SIHOO M18 Review: Does It Live Up to the Hype? Find Out Now!

If you are looking for a first-hand unboxing experience of the SIHOO M18 chair, this article is for you. Stay right here and keep reading.

Our purpose in buying the SIHOO M18 office chair was to compare it with its competitor, the SIHOO V1 office chair, and determine which one best meets our specific requirements.

The attractive price tag and numerous positive ratings were the main factors that compelled us to give it a try.

During our testing, we noticed significant differences in comfort level and overall performance between the SIHOO M18 and other office chairs.

After consistent use for the first three weeks, we found that the dimensions of the SIHOO M18 are perfectly suited for an average body type. However, it is not the ideal office chair for taller individuals exceeding the height of 6 feet 1 inch.

This comprehensive guide will share our first-hand experiences with the SIHOO M18, providing honest reviews and insights from recent buyers. We have unboxed it, extensively tested it, and tried out its features for several weeks.

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Let’s dive in and explore more in-depth.

Key Specifications Of SIHOO M18 Office Chair Review

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FeatureSIHOO M18 Ergonomic Office Chair
Sold To:12000+ Customers
Customer Satisfaction Ratings87%
Overall Chair Size‎70 x 70 x 107 cm
Seat Height From Floor43~51cm
Seating Surface Width53 cm
Seating Surface Thickness8.5 cm
Backrest Width51 cm
Backrest Height53 cm
Armrest Movements2D
Armrest Width25 cm
Distance of Armrests53 cm
Weight Capacity120 Kg Practical
Headrest Height, Width17.5 cm, 29.5 cm
Max User Height6 Feet 1 inches
Title and Recline110, 116, and 126 degrees
Warranty30 Days Full Refund Policy
Price (UK)Low Price Offer
Price (US)Low Price Offer

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SIHOO M18 Office Chair Review: First Impression With Desired Support

Assembling the SIHOO M18 ergonomic office chair was a breeze from my testing experience. I found the process to be rather simple, and the white gloves included in the package were a thoughtful addition, keeping my hands clean and protected during assembly.

See the picture of the SIHOO m18 ergonomic office chair package arrival at home.

view of sihoo m18 ergonomic office chair unboxing purchased package arrival home

Although I encountered a minor difficulty in achieving symmetrical armrest height due to misaligned guide holes, it was a small setback that required some trial and error to rectify. Overall, the assembly process went smoothly, thanks to the well-organized and securely wrapped parts provided in the box.

See the picture below.

view of assembly parts of sihoo m18

The clear and concise instructions included in the package made the setup procedure even easier. It took me only about 25 minutes to put the chair together with minimal difficulty, and I was ready to start using it right away.

The SIHOO M18 office chair boasts a sturdy steel frame, ensuring stability and durability. The headrest and backrest, made of breathable polyester mesh, allowed for efficient airflow, which was particularly beneficial during long sessions..

While the armrests lacked padding, they still provided sufficient support with their nylon construction and polyurethane surface.

See the picture below.

view of sihoo m18 assembly and construction

In terms of dimensions, the chair’s height ranging from 43.31 to 49.21 inches, a width of 20.87 inches at the seat, and a depth of 17.72 inches offered ample space for individuals of various body shapes. Additionally, with a weight capacity of 330 pounds, the chair felt secure and stable.

I appreciated that the package included all the necessary tools, spare parts, and gloves, eliminating the need for additional equipment and ensuring a hassle-free assembly process.

Moving on to the comfort and material aspects of the SIHOO M18 chair, I found the combination of tighter mesh, soft cotton, and raw cotton used in the seat to be quite cozy. The chair proved to be suitable for various activities such as meetings, gaming, or basic home office work.

Adjusting the chair’s height was a breeze, thanks to the gas lift mechanism and conveniently located handle. However, I noticed some minor imperfections in the roundness of the casters, which slightly affected their smoothness of movement.

It’s worth noting that the chair incorporates several plastic parts, including the adjustment controls and silver accents. While functional, these plastic components may not be as durable as their metal counterparts in the updated version of the chair.

The upholstery had a slightly rough texture and had a tendency to generate static electricity, particularly on the backrest, which could be mildly discomforting in extremely dry climates.

Nevertheless, the mesh back of the chair provided excellent ventilation, ensuring a comfortable sitting experience overall.

view of sihoo m18 office chair material and comfortability

Regarding the mechanical movements of the SIHOO M18 chair, I found its adjustable features to be effective in alleviating physical stress.

The height-adjustable function allowed me to find the ideal sitting posture for my height, ensuring that my feet were parallel to the floor.

The chair’s three reclined configurations, with tilt settings of 110, 116, and 126 degrees, provided flexibility for finding the perfect angle of comfort. Adjusting the tension lever allowed me to achieve optimal support balance.

The adjustable lumbar support pad proved to be equally helpful, with vertical and forward/backward adjustments of 1.9 inches and 1.2 inches, respectively.

The movable armrests were another valuable feature, as I could adjust their height by 2.8 inches to provide optimal support for my arms and shoulders.

The adjustable headrest, with a height variation of 3.9 inches and a rotation of 45 degrees, seemed useful, although I cannot provide a fair opinion on its regular use.

view of sihoo m18 lumbar mechanical movements

Overall, my experience with the SIHOO M18 office chair was generally positive. The assembly process was straightforward, and the chair’s sturdy construction, comfortable material composition, and adjustable features contributed to a pleasant sitting experience. Despite minor shortcomings such as misaligned armrest guide holes and slight imperfections in the casters’ roundness, the chair offered good value for its price range.

SIHOO M18 Office Chair Review: Testing Performance for 9 Months

After testing the SIHOO M18 office chair for a period of 9 months, I saw a few changes but it excels in terms of comfort. While the seat initially felt stiff, it gradually broke in and became more comfortable over time. It strikes a great balance between softness and support, allowing for extended periods of comfortable sitting.

One of the standout features of the chair is the W-shaped indentation on the seat, which helps alleviate pressure on the thighs and promotes good seating posture. Throughout my daily 6 to 8-hour usage for 4 months, the chair consistently provided exceptional support, ventilation, and comfort.

The waterfall edge design of the seat provides ample space for the thighs, and the 20-inch width and depth of the seat accommodate the majority of users. The SIHOO M18 offers several ergonomic adjustments to enhance the user experience.

In addition to the three-inch height adjustment of the headrest, the chair also offers a tilt range of up to 45 degrees. However, I did notice that the headrest tended to shift too easily and could benefit from some improvement.

The armrests are height adjustable, providing a decent range of adjustment. However, they do not offer 4D movements, which may be a drawback for some users seeking more versatile armrest positioning.

The backrest of the chair can be reclined up to 125 degrees. However, compared to other office chairs, I found that the locking mechanism occasionally gets stuck at the maximum angle, requiring more effort to unlock.

The chair’s height adjustability range is suitable for users who are around 5’9″ tall. Despite being made of plastic, the lumbar support provides good lower back support and can be adjusted for height and depth to achieve a personalized fit.

It’s important to note that when not finding the sweet spot, I experienced some discomfort and occasional loss of focus. However, these issues were effectively addressed by the SIHOO M18’s range of configurable features, which allowed me to find a comfortable position.

Overall, the SIHOO M18 office chair stands out with its ergonomic features and well-designed seat, offering a good level of comfort. While there are a few minor concerns with the headrest and locking mechanism, they are negligible in the grand scheme of things.

Moving on to color variations and pricing, I had the opportunity to test the black version of the SIHOO M18 ergonomic office chair, and it exceeded my expectations.

The chair is available in three color options: black, grey, and orange, catering to different preferences. Each variation is priced differently, but I found the chair to be exceptionally affordable, especially considering the discounts available on Amazon.

With a 40% off coupon, the black version, originally priced at £189.99, is now available for £150. This discount provides a significant opportunity for cost savings, making it an attractive choice for those looking for a budget-friendly option.

The grey version is currently discounted by 50%, reducing the price from £230 to approximately £180. The orange model is also priced at £179.99, offering a similar price point to the grey version.

Considering the high-quality design and features of the SIHOO M18, these reduced prices are quite enticing.

Conclusion: Verdict

In conclusion, while SIHOO M18 ergonomic office chair exhibits some inconsistencies in build quality, such as the selective tilt mechanism, it compensates with its comfortable seat and adaptive lumbar support. The chair’s materials, including the roughness of the upholstery, may be minor nuisances but don’t significantly impact overall performance.

Despite its flaws, the SIHOO M18 offers a worthwhile option for individuals on a budget, providing adequate comfort and essential ergonomic features.

FeatureScore (out of 10)
Adjustable Headrest8
Breathable Mesh8.5
Armrests Movments7.5
Lumbar Support9
Design Options8.5
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