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We generally unboxed gaming chairs every month, but this time we had an eye on the two popular options in the market the Gtplayer and GTRacing chairs. Both of these chairs are praised for their unique features and designs by recent buyers.

We decided to purchase them. Our team of reviewers has spent several weeks using both the Gtplayer and GTRacing chairs to test their features, comfort, and overall performance. We have unboxed and assembled each chair to assess its build quality and ease of use.

Our reviewers have tested each chair for extended periods, sitting for hours at a time, to evaluate their comfort and ergonomics. We have also tested their durability and performance over time to see how they hold up with regular use.

ModelsBest Alternatives
Gtplayer GT Omega Pro
Classic SeriesLow Price Offer
Pro SeriesLow Price Offer
GtRacingHbada Gaming Chair

In this review, Along with the personal experience, we will compare the Gtplayer and GTRacing chairs based on their performance and ergonomics.

We will examine their build quality, comfort, adjustability, and other features involving buyer reviews to help you decide which chair is the best fit for your gaming setup.

So, let’s dive in and see how these chairs stack up against each other.

Are Gtplayer and Gtracing the same?

Let’s delve into the details. While the chair in question is marketed as GTPlayer, it is essentially identical to the Gtracing gaming chair available in the market. Our unbiased review sheds light on this robust gaming chair, highlighting its coating, stability, and more. Discover the key factors that make Gtplayer and Gtracing chairs stand out, enabling you to make an informed decision for your gaming setup.

Key Specifications Of Gtplayer Vs Gtracing

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Sold To:4000+ Customers200+ Customers
Buyer Satisfaction Ratings86%86%
5 Star Ratings64%67%
Bad Review5%6%
Overall Chair Height128-136 cm130-140 cm
Warranty30-Day Return Policy30-Day Return Policy
PriceSee Low Price OfferSee Low Price Offer

Gtplayer Vs Gtracing: Easy Assemble And Fair Price

Let’s begin with our experience of assembly.

The GTPLAYER gaming chair is a fantastic choice for gamers who want a chair that is cosy, adaptable, and reasonably priced as tested. See the picture below.

view of gtplayer gaming chair unboxing purchased package arrival at home

Although for us assembly was time-consuming, but it is a fairly simple process, and all nuts and bolts have labels for quick identification. The GT player occasionally provides an assembly service on Amazon for a price if you’re unsure of your DIY abilities.

The GTRacing gaming chair, on the other hand, provides a more luxurious experience but has a higher price. With the angle adjuster exposed in the box, this chair requires more assembly than the GTPLAYER, which may worry some users. The rest, including an Allen wrench and extra fasteners, is simple, and GTRacing provides everything required for assembly.

During testing, we found that The GTRacing chair has few modification options and is best used in a single sitting position for gaming at a desk. It is a solid option for gamers who value comfort and quality above price despite a few minor limitations. See picture below.

view of gtracing gaming chair unboxing purchased package arrival at home 1
unboxing view of view of gtracing gaming chair

Gtplayer Vs Gtracing: Worth Design and Features Package

Moving on to our feel for Gtplayer and Gtracing design and features, In our tests, the GTplayer gaming chair is a good place to start for beginners. We feel satisfied with its stylish construction and suitability for gamers.

We closely inspected its polished-looking bonded leather surface, sturdy base, and easy-rolling nylon wheels, it consistently provided both stability and movement to us.

view of gt racing gaming chair accessories all nuts and bolts 1

Despite having a plastic coating, the casters are surprisingly quiet when in use.

view of gt racing gaming chair wheels casters 1

Talking about the armrest, they were not wobbly. Under the right armrest of the chair is a lever for reclining, and from a seated posture, it is simple to reach the lever for height adjustment. Just like us, you also have the choice to pick a unique style from a selection of six colors for your gaming setup.

Furthermore, we like seat adaptability. It an adaptable for gamers to relax. It works to recline, and rock between 90 and 150 degrees. The chair also contains a hidden pillow that can be “extracted” from below the seat to allow for complete reclining.

Moving on to the other side, the GTRacing gaming chair is the next chair in the series, and it closely adheres to the “gaming chair” concept in our tests.

It has a racing car-inspired bucket seat, and the brightly colored PU leather detailing is striking. Although some users may find the iconic bolsters and strappable neck and lumbar pillows unnecessary, the chair comes with both.

Although the GTRacing has Class 4 hydraulics and a support system that can hold 330-440 lbs pounds based on the model, larger users might find it difficult to fit because of the steep bolsters as we experienced but not as Gtplayer.

The chair can recline up to 170 degrees for a pleasant snooze, and it includes a locking tilt that lets users rock or stay still. For a more personalized fit, the armrests may also be entirely pushed out of the way.

At first looks, the GTRacing looks a fantastic perfect fit for matching the decor of a gaming setup, but it might not be as high-end as other seats. It boasts black PU leather upholstery with red accents, and the backrest has chevron stitching for fashionable appeal.

Gtplayer Vs Gtracing: Pay Attention To Performance and Ergonomics

When it comes to performance and ergonomics, gaming seats have an effect on your entire gaming experience.

Let’s look at our first-hand experiences with the Gtplayer. It was the first to arrive. After several weeks of use in gaming sessions, a thickly cushioned back and seat were particularly helpful for prolonged gaming sessions.

Although we took some time getting used to it, the lumbar pillow aids in maintaining a proper sitting posture.

Despite being made of hard plastic, the armrests have a thin layer of padding on top that provides supportive elbow rest. However, they can only be adjusted for height; they cannot be moved laterally. We are satisfied with its support.

view of gtplayer gaming chair accessories all nuts and bolts 1

Depending on your preferences and habits, the seat and headrest cushions might be a positive or a drawback, with some recent customers finding the headrest pillow unpleasant.

The GTRacing chair, on the other hand, has a few glaring ergonomic and performance downsides as tested. For the first one, we felt like after years of use, the upholstery will have more obvious ripples and will likely get worse as the cloth expands if not properly cared for.

It was challenging for us to put our feet up since the tilt mechanism can only be locked or unlocked; there is no unique angle choice. Even when fully loosened, the spring tension was too strong for it to simply rock. But this may or may not be your problem.

Although the armrests only have two dimensions—height and angle. But find it justified as per the price they are providing.

The adjustment mechanism is also of medium quality neither too good nor too bad than that of big brands.

Without the pillow, which is too soft to be a useful addition, the backrest is narrow for big and tall and provided little lumbar support.

Gtplayer Vs Gtracing: Buyer Reviews

Recent Buyers Gtplayer

customers praise the chairs for their affordability and ease of assembly, stating that they offer great value for money. One customer even reported using their Gtplayer chair for over 6000 hours over three years with minimal discomfort.

Recent Buyers Gtracing

Customers are raving about Gtracing chairs, praising the chairs’ comfort, style, and affordability. Customers appreciate the range of adjustability, including the neck-rest pad and lumbar pad. The chair’s tilt mechanism and ability to recline separately from the seat make it an ideal choice for those who want a chair that is both comfortable and versatile. Customers appreciate the chair’s sturdy build quality, and they find the assembly process quick and easy. Some customers noted that the chairs could be taller, but they still found them comfortable.


The person is asking for clarification about the difference between GTRacing and GTPlayer chairs, which are both sold on the GTRacing website. The person initially thought that GTPlayer was a rip-off of GTRacing, but is now questioning whether there are any other differences between the two chairs besides the name. They provide links to two chairs they are interested in purchasing – one labeled GTPlayer and the other labeled GTRacing – and are wondering if they can order from the American site even though they live in Europe. The thread ends with a comment suggesting that the person should get a proper office chair instead of either GTRacing or GTPlayer chairs.

Is It Worth It?

The outcome of the “is it worth” video is a demonstration and step-by-step guide on how to assemble a gaming racing chair by GT Player. The video shows the unboxing of the product and the different parts that come with it, including a built-in massage option for the lumbar support pillow and a footrest option. The presenter then proceeds to show how to assemble the chair, starting with the legs, wheels, and gas lift. The video also includes tips and warnings, such as being careful when using sharp objects to open the package and ensuring that all screws are tightened properly. Overall, the outcome of the video is to provide viewers with a clear and detailed guide on how to assemble the GT Player gaming racing chair.

Conclusion: Verdict

In conclusion, the comparison between the Gtplayer vs Gtracing gaming chairs has revealed the unique features and designs of each chair. The GTplayer is praised for its adaptability, comfort, and reasonable price. It has a simple assembly process and a stylish design that is suitable for beginners. On the other hand, the GTRacing chair provides a luxurious experience at a higher price. It has a racing car-inspired bucket seat with brightly colored PU leather detailing. Both of the chairs are not suitable for big tall gaming users. The performance and ergonomics of both chairs have been tested and reviewed and were both satisfactory for us for an average body type. Overall, the choice between these two chairs depends on the user’s preference for price, design, and comfort.

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