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Being homeowners in the UK, we understand the dedication that goes into maintaining a beautiful garden. We’ve spent weeks tirelessly perfecting our outdoor spaces, and, like many others, we’ve seen the value of investing in the right tools. In particular, we want to talk about a pretty helpful for any garden enthusiast – the Heavy Duty Strimmer, often referred to as a strimmer.

For those of us who are truly serious about our lawns, we’ve realized that achieving that flawless lawn can become an obsession. It’s all about the details, and having the right equipment is crucial. While a quality lawnmower is essential, a strimmer plays a unique and indispensable role. It’s the tool that lets you tackle those tricky spots your lawnmower can’t quite reach – think about the nooks around garden furniture, corners near walls, raised flower beds, and the spaces around decks.

But a strimmer isn’t just for the fussy gardener; it’s a versatile tool that can take on overgrown grass, slice through thick vegetation, and even make edging a breeze. The beauty of it? There’s a strimmer out there for everyone, whether you prefer a compact, lightweight model or something more robust we mean heavy duty strimmer. You can choose between mains power, battery power, or the raw power of a fuel-driven engine.

If you’re in a hurry to find the best one, you can navigate easily through the website to access our comparison list and table of contents for quick insights.

But first, let’s answer a fundamental question: What do strimmers do? Strimmers are like a gardener’s best friend, second only to the trusty lawnmower. They come in various models, and we’ll explore them further in our buyer’s guide. These nifty tools are perfect for tidying up the edges of your lawn, removing tall grass and stubborn weeds. Although we recommend keeping a pair of edging shears on hand for tight spots, a strimmer takes care of most of the heavy lifting.

Now, let’s dive into the world of Heavy Duty Strimmers, exploring the our first hand unboxing experience review together with the recent buyer reviews.

Best Heavy Duty Strimmer UK At A Glance

let’s look at the following

Heavy Duty StrimmerBuyer Satisfaction RatingsStores
Black & Decker GL703388%Low Price Offer
Cobra GT3024V82%Low Price Offer
Trueshopping82%Low Price Offer
WORX WG184E88%Low Price Offer
ParkerBrand82%Low Price Offer
Hyundai78%Low Price Offer

Choice Of Heavy Duty Strimmer

Selecting the perfect heavy-duty strimmer for your gardening needs isn’t just about the technical details; it’s also about what makes sense for your specific situation. Let me share my experience with the various options available.

For those of us with smaller gardens, electric trimmers with a mains line are the most budget-friendly choice. They get the job done without breaking the bank. However, I’ve found that in a larger garden, dealing with that cord can be a bit of a hassle. It’s easy to accidentally cut the cable, and you need an extensive extension cord. Plus, it’s crucial to use a circuit breaker to stay safe.

Cordless trimmers, on the other hand, are a game-changer. They’ve become my go-to choice. No more worries about cords; you only need to remember to charge the battery before use. The modern ones come with fast-charging, long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, which is a huge plus. But here’s the catch – not all cordless trimmers come with a battery and charger, so keep an eye on that when making your purchase. If you’ve already got tools that share the same battery system, going cordless can be quite economical.

Then there are the heavyweights – gasoline trimmers. They’re the powerhouse of the bunch and a must for those with vast properties and dense vegetation to tackle. However, they’re not exactly eco-friendly. They can be noisy, large, heavy, and a bit finicky when it comes to starting them up.

In my experience, each type has its pros and cons. But if you’re looking to go cordless with just one of your gardening tools, I’d say make it the strimmer. It’s a game-changer for those of us with bigger gardens. No more worrying about cords – just charge the battery and get to work.

In a nutshell, petrol strimmers are the most powerful, while corded and cordless electric versions are quite similar. When the battery on cordless strimmers starts to run low, performance may drop a bit. Both cordless and gasoline trimmers offer mobility, but petrol trimmers tend to be heavier, requiring a harness or shoulder strap for comfortable use.

Electric trimmers, with their limited cord length, can be a bit restrictive, but adding an extension lead can solve the problem. Corded strimmers are often the most affordable option, with no need to invest in costly batteries and chargers like cordless models. On the other hand, petrol-powered strimmers tend to be the priciest, both initially and in the long run.

Brush Cutter Vs Strimmer

On tests, at first glance, these two tools may seem quite similar, but it’s the cutting heads that set them apart.

We found that a standard strimmer is my go-to choice for cutting grass and dealing with some lighter weeds. It uses a nylon line that’s fed from a spool, and it’s surprisingly effective for these tasks. It’s the perfect tool for maintaining a neatly trimmed lawn and handling those pesky, but not too stubborn, weeds.

However, when the vegetation gets tougher and thicker, that’s when I turn to my trusty brush cutter. This tool is a real powerhouse, thanks to its multi-toothed metal blades. It can effortlessly slice through more robust weeds and even plants like brambles. When you’re faced with a wild, overgrown area of your garden, the brush cutter is your best friend.

One interesting thing I’ve discovered is that there are some tools on the market that can switch between being a brush cutter and a strimmer with just a simple change of the tool head. It’s like having the best of both worlds. But in most cases, you’ll find brush cutter and strimmer attachments sold separately. However, there are some gardening tools that come with both cutting heads as a default feature, which can be a real convenience.

Cutting Width of Heavy Duty Strimmer

You see, it’s no coincidence that the cutting width tends to be broader on more powerful strimmers. The wider the cutting swath, the more grass you can clear with each sweeping motion, which means less time spent working. The professional-grade petrol strimmers used by landscape gardeners can go as wide as 42 cm or even more. But for regular homeowners like me, strimmers typically range from 20 cm to 35 cm.

Now, here’s where the personal perspective comes in. I’ve found that the choice of cutting width is a trade-off. A wider cutting swath comes with a few trade-offs—it usually means the strimmer will be heavier and more costly. However, in my experience, the extra expense and weight are often well worth it. Why? Because a wider swath lets you clear a larger area in a shorter time, and you use less fuel or power doing it.

That said, it’s essential not to go overboard. Strimming can be physically demanding, and even with a shoulder strap, handling a heavier, more powerful strimmer for extended periods can be quite tiring. So, it’s about finding the right balance between cutting width, power, and your own comfort.

Power and Heavy Duty Strimmer Mechanism

When it comes to electric trimmers, you’ll often see a rating of 250W to 600W. The rule of thumb is simple: the higher the number, the more power it packs. So, if you’re looking to put your lawn trimmer to the test, a higher wattage is definitely preferable. Some manufacturers even claim their machines have clever gearing systems or smart processors that can do more with less, which can be quite handy.

Now, for battery-powered strimmers, it’s all about the voltage. You’ll come across 12V, 18V, or 24V for typical models, while the heavy-duty ones go up to 60V or even more. Here’s the key – the higher the voltage, the more competent the trimmer tends to be.

For petrol-powered strimmers, it’s all about engine capacity, measured in cubic centimeters (cc). The greater the engine capacity, the more power it packs to handle dense vegetation.

But here’s where it gets interesting: the mechanism for cutting. Most strimmers use a line-and-spool system. A plastic line emerges from a protected reel and cuts against the shield, maintaining the right length. The thickness of the line, usually 1.3mm to 2mm, determines the kind of grass and weeds it can handle. However, some strimmers use plastic blades, which are easier to replace but may require more frequent changes, and the costs can add up.

In my experience, I’ve found that some strimmers can handle heavy-duty lines or cartridges, making them perfect for tackling nettles, brambles, and other tough vegetation. As for helpful features, strimmers can come with edging wheels to keep them in the right position for edging, wheeled decks that transform them into mini-mowers, and plant protectors – those wire barriers that save your prized perennials from accidental trims while you’re multitasking in the garden. It’s truly one of the joys of gardening to avoid cutting the wrong thing when you’re distracted.

Best Heavy Duty Strimmer UK: Tried and Tested Models

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Black & Decker GL7033

black decker gl7033 heavy duty strimmer uk

Let’s dive into what I love and what I’d like to see improved about this black & decker GL7033 heavy duty strimmer piece of gardening equipment.

First off, the power of this strimmer is truly something to behold. I opted for the 700W unit, and it has proven to be more than sufficient for most garden tasks. It’s incredibly powerful, making short work of even thick, overgrown grass. But here’s the catch, as with great power comes great responsibility. When used incorrectly, it can throw debris around, which is why I strongly recommend safety goggles or even a face shield. Wearing gloves is a must, and don’t forget to cover up your arms to avoid getting hit by the kicked-up debris. If your grass is shorter and lighter, you might get away without all the gear.

Picture below of package arrival of heavy duty strimmer and testing practical for weeks.

view of unboxed black decker gl7033 heavy duty strimmer uk tried and tested for several week unboxing purchased package arrival at home testing experience

I also noticed that the cables on this strimmer are notably thicker and more robust compared to my previous 200W Flymo. This means they last longer, which is a big plus. It’s a medium to heavy-duty tool, and it managed to clear my garden in under 10 minutes, a task that used to take me a grueling 30 minutes before. The strimmer is slightly heavier as a unit, but it’s not overly cumbersome. Just keep an eye on the weight.

One of the standout features is its ability to handle grass almost as well as a petrol unit. You won’t need to go over the same spot multiple times; it’s quite efficient. However, I’d advise being extra cautious not to hit the soil as this strimmer can make quick work of loose soil, which is the price you pay for its power.

But no product is perfect. While this strimmer does a lot of things right, it does lack cable storage hooks. Unlike my previous unit, there’s no built-in storage for the cable. A small inconvenience, but it would have been handy to have.

So, whether you have an overgrown garden or simply want to tackle your gardening tasks more efficiently, this strimmer is worth considering. Just remember to handle it with care, and you’ll be pleased with the results.

Cobra GT3024V

cobra gt3024v heavy duty strimmer uk

Having recently tested the Cobra GT3024V Heavy Duty Strimmer, I’d like to share my experiences and thoughts on this gardening tool, including its strengths and areas where it might need some improvement.

Let’s start with the positive aspects. One noticeable advantage is its cordless design. No more dealing with wires that tangle and limit your movement. This feature alone provides a lot of freedom, and I appreciate not having to constantly untangle cords while working in the garden.

The strimmer also boasts a good balance of power and battery life, especially when used in Eco mode. It’s perfect for handling small garden tasks and can go a long way on a single charge. For light grass trimming or edging, you might not even need to switch to Turbo mode, which helps conserve battery life.

On the note of weight, it’s quite light compared to some other battery-powered strimmers I’ve used in the past. This makes it easier to handle and maneuver, reducing the strain on your arms during longer gardening sessions. The Cobra GT3024V proves itself as a user-friendly tool, and that’s always a plus.

However, not everything is perfect. There are some downsides to consider. For instance, while Eco mode is sufficient for light tasks, Turbo mode is needed for more demanding jobs. The catch is that using Turbo mode drains the battery quickly, which means you might need to recharge it more often, depending on the size of your garden.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the simplicity of the strimmer’s design. While it’s user-friendly, it doesn’t offer as many features as some other models on the market. This might not be a deal-breaker for everyone, but it’s something to consider if you’re looking for a more versatile gardening tool.


trueshopping heavy duty strimmer uk

I recently had the opportunity to test the Trueshopping Heavy Duty Strimmer, and I’d like to share my experiences with you, highlighting its strengths and areas where it could be improved.

Starting with the positives, I was impressed by the overall performance of this strimmer. It’s a beast when it comes to tackling overgrown areas, and it had no trouble dealing with tall grass and weeds. This is precisely the type of tool you need for more demanding tasks in your garden or on your property.

The assembly process was relatively straightforward, and the included instructions were clear and easy to follow. It’s important to note that this strimmer arrives in two packages, one containing the engine and other components, and the other containing the strimmer drive shaft. Once assembled, the strimmer started without any issues, following the mix proportions specified in the instructions.

view of trueshopping heavy duty strimmer uk tried and tested for several week unboxing purchased package arrival at home testing experience

One aspect that stood out is its power, especially when equipped with the metal blade. It effortlessly cuts through the toughest bushes and overgrown areas, saving you time and effort. However, I did encounter an issue with the included sling, which broke after about 10 minutes of use. It seems that this is a common problem, and I’d recommend looking for a more robust replacement sling.

On the positive side, Trueshopping’s customer service was excellent. After contacting them regarding the broken sling, I received a free replacement the very next day. This kind of customer service truly makes a difference and is a big plus when considering future purchases.

To provide a well-rounded perspective, I should mention that some users might find this strimmer a bit heavy and challenging to balance, especially when just starting. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes more manageable, but it might not be ideal for those looking for an extremely lightweight tool.

It’s important to consider your specific needs and the size of the area you’ll be working on. If you have significant overgrowth to tackle, this strimmer can be a reliable companion. However, for smaller, more delicate tasks, a lighter and more maneuverable option might be a better fit.


worx wg184e heavy duty strimmer uk

Starting with the positives, this cordless electric strimmer impressed me with its capability to tackle various gardening tasks. As I contemplated between petrol and electric strimmers, the Worx WG184E stood out as an electric option that met my expectations. It’s well-constructed and has a solid build, ensuring its durability over time.

Assembly was a breeze, thanks in part to an instructional video that made it even more straightforward. Within just a minute, I had the strimmer ready for action. One standout feature is the edging tool, which delivered a professional finish to the lawn’s edge in no time. It didn’t take me long to become proficient at edging, and this contributed to an efficient and polished look for my lawn.

In a larger garden job, this strimmer demonstrated its prowess by tackling tall, challenging grass with ease. It handled overgrown areas neatly, making short work of a daunting task. However, one thing to note is that it appeared to drain the battery rather quickly, especially when operating at full throttle. To maximize battery life, I found that using it at half-throttle significantly extended its usage time. The provided 2 x 2Ah batteries lasted approximately 20 minutes on challenging terrain. It’s clear that the power this machine produces is comparable to petrol strimmers without the hassle of dealing with fuel and noise.

The spool used minimal line, which is a welcome feature, and the machine’s power output is impressive. Overall, the Worx WG184E provides performance that’s on par with petrol alternatives but with the added benefits of reduced mess and noise.

In terms of drawbacks, I noticed that it occasionally required line adjustments when starting and stopping the machine, resulting in some line consumption. The “command feed” button, which automatically releases line, can be a bit too enthusiastic. This means that additional line is used during each stop-start cycle, which could be a minor inconvenience if you’re dealing with substantial areas.


parkerbrand heavy duty strimmer uk

This ParkerBrand Heavy Duty Strimmer offers good value for its price. It’s a solid product that’s relatively easy to assemble, thanks to the clear instructions provided. The product has several notable pros that make it a cost-effective choice. The engine is powerful, and it’s easy to maintain, including changing spark plugs. The harness system and stock cutting line are effective, and the engine pull start simplifies the startup process.

However, some aspects could be improved. The choke system has room for enhancement, and the stock where the cutting line is held could be better. The bump stock feature is challenging to use effectively. The blade, while functional, lacks durability, particularly when encountering tough obstacles like tree stumps or stones. Additionally, the bump start mechanism can be unreliable, leading to the need for manual line changes, which can be inconvenient.

The product’s design appears to draw inspiration from industry leaders like STIHL, which is a positive trait as it provides industrial-grade performance at a more affordable price point. The engine, in particular, offers great power within its price range, making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks like tackling overgrown gardens.

It’s worth noting that the fuel cap can be slightly awkward to fill from, but this may vary based on personal preferences. Some users might encounter initial difficulties with the choke system, leading to overheating, but once started correctly, the strimmer performs well for demanding garden work.

The stock cutting line is reasonably durable, but the blade attachments may seem somewhat gimmicky, with limited longevity. The product includes a harness that offers decent comfort, although loading and unloading the machine onto the harness can be cumbersome, especially due to the strimmer’s weight.

This strimmer is relatively heavy compared to similar-sized machines, which may not be suitable for users with mobility issues or back problems. However, the handles and trigger system are ergonomic and user-friendly.

ParkerBrand is known for its innovative nut/bolt/plate locking systems, making it easy to switch between the stock and blade attachments. The package even includes the necessary tools for this purpose, making it a convenient feature.

To address the weight and harness concerns, users may need to make adjustments to the harness and handle setup to optimize comfort and usability. While the product has some drawbacks, its overall value for money is noteworthy, offering a powerful strimming solution for heavy-duty tasks.

The inclusion of a tool case with the product, where small tools for altering the machine can be stored, is a practical and appreciated feature. It ensures quick adjustments when working on different tasks.


hyundai  heavy duty strimmer uk

Firstly, this Hyundai Heavy Duty strimmer proved to be a valuable tool for tidying up field margins, especially after haymaking. It handles regular grass and light growth quite well, providing a neat and tidy finish. The assembly process was relatively straightforward, saving time during setup.

However, it’s important to note that when dealing with very long grass, even on the highest setting, this strimmer may face some difficulties. It’s advisable to keep extra 4mm line on hand, as the machine consumes it relatively quickly, and it’s best to be prepared. During operation, I noticed that the area above the ground guide often accumulates grass, requiring regular cleaning.

One notable shortcoming I encountered during testing was that the bracket holding the wire broke off on one side on the very first day of use. Fortunately, I found alternative attachment points, but this issue suggests a need for sturdier construction.

Overall, the Hyundai Heavy Duty Strimmer proved to be a good-quality piece of equipment, but it may be better suited for tasks that involve regular grass and lighter growth. If your work primarily involves tackling very tough or overgrown areas, you might want to consider a more heavy-duty solution, such as a tractor and topper.

On the positive side, the machine starts well, thanks to the primer button, and the engine control and strimmer engagement lever work effectively. However, I encountered difficulties when attempting to register the machine for warranty, as it was not listed on the manufacturer’s website. This raised concerns about the customer warranty service and how potential claims would be handled.

Furthermore, the packaging of the machine was not ideal, with the bottom of the box giving way during transport. This affected the overall presentation and left room for improvement in terms of packaging quality.

One potential area of improvement would be to offer a version of the strimmer with enhanced capabilities, such as a steel blade, to handle tougher brush and growth effectively.

How We Test

Testing heavy-duty strimmers involves a rigorous process to assess their performance, durability, and overall suitability for heavy-duty tasks. Here’s an overview of how we conduct these tests:

  1. Initial Inspection: We start by thoroughly inspecting the strimmer to ensure it is correctly assembled and free from any defects or damage. This step helps establish a baseline for the evaluation.
  2. Performance Testing: We assess the strimmer’s performance in various scenarios, including cutting long grass, weeds, brush, and tough vegetation. We measure its cutting efficiency, speed, and its ability to handle different types of terrain.
  3. Longevity and Durability: To evaluate the strimmer’s durability, we conduct extended use tests. This involves continuous operation over an extended period to assess how well the machine holds up under heavy, continuous workloads.
  4. Adjustability and Handling: We test the strimmer’s adjustable features, including height settings and handlebar adjustments. Evaluating its ease of use and ergonomics is vital to determine if it can be comfortably operated during prolonged use.
  5. Line and Blade Performance: We assess the longevity and durability of the cutting line or blade. This includes how well they withstand contact with obstacles such as rocks, trees, and stumps, and how often they need replacement.
  6. Safety Features: The strimmer’s safety features are rigorously tested to ensure they effectively protect the operator during operation. This includes assessing safety guards, harness systems, and emergency shutoff mechanisms.
  7. User-Friendly Features: We evaluate additional features that enhance the user experience, such as easy-start mechanisms, vibration reduction systems, and noise levels.
  8. Fuel Efficiency: For petrol-powered strimmers, we test fuel efficiency, assessing how long the machine can run on a full tank and the ease of refilling the fuel.
  9. Environmental Impact: We consider the strimmer’s impact on the environment, taking into account emissions (for petrol engines), noise levels, and any eco-friendly features.
  10. Maintenance and Repairs: We assess the ease of routine maintenance tasks, such as cleaning, replacing parts, and sharpening blades. This helps determine if the strimmer is user-friendly in terms of upkeep.
  11. Customer Feedback: We also consider user feedback and reviews to gather insights into real-world experiences with the strimmer. This can provide valuable information on long-term performance and common issues.
  12. Comparative Analysis: We compare the strimmer’s performance, features, and price to similar models on the market. This helps potential buyers understand how it stacks up against the competition.
  13. Recommendations: Based on our tests and evaluations, we provide recommendations and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the strimmer. These recommendations are intended to guide consumers in making informed purchase decisions.

Our testing process aims to provide a comprehensive evaluation of heavy-duty strimmers, helping consumers choose the right tool for their specific needs and requirements.

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