Top Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Reddit 2023

if you are looking for Reddit’s Favorite Top Best Noise Cancelling Headphones, this article is for you. Don’t go anywhere, keep reading this one.

From discussions about life-changing purchases to insightful threads on must-have gadgets, Redditors have always shown their enthusiasm for sharing their experiences.

In fact, one particular thread on “Ask Reddit” garnered significant attention, attracting over 8000 comments discussing the best personal purchases. I’ve found opinions Reddit users speak out.

ask reddits noise cancelling headphones

Among the sea of responses, one item stood out, securing the top spot with more than two thousand upvotes: noise-cancelling headphones. See the picture below.

noise cancelling headphones reddit upvotes

The best part of this walkthrough guide is we have a first-hand experience with one of Reddit’s popular recommendations Bose QC35. We used it for several weeks and identify exceptional features over other competitors.

Throughout the testing process, we had no complaints and resulting in all around really good.

In this article, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of the best noise-cancelling headphones Reddit has been recommending.

We’ve scoured the platform to bring you the most upvoted answers from Redditors who have shared their experiences, ensuring you make an informed decision in your search for the perfect pair of headphones.

But before that, if you want to pursue the following Reddits, get educated more about headphones. Follow the following popular Subreddits.

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Let’s dive deep into the collective wisdom of passionate Redditors.

Top Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Reddit At A Glance

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Reddit’s best noise-canceling headphones are SONY-MX4, Bose QC35, and Soundscore QC 30.

SONY-MX4 has been highly recommended by Redditors as the top noise-canceling headphone, Bose QC35 is praised as the best in terms of sound quality and features, while Soundscore QC 30 has emerged as a popular choice for its excellent comfort and audio performance. You can think of the three as the best noise-canceling headphones according to Reddit.

Let’s look at the following.

Reddit’s Choice HeadPhonesReddit’s VerdictPrice
SONY-MX4Highest UpvotesLow Price Offer (US)
Low Price Offer (UK)
 Bose QC35Good UpvotesLow Price Offer (US)
Low Price Offer (UK)
Soundscore QC 30Best BudgetLow Price Offer (US)
Low Price Offer (UK)

See the picture below.

ask reddit upvotes soundscore qc 30

The recent consensus among Redditors points to two standout models: the SONY-MX4 and the Bose QC35.

Below picture of unboxing purchased package arrival home after Reddit recommendation.

view bose qc35 noise cancellating headphones unboxing purchased package arrival home reddit recommendation

Both headphones have consistently received the highest number of upvotes and praise on Reddit. See the picture below.

sony mx4 highest upvotes reddit

These noise-cancelling powerhouses have impressed users with their ability to deliver unparalleled sound quality while effectively blocking out unwanted external noise.

For those with a limited budget, Reddit has also highlighted an excellent option: the Soundscore QC 30.

This budget-friendly alternative provides impressive noise cancelling capabilities without compromising audio performance.

So, regardless of your budget, there’s a noise cancelling headphone option for you.

It’s worth noting that SONY has already introduced an upgraded version of their popular MX4 model – the MX5. I’ve found opinions Reddit users speak out see below.

sony mx4 model reddit

However, opinions on whether the upgrade is worth it remain divided within the Reddit community. Based on our research, if you’re in the market for new noise cancelling headphones, we recommend opting for the MX5 version.

However, if you already own the MX4, there may be no immediate need to upgrade, as the MX4 has already gained recognition as one of the best headphones ever made, as noted by a Redditor.

What Reddit Says On Sony MX4

Sony MX4’s headphones have left a lasting impression on the Reddit community. Redditors have praised the MX4’s ability to deliver exceptional noise-cancelling capabilities while providing convenient customization options to suit various listening environments.

The MX4’s noise-cancelling technology is nothing short of impressive. With the “Headphones Connect” app, users can effortlessly adjust the noise-cancelling settings according to their surroundings.

Whether you’re on a train and still want to hear important announcements or seeking complete immersion in your music, the MX4 allows for easy customization.

But that’s not all the app offers – it also provides access to an equalizer and Sony’s renowned 360 Reality Audio setup, enhancing the overall audio experience.

In terms of convenience, the Sony MX4 comes with several useful accessories. It includes an airplane adapter, a jack plug, and a sleek and durable travel case, making it an ideal companion for those on the go.

Additionally, the MX4 comes with a USB cable for charging, addressing one common concern with noise-cancelling headphones. However, the MX4’s battery life exceeds expectations, lasting over 30 hours on a single charge.

Even more impressive is the quick charging feature – just 10 minutes of charging provides up to 5 hours of continuous music playback. And for times when charging isn’t possible, you can simply use the jack plug for a wired connection.

Once you experience the Sony MX4 headphones, it becomes clear why Reddit users recommend them.

From their remarkable noise-cancelling capabilities to the customizable settings and convenient accessories, the MX4 has earned its place as a top contender in the world of noise-cancelling headphones.

Reddit Insights On Over-Ear Vs On-Ear Vs In-ear

When it comes to active noise cancelling, the general consensus on Reddit leans towards over-ear headphones being superior. I’ve found opinions Reddit users speak out see below.

reddit insights on over ear vs on ear vs in ear

Their larger size allows for comprehensive sound isolation, providing an immersive listening experience. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that comfort plays a significant role, and individuals may have different preferences.

view of bose qc35 noise cancellating headphones our unboxing and testing experience
view of bose qc35 noise cancellating headphones manual instructions

Reddit users have expressed varying opinions on in-ear noise cancelling headphones, showcasing the diversity of personal experiences and comfort levels.

Over-ear headphones offer several advantages. Firstly, they excel in noise cancellation, effectively blocking out unwanted external sounds.

Additionally, they provide a comfortable fit, allowing for extended listening sessions without discomfort.

The sound quality and bass response of over-ear headphones are often highly regarded, providing an immersive audio experience.

However, over-ear headphones also come with a few disadvantages. In hot weather conditions, they can become burdensome due to their larger size and coverage. I’ve found opinions Reddit users speak out see below.

over ear headphones disadvantages reddit

Additionally, their size makes them less portable, making travel a bit more challenging compared to smaller alternatives.

On the other hand, in-ear headphones with noise cancelling functionality have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. In terms of portability, they are incredibly easy to carry and travel with, making them a convenient choice.

Despite their smaller size, they still offer good sound isolation. In-ear headphones are often preferred by those who engage in physical activities such as going to the gym, as they provide a secure fit.

However, it’s important to note that noise cancellation capabilities are usually better in over-ear headphones due to their larger drivers and earcup design.

Additionally, in-ear headphones may require more frequent cleaning, as they can accumulate earwax faster. Comfort levels can also vary, and some individuals may find in-ear headphones uncomfortable for extended periods.

What Makes Noise Cancelling Headphones Voted by Redditors

One of the primary reasons Redditors emphasize the worth of noise cancelling headphones is their ability to block out unwanted noise, enabling users to have a more immersive and enjoyable listening experience.

Whether you’re trying to concentrate on work or simply looking to relax, noise-cancelling technology creates a serene audio environment that helps you focus better and unwind.

In noisy environments, such as during travel or work, noise cancelling headphones become indispensable tools. I’ve found opinions see below.

bose qc35 noise cancelling headphones worth by redditors

By reducing or eliminating ambient noise, these headphones allow users to immerse themselves fully in their music or tasks, leading to increased productivity and better overall performance.

Redditors highlight the benefits of noise cancelling headphones in enhancing concentration and providing a life-changing experience in loud environments.

what makes noise cancelling headphones voted by redditors

Not only do noise cancelling headphones enhance the audio experience, but they also offer practical advantages when it comes to communication.

Redditors have pointed out that during phone calls, noise cancelling headphones enable better hearing and understanding between the parties involved. This feature proves invaluable in loud environments, making conversations clearer and more effective.

noise cancelling headphones worth by redditors

Moreover, Redditors recognize the usefulness of noise cancelling headphones during flights and other loud situations. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or commuting by train, noise cancelling headphones provide the same benefits, ensuring an uninterrupted audio experience regardless of your surroundings.

It’s important to mention that noise cancelling headphones offer more than just improved audio and convenience. Redditors also highlight their role in hearing protection.

In noisy work environments or when listening to music at high volumes, prolonged exposure can potentially harm hearing. Noise cancelling headphones help mitigate this risk by reducing the volume of audio content, providing a safer listening experience.

As Reddit users have attested, the benefits of noise cancelling headphones extend beyond mere audio enhancement. They offer improved focus, relaxation, and even hearing protection, making them an invaluable tool in various settings. By embracing the consensus of Redditors, you can harness the transformative power of noise cancelling headphones and elevate your audio experience to new heights.

The only thing they don’t like is the cost as we all feel. The price Redditors paying.

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