Vortex Air Fan Vs Dyson

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As we unboxed gadgets almost every week, this time we got the opportunity to try and test the two popular models Vortex and Dyson bladeless fans after research.

Among other air fans, these two specific models vortex and Dyson have their own abilities in performance and features. We saw huge price differences between the two in some of the available brand models.

In this article, walkthrough, share our personal experiences together with our insights, through these tried and tested ways we adopted involving buyer reviews.

Whether you’re a homeowner or renter, this comparison article aims to provide you with valuable insights to make an informed decision when choosing between these two popular air fan options.

Popular Model AlternativeBuyer Satisfaction RatingsUK Stores
VORTEX AIR Fan Under 150 Pounds82%View Low Price Offer
Dyson Pure Cool Me86%View Low Price Offer
Dyson Jet Focus AM09 Hot and Cool88%View Low Price Offer
Ocean Loong Under 150 Pounds80%View Low Price Offer
ULTTY Bladeless Under 15090%View Low Price Offer

Key Specifications Of Vortex Air Fan Vs Dyson

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In this article, We are comparing two popular units of bladeless air fans from the brands Dyson Vs Vortex air fan.

DesignSmart, ModernAdvanceDyson
Noise>‎56 dB (Acceptable)<56 dBDyson
Power1,650 W2000 WDyson
Flexible Rotation180 degreeLess than 180 degreeVortex
Remote ControlYesYesTie
Control FeaturesBasicAdvanceDyson
Heating ControlGoodFabulousDyson
Voice AssistanceNoGoogle/AlexaDyson
Warranty30 Days Full Refund Policy30 Days Full Refund PolicyTie
CostBudget Friendly (Low Price Offer)More( See Low Price Offer)Vortex

Brand Manufacturer

Vortex Air Fan and Dyson are two well-known brands that have gained popularity for their unique designs and advanced features. Both of these brands have their own loyal fan base and are known for producing high-quality air fans that are effective in cooling down/heating any space.

The Vortex Air Fan is a relatively new brand that has quickly gained recognition for its innovative design. On the other hand, Dyson has been in the business for a while and has built a strong reputation for producing premium-quality air fans that are both stylish and efficient.

Vortex Bladeless Air Fan

Let’s begin with the unboxing experience we had. This was the first unit I ordered it online at my home. As we have a good size house. We decided on the vortex bladeless air fan for our room. See the picture below.

view of our purchase vortex air fan and unboxing package arrival

At that moment, my wife received the package. The compact-size package was not so heavy for me. The unboxing process was a breeze, and I was satisfied with the attention to detail in the packaging. See the picture below.

view of packaging detail of vortex air fan

Inside, I found the fan, a remote, instructions, and a plate for the legs. The fan itself looked sleek and modern, with a clean design that matched my aesthetic perfectly.

Setting up the Vortex Bladeless Air Fan was fair enough. I used the included plate to lock it in place, and It made us happy when it easily rotated to different angles.

The remote was a great addition, allowing me to control the fan’s functions with ease. The fan also had a heating feature, which I was excited to try out during the colder months. See the image below.

view of vortex air fan setup remote control

One thing I noticed right away was the lack of noise. The Vortex Bladeless Air Fan operated with less noise than expected, which was a pleasant surprise compared to other fans I’ve used in the past. The airflow was also impressive, providing a comfortable breeze without any blades to worry about.

Overall, my unboxing experience with the Vortex Bladeless Air Fan was delightful. From the sleek design to the easy setup, this affordable alternative to the Dyson fan exceeded my expectations.

Dyson Fan

This Dyson fan costed us high, but we needed this unit for a larger room size. The arrival of the Dyson fan was not up to the time. It made our long-awaited package from Dyson arrived at my doorstep.

I had been eyeing the Dyson Fan for quite some time. The sleek and modern packaging immediately caught impressed us. See the image below.

view of our purchase dyson air fan and unboxing package arrival

Upon opening the box, the packaging was as per the standard of cost, with each component carefully nestled in its own compartment. As I pulled out the fan, it gave me a feel of premium design. The fan had a futuristic look, with its bladeless design and smooth curves, which screamed sophistication.

Setting up the Dyson Fan was a breeze. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, and I was impressed by the attention to detail in every component. The fan came with a remote control, which added to the convenience of controlling its functions from anywhere in the room. See the picture below.

view of dyson air fan setup remote control

Vortex Air Fan Vs Dyson: Comparison

Vortex Air Fan Vs Dyson: Setup

The Dyson Air Fan, in particular, stands out with its user-friendly setup process. The fan comes with on-screen instructions that are easy to follow, making the setup a breeze. The LED screen on the fan provides useful information such as air quality, temperature, and fan settings, making it convenient to monitor and control the fan’s performance.

Additionally, the Dyson Air Fan offers additional features such as a timer function to automatically adjust the fan’s settings and night mode for a more comfortable sleep experience.

On the other hand, the Vortex Air Fan also offers a straightforward setup process. While it may not have the same level of on-screen instructions or advanced features as the Dyson Air Fan, it is still relatively simple to set up and get running.

view of vortex air fan setup

The Dyson Air Fan truly shines. With its sleek and modern aesthetic, it serves as a showstopper in any room. The fan’s design adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your home decor. It also comes with a remote control for easy operation, and it can even be controlled with your voice if you have Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, adding to its convenience and accessibility. See the picture below

view of dyson air fan app control

Vortex Air Fan Vs Dyson: Features

When it comes to features, both the Vortex Air Fan and Dyson have some impressive qualities. One of the standout features of both fans is their bladeless design, which sets them apart from traditional fans with visible blades. This innovative technology creates a smooth airflow without any spinning blades, making them safer for children and pets, and easier to clean as there are no blades to collect dust. The bladeless design also adds a modern and sleek look to these fans, making them a stylish addition to any home.

The Vortex Air Fan comes with a remote control, which makes it easy to switch on and off quickly. It also has buttons for adjusting the heat and airflow, and comes with a HEPA filter to keep the air clean. The Vortex Air Fan features a compact design with a black-and-white color scheme, offering a clean and artsy aesthetic that can complement any home decor. It is also portable, allowing you to easily move it around different areas of your house as needed. Despite its budget-friendly price, the Vortex Air Fan has received positive reviews for its performance and functionality, making it a practical alternative to the Dyson.

On the other hand, the Dyson fan also comes with a remote control for convenient operation. Users can easily adjust the fan settings, such as the speed, direction of airflow, and temperature, with just a few clicks on the remote. This makes it easy to customize the fan to suit personal preferences and create a comfortable environment in any room.

The Dyson fan is available in various colors such as silver, white, and blue, offering more options to match your home decor.

The Dyson fan is also known for its clean and minimalist aesthetic, adding a touch of sophistication to any room.

Vortex Air Fan Vs Dyson: Performance

Talking about performance, the vortex air fan stands out with its versatility as per the price, as it can both heat and cool, making it suitable for year-round use. It also features a rotating feature that allows you to direct the airflow in different directions, providing convenience in various areas of your home.

view of vortex air fan performance

The timing function is also a great addition, allowing you to set the fan to automatically switch off after a specific duration, with options ranging from 1 to 9 hours, which is particularly useful at night. The Vortex Air Fan is also compact and easy to assemble, with a small base that sits comfortably on the floor or countertop.

On the other hand, the Dyson Air Fan excels in both heating and cooling modes, thanks to its unique airflow design. It quickly and efficiently heats up large rooms as a fan heater, and also provides targeted heating with its adjustable angle feature. As a cooling fan, it is energy-efficient, with low standby power usage and maximum power usage, making it eco-friendly compared to traditional fans. See the image below.

view of dyson air fan performance

Both the Vortex Air Fan and Dyson Air Fan feature brushless motors and bladeless designs, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted airflow without any buffeting, providing a luxurious performance. In terms of noise level, both fans emit some noise on the highest fan speed, but it is not overly loud and can be easily masked by adjusting the TV volume or other household noises.

In terms of air feel, both the Vortex Air Fan and Dyson Air Fan provide a comfortable breeze without choppiness, thanks to their bladeless designs and brushless motors. They offer a premium experience that surpasses traditional fans. See the picture of Dyson carbon-activated filters.

view of dyson air bladeless fan with carbon activated filters

One notable feature of the Vortex Air Fan is its improved tilting function, allowing it to tilt 180 degrees upwards and downwards, providing more flexibility in airflow direction compared to the Dyson Air Fan. The Dyson Air Fan, on the other hand, has a longer cable length of 3 meters compared to the Vortex Air Fan’s 2 meters, which may be a consideration depending on your setup and placement preferences.

Vortex Air Fan Vs Dyson: Price And Safety

When it comes to Price, the Vortex Air Fan is the clear winner. It is a key differentiator between the two fans. The Dyson Air Fan is priced at £399.99, while the Vortex Air Fan is priced at only £164.99. This makes the Vortex Air Fan significantly more cost-effective, allowing users to save £250 compared to the Dyson fan. The price difference is mainly attributed to the Dyson brand name, as the Vortex Air Fan offers similar performance and functionality at a much more affordable price point.

view of vortex air fan time settings and safety

Talking about safety, safety is a paramount factor in both the Vortex Air Fan and Dyson Air Fan. Both fans are designed with safety features to ensure peace of mind. For instance, the air outlet of both fans remains safe to touch even after the fan heater has been on for a while, even on its highest heating setting, reducing the risk of burns. Additionally, both fans have an automatic shut-off feature that turns off the unit if it is accidentally knocked over, making them safe to use, especially in households with small children.

Conclusion: Verdict

In conclusion, both the Vortex Air Fan and Dyson fans have their unique features, and choosing one over the other depends on your personal preferences and needs. The Vortex Air Fan offers an affordable alternative to the Dyson fan with a sleek design, quiet operation, and adequate airflow. On the other hand, the Dyson fan comes with advanced features such as a user-friendly setup process, on-screen instructions, air quality monitoring, timer function, night mode, and voice control options. Additionally, the Dyson fan stands out with its futuristic, sophisticated design, making it an eye-catching addition to any room. Ultimately, it is important to consider the brand manufacturer, features, and design when making a decision between the Vortex Air Fan and Dyson fans.

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