Best Chainsaw Under £100, £150, £200: Cutting Cost, Not Quality!

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When the challenge of cutting through tough materials surpasses the capabilities of a hand saw, the immediate solution that comes to mind is a chainsaw. In this post, we embark on a journey to unveil the purest, most affordable, user-friendly, and safest raw power chainsaws available in the UK. Having tirelessly tested numerous options over weeks and months, I’ve distilled the vast market into a curated list of top performers based on easily comprehensible measures.

Reducing the initial pool of 30 competitors to a final selection of 14, I based my choices on personal testing, drawing from years of experience as a dedicated user of the Hyundai gasoline chainsaw. This budget-friendly option has been my go-to tool for various tasks in the garden, standing out for its reliability and affordability. In fact, it has not only earned the title of my #2 pick from the previous year but has now secured the top spot for the finest chainsaw this year.

Whether you’re an avid fan of Stihl or seeking a more budget-friendly alternative like the Hyundai petrol chainsaw, our aim is to guide you through the process of choosing the right chainsaw for your needs.

Owning a chainsaw is a game-changer in the garden, offering unmatched versatility and efficiency. The time saved by a sharp chainsaw compared to a hand saw is staggering — what takes at least five minutes with the latter can be accomplished in a mere ten seconds with the former. However, a chainsaw must meet crucial criteria: sturdiness, reliability, user-friendliness, and above all, safety.

As we delve into the review of top chainsaws, it’s crucial to emphasize the paramount importance of chainsaw safety. Adequate attire, including chainsaw pants and boots, is non-negotiable for anyone operating this powerful tool. Safety first!

Before exploring the top and most practical chainsaws, let’s acknowledge the diversity of needs among our readers. Whether you’re a seasoned professional in business landscaping or a novice home gardener, our comprehensive evaluation considers factors such as fuel type, power, safety features, usage, bar length, and self-lubrication.

For those eyeing the renowned but pricier Stihl chainsaw, we’ve got you covered. Our top choices, thoroughly researched and assessed, cater to a wide range of preferences and budgets. From electric chainsaws ideal for pruning overgrown trees to heavy-duty gasoline-powered instruments for professional use, our recommendations span the spectrum.

In this guide, we not only provide insights into the best chainsaws but also offer practical advice on tackling specific tasks, whether it’s pruning or felling trees. Brushless motor advancements have made electric chainsaws more accessible, even for those on a tight budget.

Let’s look at our first hand experiences together with the recent buyer reviews.

Best Chainsaw Under £100, £150, £200 At A Glance

Let’s look the the following models.

ChainsawBuyer Satisfaction RatingsStores
Hyundai86%Low Price Offer
WORX94%Low Price Offer
94%Low Price Offer
88%Low Price Offer
Seesii83%Low Price Offer
DeWalt 92%Low Price Offer
Stihl90%Low Price Offer

 Battery Vs Mains Powered Chainsaw

When deciding between a battery-powered and mains-powered chainsaw, my personal experience leans towards the specific needs of the task at hand. For larger trees, a corded chainsaw is my preference, as it operates longer and often provides more power than a battery-powered counterpart. The cost-effectiveness of mains-powered chainsaws, coupled with their extended runtime, makes them a valuable investment for substantial tasks.

However, when it comes to trimming shrubs or working across the yard, the cordless design offers unmatched mobility. The DeWalt DCM575 stands out in this category, delivering both power and flexibility, even surpassing some mains-driven versions, though at a higher cost. While Stihl sets a benchmark for excellence, its price tag may not align with everyone’s budget.

For those not requiring a large chainsaw, the Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 or the Makita DUC355Z are reasonable battery-powered options. These models are well-made, and the Makita even comes with a notable warranty. On the more affordable side, the Parker Petrol Chainsaw, with a 2-year guarantee, offers a good balance of power and cost.

In terms of power, cordless chainsaws are suitable for small to medium-sized trees and gardens, making them ideal for various tasks. The electric corded models offer a significant power increase above cordless versions, with options like the OREGON or the Makita electric chainsaw providing reliable performance.

Yet, for maximum power, a petrol chainsaw is the go-to choice. The freedom and versatility it offers make it suitable for tasks ranging from cutting your own woods to professional landscaping. The ability to operate almost anywhere and transport easily gives petrol chainsaws a notable advantage over their electric counterparts.

As I explore the market for chainsaws, I’ll be examining options across different price ranges, keeping an eye out for deals without compromising on quality.

Choosing The Right Chainsaw Under £100, £150, £200

For household tasks, I recommend an electric chainsaw over a larger, gasoline-powered one. While they may not be as powerful, especially for beginners, they are easier to handle, lighter, and safer. Plus, the absence of loud engine noise makes them more neighbor-friendly.

Maintaining the correct chain tension is crucial for longevity, efficiency, and, most importantly, safety. Opting for a tool-free design is a game-changer, allowing quick adjustments without fumbling for tools. It’s a valuable feature, especially when dealing with unexpected situations like a trapped saw.

Considering the chainsaw’s bar length is another key aspect. A longer bar allows for cutting more wood at once but adds weight and complexity. Personally, I prioritize safety and opt for a shorter bar, feeling more secure when handling smaller trees. The OREGON Electric Chainsaw with its extended bar is a cost-effective choice for tackling rough garden tasks, even if it takes a few bruises.

For those on a budget, the Hyundai Powerful Electric Chainsaw stands out. Though smaller, its 35 cm bar matches pricier models and comes at a more affordable price point. It’s an excellent option for lighter jobs in the UK.

Safety features are paramount, and a chain brake is a valuable addition to prevent kickbacks. While not every electric chainsaw includes this feature, it’s worth considering, especially if you anticipate dealing with large, gnarled trees. Chainsaw safety extends beyond features; investing in protective gear like chainsaw boots and pants is essential. Anti-kickback features, like those on the Makita Electric Chainsaw, add an extra layer of safety, reducing the risk of injury.

Best Chainsaw Under £100, £150, £200 – Tried And Tested Models

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hyundai chainsaw under 100 uk

As someone who has extensively tested the Hyundai chainsaw under £100 in the UK, I must say it has exceeded my expectations in many aspects. The first notable advantage is its user-friendly design, providing a comfortable grip that instills a sense of safety during operation. Transitioning from a petrol chainsaw, I appreciate the absence of the hassle associated with storing oil and petrol, along with the elimination of unpleasant fumes while working in the garden.

Setting up the chainsaw is a breeze, reminiscent of a petrol chainsaw in operation. The 16″ bar, coupled with the branded Oregon chain, ensures efficient cutting performance. What sets this Hyundai chainsaw apart from other corded electric models is its remarkably long 12-meter lead, offering unprecedented flexibility during use. The presence of three status LED lights adds to the user-friendly features, indicating readiness, usage, and potential overloading.

view of hyundai chainsaw under 100 uk tried and tested for several week unboxing purchased package arrival at home testing experience

One of the significant strengths of this chainsaw lies in its performance during tasks. Having used it for various small projects, including effortlessly felling a cedar tree, it demonstrated both power and precision. The reassurance of a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty is another commendable aspect, contributing to Hyundai’s reputation as a leading garden tools manufacturer.

While the overall experience has been highly positive, it’s important to note a minor drawback mentioned by some users. The chain tensioning system, while functional, could be more robust. Some users have reported instances of the chain coming loose if not tensioned correctly. This aspect, however, doesn’t overshadow the chainsaw’s solid performance and the value it offers for the money.

Overall, my tried and tested perspective on the Hyundai chainsaw under £100 in the UK is overwhelmingly positive. It stands out as a reliable, powerful, and user-friendly tool, making it an excellent choice for various garden tasks.


worx chainsaw under 150 uk

Having thoroughly tested the WORX WG322E chainsaw under £150 in the UK, I can confidently share my personal perspective on its praises and shortcomings. This battery-powered chainsaw has left a positive impression in various aspects.

One notable advantage is the chainsaw’s user-friendly design, making it easy to use and virtually fool-proof, as highlighted by a fellow reviewer. For someone like me, who harbors a lifelong fear of chainsaws, this Worx model proved to be a game-changer. It has a compact and lightweight build with a robust feel, offering a comfortable grip that instills a sense of safety during operation.

The chainsaw’s efficiency in cutting logs, as shared by multiple users, is commendable. It operates quietly, much less noisy than petrol models, and starts at the press of a button, stopping instantly when the button is released. The battery life has been a pleasant surprise, lasting for an extended period during various garden tasks, from log cutting to tree pruning.

view of worx chainsaw under 150 uk tried and tested for several week unboxing purchased package arrival at home testing experience

However, it’s important to note a minor drawback pointed out by some users—the need to buy a charger separately. While the battery and charger are available together in some packages, purchasing them separately can add to the overall cost. Additionally, the saw’s power, while suitable for most garden tasks, may not be sufficient for heavy-duty cutting, as mentioned by one user.

In my own testing, I found the Worx WG322E chainsaw to be a reliable tool for medium-sized tasks. It handled branches and logs with ease, and the lightweight design made it convenient to use. The battery life was satisfactory, allowing for uninterrupted work in the garden. However, for more extensive projects, having multiple batteries is advisable to prevent interruptions.


oregon chainsaw under 150 uk

Having put the OREGON chainsaw under £150 in the UK through its paces, I can share a firsthand tried and tested perspective, highlighting both praises and shortcomings.

The standout feature of this chainsaw, as echoed by multiple users, is its impressive power. At 2400 watts, it proves to be a very powerful machine, almost comparable to some lawnmowers. While it carries a bit of weight, making it substantial, it remains surprisingly easy to use, as affirmed by my own experience. The robust build and power make it an excellent tool for various cutting tasks.

Assembly is a breeze straight out of the box, a factor appreciated by users. This user-friendly setup process adds to the overall positive experience. The OREGON chainsaw, being corded, eliminates the need for dealing with petrol or batteries, offering a sturdy and powerful alternative. Users have particularly praised its performance in logging jobs, making light work of challenging cuts.

One minor issue raised by some users is the difficulty in seeing the oil level through the viewer. While this doesn’t impact the chainsaw’s performance, it could be an inconvenience for those who prefer a visual confirmation of the oil level. Despite this, users appreciate the lack of oil leakage issues often associated with other chainsaws.

In my own testing, I found the OREGON chainsaw to be an excellent piece of equipment, living up to its reputation for robustness and power. It tackled fairly large logs with ease, and the supplied cable length, combined with compatibility with extension leads, provided flexibility during use without overload concerns.

The chainsaw’s ability to handle sizable tasks, such as cutting a 24-inch diameter cherry tree, showcases its power and efficiency. The straightforward assembly process and the overall quality of the build contribute to a positive overall experience.

To sum up, the OREGON chainsaw under £150 in the UK emerges as a powerful and reliable tool for various cutting jobs. Its robust construction, ease of assembly, and the absence of oil leakage make it a compelling choice for those seeking a corded chainsaw. While the issue with oil level visibility is a minor drawback, the overall performance and value for money position this chainsaw as a noteworthy option in its category.


einhell chainsaw under 100 uk

Having taken the Einhell chainsaw under £100 for a spin, I can share my personal tried and tested perspective, shedding light on its praises and shortcomings.

This chainsaw proved to be a standout performer in various tasks, particularly excelling in cutting large overhanging branches and sawing up logs. The clean and effortless cuts stood out, making it a valuable tool for garden work. Even as a disabled user, I found it surprisingly easy to handle, and the safety goggles provided an added bonus, fitting over my glasses comfortably.

Assembly of the chainsaw was a straightforward process, and the chain tightening mechanism was easy to use. The 2000W electric motor delivered ample power, making it a reliable choice for a disabled user also. The safety features, including the immediate chain stop upon releasing the trigger, added to the overall positive experience.

One user noted a potential issue with the chain stop mechanism breaking internally, leading to the chain continuing to spin after releasing the trigger. However, this seemed to be a singular case and didn’t detract from the chainsaw’s overall performance. It handled felling and cutting trees with ease, showcasing its capabilities even against larger petrol-driven chainsaws.

The Einhell chainsaw’s weight was manageable, although holding it above the head for extended periods might be slightly taxing. However, this weight also provided a reassuring feel during operation. The safety features, including the chain’s instant stop and the guard preventing operation when pressed forwards, were highly appreciated.

One user highlighted that the chainsaw’s handle setting to the right could complicate cross-cutting from left to right due to body interference. Despite this, the safety features, effective cutting, and overall performance were commended. The chainsaw demonstrated its effectiveness in cutting back overgrown bushes and showcased good value for money.

While the chain coming off a few times was mentioned as a bother, it seemed to occur during specific usage scenarios, such as cutting a tangle of branches at odd angles. Regular checks of chain tension were performed, and the issue did not appear related to loose chains. The power and performance of the Einhell chainsaw, especially considering its price, were emphasized as great value for money.

In my own experience, the Einhell chainsaw proved to be a reliable and powerful tool for various garden cutting tasks. Its safety features, straightforward assembly, and effective cutting make it a commendable choice for users looking for an affordable and capable electric chainsaw under £100 in the UK. Despite minor concerns, its overall performance and value position it as a worthy contender in its category.


seesii chainsaw under 100 uk

The Seesii chainsaw, priced under £100 in the UK, proved to be a light and extremely useful tool. Handling it was straightforward, and its efficiency in cutting through branches, especially during tree pruning, left a positive impression. The lightweight design prevented quick tiring, making it a safer and more comfortable option than a traditional chainsaw for small to medium branches.

Impressed by its cutting capability, the one-handed operation of the Seesii chainsaw was a standout feature. Its value for money, considering it comes with two batteries, was emphasized. As a user, I found it easy to use, making it a convenient choice for trimming back trees. The positive experience led me to recommend it, and its cutting capability was especially appreciated during tasks for family members.

The 8-inch Seesii mini chainsaw, despite its compact size, was recognized for its good value and effective performance. The fast delivery and presentation in its own case were commendable. It was highlighted that ordering chainsaw oil is essential for operation. In my experience, I found it to be a handy solution for cutting through shrubs in the garden, particularly suitable for users with arthritis in their hands. The inclusion of two batteries and a spare chain added to its practicality.

While the Seesii chainsaw received praise for its safety features, effectiveness, and overall value, a minor drawback was pointed out. The absence of a protective sheath for the blade was noted, and the user opted to purchase one separately for added protection when the chainsaw is not in use. Nevertheless, it was regarded as one of the best buys for garden work.

The Seesii mini chainsaw was welcomed as a safe, effective, and lightweight alternative for users, especially those getting older and finding traditional chainsaws challenging. Its left-handed use was mentioned, and the inclusion of a spare battery and replacement chain in a neat, rigid case added to its appeal.

In terms of battery life, a user raised concerns about its short duration, especially when cutting through dry soft sticks. While praising the saw’s fantastic cutting ability, the user noted longer-than-stated charging times and a need for frequent recharging. This aspect was considered a flaw in an otherwise excellent tool.

Addressing a specific user experience, the Seesii brand showcased excellent customer service by offering a full refund for a faulty unit. Despite minor issues like a stuck safety button and oil leakage, the overall positive sentiment toward the compact workhorse remained strong.


dewalt chainsaw under 200 uk

Having taken the Dewalt chainsaw for a spin in my backyard, here’s a personal tried-and-tested perspective, highlighting both praises and shortcomings.

As someone accustomed to petrol chainsaws for over 30 years, making the shift to a battery-powered chainsaw like the Dewalt was a bit optimistic. However, after thorough research and consideration of various reviews and YouTube videos, I decided to give it a try. Opting for the version without batteries, I utilized my existing 18V 5Ah and 18V 4Ah batteries from my drill and torch. The initial run, powered by an 18V 5Ah battery, impressively cut through 64 logs ranging from 3 to 7.5 inches in diameter.

The battery lasted well, with the oil level dropping to the low line. The subsequent run with another 18V 5Ah battery managed 40 cuts on Pine, including two large rounds about 15 inches in diameter. Pros included its lighter weight compared to petrol chainsaws, efficient log cutting, compatibility with spare batteries, easy cleaning, visible oil level, quiet operation, and overall compact design.

On the downside, the notable issue was oil leakage, even after use. Addressing this, I planned to try the O-ring trick on the filler cap based on online recommendations. Despite this flaw, the Dewalt chainsaw was deemed brilliant, especially with a makeshift folding saw-horse to ease log cutting. The verdict? A definite yes for a repurchase.

Another user, initially skeptical due to owning a Stihl petrol chainsaw, found the Dewalt to be a surprisingly good little chainsaw. Its lightweight yet sturdy build was appreciated, and with a rotation of 4 and 5-amp batteries, the user worked continuously for a couple of hours. The common issue of the chain oil reservoir leaking when stored was acknowledged, but the user found it to be a good purchase overall.

A user, tired of the hassle of starting a two-stroke Stihl chainsaw, praised the Dewalt for its convenience—pushing a button and starting immediately. While acknowledging it may not be industrial-grade, the chainsaw exhibited 75% of the punch of a 12″ Stihl chainsaw. Noting its efficiency, the user ran it off 3 x 3Ah batteries, appreciating the sharp chains, sturdy rail, easy adjustment, and simple cleaning process. Despite a bit more chain oil consumption than the Stihl, the user found the Dewalt to be a tidy tool.


stihl chainsaw under 200 uk

Having purchased and extensively used the Stihl chainsaw, I’m here to share a firsthand perspective, highlighting both praises and shortcomings.

The Stihl chainsaw proved to be unbelievably easy to use, living up to its reputation. It effortlessly cut through branches with the smoothness of cutting through butter. The battery life exceeded my expectations, providing an extended usage time. The overall quality of the item was remarkable, making it a reliable and efficient tool for various tasks.

This fantastic little saw from Stihl has proven itself superb for quick jobs, particularly where the wood isn’t too thick. Despite its compact size, it’s a serious piece of kit, and the effectiveness was evident in the simplicity of its maintenance routines. However, it’s essential not to underestimate it, as the reviewer wisely suggests using full personal protective equipment (PPE) with this serious tool.

The convenience of the Stihl chainsaw shone through in its design, eliminating the hassle of dealing with fuels. A quick charge was all it needed to be ready for use, making pruning apple trees a doddle. The combination of a great product and fast service was a notable aspect of the user experience.

One reviewer recommended having a spare blade and spare batteries for the Stihl chainsaw, emphasizing its fantastically sharp performance. While it excelled at light pruning, the review suggested it might not be as effective on more substantial wood. The user advised caution and found the chainsaw to be easy to use, particularly suitable for women.

For heavy domestic pruning, allotments, or light trade, the Stihl chainsaw was described as the “dog’s Bllcks.” It significantly reduced the time spent on a job, making it highly efficient for various applications. The user suggested that the branches should be rigid enough to avoid bouncing around, and it was recommended not to exceed the specified top size.

The chainsaw’s ease of use in tight spaces and its clean cuts were highlighted. Maintenance of the blade was emphasized, acknowledging its quick dulling due to the lightweight chain. Safety precautions were underlined, emphasizing the need to read and follow the instructions for safe operation.

How We Test

Testing chainsaws in different price ranges, such as under £100, £150, and £200, involves a comprehensive evaluation of various factors to ensure the effectiveness, safety, and overall value for users. Here’s an overview of how we conduct these tests:

1. Performance:

  • Cutting Power: We assess the cutting power of the chainsaw across different types of wood and sizes. This includes evaluating how well it handles both small and larger branches or logs.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Testing includes measuring the speed and efficiency of the chainsaw in different cutting scenarios to determine its overall performance.

2. Battery Life (if applicable):

  • For battery-powered chainsaws, we evaluate the battery life under various usage conditions. This includes testing the chainsaw on a single charge and assessing how long it can sustain effective cutting.

3. Ease of Use:

  • Handling: We assess how easy it is to handle the chainsaw, considering factors like weight, ergonomics, and balance.
  • Startup: For electric and battery-powered models, we evaluate the ease of startup and any additional steps required before use.

4. Safety Features:

  • We examine the safety features incorporated into the chainsaw, including chain brakes, kickback reduction features, and any additional safety mechanisms.

5. Build Quality and Durability:

  • We evaluate the overall build quality and durability of the chainsaw, considering the materials used and how well it withstands regular use.

6. Maintenance Requirements:

  • Chainsaws require regular maintenance. We assess how easy it is to perform routine tasks such as chain tensioning, oiling, and general upkeep.

7. Oil System:

  • For chainsaws with oiling systems, we test the efficiency of the system in lubricating the chain during operation. We also check for any leakage issues.

8. Noise Levels:

  • We measure the noise levels produced by the chainsaw during operation, considering the comfort and potential impact on users and their surroundings.

9. Value for Money:

  • Considering the price range, we evaluate whether the chainsaw offers good value for money based on its overall performance, features, and durability.

10. User Feedback:

  • We take into account user reviews and feedback to understand real-world experiences and potential issues that users might encounter.

By conducting thorough tests across these criteria, we aim to provide users with comprehensive insights into the performance, safety, and usability of chainsaws in different price categories. This information assists potential buyers in making informed decisions based on their specific needs and budget constraints.

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