also easy to use for our cooking expert, and the components are demonstrated in action while making a potato gratin. The egg whisk attachment is used to make an egg and cream base, and the slicing blade is used to quickly slice potatoes with options for narrow or wider feed tubes depending on the size of the vegetable and desired slice thickness.

view of magimix 5200xl easy use

The shredding discs are used to shred cheese, and the small bowl is utilized for chopping parsley, showcasing the versatility and convenience of the three-bowl concept.

Food Processor Magimix 4200XL Vs 5200XL: Buyer Reviews

Magimix 5200xl

UK customers have praised the Magimix 5200XL food processor for its ease of use, especially when cutting vegetables for large events. Customers have also commended its high-quality construction, power, and quiet operation. Some customers have mentioned that despite being a big machine on the worktop, it is worth the investment for keen cooks, especially for making bread dough. The three bowls provide versatility for meal preparation, and the 30-year motor guarantee gives confidence in its durability.

Customers have also mentioned the availability of additional discs and attachments, though some may be considered luxury items. However, some customers have also found it noisy and heavy to lift. Despite these concerns, the majority of customers have praised the Magimix 5200XL for its performance and longevity, with some customers mentioning that they have been using the product for over 25 years without any issues.

Magimax 4200xl

UK customers have mixed opinions about the Magimix 4200XL. Some customers praise its performance, describing it as a “dream” to work with and “amazing” in terms of efficiency and quality. They appreciate the versatility of the machine, especially when it comes to slicing, grating, mixing, and whipping. Some customers also mention the longevity of the product, with references to the durability of the motor and blades, and the 30-year warranty that comes with it.

Despite the mixed reviews, the Magimix 4200XL is generally considered a good value product, with customers mentioning its performance and durability as strengths.

Conclusion: Verdict

Both the Magimix 4200 and 5200 models are high-quality food processors that offer excellent performance and durability. The choice between the two models largely depends on your specific needs and budget.

If you have a smaller family or do not require a food processor with high motor power or larger capacity, the Magimix 4200xl model may be a suitable choice. It comes with a powerful motor, ample capacity, and a good set of accessories for basic food processing tasks.

On the other hand, if you have a larger family, entertain frequently, or require a food processor for more heavy-duty tasks, the Magimix 5200xl model with its higher motor power, larger capacity, and additional accessories may be a better fit. However, it also comes with a higher price tag.

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