Top 10 Folding Campervan Mattress 2023

Folding campervan mattresses have become increasingly popular as travelers look for more cost-effective, comfortable, and space-saving ways to enjoy their journey.

The advantages of folding campervan mattresses are numerous; they provide a large sleeping area without taking up much room, allowing for more freedom when planning out your road trip or camping trip.

Our testing expert campervan traveler Daniel – along with the dedicated reviewers- shares his own experience, I had the greatest camping experience of my life when I bought a suitable folding campervan mattress. Not only was it comfortable to sleep on, but it also saved me a great deal of space – something I didn’t have in abundance.

As the name suggests, folding campervan mattresses also fold up easily, meaning you can simply pack it away when you’re done for the night. This means that storage won’t be an issue and you can keep even more of your valuable space open for other important items.

Instead of dragging along hassling bed, I could simply unfold the campervan mattress and have my bed ready to go.

These mattresses are designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver, making them simple to carry along on your adventures.

It fit perfectly in the van and gave me enough room for all my other supplies as well. It made getting ready for camping trips so much simpler and more enjoyable. 

The following amazing folding campervan mattresses were put through their paces, testing manufacture claims, and rated accordingly. The best one offers ultimate comfort so that traveling is an experience of joy rather than one of difficulty.

Best Folding Campervan Mattress At A Glance

Folding Campervan MattressBuyer
Livasia92%Best Lightweight
Inofia Mattresses90%Best Overall 
Milliard92%Best Comfort
Badenia84%Best Affordable
Fun!Ture 88%Best Lightweight Roll Up
My Layabout86%Best Kids
Jay-Be 88%Best Durable
BabyDan90%Best for Young Age
Tri Folding90%Best Quality
LEEWADEE88%Best Quick Setup

How much should I spend on a Campervan Folding Mattress?

If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to consider a basic foam mattress that costs around £100 or less. These mattresses are often sufficient for occasional use, but they may not be as comfortable or durable as more expensive options.

If you’re planning to use your campervan as a primary residence or plan to spend a lot of time on the road, it might be worth investing in a higher-quality mattress that costs a bit more.

Memory foam or innerspring mattresses can be more expensive, but they can also offer more support and comfort, especially for people with back or joint pain. These types of mattresses can cost anywhere from £200 to £700 or more, depending on the size and quality.


For those looking to create a comfortable and efficient sleeping experience in their campervan, the type of folding mattress material you choose makes a big difference. Comfort should be the number one priority. However, quality and durability come a close second.

After going through so many forums, and deep insights, I went to breathable memory foam. It stays best for me.

An ideal material for a folding campervan mattress would be something lightweight but supportive such as foam or latex.

Some of the most common types of foam used in campervans include:

Polyurethane foam: This type of foam is a popular choice for campervan beds and cushions due to its versatility and affordability. It is relatively lightweight and easy to work with, and it can be cut and shaped to fit a variety of spaces. Polyurethane foam is also relatively durable and resistant to moisture, making it well-suited for use in an RV.

Memory foam: Memory foam is known for its ability to conform to the shape of the body and provide pressure relief, making it a popular choice for mattresses. However, it can be heavy and may retain heat, which may not be ideal in a hot or humid environment.

Latex foam: Latex foam is a natural material that is derived from the sap of rubber trees. It is known for its durability, resilience, and support, and it is also resistant to dust mites and other allergens. However, it is typically more expensive than other types of foam and may be heavier and more difficult to work with.

Right Size

The wrong size can affect both comfort and safety. The most common sizes of folding mattresses for campers are full-sized, queen-sized, and short queen sizes.

It is important to take accurate measurements of the area where the mattress is to be placed as campervans may vary in size and interior shape.

My bed being 150 x200 cm which was almost around king size fit my need. You also get a good quality solution at a very high price.

Generally, a full-size mattress is ideal for smaller van models, providing enough space to comfortably sleep two people.

Larger vans can usually accommodate a queen-size mattress but might require some customization in order to fit comfortably inside.

Also consider what type of insulation you need to stay comfortable while asleep – some specialized mattresses are designed specifically for campervans that provide additional warmth without taking up extra space.

It’s also wise to consider mattress density – many make the mistake of choosing a firm or extra-firm mattress that is simply too uncomfortable for sleeping.

A good compromise between support and comfort when selecting a mattress size is medium firmness; not too soft, but not too hard either.

Best Folding Campervan Mattress- Tried and Tested

Why you can trust Finexo Enterprise UK: Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

Livasia campervan mattress UK

  • Dimensions: ‎195 x 110 x 8 cm; 10 Kg
  • Weight: 10 Kg
  • Material: Kapok
  • Comfort: Firm
  • Thickness: 3 inches
best campervan mattress
Image Credit: Liasia

Deal of the Day

Reasons To Buy

  • 75% of 471 buyers give this model a 5 star review  
  • Very Practical
  • Excellent Quality and Easy Fold and Unfold

Reasons To Avoid

  • 3% of all buyers give this one a bad review.
  • Get Dusty Quickly If Not Caring.

One from a different kind of campervan folding mattress sounds great for jungle camps. During testing for several weeks, we found it working against sweating conditions. Enough insulation from the mild cold but not the extreme cases.

A comfortable, natural mattress that is perfect for relaxing and outdoor use. Livasia folding mattress is made from pure, untreated kapok – a unique natural material with protective wax coatings.

These cushions are durable, breathable, and ideal for all your relaxation needs. With a wide variety of colors available and regardless of any specific age group use, double strong stitches ensure not to rip off we tested.

Unlike other memory foam mattresses, it is with no harmful substances, it is of natural product, and the covers are made of cotton.

Overall, We are fond of handling this sustainable campervan mattress that fits into any kind of boot or van. A choice to enjoy some outdoor camping.

Buyer Reviews

Livasia has received a range of positive and negative reviews from UK customers. Many customers praise the practicality and comfort of the product, with some even calling it an “excellent product” and “worth it.” Customers appreciate the versatility of the product, noting its ability to fold away neatly and be used in multiple ways, from a chair to an orthopedic mattress. However, some customers have expressed frustration with unexpected customs and VAT bills on top of the already high price. One customer even found a rusty sewing needle in the product, causing injury. Overall, Livasia seems to have a strong product with some potential areas for improvement in terms of customer experience.

Inofia mattresses for rv

  • Size: 4 Sizes
  • Weight: 7.4 Kg
  • Dimensions: 190L x 135W x 10Th
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Material: kapok fiber + soft memory foam + Bamboo charcoal
  • Machine Wash: Yes
best mattresses for rv
Credit: Inofia

Deal of the Day

Reasons To Buy

  • 76% of 63 buyers give this model a 5 star review  
  • Excellent Quality
  • Night Trials
  • Fit for Camping, Travelling

Reasons To Avoid

  • 5% of all buyers give this one a bad review.

If you prefer some sofa cum bed campervan folding mattress, also your partner wishes for not so thin, then this is fit to the demand completely and might well be the answer.

A tri-fold Inofia arrived with easy instructions for use and care. It was with an easy zip system without any concerns of damage by a scissor.

Without taking so much space, a firm enough to handle up back fatigue. It allows easy portability, as we tested. Quick to turn it up into a sofa. We found it not surprising, accommodating 5′ 8″ easily.

Furthermore, a comfortable and versatile mattress that can be used for a variety of purposes, not just the campervan. It is made from premium memory foam and features a washable cover, this mattress is perfect for unexpected guests, camping trips, dorm rooms, and more.

With its non-slip bottom and CertiPUR-certified construction, this mattress is safe and comfortable for all ages.

Just as the other mattresses bring an offer to use, in the same way, this Infoia gives you a try risk-free 100-night trial, if you are pleased with it.

Overall, a sound sleeping premium memory foam made is a sure solution for camping.

Buyer Reviews

The Inofia Tri-Fold mattress has received high praise from UK customers who appreciate the design and the washable cover. The foam is firm enough for children and is comfortable for guests. Customers are also satisfied with the product’s ease of use and space-saving properties, making it an ideal guest bed or sofa for smaller spaces. The mattress is thick and comfortable, with some customers preferring a firmer mattress, while others find it surprisingly comfortable. Customers recommend the Inofia Tri-Fold mattress for those looking for a temporary mattress solution or for homes with limited space. The removable and washable cover is also a popular feature amongst customers.

Milliard VW Folding campervan mattress

  • Firmness: Plush
  • Thickness: 10 cm
  • Dimensions: 190cm X 75cm
  • Weight: 3.5 Kg
  • Size: Single XL
best vw campervan mattress
Credit: Milliard

Deal of the Day

Reasons To Buy

  • 79% of 541 buyers give this model a 5 star review  
  • Portable, easy to carry
  • Perfect fit for campervan
  • Affordable Price

Reasons To Avoid

  • 3% of all buyers give this one a bad review.
  • Plush firmness

A multipurpose, easy-to-fold, and convenient portable (transport) plush kind mattress. In our testing, it easily fits at the back of our vehicle. Of course, its weight does not force us to a little hard work. However, being a single size 10 cm thickness is not much larger for us when folded.

Furthermore, its firmness is plush, so if you need more back support, Inofia works better than Milliard, which we tested.

This versatile mattress is perfect for sleeping on the go, whether you need a temporary bed in your dorm room, mobile home, or tent. It is constructed of high-quality CertiPUR-US certified foam, so you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the best quality sleep experience.

With its soft, removable cover and non-slip bottom, this mattress is sure to provide a comfortable and snug sleeping surface whenever you need it.

Overall, we recommend for sure for you to sleep in Volkswagen campervan vans. Also, suggest buying 2 small single (75cm) 10cm thickness does a very good job.

Buyer Reviews

The Milliard folding mattress has received mostly positive reviews from UK customers, with many praising its comfort and ease of use. Customers find it compact and easy to store, making it perfect for use as a portable guest bed or for camping trips. Some customers found the mattress to be a little expensive at first, but they were satisfied with its quality and value for money. While most reviews are positive, there have been some complaints about the mattress’s firmness, with some customers finding it too hard. However, these complaints are few and far between, and overall the Milliard folding mattress is well-regarded by UK customers.

Badenia mattresses for camper vans

  • Firmness: Medium
  • Dimensions: 190L x 60W x 7Th cm
  • Weight: 3 Kg around
best mattresses for camper vans
Credit: Badenia

Deal of the Day

Reasons To Buy

  • 59% of 812 buyers give this model a 5 star review  
  • Low Price
  • Proper bed for Campervan
  • Not so heavy

Reasons To Avoid

  • 7% of all buyers give this one a bad review.
  • Best for certain age range
  • May be very firm for you

A lightweight, pocket coiled, breathable Badenia mattress. It is a high-quality, all-foam mattress designed to provide superior comfort and support. Featuring a 3-way folding design that allows it to be easily stored or transported, this mattress is ideal for use as an extra bed for guests or as a campervan traveler mattress.

With its medium firmness and excellent air and moisture exchange, this mattress provides optimal comfort and support for restful sleep at all times.

During our testing, we found it quite easy to handle than the Inofia campervan folding mattresses. However, it has a similar medium kind firmness to Inofia but our testing expert Daniel finds it sufficiently firm not to hard as complained by fellow reviewers. Different people have different preceptions and levels of comfort.

Furthermore, the removable microfiber cover is also machine washable, making it easy to keep clean and fresh.

So overall, a comfortable, easily transported or stored mattress.

Buyer Reviews

Badenia mattress has received mixed reviews from UK customers. Some customers have praised the mattress, calling it comfortable and easy to use. They have also found the firmness level to be perfect for adults, making it a great purchase. Others, however, have complained about the mattress’s firmness level, finding it too hard to sleep on, making it uncomfortable. Additionally, the mattress’s thinness has also been an issue for some customers, as it does not provide enough cushioning. Nevertheless, it is suitable for occasional use and can be folded away when not needed. Overall, the Badenia mattress is a good purchase for those who prefer firmer mattresses and occasional use.

Fun!ture roll up mattress for campervan

roll up mattress for campervan
Credit: Fun!ture

Deal of the Day

Reasons To Buy

  • 62% of 175 buyers give this model a 5 star review  
  • Lightweight
  • Compact and space-saving

Reasons To Avoid

  • 3% of all buyers give this one a bad review.
  • Too thin for excessive weights

With enough dimensions, an absolutely versatile mattress for the campervan. With a folding feature, you can easily turn it into seating or bedding.

A sure comfortable place to sleep for your guests or family also. It is made from high-quality upholstery fabric in a variety of stylish colors and patterns, this mattress is double-stitched for strength and features easy carry handles and Velcro fasteners on the flaps.

We found it thin compared to other folding mattress models on the list. As weight matters in mattress. After consistent use for weeks, with an addition of more weight on the mattress, it got flat on our hips and shoulder side we tested.

With its removable and fully-zipped cover, this mattress is easy to clean and maintain.

Overall, with more star ratings on the portable side, Fun!ture does its justice to comfortable sleeping but with the level of usage, it seems a little less in terms of the long run.

Buyer Reviews

Fun!ture is a portable mattress that has received both praise and complaints from UK customers. Some buyers love how lightweight and easy to store the mattress is, making it a great option for occasional guests. The comfortable material and stylish design are also praised. However, some buyers find the mattress too soft and not as comfortable as expected, leading to back pain for some users. Additionally, there are complaints about the mattress not fitting some bed frames properly, causing inconvenience. Despite these complaints, many buyers still find the Fun!ture mattress to be a great addition to their home, especially for those who need a quick and easy solution for guest accommodations.

My Layabout Kids campervan folding mattress

  • Size: 67 x 57 x 39cm
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Dimensions: 2.01L x 0.57W x 0.13Th metres
campervan folding mattress
Credit: My Layabout

Deal of the Day

Reasons To Buy

  • 64% of 797 buyers give this model a 5 star review  
  • Excellent Comfort
  • Water resistance

Reasons To Avoid

  • 6% of all buyers give this one a bad review.
  • Especially work best for kids

If you looking for a comfortable and versatile bed that is perfect for both adults and kids. Look no further than the memory foam single Z bed. Featuring a water-resistant cover and three individual sections filled with memory foam for optimal comfort, this fold-out bed can be used as a pouffe or seat when not in use.

In our testing, we find it not suitable for all kinds of adults but instead for a specific age group. It does have a folding feature and can fit into the campervan. But more work should be done on securing its stitches. The chances it gets part away after several uses.

Moreover, we find it satisfactory, relatively low cost to others, but not the best bed to work for some models of the campervan only.

Furthermore, At 201cm long and 57cm wide, it is the perfect size for both adults and kids alike, making it a great choice for any bedroom or guest room.

Overall, performance-wise a good product but not for all ages, and heights adults.

Buyer Reviews

Based on the reviews, it appears that UK customers have mixed experiences with Layabout products. Some customers praise the quality and comfort of the products, while others express complaints about the suitability for adults, quality issues, and uncomfortable sleeping experiences. For instance, some customers find the products not suitable for the stated purpose, uncomfortable, and with insecure stitching. On the other hand, some customers appreciate the affordability, quality consistency with the price, and the comfortable alternative the products offer. Overall, customers who received damaged items praised the prompt and helpful customer service provided by the seller. Therefore, while there are some complaints, many customers are happy with their purchases and recommend Layabout products for temporary use.

Jay-Be best fold up camp bed

  • Dimensions: L10 x W70 x H93cm
  • Weight: 8 Kg
  • Frame: Steel
  • Material: Rebound e-Fibre
best fold up camp bed
Credit: Jay-Be

Deal of the Day

Reasons To Buy

  • 65% of 6500 buyers give this model a 5 star review  
  • Comfortable, Excellent durability
  • Quick and Easy to Use
  • Low Price

Reasons To Avoid

  • 5% of all buyers give this one a bad review.
  • Cannot turn into a sofa.

With a unique level of inevitable comfort layers, Jay-Be is a single-size foldable Mattress with a bed. The reason for listing is for the cheap cost looking, campervan travelers. Being compact in design it gets ready within the seconds.

Our testing expert Daniel was extremely happy with its durability. He found it balanced for great sleep and comfortable during the whole night’s sleep. We did a fit-in campervan trial and found a perfect fit in it.

Furthermore, a lightweight, portable folding bed that is perfect for camping or travel. This high-quality bed features a 100% foam-free mattress made from breathable comfort layers for added comfort and durability.

It also comes equipped with the J-TEX sprung base for maximum support, as well as a range of user-friendly features.

Overall, a comfortable bed for the camp. Whether you’re looking to rest in complete comfort during your next camping trip or simply need an extra bed at home, this folding bed is a perfect choice.

Buyer Reviews

JAY-BE guest bed has received mostly positive feedback from UK customers. Buyers have praised the product’s comfort, ease of use, and value for money. Customers have appreciated the bed’s sturdy springs, making it durable and long-lasting. Many buyers have compared it to airbeds and found it to be a superior choice. The bed is easy to fold and set up, making it a convenient option for occasional use. Some buyers have suggested that the mattress could be thicker, but it is still comfortable with a duvet underneath. Overall, the JAY-BE guest bed is a great option for those looking for a fold-out bed for occasional use, providing comfort, convenience, and excellent value.

BabyDan camper folding mattress

camper folding mattress
Credit: BabyDan

Deal of the Day

Reasons To Buy

  • 75% of 95 buyers give this model a 5 star review  
  • Lightweight for travel
  • Thin and travel mattress
  • Low price

Reasons To Avoid

  • 5% of all buyers give this one a bad review.
  • Not for Seniors
  • Not Breathable

The cheapest folding campervan mattress BabyDan on our list focuses on your little ones. This super-thick, 5cm deep mattress is designed to provide ample support and comfort for your child, while also folding down nicely so that it can easily be stored or transported.

Furthermore, Made from high-quality polyester fabric, this mattress is designed to comply with all UK safety requirements and is easy to clean and care for.

We feel satisfied for being a BabyDan lightweight, easy to travel, and clean. The minor complaints are its stitches are not secure and also not as breathable as we tested.

Overall, if you’re looking for a top-quality travel cot mattress that your child will love, this can be your choice.

Buyer Reviews

BabyDan’s folding mattress has received mixed reviews from UK customers. Some have praised the product for being easy to store and use, making it great for travel. They have also found the mattress comfortable for their babies to sleep on. Customers have also appreciated the handy storage/carry bag that comes with the product. On the other hand, some customers have reported quality issues with the product, with one reviewer stating that it arrived faulty and another mentioning that it is not breathable. One reviewer found that the mattress was too thin, while another found it a little sweaty. However, overall, the product seems to have received more positive reviews than negative ones.

Tri Folding Best foam for campervan bed

best foam for campervan bed
Credit: Inofia

Deal of the Day

Reasons To Buy

  • 77% of 63 buyers give this model a 5 star review  
  • Portable & Versatile
  • Washable Cover & Non-Slip Bottom
  • Great for campervan

Reasons To Avoid

  • 5% of all buyers give this one a bad review.
  • You may feel a bit of smell.

Another versatile, high-quality sleep solution for all your campervan needs. with its amazing three folds, it is a double size instead of a single one.

A comfortable guest bed, a portable play mat for your kids, or a comfortable floor mattress for use indoors or outdoors, this folding mattress has you covered.

When it arrived, it was well-packed with detailed instructions way to go. It was vacuum sealed when we received it. It is not so bulky to care for. In testing, we find 10 cm thickness is fine to go for a campervan.

Made from premium memory foam, it offers support and comfort, while the soft, breathable cover keeps you cool and comfortable all night long.

In addition, the mattress features a durable non-slip bottom that prevents it from sliding on hard surfaces.

And with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can buy this product with confidence knowing that you are getting a quality product backed by excellent customer service.

Overall, you can use it in a car as a makeshift camper.

Buyer Reviews

Inofia has received mostly positive reviews from UK buyers who are happy with the functionality, design and quality of their tri-fold mattresses. The washable cover, firm foam and easy storage have been praised, with customers finding the mattresses ideal for use as guest beds or sofas. Buyers have also been happy with the sizes available, with some opting for the small double or single sizes for easy storage in small rooms. Some customers have been pleasantly surprised at the comfort of the mattress, with one buyer preferring it to a usual foldable trolley bed. However, there have been no complaints mentioned in the reviews. Overall, Inofia seems to be a great choice for UK customers in need of a comfortable and convenient folding mattress.

LEEWADEE folding camper UK

best folding camper uk

Deal of the Day

Reasons To Buy

  • 70% of 953 buyers give this model a 5 star review  
  • Portable and Eco-friendly
  • Comfortable and Quick to Setup

Reasons To Avoid

  • 6% of all buyers give this one a bad review.
  • Gets Dirty Quickly

This is something different from the others and can be used in a variety of ways. The LEEWADEE with triangle cushion is a versatile and comfortable multi-purpose cushion that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Just like the Livasia campervan mattress, It is also made from natural kapok, this foldable mattress features a breathable and supportive design that provides optimal comfort for sitting, laying, or reading.

Without costing you so much, just around £100 In the test, we found weak stitches, you may get it repaired if required. The color we ordered was a bit different from the picture. The best thing we like about this LEEWADEE aid better sitting angles.

With its stylish cotton cover and double seams, this cushion is a great choice for all your home, office, or outdoor campervan needs.

Buyer Reviews

LEEWADEE products have received mixed reviews from UK customers. While some have praised the comfort and quality of the products, others have expressed disappointment in the delivery and customer service. One customer complained about the poor condition of the Thai cushions they received, despite spending over £220. They claimed to have tried to contact LEEWADEE through various channels with no response. On the other hand, customers have praised the comfort of the seating segments, with some describing them as firm but comfortable, and perfect for watching TV or taking a nap. Customers have also expressed satisfaction with the quick delivery and quality of the products. Overall, LEEWADEE products appear to offer a range of seating options that are comfortable and sturdy, but delivery and customer service issues may need to be addressed.

How We Tested

To ensure the quality and effectiveness of our folding mattresses, Our campervan traveler Daniel test folding mattresses through a real-time world testing process.

Daniel with the expert team use variety of testing approaches keeping goals and preferences on priority.

We begin testing with physical properties of the mattress, such as its weight, size, and durability. They might set up the mattress and use equipment to measure its firmness or compress it to see how it responds.

Also, comfort level is important. Daniel and expert reviewers also test the comfort level of the mattress by sleeping on it themselves or asking others to try it out. They might use a variety of metrics, such as whether the mattress is too firm or too soft, or whether it provides enough support for different sleeping positions.

Next to it is field testing. We involve setting it up in a campervan and sleeping on it for an a few minutes to hours of time, or testing it in different weather conditions to see how it performs.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Folding Campervan Mattress


Too soft of a mattress can lead to a sleepless night while too hard of a mattress can cause uncomfortable pressure points during sleep.

When trying out a mattress in-store, use the simulated tent or camper van and adjust the firmness according to your preference as I did.

Look for supportive layers, such as latex foam or memory foam, to ensure good spinal alignment. The perfect balance will align just enough with your body’s contours yet provide supportive firmness throughout the night.

I suggest Investing in an adjustable mattress is also wise, with two different levels of firmness on either side that can be adjusted depending on who is using it and what type of support they need that evening.

Temperature Control

The benefits of having a temperature-controlled mattress in your camper van cannot be overstated.

By managing the internal temperature of the mattress, you can ensure that you have an ideal sleeping environment even on the hottest of nights or in the coldest climates.

This means good quality sleep, as well as improved performance and energy throughout the day.

Additionally, with a temperature-controlled mattress, you don’t have to waste time and energy futzing around with extra blankets or fans to cool off, saving you more precious time for activities outside of your van.

All in all, having a temperature-controlled camper van mattress is a great way to make sure you get the best out of each night’s rest wherever you choose to stay.


Ensure that the mattress is thick enough to provide comfortable cushioning and support but thin enough to ensure efficient use of cabin space. Depending on what size bed you’re getting, a mattress between 6 and 10 inches in thickness can be a good middle ground.

As thicker mattresses are generally more luxurious and supportive, those who tend to toss and turn or who have back or joint problems may find them preferable.

When in doubt, it may be best to err on the side of caution and choose the thicker option as this will allow you to adjust if necessary by adding additional padding later on if needed.

Mattress Topper

A good quality mattress topper is an essential purchase for any camping trip. Look for a mattress topper that is specifically designed with camping in mind; it should be lightweight and easily transportable, plus provide relief from bumps and uneven ground under the sleeping surface.

Memory foam mattress toppers are particularly popular amongst campers, as they provide a combination of support and comfort for good night’s sleep in the great outdoors.

When choosing one of these, make sure you go for a breathable material such as cotton or wool, which will help keep you cool even in muggy weather.

Whichever type of mattress topper you choose, make sure that it fits snugly on your camping bed; a loose fit can cause instability at night and affect your slumber quality.


Along with the cost, it’s important to consider quality, comfort, and durability in return when making a purchase.

Generally, higher-quality mattresses are also more expensive, but some offer excellent value for the price. It’s recommended to look for one that is 7 to 8 inches thick and made with some type of supportive material such as memory foam or pocket springs.

Additionally, consider if it comes with a breathable fabric cover to prevent moisture buildup in damp conditions. Depending on your specific needs, a camper van mattress can range from affordable options around £50 up to over £500.

Ultimately, you need to find the balance between cost and features that best suits you.


  1. How can I make my camper van bed more comfortable?

    There are a few different things you can do to make your camper van bed more comfortable. First, consider investing in a quality mattress that is designed specifically for use in camper vans. You can also add extra padding or features like an adjustable base or memory foam to help maximize comfort and support. Additionally, using soft linens and blankets and investing in a good sleeping pillow can help you sleep more comfortably while traveling.

  2. How thick should a mattress be for a pop-up camper?

    It should be around 8 to 12 inches thick, depending on your preferences and the size of your pop-up camper. Generally speaking, a thicker mattress will provide more support and comfort. However, it can also make your camper feel less spacious, so you may want to consider the tradeoffs when choosing a thickness for your mattress.

  3. Will a regular queen mattress fit in a camper?

    Yes, a regular queen mattress should fit in most pop-up campers. However, you may need to make some modifications depending on the size and shape of your camper or choose a folding one. For example, you may need to remove certain panels or cut into the mattress in order to get it to fit properly.
    Additionally, you will also want to consider the weight of the mattress, as well as the additional weight that your camper may already be carrying.

  4. Can you put regular mattress in camper?

    Yes, you can put a regular mattress in your camper. However, it is important to make sure that the right dimensions mattress fits properly and is securely attached. In addition, be aware that using a non-pop-up mattress may affect the weight capacity of your camper, so you should carefully weigh any potential safety risks against any benefits related to your particular mattress choice.

    Whether you opt for a thicker or thinner mattress, be sure to consider comfort and safety as well as overall size and weight capacity, so that you can enjoy a comfortable and safe camping experience.

  5. What size sheets fit a double bed in a camper?

    You can typically find fitted sheets in standard sizes that will fit a double bed in a pop-up camper. These sheet sizes include full, queen, and king sizes, so you should be able to find the perfect fit for your camper's bed. You may also want to look for fitted sheets that are specifically designed for RV or travel use, as these may be more durable and better suited for the unique conditions of a pop-up camper.

  6. Do campers need special mattresses?

    Yes, campers typically need mattresses that are designed specifically for use in a pop-up camper. These mattresses tend to be more durable and supportive than traditional mattresses, and can also be easily folded up or removed when not in use.

  7. What’s the difference between a camper mattress and a regular mattress?

    Camper mattresses, also known as RV mattresses, are designed specifically for use in recreational vehicles such as campers, trailers, and motorhomes. They are typically smaller in size than regular mattresses, as they are designed to fit in the limited space typically found in an RV. Camper mattresses are also typically made with materials that are more durable and resistant to moisture, as RVs can be exposed to a range of weather conditions.

    In contrast, regular mattresses are designed for use in a traditional bedroom setting and are typically larger and more luxurious in nature. They are made with a wide range of materials and come in a variety of sizes and comfort levels to suit different preferences. Regular mattresses are not typically designed with durability or moisture resistance in mind, as they are typically used in a protected indoor environment.
    Overall, the main difference between a camper mattress and a regular mattress is the size and durability of the mattress, as well as the intended use and environment.

  8. Can you put a memory foam mattress in a camper?

    Yes, it is possible to use a memory foam mattress in a camper. Memory foam is a popular choice for mattresses due to its ability to conform to the shape of the body and provide pressure relief. However, it's important to keep in mind that memory foam mattresses can be heavy and may be more difficult to maneuver in a small space such as an RV. It's also worth noting that memory foam tends to retain heat, which may not be ideal in a hot or humid environment.

    If you do decide to use a memory foam mattress in a camper, it's important to make sure that it fits properly and is supported by a sturdy foundation. You may also want to consider using a mattress protector to help protect the memory foam from moisture, dirt, and other potential contaminants.

    Overall, it's a good idea to carefully consider the size, weight, and specific needs of your camper when choosing a mattress, as well as any potential challenges or limitations that may arise in the RV environment.

  9. What is the best foam to use for campervan?

    The best foam to use for a campervan will depend on your specific needs and preferences, as well as the size and layout of your campervan. Some of the most common types are:
    1. Polyurethane foam
    2. Memory foam
    3. Latex foam

  10. How do you cut a mattress for a van?

    If you need to cut a mattress to fit a van, here are some steps you can follow:
    Measure the space where the mattress will be placed: Before you start cutting the mattress, it's important to measure the size of the space where the mattress will be placed to ensure that you get the right size. Measure the width and length of the space, taking into account any obstacles or features that may affect the size of the mattress.
    1. Mark the cutting lines: Once you have the measurements, use a fabric marker or piece of chalk to mark the cutting lines on the mattress. Make sure to mark both the top and bottom layers of the mattress if it is multi-layered.
    2. Cut the mattress: Using a sharp knife or scissors, carefully cut along the marked lines to trim the mattress to the desired size. It may be helpful to have a partner hold the mattress steady while you cut.
    3. Smooth the edges: After cutting the mattress, smooth out any rough or uneven edges with sandpaper or a fabric shaver to make the surface of the mattress as even as possible.

    It's important to be careful when cutting a mattress, as it can be difficult to get a precise cut and you may end up with an uneven or poorly fitting mattress if you are not careful. If you are unsure about your ability to cut a mattress accurately, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a professional.

  11. Can a queen size mattress fit in a van?

    It is possible for a queen size mattress to fit in a van, but it will depend on the specific size and layout of the van. Queen size mattresses are typically 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, which may be too large for some smaller vans. However, larger vans may have enough space to accommodate a queen size mattress.
    It's important to carefully measure the space where the mattress will be placed to ensure that it will fit properly. It may also be necessary to remove or rearrange other furniture or equipment in the van to make room for the mattress. In some cases, it may be necessary to trim the mattress to fit the space more closely.

  12. Are camper queen beds smaller?

    Camper queen beds are typically smaller in size than regular queen beds, as they are designed to fit in the limited space typically found in an RV. The dimensions of a camper queen bed may vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer, but they are generally smaller than a standard queen bed, which is typically 60 inches wide by 80 inches long

    It's important to note that the size of a camper queen bed may also be affected by the specific layout of the RV. In some cases, the bed may be positioned in an alcove or other irregularly shaped space, which may require the bed to be customized to fit the space more closely.

  13. How thick should a van mattress be?

    The thickness of a van mattress will depend on your personal preference and the size of your van. In general, a van mattress should be at least 6 inches thick to provide a comfortable and supportive surface for sleeping. However, some people prefer thicker mattresses, especially if they have back or joint pain. In this case, a mattress that is 8-10 inches thick may be more comfortable. It's important to consider the size of your van and the amount of space you have available for a mattress when choosing the thickness. A thicker mattress may take up more space, so you'll need to ensure that you have enough room to accommodate it.

  14. Can you move a mattress in a van?

    Yes, it is possible to move a mattress in a van. However, it can be challenging to fit a mattress into a van, especially if the van is small or the mattress is large. Here are a few tips for moving a mattress in a van:
    1. Measure the dimensions of your van and the mattress to ensure that the mattress will fit inside the van. If the mattress is too large, you may need to cut it down to size or transport it on top of the van.
    2. Remove any other items from the van to make room for the mattress. The more space you have available, the easier it will be to fit the mattress inside the van.
    3. Roll up the mattress if possible. This will make it easier to maneuver and fit inside the van.
    4. Lift the mattress with a partner, or use a dolly or other lifting device to move it into the van. Make sure to lift with your knees, not your back, to avoid injury.
    5. Once the mattress is inside the van, secure it in place with straps or bungee cords to prevent it from shifting during transport.
    Remember to take your time and use caution when moving a mattress in a van.

  15. Can a mattress fit in the back of a van?

    It is possible for a mattress to fit in the back of a van, depending on the size of the mattress and the size of the van. A twin-size or full-size mattress should fit easily in the back of a standard cargo van or minivan. A queen-size or king-size mattress may also fit, but it may be a tight fit and may require some maneuvering to get it into the van. If you are planning to transport a mattress in a van, it is a good idea to measure the dimensions of both the mattress and the van to make sure that the mattress will fit.

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