Playseat Vs GT Omega

if you are looking for a comparison review of Playseat vs GT omega wheel stand, this article is for you. Keep reading.

Just like other gamers, we are also fond of the thrilling experience of sim racing. The fact that the right kind of equipment makes us and our playing journey more enjoyable.

We got the opportunity to differentiate the two popular brands and their features by unboxing and trying them for several weeks.

In our tests, we found that these two popular choices Playseat Challenge and the GT Omega wheel stand are worth it for entry-level tight-budget game players.

Popular Model AlternativeBuyer Satisfaction RatingsUK Store
DIWANGUS92%View Low Price Offer (UK)
View Low Price Offer (US)
VEVOR90%View Low Price Offer (UK)
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With both of the models carrying both advantages and drawbacks, let’s look into a walkthrough of first-hand experience.

In this guide, we closely look at where they differ alongside their recent buyer’s reviews of them.

Key Specifications Of Playseat Vs GT Omega

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FeaturesPlayseatGT Omega
Sold To:1000+ Customers2000+ Customers
Buyer Satisfaction Ratings90%96%
Size‎ 98.04 x 50.04 x 132.08 cm61 x 78 x 46 cm
Weight<13Kg13 Kg
Sweet Sitting SpotYesNo
Small Spaces FitNoYes
Height AdjustableNoYes
Warranty30 Days Full Refund30 Days Full Refund
Price (UK)View Low Price OfferView Low Price Offer
Price (US)View Low Price OfferView Low Price Offer

Playseat Vs GT Omega: Our Testing Experience

We do have GT models, we purchased this time Playseat Challenge wheel stand online with a desire of upgrading our setup. During that time, both of the packages were fully packed and had all accessories. There were no missing parts.

Both the wheel stands did not take enough time of us to assemble.

During the testing of the build quality of these two rigs, we found that the Playseat Challenge had a sturdier and more solid build compared to the GT Omega Wheel Stand.

While the GT Omega Wheel Stand had some wobbling issues during the first assembly, later our assembly fault got removed. The Playseat Challenge was rock solid, allowing for a more immersive driving experience. See the picture below.

view of gt omega wheel stand unboxing purchased package arrival home

We also found that the Playseat Challenge was easier to set up, while the GT Omega Wheel Stand required some tinkering to get the wheel and pedals in the right position.

Moving further, the Playseat Challenge also had the advantage of coming with a built-in chair, making it more convenient and comfortable to use. But for portability, this made us difficult to store comparatively as tested. See the picture below.

view of playseat challenge wheel stand unboxing purchased package arrival home

Regarding adjustability, after using them for several weeks, the Playseat Challenge also had the edge over the GT Omega Wheel Stand. The Playseat Challenge allows for adjustments in the position of the pedal deck, wheel deck, and seat, providing a more customizable driving experience. The GT Omega Wheel Stand, while offering some adjustability, was more limited in terms of customization.

Playseat Vs GT Omega: Pros And Cons

Let’s begin with the primary pros and cons, we investigate for several weeks. The most obvious difference between the Playseat and the GT Omega Wheel Stand is that the former has a built-in chair, while the latter does not.

It becomes difficult to find the sweet spot.



  • Offers a more immersive driving experience with a comfortable and supportive seat.
  • Comes with a built-in gear shifter mount, making it a more complete setup.
  • Easy to set up and fold down for storage, making it ideal for small spaces.
  • Highly adjustable to fit a wide range of drivers and gaming setups.


  • More expensive than the GT Omega Wheel Stand.
  • Not compatible with all types of steering wheels and pedals.
  • Requires a bit of space, especially when fully set up.
  • Not include a erect gaming chair

GT Omega


  • More affordable than the Playseat.
  • Highly adjustable to fit different gaming setups.
  • Compatible with most types of steering wheels and pedals.
  • Can be used for both racing and flight simulation games.


  • The wheel stand may wobble during intense racing sessions, affecting the overall driving experience.
  • The seat is not included and must be purchased separately.
  • Requires some assembly and adjustments to get the perfect setup.

Playseat Vs GT Omega: Better Portability

Choosing between a wheel stand or a fold-away play seat depends on your specific needs. The GT Omega Wheel Stand is ideal if you already have a comfortable chair that you want to use for sim racing.

It is also the best option if you have limited space because it can be easily folded away and stored when not in use. However, if you don’t have a comfortable chair, you’ll need to find one that is suitable for sim racing, which can be an added expense.

On the other hand, the Playseat Challenge is a complete package that includes a seat, which makes it an ideal choice if you don’t have a suitable chair.

Furthermore, in our testing, we found, the included chair is more closer to the ground. This made one of our experts a bit inconvenienced from the team of three. It was time when he push to get up. So, he preferred to buy a new separate gaming chair.

Also, it can be more challenging to fold up and store, which can be a problem if you have limited space.

Playseat Vs GT Omega: Seating And Pedal Deck

The Playseat Challenge has a comfortable seat, which is already in your preferred driving position, but it is not adjustable. You cannot change the seating angle or position of the Playseat Challenge.

view of playseat seating and pedal deck

On the other hand, the GT Omega Wheel Stand allows for more flexibility in seating position. You can adjust the wheel height and how far it sticks out to suit your driving style.

view of gt omega pedal deck

Additionally, while neither the Playseat nor GT Omega Wheel Stand allows you to adjust the pedal deck’s angle, the Playseat allows you to adjust the pedal deck’s in and out position.

Playseat Vs GT Omega: Wheel Height

The GT Omega Wheel Stand allows for height adjustment, and you can also adjust the wheel’s distance from your body to suit your driving position.

However, the Playseat Challenge’s wheel height is not adjustable, and you have to adjust the seat’s position to suit your driving position.

Playseat Vs GT Omega: Price and Best Buy

The Playseat Challenge and GT Omega Wheel Stand offer excellent value for money, and both can be purchased for roughly the same price.

However, the Playseat Challenge is slightly more expensive if you buy it brand new. Nevertheless, there are plenty of second-hand options available.

If you are looking for a racing cockpit with a built-in seat and superior rigidity, the Playseat Challenge is the best choice.

However, if you have limited space, want more flexibility in seating position, and don’t mind the GT Omega Wheel Stand’s wobbling, the GT Omega is the better choice.

Playseat Vs GT Omega: Recent Buyers


The user u/ilarchitteto asked for recommendations for foldable sim racing rigs suitable for use in their apartment. They narrowed down their choices to the Playseat Challenge and the GT Omega Wheel Stand but were open to other suggestions. The comments section contained a mix of opinions, with some users recommending the Playseat Challenge due to its sturdiness, adjustability, and ease of setup and storage.

Others found the GT Omega Wheel Stand to be more versatile and better suited for use with different wheels and pedals. Some users also suggested other options, such as the NLR F GT Lite or the Trakracer TR80, which were more expensive but offered greater durability and stability. The general consensus was that both the Playseat Challenge and GT Omega Wheel Stand were good entry-level options for sim racing enthusiasts with limited space, but users should choose based on their personal preferences and needs.


The conversation posted is a discussion about which sim cockpit to purchase, the Playseat Evolution or the GT Omega Pro (RS6). The buyer has space constraints, so portability and flexibility are important factors. The buyer is interested in using the seat independently of the stand when it is detached, and in the ability to lift it on their own without too much difficulty. Both cockpits are similar in price, and the buyer will be using them with a T300, T3PA pedals, and TH8A shifter.

Krassi, a member of the forum, advises that the GT Omega is the better choice due to its sturdiness and comfort level. The Playseat is more compact and easier to move and store away. However, it is very close to the ground, making it difficult to use as a gaming chair. SLiMtendo, another member, recommends the Playseat as it is very movable and convenient for space. The seat and bottom bracket easily slide off the wheel stand, but it is low to the ground, making it hard to get up out of the seat. They also mentioned that the metal piece in between the legs might be an issue for some people.

Hard Forum

The post is a discussion on a racing simulator setup called the GT Omega Art Racing Sim Cockpit. The author, JacobC1983, has posted his impressions and pictures of the setup, which includes the GT Omega Art Cockpit, an Xbox One, Forza 6, a Thrustmnaster TX racing wheel, Thrustmaster T3PA Pro pedals, and a TH8A shifter. The author previously had a Playseat but did not like the TV setup or the monitor stand and found the seat uncomfortable. He decided to buy the GT Omega Art Cockpit, which incorporates the TV stand with the chair and has a more robust and solid structure. The GT Omega setup also has a better seat, and the author likes the sturdiness of it. He can even add a Buttkicker, and he loves having the TV right in front of him.

The author keeps this setup under the stairs going to his basement and can close it off and away from guests. The author thinks the GT Omega Art Cockpit is superior to the Playseat and worth the upgrade in every way. In the comments section, other users discuss the GT Omega Art Racing Sim Cockpit and its features, such as the console mount, TV/monitor mount, K/M tray, and speakers in the seat. The users also compare the GT Omega Art Cockpit to the Playseat and the N1, another racing simulator setup. Finally, the users ask the author if the GT Omega Art Cockpit wobbles when force feedback kicks in, but he says that he has not experienced any wobbling and that the setup has been perfect.

Race Department

The original post on RaceDepartment is from a user named TShrimp, who is relatively new to sim racing and currently uses a wheel stand knockoff (GT Omega), a T300RS GT with T3PA pedals, a TH8A shifter, a Buttkicker, and a Secret Labs Titan chair. TShrimp is looking to upgrade from their current setup because the wheel stand wobbles during driving/shifting. However, they don’t currently have room for a full-sized cockpit and must fold everything up after each session since their race room and home office are the same. TShrimp is considering buying either the Playseat Challenge or the Next Level Racing F-GT LITE and is seeking advice on whether this would be an upgrade or if they should save their money and continue with their current setup.

Noahbet recommends the Next Level Racing Wheelstand for DD, which can be used for direct drive wheels in the future if TShrimp plans on upgrading. Akimidato recently bought the Playseat Challenge and recommends it as a nifty upgrade with a fixed seating position, but mentions that it’s a bit pricey and has a lower seating position than the Titan chair. Maelstrom recommends the GT Omega Apex wheel stand for its solid build and versatility. Peter Stevenson thinks the Challenge is a great stepping stone, particularly for its versatility and sturdiness.

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