Thrustmaster T248 Vs T300

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We are highly fond of gaming chairs unboxing, but this time we team decided to give it a try for racing wheels games. We are huge fans of licensed products with authentic branding and designs.

We ordered two racing wheels both the Thrustmaster T248 and T300 RS GT racing wheels to try them for several weeks among other choices.

During testing, we found some noticeable differences. Yes, we are impressed with these two high-end racing wheels from Thrustmaster have been designed to offer an immersive and realistic racing experience for gamers.

Both racing wheels come packed with advanced features, high-quality construction, and exceptional performance that can take your racing games to the next level.

In this comparison article, I will be providing a personal perspective, and feedback from the recent buyers on the two racing wheels.

Based on expert reviews, and my experience after testing them out over the course of several weeks. We will be exploring various aspects of these racing wheels, including their design, features, performance, user-friendliness, price, and availability.

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By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of which racing wheel might be the best fit for your gaming needs.

Key Specifications Of Thrustmaster T248 Vs T300

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ModelThrustmaster T248Thrustmaster T300 RS GT
Affordable:Yes (Low Price Offer)No (Low Price Offer)
Wireless racing wheelNoNo
For Entry Level GamersNoNo
Force feedbackYesYes
Dashboard displayYesNo
Adjustable pedalsNoYes

Brand Manufacturing

Let’s talk about the brand first. Thrustmaster is a well-known brand in the world of gaming peripherals. The company has been manufacturing racing wheels since 1990, and its licensed products are known for their quality and durability.

Thrustmaster produces a variety of gaming peripherals, including racing wheels, joysticks, gamepads, flight sim controllers, headsets, and gaming desks. They are known for their high-quality racing wheels and flight sim controllers, which are popular among serious gamers and simulation enthusiasts. They also offer a range of products at different price points to cater to different levels of gamers.

thrustmaster t300 unboxing purchased package view

Both the T248 and T300 RS GT are made by Thrustmaster and offer a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. See the picture of the Thrustmaster t248 purchased package view.

thrustmaster t248 unboxing purchased package view

Thrustmaster T248 Vs T300: Style And Motor Base

When it comes to style and the motor base, for us the Thrustmaster T300 RS GT is the clear winner over the T248. The T300 RS GT has a sleek and modern design that looks great on any desk or gaming setup, while the T248 is well-designed but some of the plastics used feel cheap and detract from the overall look as we tested. See the picture below.

view of installation and playing of thrustmaster t248 easy use for several weeks

In terms of the motor base, during testing, we found that the T300 RS GT uses a dual-belt motor that provides strong and smooth force feedback in all situations, which is more realistic and immersive compared to the T248’s hybrid motor which can feel notchy in some games. However, the T248’s force feedback is still excellent.

Thrustmaster T248 Vs T300: Wheels and Pedals Accessories

High-quality wheels and pedals are included with both race wheels. After playing several sessions, we found that the T300 RS GT’s wheel, on the one hand, is more precise and responsive, making it the preferable option for more experienced drivers who want accuracy.

The T300 RS GT’s wheel can also be changed, giving consumers the option to personalize it any way they choose.

The T248’s wheel, on the other hand, is an excellent option for people who value comfort and personalization because it includes many customizable buttons and feels good in your hands. See the picture below.

thrustmaster t248 wheels and pedals accessories view

The T248 has T3PN magnetic pedals, which offer an outstanding overall experience, whereas the T300 RS GT has T3PA pedals, which are still of high quality but a little less accurate.

Both the T248 and T300 RS GT come with metal pedals and adjustable pedal pressure, making them equal in terms of quality and accessories. However, the T300 RS GT offers more customization options by allowing users to change the height and separation between the accelerator and clutch pedal.

The T248 is simple and quick to set up, and it works with PS5, PS4, and PC. The T300 RS GT is a better option for more seasoned drivers who value performance over noise level because it is heavier than the normal racing wheel and generates more noise thanks to the fan inside the steering wheel.

Thrustmaster T248 Vs T300: Easy Use

The user-friendliness of the Thrustmaster T248 and T300 RS GT racing wheels varies. The T248 is a smart wheel with many modification choices and features that will appeal to seasoned racers, but it may be intimidating for newcomers. See the video below.

Unboxing and Comparison

The T300 RS GT, on the other hand, is more user-friendly and simpler to set up, making it a great choice for both inexperienced and seasoned racers who want a full racing experience.

The T248’s ability to provide 70% greater predicted force feedback than the T128 amazed us. For professionals who want specifics, this creates the steering wheel. We like It’s containing race dashboard that can show more than 20 different types of statistics, including the RPM of your racing car. You may attach it to your PC, PS5, or PS4 via a USB-C connector.

The T300 RS GT, on the other hand, is a racing wheel created to deliver the most lifelike experience with a rotation angle of 1080 degrees, comparable to a genuine racing car. See picture below.

view of installation and playing of thrustmaster t300 with accessories wheels easy use for several weeks

It also includes T3PA pedals that can be adjusted for height and distance, as well as a more precise and responsive wheel. The steering wheel has a fan that may make more noise than usual, and the pedals have a clutch.

Thrustmaster T248 Vs T300: Affordablity and Availability

The T248 and T300 RS GT’s cost and availability may be on your mind. The good news is that these racing wheels are both reasonably priced, with a suggested retail price of around £250. They are therefore a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a high-quality racing wheel without going over budget.

The T248 and T300 RS GT are both often simple to find online or at gaming accessories outlets. However, availability may differ based on where you live and the particular retailer you are using. To locate the greatest pricing and availability for the racing wheel you’re interested in, it’s always a good idea to shop around.

Thrustmaster T248 Vs T300: Buyer Reviews


This is a discussion post on Reddit by user CobraAlThoban who is trying to decide between the Thrustmaster T248 and T300 RS GT racing wheels. They currently have a T150 Pro and are looking to upgrade soon. They mention that they have heard the T300 has a better motor, but they dislike the layout. On the other hand, the T248 has a better layout and screen but may not be as powerful. They ask for advice on which one to choose, and there are multiple replies from other users. One user suggests the T300 is better because it is fully belt-driven and has a more powerful and precise feedback system. Another user recommends the T300 because it is more upgradable than the T248. They also suggest getting load cell pedals and a better rim for the T300 in the future. In the end, the original poster decides to go with the T300 and possibly upgrade to the Shh shifter.


This is a conversation from an online forum where a user named Alexxxdiffrent is seeking advice on which racing wheel to buy between Thrustmaster T300RS GT and T248. Another user named SorryClaire gives their opinion, suggesting that T300 has more modding support and that T248’s new T3PM pedal does not warrant the price bump and quality decrease on buttons. SorryClaire also advises Alexxxdiffrent to consider picking up the Logitech G lineup of force feedback wheels used to see if sim racing is right for them.

Alexxxdiffrent is concerned about the number of buttons, and SorryClaire responds by saying that as long as there is a directional joystick/button, paddle shifters, and four buttons, everything else is a bonus. They also note that the T300 has 12 buttons while T248 has 25. When Alexxxdiffrent asks if T248 is more powerful than T300, SorryClaire responds that nothing much has changed in force feedback and that 2.3-4Nm is pretty much the range of belt driven and gear driven (same as hybrids), unless one gets a larger power supply and motors or a direct drive wheelbase.

Conclusion: Verdict

In conclusion, both the Thrustmaster T248 and T300 RS GT are excellent racing wheels with force feedback and pedal sets.

After several weeks of use, we can confidently say that both wheels have their strengths and weaknesses. The T248 is a great choice for those who want a versatile racing wheel that can handle different games and setups.

The T300 RS GT, on the other hand, is a premium option with a dual belt motor that feels more realistic and has the option to swap out wheels. While both are priced similarly and widely available online and at gaming accessory retailers, the T300 edges out the T248 with an overall rating of 18 out of 20 compared to the T248’s 17.5 out of 20. Here are the scores:

Features PointsFinal T248 ScoresFinal T300 Scores
T248 Vs T300 (First Hand Experience Verdict)

Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your preferences and needs as a racer. Regardless of which wheel you choose, both are excellent options for anyone looking to take their racing game to the next level.

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