Autofull Vs Secretlab Gaming Chair: Which Will Reign Supreme?

if you are looking for a comparison review of Autofill Vs Secretlab, this article is for you. Don’t go anywhere keep reading this one.

We’ve had the opportunity to unbox, try, and test two renowned gaming chair brands: Autofull and Secretlab.

After testing for several weeks, we found both gaming chairs have their own appreciating features as per the price.

Throughout our first-hand experience investigation, we’ve paid close attention to the each of parts. On the one hand autofill gaming is only with the 2D armrest, whereas Secretlab provides us with 4D armrest advancement.

Autofull utilizes super soft leather, known for its soft and smooth texture, while Secretlab incorporates PRIME 2.0 PU leather, strongly stitched, renowned for its durability, stain resistance, and easy maintenance.

Both brands put maximum effort to justify the cost they are offering in the market. Secretlab prioritizes the gamer’s comfort and ensures optimal seating positions for extended gaming sessions as tested.

With the variable weight capacity accommodation, we did a proper assessment of size options.

Let’s look at the in-depth insights to make the right choice.

Key Specifications Of Autofull Vs Secretlab

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We are comparing only two successful units Autofull C3 and Secretlab Titan Evo.

FeaturesAutofull Secretlab
Sold To:600+ Customers80+ Customers
Buyer Satisfaction Ratings96%96%
Size of Chair70 x 70 x 131cm49.02 x 55.88 x 130.05 cm
Inside MaterialAll SteelFull-Metal
Weight Capacity150 kg (330 pounds )170 kg (390 pounds )
Recline Tilt90-145°90-165°
Lumbar Support2D4D
Tall Height Range5’0″ to 6’2″ inches5’5″ to 6’2″ inches
Wheel BaseHeavy Duty NylonADC 12 Aluminum
Warranty3 Years5 Years
Full Refund30 Days Full Refund Policy30 Days Full Refund Policy
Price (UK)Low Price offerLow Price offer
Price (US)Low Price offerLow Price offer

Secretlab: Our Unboxing And Testing Experience

Let’s begin with our eye catchy and one of the most recommended gaming chairs on Reddit as well Secretlab.

view of secret lab gaming chair unboxing purchased package arrival at home

When purchasing the Secretlab, the description stated that there were no design compromises, and that strength was ensured through rigorous testing and international certifications.

Tests revealed that this Secretlab is best suited for those between the heights of 5’7″ and 6’2″. I might be a little shorter than the advised height, though, at 5’6″.

The unboxing process was the first step in our personal experience before writing the evaluation. We discovered a QR code that connects us directly to an assembly video inside the chair’s packaging.

Having detailed instructions close at hand is practical. While having a companion to help with assembly can make it simpler.

We discovered the Secretlab access card, a user guide, and details about various upholstery choices, including the soft weave plus, napa leather, and microfiber leatherette, within the packaging. We have the leatherette version in this instance.

Although I personally don’t use head pillows often, there was also a magnetic pillow available. But it might make me change my mind.

We initially thought the chair’s seat was wide and roomy, which is fantastic for comfort.

I installed the casters and placed the hydraulic piston into the wheelbase as directed repeatedly. As professionals, we advise starting with the top screw while fitting the backrest.

Finally, we checked that the backrest of the chair was in line with the specifications for height and recline.

The four-way L-ADAPT lumbar system, which adjusts to the curvature of our spine, was the first element we looked at when discussing the features that tested our experience.

I discovered the ideal back support by adjusting the knobs behind the elbows. It is wonderfully cozy and encouraging.

Additionally, the armrests can be moved up and down, side to side, curved, and forward and backward. I made the decision to alter them to my taste by bending them inward to create a true gaming experience.

Overall, we approved firm support and did not struggle to find the right adjustment. We recommend this most comfortable gaming chair.

Autofull: Our Unboxing And Testing Experience

The Autofull package arrived a week later. But we were really impressed with the stunning design a real contentor of Secrelab in terms of looks.

view of autofull gaming chair unboxing purchased package arrival at home

We got our hands on the Autofull boom graffiti gaming chair. It is with unique graffiti embroidery and is a popular choice for e-sports.

During testing, we found, autofill is surprisingly ahead of Secretlab in accommodating more height range of 5’0″ to 6’2″ inches.

Setting up the chair was a breeze, taking me only 15 to 20 minutes which was quicker than Secretlab.

While ordering online, one description that impressed us the most was the level of detail and craftsmanship. The 240,700 stitches of exquisite embroidery gave the chair a tactile quality that surpassed my expectations.

autofull our unboxing and testing experience

Once I settled into the chair, I immediately noticed the difference in comfort compared to my previous gaming chair. The waist support and 2D adjustable armrests are not with many customizing options as of Secretlab.

The high-density native-shaped sponge caught our special attention as it was around 4.3 inches. After testing for several weeks, not only I did feel great against my skin, but it also proved adequate that withstanding for my gaming sessions.

The 145-degree tilt function is an add-on improvement to the rocking function and footrest, providing an extended level of relaxation.

Overall, for budget-friendly gamers, one of our top priority recommendations.

Autofull Vs Secretlab: Pricing And Brand Recognition

Moving on to price comparison. Autofull chairs generally offer a more budget-friendly option, providing satisfactory features at a relatively lower cost.

On the other hand, Secretlab chairs tend to have a higher price range, reflecting the premium materials, customization options, and advanced features they offer.

On brand recognition, Secretlab is relatively new and became popular quickly in the gaming community, establishing itself as a leading brand.

Whereas, autofill had brand recognition for over a decade. It is popular as a choice totally unlike the inferior quality gaming chairs. this does not undermine the quality and value Autofull chairs provide as per the price.

Overall, the best part is both are with a warranty option.

Autofull Vs Secretlab: Comfort And Style

The Design and style vary from model to model. But the Model we ordered online were excel in their design aesthetics.

We found Secretlab more comfortable for us but autofill was satisfactory with no complaints.

The Autofull’s Boom Graffiti gaming chair had its exceptional graffiti embroidery, adding a unique and personalized touch to our gaming setup.

On the other hand, Secretlab chair Titan Evo boasts a plush and high-quality design, featuring sleek lines and premium finishes.

Both brands offer visually appealing options that can enhance the overall look of your gaming space.

In terms of comfort, Secretlab is with highly customization features for a variety of body types. We found more flexibility in the back and base of the chair. For height options, Autofull is 5’0″ to 6’2″ inches more suitable.

Overall, both provide optimal comfort tailored to your body.

Autofull Vs Secretlab: Size and Model Variations

Autofull and Secretlab offer different size options to cater to varying body types and preferences. Autofull chairs, such as the Boom Graffiti gaming chair, provide a 52.5-centimeter cushion, suitable for both small and large body types.

Secretlab chairs, come in different sizes, including an extra-large model, accommodating users of diverse sizes and ensuring a comfortable fit. The availability of various size options allows users to choose the chair that best suits their specific needs.

Secretlab OmegaSecretlab Titan
Secretlab Titan XLSecretlab Throne
Secretlab TITAN Evo
Secretlab: Sizes and Models

On weight capacity, Autofull gaming chairs typically have a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds, accommodating a wide range of body types. Secretlab chairs generally have a weight capacity of up to 290 pounds for regular models, and up to 390 pounds for the Titan XL series.


In conclusion, after unboxing, trying, and testing both the Autofull and Secretlab gaming chairs for several weeks, it’s clear that both brands offer exceptional features and qualities as per the price.

But also limitations on the other side such as height range, weight capacity, and armrests are the noticeable differences.

With Autofull chair we had fatigue-reducing experience with footrest. Whereas, prioritizing long hours of sessions with sleek and professional design Secretlab we thoroughly experience a wide range of customization options.

In terms of pricing, Autofull provides a more affordable option with a few compromising features, while Secretlab offers a premium experience at a higher price point.

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