GT Omega Rs6 Vs Rs9 Racing Seats

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Everyone knows GT Omega is a well-known brand in the world of gaming chairs and racing seats. Their products are designed to provide comfort, support, and style for long gaming sessions or intense racing simulations.

This time the purpose of purchasing online two racing seats was to compare tests for several weeks and pick which one works for us. GT Omega Rs6 we had months before. We made a new order for GT Omega Rs9.

I personally feel my existing regular chair is not that comfortable, would move around, and is no longer helpful in improving my gaming setup.

We unboxed and use both of the GT Omega racing seats for several weeks. During testing, we precisely looked into unique features, also comparing their dimensions, bolstering, comfort, and overall design to help you decide which racing seat would be the best fit for you.

In this walkthrough, we will share insights into noticeable differences between the two popular racing seats – the GT Omega RS6 and RS9 along with the recent buyer reviews.

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Let’s dive deep into the comparison of the GT Omega RS6 vs RS9 racing seats.

Key Specifications Of GT Omega Rs6 Vs Rs9

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FeaturesGT Omega Rs6GT Omega Rs9
Sold To: 200+ Customers150+ Customers
Buyer Satisfaction Ratings96%92%
Seat Width40 cm36 cm
Backrest Height94 cm90 cm
Seat Thickness8 cm10 cm
Backrest Width46 cm52 cm
Bolster Distance55 cm50 cm
Shoulder Width55 cm52 cm
Warranty30 Days Full Refund Policy30 Days Full Refund Policy
PriceView Low Price OfferView Low Price Offer

GT Omega Rs6

Let’s look into the unboxed experience to know what we got and what you will get. When I received the package, it did not have any issues also assembly was straightforward.

Most of the work had already been done with the front half of the stand, so it was simply a matter of attaching the rear seat frame and bolting on the Rs6 seat. I put on some music and speed up the process, only slowing down when I encountered any issues.

view of gt omega rs6 gaming seat and frame unboxing purchased package arrival home

The Rs6 is a sturdy racing seat that can be attached to the Apex stand with the rear seat frame add-on. I was intrigued by the idea of creating a cockpit-like setup without having to invest in a full cockpit. Plus, the Rs6 looked sleek and professional, and I was eager to try it out for myself.

Once it was fully assembled, I couldn’t wait to try it out in Dirt Rally. And I have to say, the Rs6 exceeded my expectations as per the cost as tested. The seat was comfortable and supportive, and I no longer had to worry about it sliding around during intense braking. The added stability also allowed me to focus more on my driving and less on adjusting my setup.

Overall, I’m very pleased with my purchase of the GT Omega Rs6 racing seat. It can be your way to upgrade your setup without investing in a full cockpit.

GT Omega Rs9

The first thing I noticed about the Rs9 was the seat frame. It has a sleek GTO Megarace-inspired design with adjustable extender bars that provide a lot of flexibility in terms of how much room you have. See the picture below of the unboxing purchased package arrival.

view of gt omega rs9 gaming seat and frame unboxing purchased package arrival home

The seat also has height adjustability, which is great, but I did have to adjust it to the highest point for more comfortable seating.

After testing for several weeks, the synthetic leather material did not get faded and wrinkled, although I did notice that my legs tend to get a little sweaty after long periods of use. But that’s a minor issue. The bolstering is pretty good, although I did find the shoulders a bit narrow for my liking.

As for the lumbar support, I do wish there was a cushion or something provided, as my back felt demanding support after extreme use but that might be your case.

But overall, the Rs9 is a well-built and comfortable racing seat. The red stitching is a nice touch, and cleaning it is a breeze with just a simple baby wipe.

One thing to note is that when you lean back, the shoulders can begin to dig in a bit, but it’s not a major issue. The chair goes forward and back, allowing for some maneuverability, and it doesn’t take up too much space.

view of instruction manual gt omega rs installation

Overall, I think we had a positive experience with the GT Omega Rs9 racing seat. We also recommend giving the Rs9 a try.

GT Omega Rs6 Vs Rs9: Comparsion

GT Omega Rs6 Vs Rs9: Better Seat and Built Quality

The first thing we noticed during testing when we looked at the GT Omega Rs6 and the GT Omega Rs9 is that the build quality is almost identical.

Both chairs are made from high-quality materials and are built to last. The fittings and fixtures, plastic, etc are the same, and they even come from the same factory.

We were impressed with the GT Omega Rs6 that we had on our GT Omega art cockpit for a few months. It endured the motion platform, which threw it around, and it still had no rips, tears, or wrinkles in its vinyl covering.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the build quality of both the GT Omega Rs6 and the GT Omega Rs9 are decent for the price you pay.

GT Omega Rs6 Vs Rs9: Comfort and Looks

As far as comfort is concerned, both the GT Omega Rs6 and the GT Omega Rs9 are just as comfortable as each other for us.

The seats are designed to accommodate an average-sized person like me, and there is no issue with sitting in either of them for a couple of hours at a time. For us, we don’t recommend one over another on comfort feel. A few recent buyers appreciate the RS9 seat comfort stating it is unbeatable for them.

For bigger guys, one of the chairs might be more comfortable than the other, and the same goes for smaller people. However, in general, both chairs are comfortable and don’t cause any aches or pains.

Regarding the appearance of the chairs, the GT Omega Rs9 looks better in our opinion. The silver and black color scheme match well with our prime cockpit, and the red stitching on the bolsters gives it a sleek look. If you prefer a more classic look, the GT Omega Rs6 comes in black and red, which looks quite sharp. See the picture below

view of gt omega rs6 comfort and looks

GT Omega Rs6 Vs Rs9: Dimensions and Bolster

Some recent buyers have complained that the GT Omega Rs9 is a little bit restrictive around the shoulders. To investigate this, we took some measurements of the internal dimensions of both chairs.

The GT Omega Rs6’s width at the shoulders is 20.5 inches, whereas the GT Omega Rs9’s width is 19.5 inches.

Therefore, it is possible that some buyers might feel a bit more restricted in the GT Omega Rs9. However, this difference is not significant, and most customers would not notice it.

The GT Omega Rs6 and GT Omega Rs9 both have adjustable bolsters, which is a nice touch. The bolsters on the GT Omega Rs6 are slightly wider than those on the GT Omega Rs9. Therefore, if you prefer more support on your sides, the GT Omega Rs6 might be a better option for you.

GT Omega Rs6 Vs Rs9: Width

One of the main differences between the GT Omega Rs6 and the GT Omega Rs9 is their width. The GT Omega Rs6 is wider than the GT Omega Rs9, which might be an issue if you have limited space.

The RS9 seat is perfect for people who like a little more room while they sit.

The GT Omega Rs6’s width is 23.2 inches, whereas the GT Omega Rs9’s width is 21.7 inches. If you have a smaller space, the GT Omega Rs9 might be a better option.

GT Omega Rs6 Vs Rs9: Buyer Reviews


In this Reddit discussion, u/Chadwick8505 is trying to decide between the GT Omega RS6 or RS9 for their GT Omega rig. They are only $10 apart in price, but the person is curious about the comfort differences. They are 6’4″ and average build, so they want to know which one is more suitable for taller individuals. Some users who have purchased either the RS6 or RS9 have left comments discussing their experiences with the seats.

One user who is 6’2″ and 220lbs said they fit fine in the RS6 and found it comfortable for long stints, but the seat doesn’t breathe well. Another user who is 6’2″ and just purchased the RS9 said the padding is firm but durable, and it fits comfortably. Another user who is 6’3″ and 200lbs said the RS6 is comfortable enough but gets clingy during endurance racing. One user who is 5’10” and 290lbs found the RS9 super comfortable, but the base of the seat is a little narrow and can become uncomfortable during long sessions. Another user who just ordered the RS9 said it has more padding and looks cooler than the RS6. However, they don’t have experience with the RS6 to compare it to.

Race Department

This is a discussion thread about two different seats, the RS6 and the RS9, in relation to a GT Omega Art cockpit and the use of bass shakers with the seats. The original poster, HighHo, is looking for advice on which seat to choose based on clearance for mounting the bass shakers.

Another poster, Wicked, responds by stating that the only difference between the seats is the seat itself, as the rails and sliders are the same. The RS9 has wider holes for seatbelts and is slightly larger than the RS6.

Later on, another poster, Risto Kappet, shares their experience with using the RS6 seat for two years and finding it to be comfortable and supportive for their lumbar disc condition. They also mention that they received a new RS9 seat from GT Omega as a replacement and found it to be flat, too narrow, and lacking in leg support, ultimately recommending the RS6 seat over the RS9.


This is a discussion between two users who are interested in purchasing a racing cockpit for their sim racing setup. The original poster, sila0164, was considering the GT Omega lineup as an alternative to their current Playseat Challenge, which they found to be uncomfortable due to their size. They were interested in the GT Omega Pro model but had concerns about its weight and portability.

Another user, DjFIL, who owns the GT Omega ART model with the RS9 seat, provided some insight into their experience with the product. They noted that the ART model is more stable than the Pro due to its squared tubes, and also more customizable. However, they found that the Pro’s design with the bar going over the pedal deck could be limiting for high-end or inverted pedal sets.

DjFIL also mentioned some of the accessories they purchased, including the floor mat, triple screen mount, and articulating keyboard tray, and shared their thoughts on their usefulness. They found the floor mat to be heavy but manageable, while the table top surface was not very useful and had to be removed when upgrading to a new wheel. They also noted that the cockpit is quite heavy, weighing around 22kg, and that while it can be separated into two sections, the seat would not be usable on its own without mounting support.

Sila0164 then asked GT Omega about the weight of the cockpits and the possibility of separating the seat from the cockpit. GT Omega responded that the cockpits weigh around 22kg each, and while the seat can be removed, it would not be usable without mounting support. Sila0164 decided to go with the ART model with wheels for its portability.

Conclusion: Verdict

In conclusion, the GT Omega Rs6 and the GT Omega Rs9 are both well-built and comfortable racing seats. During our testing, we found that the GT Omega Rs6 has a wider seat and more bolstering, while the GT Omega Rs9 has adjustable extender bars and height adjustability. Both seats have a 30-day full refund policy, and buyer satisfaction ratings of over 90%. Overall, the choice between the two seats will depend on personal preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for a wider seat or more adjustability, both of these seats are great options for upgrading your gaming setup or racing simulations.

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