Flexispot vs Vivo Standing Desk: Which is Best?

The topic of this post is Flexispot vs. Vivo. The two well-known brands you can find in the market for standing desks.

Standing desk lovers have been choosing between these two brands for years, and the argument over which is superior has generated varying levels of support.

In order to assist you in picking a standing desk, we’ll be looking closely at both manufacturers and contrasting their features and qualities in this evaluation.

After extensive research, we’ll be focusing on size, height range, stability, customer service, and other factors to determine which brand is better suited for your needs.

This helps you to know the VIVO and Flexispot both brand offerings and the best value for your money.

By analyzing these features, we’ll be able to determine which brand offers the best value for your money. While VIVO is known for its sleek design, Flexispot is renowned for its sturdy frames and impressive warranty policies as tested.

The two brands are side by side, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

Both are great options for those looking to switch to a standing desk, but which one will come out on top? So, let’s get ready to rumble!

Key Specifications Of Flexispot Vs Vivo Standing Desk

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Desk appearance and setupBasic appearance, range of colors, exposed motor partsSleek and polished, cable and management tray for easy organization
TabletopNot aesthetically pleasing, range of colorsProne to fingerprint smudges
Exposed motor partsYesNo
Easy assemblyYes, all necessary hardware providedYes, packaged in three sections
Weight capacity154 lbs (EC1), higher for other models176 lbs (48” desk)
Desk height range28” to 47.6” , for some models28.8” to 48” , for some models
Control panelUp and down button, smooth and responsiveMemory presets, less responsive
Warranty years53
Cable management trayNot included in basic EC1 unit, needs to be purchased separatelyIncluded
StabilityStable and sturdy at all heightsWobbles before reaching maximum desk height
ResponsivenessSmooth and responsiveLess responsive over time
Desktop sizeLarger desk options available
PriceCheck Current Low PriceCheck Current Low Price
Flexispot Vs Vivo

Note: Some features are not applicable to one or both brands, as indicated by “N/A.”

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Brands manufacturer

In the standing desk market, two well-known brands are Flexispot and Vivo. Standing desks are available from the business Flexispot, which specializes in ergonomic workplace equipment. Its M1 standing desk was the first electric standing desk, and it was released in 2013.

Standing desks, monitor arms, and workstations are just a few of the office supplies offered by the Vivo brand. Since its establishment in 2014, it has gained popularity for its electric height-adjustable workstations.

High-quality standing workstations are produced by both companies. While Vivo provides a variety of standing desks in different sizes and configurations, including electric and mechanical variants, Flexispot offers a choice of standing workstations with changeable height settings and roomy desktops.

Flexispot Vs Vivo: Setup And Appearance

The Vivo standing desk and Flexispot versions each offer specific advantages and disadvantages in terms of setup and design.

With a cable and management tray that enables the simple organisation and a tidy workstation, the Vivo standing desk is renowned for its clutter-free setup.

larger size vivo standing desk setup at home

With a stylish, curved shape that ups its style points, it also has a sleek and refined visual appeal that distinguishes it from the competition.

But the tabletop of the Vivo desk is more prone to fingerprint smudges, so regular cleaning is necessary to keep it looking beautiful.

The tabletops on the Flexispot standing desk, in contrast, are not as visually attractive as those on the Vivo, giving it a more plain appearance.

Nevertheless, certain Flexispot versions have exposed motor parts, which might be less tidier and presentable, especially for those with a larger setup or employing monitor arm supports.

In addition to mahogany, white, black, and maple, the Flexispot H2 manual desk is available in four other colours.

Both the Flexispot and Vivo versions are simple to construct and include with all the required hardware, making them both good options for setup.

The Flexispot height-adjustable desk EC1 has motors that were carefully designed and tested to provide stability and whisper-quiet noise levels, in contrast to the three-sectioned Vivo desk.

presets of flexispot higher model standing desk view
flexispot higher model standing desk view

The Flexispot desk’s structure is made of double steel tubing for stability at its highest point and has a tough powder-coated surface that resists stains, water, and scratches.

Flexispot EC1 vs the VIVO 48” Standing Desk

The VIVO 48″ electric standing desk offers 4 memory settings, a 3-year guarantee, and a desk height range of 28.8″ to 48″. It can support 176 lbs.

vivo standing desk view next to window

The Flexispot EC1, on the other hand, has a desk height range of 28″ to 47.6″, can support up to 154 lbs, has an up and down button, and has a 5-year warranty.

Standing DeskDesk height rangeWeight capacityControl PanelWarranty years
VIVO 48x 30”28.8” to 48”176 lbs4 memory presets3
Flexispot EC1 48x 30”28” to 47.6”154 lbsUp and down button5

A cable management tray is an optional item that is not included with the standard EC1 device. For people who aren’t adept at organising cords and connections, this might not be the greatest choice. Additionally, the EC1 has visible motor components, which makes it difficult to maintain clean, especially if you have several monitors on the desk.

Although the EC1’s weight capacity is less than the 48″ VIVO desk’s declared load capacity, the EC1 is nonetheless a robust and durable desk at all heights.

The VIVO desk, on the other hand, wobbles significantly even before you reach the maximum desk height, so you won’t be able to use it at that height without it shaking a lot.

The EC1’s lack of memory settings is one drawback, but the control interface is incredibly snappy and fluid. The VIVO desk, on the other hand, has memory settings but is less sensitive, and after time, the buttons become less responsive.

Although the Flexispot EC1 desk is not the most attractive one available, it is sturdy and stable at all heights. The VIVO desk has a nicer appearance but is less stable and durable.

The VIVO DESK-KIT-W06W costs only £279 whereas the Flexispot EC1 starts at £300. However, the EC1 has a larger weight capacity (W06W) and a slightly wider height range than the VIVO.

Standing DeskWeight capacityHeight rangeDesktop Size
Flexispot EC1220lbs27.5″ to 50″60×24″
VIVO DESK-KIT-W06W176lbs27.5″ to 47.2″60×24″

Overall, the Flexispot EC1 is a superior option for individuals who value dependability and stability above attractiveness, even though the VIVO workstation may have a nicer appearance.

Flexispot Vs Vivo: Size and Height Range

Similar height ranges are offered by both companies. The height ranges for the Flexispot EC1 and VIVO standing workstations are 29′′ to 48′′ and 28.8′′ to 48′′, respectively.

The 71″ x 30″ and 63″ x 32″ workstations, however, are bigger desk alternatives offered by VIVO and not included with the Flexispot EC1 model. Although the Flexispot Willow comes in bigger sizes of 60′′ and 72′′, they cost more than the EC1 version.

BrandDesk Size (inches)Height Range (inches)
VIVO43 x 2429” to 48”
VIVO48 x 3028.8” to 48”
VIVO60 x 2429” to 48”
VIVO63 x 3229.5” to 49.6”
VIVO71 x 3028.8” to 48”
Flexispot40 x 2429” to 48”
Flexispot48 x 2428.8” to 48”
Flexispot48 x 3029” to 48”
Flexispot55 x 2829.5” to 49.6”
Flexispot60 x 2428.8” to 48”
Flexispot EC1 Vs Vivo

With a height adjustment range of 4.7′′ to 19.88′′ as opposed to the VIVO’s range of 6.5′′ to 17′′, the Flexispot provides a wider range of adaptability. Because of this, taller customers who want greater adjustment for a comfortable working position may choose the Flexispot.

Apart from EC1, other options for size and height range include Flexispot, which has a range of 24 to 50 inches, and VIVO workstations, which have a slightly smaller height range and are thus around 2.7 inches shorter than Flexispot desks. Because of this, VIVO workstations are a better option for persons who are taller than average but not significantly so.

Both companies sell workstations that have extra stability characteristics. While VIVO workstations feature an L-shaped base for enhanced stability, Flexispot desks incorporate a crossbar for additional support. For individuals who want to use their standing desk for extended periods of time or have a larger monitor arrangement, VIVO’s workstations offer even more stability.

flexispot standing desk next to window

Both companies provide a comparable height range of 29′′ to 48′′, as the table above shows. Vivo, however, offers additional possibilities, with some versions giving up to 71″ x 30″ workstation sizes.

However, Flexispot offers several variants, like the Willow, that come at a greater price and feature a bigger 60′′ and 72′′ desk.

Additionally, Flexispot offers a slightly broader range of height adjustment than Vivo, with certain versions having a maximum height adjustment of 49.6 inches as opposed to 48 inches in Vivo.

Taller Folks

Flexispot’s Pro E5 workstation, with a maximum height of 50 inches, is a standing desk for people of average height. The Seiffen desk, which extends to 50′′, is an additional choice. These workstations are appropriate for those who stand between 6’1″ and 6’3″. For those who are a little higher, Flexispot also provides a number of units with a height range of up to 49′′, such as the Kana Bamboo and the E8 frame.

Vivo, on the other hand, has few alternatives; its 63 x 32 desk variant, which has a maximum height of 49.6 inches, is only advised for those under 6 feet tall.

Flexispot gives people of different heights additional options, however some of the devices with a larger height range could be more expensive. Even while Vivo is more reasonably priced, it is better suited for those of normal height, and certain versions may sway when they reach their maximum height.

BrandModelMax HeightSuitable for
FlexispotPro Pro E550″6’1″ – 6’3″
FlexispotSeiffen50″6’1″ – 6’3″
FlexispotKana Bamboo49″Slightly taller folks
FlexispotE8 frame49″Slightly taller folks
Vivo63 x 32 desk model49.6″Not taller than 6 feet

Petite Users

You’ll be glad to know that Flexispot has a number of solutions that are suitable for you if you’re a little person looking for a standing desk. The Kana Pro desk may descend as low as 23.6 inches, compared to the 22.8 inch lower limit of the Pro Plus and E7 frames.

The E8 frame’s lower limit is 23.6 inches, and you may couple it with any tabletop of your choice as well. These desks offer a more affordable option to the pricey Fully Jarvis bamboo desk in addition to being suited for your height.

However, VIVO workstations are not the best choice for small users. Their majority of products only go down 28′′, which could not be low enough for comfortable use.

You might not discover a standing desk model that meets your particular demands because VIVO only offers a small variety of standing desk models.

Flexispot provides more possibilities and better value for your money if you’re a little person searching for a standing desk overall.

Lowest Height RangePro Plus or E7 frame: 22.8″
Kana Pro: 23.6″
E8 frame with tabletop: 23.6″
Most units: 28″
Desk Models AvailableMultiple options availableLimited options available
CostVarious price points depending on model and featuresVarious price points depending on model and features
CustomizabilityE8 frame allows for choice of tabletopLimited customizability options available
Weight CapacityVaries depending on modelVaries depending on model

Flexispot Vs Vivo: Weight Capacity And Durability

Both Flexispot and Vivo have advantages and disadvantages in terms of weight capacity and durability.

For individuals who value longevity and frame strength, Flexispot, a mid-range brand, is a superior option because of these qualities. Some users may not like the fact that some models lack wire management trays and may have a crowded setup.

flexispot 48 x 24 medium size standing desk view

Vivo workstations, on the other hand, feature a sturdy steel structure and can handle up to 176 lbs, which makes them perfect for heavy loads like numerous monitors and a desktop computer. The FlexiSpot EC1 has a weight capability of 154 lbs, compared to 33 lbs for the VIVO Black Height Adjustable 36′′ Stand up Desk Converter. For certain users who need to put heavy objects on their desk, the difference in weight capacity—while it might appear insignificant—could be significant.

Flexispot Vs Vivo: Comfort And Easy To Use

Each of these desks are excellent options for anyone looking for a standing desk with space for two monitors since they each include a generous 35-36′′ desktop area, a two-tier structure, and a separate keyboard tray. Both desks also incorporate ergonomic principles into their designs to enhance user comfort. However, because to its 12 distinct adjustable points, the FlexiSpot wins out in terms of versatility and adaptability.

flexispot standing desk setup at home view

The FlexiSpot excels once more in terms of usability thanks to its M2B Standing Desk Converter, which can be used with essentially no effort. Additionally, the FlexiSpot eliminates the need to alter your posture to feel comfortable because to its straight-up/straight-down motions. In our tests, we discovered that despite the VIVO’s larger weight, the FlexiSpot was just simpler to lift.

Which One to Choose?

Let’s start by discussing VIVO. It’s crucial to note that this is not advised, even if some claim to have filled the desk past its weight limit without experiencing any problems. Use of VIVO workstations below its weight capacity helps lessen wobbling and shaking as they are better suited for light-duty use. The desk’s width makes it a fantastic choice for students who simply require a place for their laptop and a few books. The VIVO desk is very striking, especially the white ergo curved unit, which makes it a fantastic option for the main table in an office or the registration area for a fancy event.

Contrarily, Flexispot is renowned for its robustness and stability. They are a better option for heavier use than VIVO since their frames are more robust and hefty. Although VIVO’s desktops may not be as aesthetically pleasing, theirs feel more solid and are constructed from higher-quality materials. Additionally, Flexispot provides more creative features, a greater selection of shapes and sizes, and a wider range of design and aesthetic options. For assembly instructions, it is advised to watch unboxing videos as their instruction manual may be deceptive.

In conclusion, VIVO could be a better option for you if style and design are important to you. Flexispot, however, comes out on top if toughness, stability, and a greater selection of solutions are more crucial. To prevent overloading the desk above its weight limit, check unboxing videos for instructions and use a regular-sized screwdriver for construction.

Other Popular Models To Look:

Conclusion: Verdict

Both Flexispot and VIVO provide a variety of electric height-adjustable workstations to suit various requirements and tastes. Flexispot delivers exceptional engineering and long-lasting durability while VIVO excels in design and cost.

The Vivo desk stands out from the crowd in terms of setup and look, and it has a cable and management tray that makes it simple to organise and maintain a tidy workstation. Contrarily, the tabletops on the Flexispot standing desk are less visually attractive than those on the Vivo, giving it a more plain appearance. Some Flexispot versions do, however, have exposed motor components, which might be less aesthetically pleasing.

Both products provide comparable height ranges in terms of dimension, however VIVO offers bigger desktop sizes, giving users greater workspace. However, Flexispot workstations feature a continuous powder coating surface that is stronger, more robust, and resistant to stains, water, and scratches.

When comparing particular models, the Flexispot EC1 is the better option for people who value stability and durability above aesthetics, while the VIVO 48″ electric standing desk is a more cost-effective solution for people who prefer a bigger desktop and memory configurations.

In the end, the decision between these two brands will be based on tastes, requirements, and financial constraints. Before making a purchase, it is crucial to carefully evaluate the features and specifications of each model.


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