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This week we got the opportunity to unbox two affordable options in the mid-range tier Office chairs from the SIHOO brand.

On tests, we found while both chairs have similarities, such as a width and height adjustable lumbar support and a basic level of comfort, there are also notable differences in their design, ergonomics, and durability.

In this article, we walk through explaining our first-hand experience after using them for several weeks with the recent buyer review.

I found that the V1 and M57 excel in different areas. the M57 is an excellent value for its price point and offers decent lumbar support and adjustability options. However, it may not be as durable or have as many advanced features as the V1 as tested.

Let’s dive deep into the discussion involving the pros and cons of each chair and provide a final verdict on which one is the better choice for certain users.

Key Specifications Of Sihoo V1 Vs M57

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FeaturesSIHOO V1M57
Sold To:400+ Customers1800+ Customers
Buyer Satisfaction Ratings:84%90%
Size of Chair‎59 x 78.99 x 68 cm‎43 x 61 x 110 cm
MaterialAluminum Alloy+Nylon+MeshMesh + Metal + Plastic
Chair Weight21.6 Kilograms18.9 Kilograms
Headrest Adjustable, big-sizeAdjustable
Seat Height From Floor42-51 cm46-55 cm
Seat Width52 cm51 cm
Seat Depth44-49 cm (Adjustable)46 cm
Backrest Height50 to 56 + 17 cm50 + 17 cm
Max User Height190 cm185 cm
Tilt/Rock140° maximum110°–116°–126°
WarrantyFull Refund Policy+ 3 Yr WarrantyFull Refund Policy
Price (UK)View Low Price OfferView Low Price Offer

CountrySIHOO V1 PriceSIHOO M57 Price
United StatesLow Price OfferLow Price Offer
GermanyLow Price OfferLow Price Offer
SwedenLow Price OfferLow Price Offer
AustraliaLow Price OfferLow Price Offer
CanadaLow Price OfferLow Price Offer
FranceLow Price OfferLow Price Offer
ItalyLow Price OfferLow Price Offer
SpainLow Price OfferLow Price Offer

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See the Unboxing pictures below.

view of sihoo v1 office chair unboxing purchased package arrival home
view of sihoo m57 office chair unboxing purchased package arrival home

SIHOO V1 Vs M57: Impressive Support

Let’s start with the M57. This M57 office chair is one of the most affordable mesh chairs out there, and surprisingly, it offers great back support.

During the initial test of sitting, the mesh material was soft and flexible, which made us comfortable to sit on for hours on end.

The major plus we saw, the shape of the backrest is ergonomic enough that you may not even need the adjustable lumbar support. However, it’s worth noting that the M57 doesn’t have as many adjustable features as some other office chairs on the market.

Moving on to the SIHOO V1. This upgraded version of the M57 boasts more adjustable features, which may be worth the extra cost for some people. For example, the backrest can be adjusted to accommodate longer legs, which is a nice touch.

The overall quality of the chair is also improved, with better materials used throughout as tested. However, it’s important to note that the V1 is significantly more expensive than the M57, so you’ll want to consider whether the extra features are worth the cost.

In terms of comfort, both chairs are pretty impressive. The mesh material used in both chairs is soft and breathable, which is great for long workdays. However, I personally found the V1 to be slightly more comfortable, especially when it comes to adjusting the backrest.

I have to say that the quality of both chairs is quite good, especially considering their price points.

See the image below.

view of sihoo v1 office chair base support

Overall, I’d say that both the SIHOO V1 and the M57 are solid options for an office chair. If you’re on a tight budget, the M57 is a great choice that offers excellent back support.

However, if you’re willing to spend a bit more, the V1 is an upgraded version that offers more adjustable features and overall comfort. Just be prepared to pay a premium for those extra features.

SIHOO V1 Vs M57: Performace Comparison

Moving on to heavy-duty use, the V1 clearly outperforms the M57. See the image of quality parts below.

view of sihoo v1 indivivual parts performace comparison

One space to improve the M57 is its weight capacity. While it can support most people comfortably, it cannot handle heavier individuals.

In contrast, the V1 has enough support to comfortably accommodate people who weigh between 250-300 lbs. This means that if you are heavier than 200 lbs, you may experience a slight feeling of instability when sitting on the M57, especially if you use it daily.

After testing, we discovered the V1 brought us a stronger and more stable feel, providing better support even when the chair was tilted or when we moved around a lot.

Another factor that sets the V1 apart from the M57 is its seat height range.

Although both chairs have similar seat height ranges, the V1 has a wider range, making it more suitable for people on the lower end of the height spectrum.

This means that the V1 can accommodate a wider range of individuals, making it more versatile than the M57 we tested.

See the seat height adjustment picture below of M57 office chair.

view of sihoo m57 seat height tilt adjustment

In terms of the mesh material used in the chairs, the V1 again outperforms the M57 again. After using both of the chairs for several weeks, the mesh material of the V1 is stronger and more flexible, especially if you use it a lot. On the other hand, the mesh of the M57 may deflate over time if you weigh more than 200 lbs, making it less durable than the V1.

Finally, the most flimsy parts of the M57 are the arms and the headrest, which can be a nuisance for heavier individuals. In contrast, the V1 feels stronger and more stable, providing better support for these parts, making it a better option for heavier individuals.

Overall, if you are looking for a heavy-duty office chair that can support heavier individuals and provide better overall comfort, the SIHOO V1 is the better choice.

SIHOO V1 Vs M57: Lumbar Support

Talking about our personal experience with the lumbar support, we found the SIHOO V1 and M57 are quite similar. See the image below.

close up view of v1 sihoo lumbar support

Both chairs feature a height and width adjustable lumbar support that is decent enough, but not exceptional. The lumbar support on both chairs is not a standout feature, and it may not make a significant difference in the overall comfort of the chair. However, it is a useful feature to have if you need more pronounced lumbar support.

The backrest shape on both chairs is the same, and each part seems to be connected in the same way we tested. Even without the adjustable lumbar support, the backrest design is sufficient enough to provide comfort.

Removing the lumbar support does not significantly affect the chair’s overall comfort, and it may even get in the way of some users. Therefore, many users opt to remove the lumbar support altogether if it does not benefit them. See the image below.

close up view of sihoo m57 lumbar support

Overall, the lumbar support feature should not be the deciding factor in choosing between the SIHOO V1 and M57.

SIHOO V1 Vs M57: Price And Improvements

There are findings that explain both models of SIHOO provide the perfect balance between price and quality as per the features.

The SIHOO V1 is almost double the price of the M57. However, the added ergonomic features and durability make it worth the investment for those who need a chair that can last for years and provide added comfort and support. The V1 has 11 adjustable features that allow users to customize their seating experience, making it a highly ergonomic option.

view of sihoo v1 office chair wheels unboxed arrival at home

Overall, the SIHOO V1 is the better option for those who can afford it and need the added features and durability. It offers a more remarkable seating experience, and users can sit longer and more comfortably.

The M57, on the other hand, is a great entry-level chair that offers decent lumbar support and comfort but may not be the best option for those who sit for long hours or need more stability in their armrests and headrest.

SIHOO V1 Vs M57: Buyer Reviews


The post that is being referred to in the prompt has been deleted by the person who originally posted it. However, from the available comments, it seems that the discussion was about the comparison between the SIHOO ergonomic chair V1 and the M57 model. A user commented that they had bought the M57 model since it was cheaper than the V1, but now that they have realized that SIHOO is a reliable brand, they regret not buying the V1 instead. The V1 model has better ergonomic adjustments, higher weight capacity, and a two-year warranty. Another user in the thread responded that they had just purchased the V1 and were impressed with the build quality and how well it fit their overall structure/design. They particularly highlighted the seat adjustment feature as a life-changer.

A third user raised the question of whether the V1 model is suitable for someone who is not 6 feet tall, and the response was that it depends on a person’s build. The V1 can adjust both the backrest and seat rest to fit people with different leg lengths or torso sizes. However, if someone is smaller, they may find the V1 too big and uncomfortable. It was suggested that one should try sitting on a demo unit at a shop to see if the chair is the right size for them.

The discussion also touched on the mesh fabric of the M57 model and whether it can cause discomfort under hot and humid conditions. While the mesh fabric is fine and soft to the touch, the front lip portion of the seat rest has a soft cushion to support the mesh, which can make it less breathable and lead to some sweat buildup and discomfort under the thighs.

Hardware Zone

A conversation between several members of a forum discussing office chairs. The original poster comments that they have seen the Sihoo V1 before, but they feel that the jump in price compared to the Sihoo M57 is too much. Another member shares a link to the Sihoo M57 office chair, which another member confirms has a lower price on Shopee. They discuss the possibility of buying the chair from Lazada or Tmall and the importance of checking the warranty. Some members discuss the differences between the Sihoo V1 and M57, and the possibility of a third model, the M25, being released. One member warns against buying the Vision Ergonomic Chair from, and another member reports an issue with a delivery attempt for the M57 chair they purchased on Shopee.


The SIHOO V1 chair has good reviews from UK customers. Customers praise its comfort, quality, and ergonomics. One customer mentions that it was very easy to assemble, while another person appreciates the various adjustments that can be made to customize the chair. Moreover, the lumbar support and cushioning on the bar at the front of the seating area are impressive. the chair was easy to assemble and had lots of adjustment options to suit different body types. Another customer appreciated the chair’s attention to detail, such as its cushioned area above the bar to prevent thigh pressure. Overall, the SIHOO V1 office chair is a comfortable and sturdy option for those who spend long hours sitting at a desk.


The SIHOO M57 chair has received good reviews from UK buyers. One customer, Lewis, gave it five stars, praising its comfort and durability. He uses the chair for over eight hours a day and has had no back problems. He was initially hesitant about getting the full mesh model, but he now recommends it, as it keeps his legs sweat-free even during the summer. Another customer also gave it five stars, saying that the chair relieved his shoulder pain.

Emma Storey gave the chair five stars for its comfort. In conclusion, while the chair has some flaws, most customers appreciate its comfort, and customer service seems to be excellent.

Conclusion: Verdict

In conclusion, both the SIHOO V1 and M57 office chairs offer decent features and comfort for their price points. However, there are some differences in design, ergonomics, and durability between the two.

The M57 is a more affordable option with good back support and adjustability options, while the V1 offers more advanced features and a higher level of comfort but at a higher cost. For heavy-duty use, the V1 outperforms the M57 in terms of weight capacity, stability, and mesh material. Therefore, the choice between the two chairs ultimately depends on individual preferences, needs, and budget.

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