SIHOO M90 Review: Fab or Just a Fad? Read Our Honest Review!

If you are looking for a firsthand unboxing and review of the SIHOO M90 office chair, this article is for you. You are at the right place. This article is dedicated to providing you with the information you need.

The purpose of purchasing the SIHOO M90 online was to give comfort a try for a few weeks, especially after being highly impressed with the M18 model.

We conducted a thorough investigation of the SIHOO M90’s features and performance, following a practical “Bottoms Up” approach.

During our testing, we discovered that the lack of color coordination in the SIHOO M90 could disappoint those who prefer a uniform look in their office furniture. However, one of the praisable features of this chair is its adaptive lumbar support, which effectively supports our lower back.

In this walkthrough guide, we share our firsthand experience and provide an honest evaluation to assist you in making an informed decision, along with considering recent buyer reviews.

SIHOO M90 Popular AlternativesBuyer Satisfaction RatingsUK Store
SIHOO M1888%View Low Price Offer
Mfavour87%View Low Price Offer
Ticova88%View Low Price Offer

Let’s dive deep into this.

Key Specifications Of SIHOO M90 Office Chair Review

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SpecificationsSIHOO M90 Review
Sold To:800+ Customers
Buyer Satisfaction Ratings82%
Overall Size‎65.99 x 65 x 119.99 cm
Overall Weight of Chair20.44 Kg
Backrest Adjustment6 cm
SIHOO Tilt/Recline103°-113°-123°
Weight Capacity150 Kg
SIHOO M90 Seat Depth47 cm
SIHOO M90 Armest3D Only
User Height6 Feet 2 Inches
Seating Surface Thickness8 cm
Chair MaterialAluminum Alloy+Nylon+Mesh
Seating Surface Width50.5 cm
Overall SIHOO Chair Height117-127.5 cm
Armrest Width65.5 cm
Seat Height From Floor43-55 cm
Warranty3 Years + 30 Days Full Refund Policy
PriceView Low Price Offer

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SIHOO M90 Review: First Impression With Minor Inconvenience

Starting from the moment I received the SIHOO M90D office chair, I initially assumed that the assembly process would be similar to the SIHOO M18. However, I soon realized that the assembly process is a bit different than I had anticipated.

view of sihoo m90 arrival at home unboxing purchased tested by experts

The chair arrived in a large brown box with numerous parts and screws. The assembly process was time-consuming. It took me around twenty-five minutes to put all the pieces together correctly. Nevertheless, once I finally assembled the chair, I must admit that it felt sturdy and reliable.

Despite the availability of helpful resources, it required our careful attention to detail. Although all the necessary bolts and parts were included in the package, the setup was not the most user-friendly for those who prefer a straightforward and effortless assembly experience.

view of sihoo m90 setup and assembly tested by our experts
view of m90 office chair bolts nuts screws after unboxing package tested by experts

Moving on to the price, the SIHOO M90D is one of the mid-range budget options. During the discounted deals, it cost us £210 from the website.

During testing, we found that, compared to other models in the SIHOO office chair range, the M90D specifically focuses on offering adaptive lumbar support, which draws the most attention rather than design.

The seat cushion’s firmness was just right, and SIHOO M90’s adjustable armrests provided additional support, although I did find the tilting feature to be a bit stiff.

The rubber armrests, while not the most luxurious, provide a decent level of comfort and seem durable.

Moving on to the material inspection, the mesh material used for the headrest, back plate, and the seat feels soft yet sturdy, striking a good balance.

The chair’s foundation, a brushed aluminum five-leg base, offers stability and a solid grounding. Although there are more comfortable options available with memory foam seating, the SIHOO M90D provides a comfortable alternative at an affordable price.

Despite this minor inconvenience, the overall comfort level of the chair was satisfactory.

With ample adjustability and comfort, the headrest is also included. The SIHOO M90D can fall short of your expectations if you value consistency and desire that every piece of office furniture blends in perfectly.

SIHOO primarily focuses on office chairs rather than working on decor. They offer a wide variety of complementary home office equipment, such as desks and file cabinets.

Overall, the first impression was satisfactory with minor inconveniences. The SIHOO M90 does not have a perfect professional appearance that can complement any office environment. Additionally, it lacks adjustable lumbar support and has a less intuitive lever system. However, it still provides a comfortable sitting experience with its high-quality materials, as tested.

SIHOO M90 Review: Two Months Of Performance Testing

Over time, we have noticed certain changes. While certain aspects have remained perfect, others have started to show some shortcomings.

Let’s begin by discussing the comfort level. The seat cushion strikes a good balance between firmness and softness, ensuring a comfortable seating experience. While the SIHOO M90D isn’t the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in, it is far from being the least comfortable as well. So, it falls somewhere in the middle in terms of comfort.

view sihoo m90 two months of performance testing

Moving on to the positive aspects we found:

The adaptive lumbar support is advantageous, automatically adjusting to support the lower back and reducing strain.

I also appreciate the chair’s overall adjustability, allowing me to customize it to my liking. Additionally, the chair’s impressive weight capacity of up to 330 lbs (149 kg) is worth noting.

However, there are a few shortcomings that I observed during my usage:

The mesh back features an unusual pattern that may not appeal to everyone’s taste. While some may find it unique and eye-catching, others might prefer a simpler design.

The mesh backrest, with its distinct pattern, sets it apart from other office chairs, but the back of the chair is made of hard plastic, which detracts from its overall aesthetic appeal.

The armrests have a black color on top and the sides, but the silver metal base at the bottom is visible, compromising the chair’s visual consistency.

In terms of construction, the SIHOO M90D has a stable metal base in a silver color that complements the black seat cushion, armrests, and backrest.

However, the chair’s gas cylinder, used for height adjustment, also comes in silver, which doesn’t match well with the overall color scheme. This lack of color coordination could disappoint those who prefer a uniform look in their office furniture.

The back plate can be adjusted to three different positions, accommodating users of varying heights. While the chair lacks extensive adjustability options, I personally don’t find this to be a major issue, as excessive adjustments aren’t always necessary. The only minor downside I found is that the armrests don’t go as low as I prefer for gaming.

Overall, considering affordability and functionality as priorities, there are some drawbacks, such as the assembly process and design inconsistencies. However, it remains a viable option for those seeking an affordable ergonomic chair with a headrest.

Conclusion: Verdict

In conclusion, the SIHOO M90 office chair offers a satisfactory level of comfort with its well-balanced seat cushion and adaptive lumbar support. While it may not be the most comfortable chair on the market, it falls somewhere in the middle in terms of comfort. The chair’s overall adjustability and impressive weight capacity are commendable features that enhance its functionality.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider. The unusual pattern on the mesh backrest may not suit everyone’s taste, and the presence of hard plastic on the back of the chair detracts from its aesthetic appeal. The lack of visual consistency with the armrests, due to the visible silver metal base, is also worth noting. Furthermore, the assembly process can be time-consuming and less user-friendly compared to other models.

Despite these shortcomings, the SIHOO M90 remains a viable option for those seeking an affordable ergonomic chair with a headrest. It provides a comfortable seating experience and offers customization options. However, individuals who prioritize a seamless assembly process and design consistency may want to explore other alternatives in the market.

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