Razer Enki Vs Iskur: Which Gaming Chair Reigns Supreme?

if you are looking for a comparison review of the Razer Enki vs Iskur gaming chair, this article is for you. Keep reading this one. Don’t go anywhere.

Among many brands, Razer is a name that stands out in the gaming community. It is known for its high-quality gaming peripherals.

This time we got the opportunity to purchase and unbox the Razer gaming chair but we did not get to the point which one is better for us. The ground was to have a knowledge of first-hand experience.

To identify the reality, and investigate features for several weeks we ordered online both models Enki as well as Iskur.

Throughout the testing period, there were noticeable differences and similarities between both models Razer Enki and Iskur.

The Razer Isker boasts a bucket-shaped seat, but the Enke has a straight, broader base. The Iskur is not the best fit for larger gamers. The inability to sit cross-legged could be a drawback for some users seeking greater flexibility in their seating positions.

In this walkthrough guide, we share insights from our personal perspectives after using them for several weeks, alongside recent buyer reviews.

Let’s look into the deep comparison review.

Key Specifications Of Razer Enki Vs Iskur

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FeaturesRazer EnkiRazer Iskur
Sold To:150+Customers700+Customers
Buyer Satisfaction Ratings95%97%
WarrantyYes, 30 Days Full RefundYes, 30 Days Full Refund
Size of Chair67 x 68 x 141 cm40 x 30 x 30 cm
Cover MaterialEPU Synthetic LeatherPVC Leather
Recline Tilt152 Degrees139 degrees
Lumbar SupportNon AdjustableFully Sculpted
Armrests4 Dimensional4 Dimensional
Recommended Height166.5 cm – 204 cm or 5’5’’ – 6’8’’170 cm – 190 cm or 5.6’ to 6.2’
Weight Capacity136 kgs or 300 lbs.136 kgs or 300 lbs.
Price (UK)Low Price OfferLow Price Offer
Price (US)Low Price OfferLow Price Offer

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Razer Enki: Our Unboxing And Testing Experience

Beginning with our testing experience, the Razer Enki impressed us with its sturdy metal support, involving a steel frame and an aluminum base with five legs. See the picture of purchased package arrival at home.

view of razer enki gaming chair unboxing purchased package arrival at home

The chair has a firm foundation for its durable structure. The Razer Enki did not disappoint us in terms of comfort as well.

The seat pan has plenty of room, measuring just over 21 inches at its widest point. The backrest has shoulder arches that are 110 degrees expanded, providing great upper-body support as tested.

However, we give more emphasis to flexible lumbar support rather than the fixed one we saw in Razer Enki. We had no complaints about it but those with certain back problems might not want to use it.

After using it for several weeks, it makes us feel it Razer Enki is specifically designed with the gamer’s mind. From changing the seat pan’s width to 4D armrests. These changes significantly helped us to alter the chair settings for our team experts.

razer enki our unboxing and testing experience

Not only this but also the pneumatic cylinder adjusted the height smoothly and softly. A variety of seating positions are available by simultaneously reclining the backrest and tilting back the seat. The chair stayed firm even when fully reclined, despite the fact that we don’t advise it.

The best part is casters roll silently and easily. They are sturdy and do not harm different types of flooring.

Overall, a good choice with the major feature is accessibility.

Razer Iskur: Our Unboxing And Testing Experience

This Razer Iskur arrived a week later than the date of purchase. But the packaging was secure so we had no issues with late arrival. See the picture of purchased package.

view of razer iskur gaming chair unboxing purchased package arrival at home

Talking about the firsthand impressions of unpacking and testing the Razer Iskur, it was easy to open and all the required parts were there, and the chair was sent in a safe box.

The chair reflects a sense of toughness and endurance in structure and why not after all we spent a good amount of our shopping.

The Razer Iskur has the brand’s recognizable matte black with green accents in a sleek and sophisticated design. With the expert stitching along the seams, we clearly saw the demonstration of care and work hard in its production.

During testing, we found Razer Iskur is prioritizing a more supportive seat rather than giving the luxurious padding touch. This we liked the most.

While precisely investigating the armrests, the eight distinct settings helped us to give some personalization. However, I did discover that the armrests do not stretch outward to suit wider body types, despite the versatility this offers.

For people with broader frames or those who prefer to sit cross-legged while gaming, this can be a disadvantage we tested. Even though it’s a drastic measure, removing the armrests totally is an alternative for fat people who need extra room.

After several weeks of extensive use, the chair’s structure held up well with no obvious deformation.

razer iskur our unboxing and testing experience

Overall, we had a positive experience with the razer iskur. It has a nice selection of lean and recline options in terms of flexibility. A perfect fit for average-sized people as experienced.

Razer Enki Vs Iskur: Ergonomics

When it comes to offering a wide range of ergonomic features, the Razer Iskur shines. It features a headrest, armrests that can be adjusted in four different directions, and adjustable lumbar support to take care of your back. These adjustments are simple to use, making it simple to get the ideal fit.

Although the Razer Enki has comparable ergonomic characteristics, it’s vital to remember that it lacks an adjustable lumbar support. Instead, it includes a lumbar support mechanism integrated into it that has gotten mixed reviews. However, based on my own experience, I have discovered that it works well to encourage a relaxed sitting position.

The two chairs have a noticeable variation in the way their seats are made. The Razer Enki has a larger synthetic seat with plenty of freedom for mobility that can fit various body types and sizes. The Iskur, on the other hand, has curved seats, which may or may not be to everyone’s taste.

Both chairs have backrests that are thoughtfully designed to promote good posture and inhibit slouching. Both types’ armrests include several adjustments that let you change their height, breadth, and angle to suit your tastes.

Both chairs include memory foam cushions that conform to your body and support your head, neck, and back to increase your overall comfort.

Razer Enki Vs Iskur: Design And Comfort

The two seats seem quite similar to one another, with the famous triple-headed Razer emblem positioned in the middle of the headrest and the brand’s distinguishing brilliant green stitching.

The smooth integration of your gaming equipment is ensured by this consistent design language.

Despite the fact that the Enki is frequently seen as the Iskur’s replacement, it’s vital to understand that Razer never intended for it to do so. The Enki, which expanded on the Iskur’s basis, was instead released in 2020, a year after the Iskur.

With its incredibly comfy back and backrest, the Enki leads the pack in terms of comfort. The larger and level seat base of the Enki gives you plenty of room to spread out and relax. While the Iskur has a bucket-like seat shape, it could be more appealing to people who like a more constricted seating configuration.

Razer Enki Vs Iskur: Weight And Size Accessibility

The Iskur has a broader frame than the Razer Enki, which is just somewhat taller. Depending on your preferences and available space, there may be a size variation.

The Razer Enki weighs less than the Iskur in terms of weight. As a result, moving the Enki chair around will be more practical and simple than transferring its equivalent, particularly if you regularly need to modify or move your gaming setup.

Both the Razer Enki and Iskur feature a weight capacity of 300 pounds despite their different weights, assuring stability and durability for a variety of users.

Overall, the Razer Enki has an edge over the Iskur in this area because it is lighter while yet offers the same weight capacity. To ensure that the chair fits well inside your gaming setup and offers the required degree of comfort, it’s crucial to take into account the chair’s overall dimensions and size.

Razer Enki Vs Iskur: Warranty And Price

Priced at $/£350.00, the Razer Iskur Gaming Chair is available online. It comes in a variety of colours, with the dark green version radiating a sophisticated and engrossing gaming chair look.

However, the Razer Enki Gaming Chair, which costs $/£300.99 and comes in three colours, is more reasonably priced. The Enki chair’s ability to offer outstanding features and adjustability at such a cheap price point is unquestionably impressive, even though a lower price doesn’t always make it the winner.

The Razer Iskur and Enki gaming chairs both have a 3-year guarantee that covers the mechanism and moving parts. Moving on to return policies.

It’s crucial to remember that regular wear and tear is not covered by the guarantee.

Each chair offers a generous 14-day risk-free trial period, which makes them unique. During this trial time, you have the option to return the chair if it doesn’t live up to your expectations; the expense of doing so will be covered by the manufacturer.

This guarantees that you may make your purchase with confidence and freedom.

Razer Enki Vs Iskur: Buyer Reviews

This Reddit discussion thread revolves around a comparison between two Razer gaming chairs: the Razer Iskur X and the Razer Enki.

From u/Willing-Ad-1892, recommends the Enki chair, stating that they own the Iskur and find it to be a good chair but more expensive and heavier. They prefer the Enki because it is cheaper and more comfortable, offering more room and built-in lumbar support.

Another user, u/GoldenNumb1, suggests considering the regular Iskur chair with lumbar support instead of the Iskur X or Enki. They mention that there are other options available that are more cost-effective while still providing good quality. They recommend saving for the regular Iskur chair, which they have been using since March and find it to be durable.

In response, u/kylemiller1228 suggests checking out SecretLabs chairs. They have personally tried out chairs from various brands, including Secretlab Omega, Secretlab Titan, and Razer Iskur. Their favorite is the Razer Iskur (cloth version), but they also find SecretLabs chairs to be a close second in terms of comfort. They mention that SecretLabs chairs are firmer compared to the Iskur, while the Iskur conforms to your body more. They suggest considering SecretLabs chairs if the Iskur is too expensive, as they provide similar comfort levels.

Returning to the Razer Iskur, u/RuffRyder0824 mentions owning the fabric version and finding it very comfortable. They describe it as more like an office chair with excellent lumbar support.

In response, u/benwaADD notes that the Iskur is currently priced at $300 on, providing an update on the chair’s affordability.

The discussion ends with u/mjsheen stating that the Iskur appears more robust and is the first chair from Razer. They mention that the Enki is an improved version that addresses the issue of the chair feeling too tight for larger individuals.

Razer Enki Vs Iskur: Which One Should I Buy?

If you’re looking to complete your gaming setup via a high-quality gaming chair that perfectly matches the aesthetics, the Razer Iskur is the way to go.

With its premium construction and attention to detail, it complements the Razer ecosystem beautifully.

Additionally, if you prioritize comfort and are willing to invest in a firmer cushioning experience, the Iskur won’t disappoint. This chair is well-built from excellent materials, ensuring a high-quality piece of furniture that feels anything but cheap.

However, it’s important to note that the Iskur may not be suitable if you require a wider seat or have a limited budget, as it comfortably accommodates average-sized bodies and comes with a higher price tag.

On the other hand, if comfort is your top priority, the Razer Enki shines. This chair provides exceptional comfort, making it a great choice for those who value a comfortable seating experience above all else. The Enki is built to last, designed with durability in mind, so you can rely on its longevity.

The fixed lumbar arch support offers strong lumbar support, reducing soreness and fatigue by promoting proper ergonomic posture. However, if adjustable back support is crucial for you, the Enki may not be the ideal option, as its lumbar support is fixed and non-adjustable.

Additionally, if you are taller than six feet, the head pillow may not provide optimal support for resting your head comfortably.

Lastly, while the Razer Enki is reasonably priced compared to some other options, it still falls on the more expensive side, so if you’re on a strict budget, it may not be the most affordable choice.

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