Top Best Ergonomic Chair Australia Under $300: Save Money & Time

This article written on the topic of best ergonomic chair Australia under $300 is reviewed by ergonomic experts and is based on the recent buyers first hand experience.

Many of us have experienced the discomfort and decreased productivity that comes from sitting in an uncomfortable chair for extended periods. I embarked on a journey to find the best ergonomic chairs in Australia, and after weeks of testing and research, I’m here to share our test findings.

After diving deep into the world of office chairs, with our first hand tried and tested experience, I can tell you that comfort, ergonomics, and adaptability are key factors to consider. No one wants to endure discomfort while working, so the first step is to determine the level of comfort you need.

Researches reveals ergonomics plays a crucial role in maintaining your natural posture and reducing strain on your muscles and joints during long hours of work. This aspect is vital for anyone planning to spend extended periods in their chair. Additionally, features like armrests and height adjustment are essential for achieving a comfortable fit between you and your office chair.

By analyzing user reviews, ratings, and essential product attributes, I’ve curated a list of the top 10 office chairs available in Australia under $300. These chairs have been put to the test highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement to ensure they meet the comfort and ergonomic standards that we all deserve.

Let’s look at the insights from recent buyers and our expert first hand experience.

Best Ergonomic Chair Australia Under $300: Tried and Tested Models

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Ergonomic Chairs NamesBuyer Satisfaction RatingsAustralia Stores
SIHOO Ergonomic
90%View Current Price
90%View Current Price
Kerdom86%View Current Price
Primy88%View Current Price
M57 Ergonomic
88%View Current Price
(Small Spaces)
90%View Current Price


ergonomic chair australia under $300

First off, assembling this chair was a breeze. The delivery was fast, and I had it up and running in no time. That’s a big plus for anyone who’s not a fan of spending hours deciphering complex assembly instructions.

Now, let’s talk about comfort. It’s evident that SIHOO Australia paid attention to the ergonomics of this chair. The dimensions and overall build quality are impressive. Sitting in it for extended periods felt comfortable, and I could tell they put thought into the design.

However, not everything was perfect. In terms of adjustability and features, we give 4 out of 5. The lumbar support left much to be desired for fat person but satisfactory for average. It didn’t quite meet expectations, and found it rather ineffective for taller people also.

Additionally, the armrests weren’t as adjustable as I would have liked. Its just 2D rather than 3D we see in gaming chairs. While they do the job, a bit more flexibility in positioning would have been appreciated.

Overall, In terms of value for money, the SIHOO Ergonomic Chair stands out. It offers good quality, comfort, and practicality at an affordable price point. It’s a solid option for those looking to upgrade their office chair within the budget of $300.

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fylica ergonomic chair australia under $300

After putting the FYLICA Ergonomic Chair Australia under $300 to the test, let’s take on valuable insights into its performance.

Assembly can often be a headache, but not with this chair. It was a breeze to put together, taking me just about 15 minutes working solo. The clear instructions made the process smooth, and I didn’t encounter any major issues.

For comfort and support, we scored 4 out of 5 as tested. The FYLICA chair offers a comfortable sitting experience. While the padded seat initially felt a bit firm, it seems to be softening up with use, which is a positive development. The back netting provides reliable support, making it a suitable choice for long hours at your desk. The one score is deducted for absence of headrest and more flexibility compare to SIHOO.

The FYLICA chair is a solid investment. It strikes a good balance between comfort and cost-effectiveness, making it a great choice for those on a budget.

As for the back support, it does a commendable job, and I found it particularly helpful during extended work sessions.

On the downside, I wish the armrests were a bit more adjustable. While they get the job done, a bit more flexibility would have been appreciated.


kerdom ergonomic chair australia under 300

This chair offers several adjustment options, but there’s a notable limitation. The seat adjustment is linked to the back, which was a bit disappointing. During ergonomic testing, we found more independent seat adjustments would have been appreciated.

In terms of built quality, we give 4 out of 5. Putting this chair together was a breeze, and it felt sturdy once assembled. However, some users have mentioned a plastic feel due to the materials used. As for the seat cushion, it tends to be firmer than expected but may soften over time.

The decent lumbar support and the padding on the seat is of good quality. It may not be the most cushioned chair, but it offers satisfactory comfort for extended periods of sitting.

Moving on to the price, the Kerdom chair is a reasonable choice. It’s comfortable and gets the job done. However, some aspects, like the plastic components and seat firmness, might not meet everyone’s expectations.

Overall, the Kerdom Ergonomic Chair Australia under $300 proved to be a mixed bag. It’s easy to assemble and provides satisfactory comfort and lumbar support. However, the plastic construction may not appeal to everyone, and the seat cushion may feel a bit firm for some users.

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primy ergonomic chair australia under 300

Assembling this primy chair can be a bit challenging if you’re doing it alone. It might be a good idea to have a second pair of hands. The assembly took some time, with occasional difficulties aligning the holes. It’s not the easiest assembly process.

The primy chair offers a reasonable level of comfort, but it has its quirks. The seat can feel a bit short behind the legs for some users. It’s important to note that it might not be the best chair for taller individuals. The chair’s backrest is also a bit on the shorter side, which may not provide optimal support for taller users.

One significant downside I experienced with this chair is that it tends to produce noise when getting in or out of it. This noise can be quite annoying, and it’s challenging to locate the source. However, there is a solution to this issue. You can disassemble the chair seat from the upper shaft socket, apply grease, and reassemble it to make the chair noise-free.

The Primy Ergonomic Chair is budget-friendly, and it gets the job done for those looking for an affordable seating option. It’s a sturdy chair, suitable for extended sitting periods. However, it might not be the most ergonomic or comfortable choice, especially for taller individuals.

M57 Ergonomic

m57 ergonomic chair australia under 300

The assembly process for this chair was relatively straightforward. It didn’t take too much time or effort. Clear instructions and all necessary tools were provided, making it easy for one person to put together.

In terms of comfort, this chair delivers a satisfying experience. The seat is comfortable and provides good support, which is essential for long hours of sitting. The chair is designed with adjustability in mind, allowing you to fine-tune it to your liking.

For its price point, the M57 Ergonomic Chair australia under $300 offers excellent value for money. It competes well with more expensive ergonomic chairs on the market, making it a cost-effective choice for home office setups.

While the chair is comfortable and offers good value, I did notice some minor quality issues. The screws needed periodic tightening to prevent wobbling when pushed more than bearing weight, which could be improved. Additionally, the chair may not be the best choice for taller individuals, as it lacks the necessary height adjustment for users over 1.80 meters.

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felixking ergonomic chair australia under 300

After putting the FelixKing Ergonomic Chair Australia under $300 to the test, lets look at the both its strengths and areas where it could improve.

The assembly process was a breeze. Clear instructions and all the necessary tools were provided, making it easy for one person to assemble. It didn’t take too much time or effort.

When it comes to comfort, this chair shines. The seat is comfortable, and I appreciated the ability to sit comfortably with my feet on the floor, even at the lowest seat height setting. The foldable armrests were a great feature, especially for those who prefer not to use them.

For its price, the FelixKing Ergonomic Chair offers impressive value. It competes well with more expensive chairs in terms of comfort and adjustability, making it a cost-effective choice for home office use.

While the chair offers good comfort and value, there were some minor quality concerns. The seating cushion felt a bit firm and lacked contour, which may not suit everyone’s preferences. Additionally, one user reported issues with screws not fitting correctly, indicating possible manufacturing defect to that particular model.

Overall, It excels in comfort and adjustability, providing good support for extended sitting sessions.

How We Test

Testing the best ergonomic chairs is a thorough process that involves several crucial steps. First, we carefully unbox each chair, paying close attention to the packaging quality and ease of unpacking. This initial step helps us assess the manufacturer’s attention to detail and how well the chair is protected during shipping.

Once unboxed, we subject each chair to extensive real-world testing over several weeks. Our team of testers, comprising individuals with varying body types and ergonomic needs, use these chairs in various scenarios. This includes working at a desk for extended periods, attending virtual meetings, and even relaxing during leisure time.

During the testing period, we evaluate critical factors such as comfort, adjustability, lumbar support, seat cushioning, armrest functionality, and overall build quality. We also consider long-term durability by observing how well the chairs withstand daily use.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive insights into each chair’s performance, highlighting both its strengths and any potential drawbacks. By unboxing, trying, and rigorously testing these ergonomic chairs, we aim to help consumers make informed decisions when choosing the best seating solutions for their needs.

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