Best Microwave Under £100 UK: Hot Deals Revealed!

In the world of modern cooking, a reliable best microwave under £100 can be your kitchen’s unsung hero. These versatile appliances have become indispensable for a wide range of culinary tasks, from popping popcorn to giving yesterday’s leftovers a second chance at a piping-hot revival. Our journey into the realm of microwaves began with a simple realization: life in the kitchen could be made a whole lot easier with the right microwave by our side.

We decided to put these budget-friendly microwaves to the test, spending weeks to months getting to know their ins and outs. Our adventure began with the unboxing experience, giving us a firsthand look at what each model had to offer. From there, we embarked on a culinary voyage, exploring how these microwaves could simplify our everyday lives.

If you’re like us and find yourself relying on quick and convenient meals due to a busy schedule, a compact microwave is your trusty companion. There are times when stovetop cooking or oven baking feels too time-consuming or cumbersome, making the microwave a lifesaver. We all know the tales of rubbery chicken and overcooked solo dinners, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

The truth is, the finest microwaves can be culinary game-changers, speeding up cooking processes, simplifying tasks, and even enhancing the overall experience. Whether you’re a microwave novice using it mainly for reheating and the occasional ready meal or a culinary explorer experimenting with full-fledged meals and quick defrosting, there’s a microwave out there for you.

In this walkthrough guide, We’ve explored the world of budget-friendly microwaves to help you discover the perfect kitchen companion that meets your needs.

Let’s look at the our first hand testing unboxing reviews and recent buyer insights experiences as well.

Top Best Microwave Under 100 UK At A Glance

Microwave Oven NamesBuyer Satisfaction RatingStores
SHARP88%Low Price Offer
Russell Hobbs86%Low Price Offer
Panasonic Solo90%Low Price Offer
Samsung86%Low Price Offer
Toshiba92%Low Price Offer
Haden96%Low Price Offer
VYTRONIX90%Low Price Offer

Microwave Vs Combi

When it comes to microwaves versus combi microwaves, it’s all about how they work their magic. Microwaves, as the name suggests, use microwave energy to heat your food quickly. On the other hand, combi microwaves, short for combination microwaves, are a bit like culinary superheroes. They use a mix of microwaves, convection, and radiant heating, similar to an oven or grill.

The beauty of combi microwaves lies in their versatility. They’re not just for reheating leftovers; they can handle various cooking tasks. Think melting chocolate and butter to perfection or giving certain meats and baked goods that delicious golden-brown finish.

When it comes to price, combi microwaves come in a range of options, starting at around £80 and going up to different budgets.

To address the age-old microwave issue: uneven cooking. We see, different foods absorb heat at different rates, and microwaves have their own way of dealing with it. Most microwaves rely on turntables to spin your food, trying their best to ensure even cooking. Some, however, ditch the turntable for a flatbed design, using a different approach.

Flatbed microwaves claim to cook and heat food more evenly, but here’s the twist: our testing has shown that it doesn’t always live up to the promise. So, whether you opt for a traditional turntable or a flatbed design, it’s crucial to find a combi microwave that gets the job done just right as tested.

Power Level And Wattage

Generally, the higher the wattage, the faster your microwave can work its culinary magic. Take the Samsung MS23T5018A, for instance, with its modest 800W power. It might seem small, but trust me, it holds its own in the kitchen tests. However, here’s a little secret: the amount of electricity a microwave uses can sometimes be more than its output wattage, so don’t let that number fool you as tested. Microwaves are power-savers compared to ovens, mainly because they heat smaller areas more quickly.

Manufacturers use wattages to tell you how powerful their microwaves are. Theoretically, a higher wattage should mean faster and more effective cooking. But here’s the catch: no microwave really hits its claimed output wattage due to some inherent inefficiencies that turn input power into surplus heat. And to make matters more interesting, the way they calculate output watts has evolved over time. So, comparing your trusty 1980s model to the sleek ones on the market today? It’s like comparing two different things.

Moving on to the power levels, most solo microwaves let you adjust the power level to match your culinary creations. Not everything needs a full-power blast. For soups, drinks, or veggies liquid, go full throttle. For everyday tasks like heating up pre-made meals, stick to medium. And when it’s time for precision tasks like melting chocolate or butter, or gently reheating something delicate, dial it down to the lowest setting. It’s all about having the right power level in your culinary toolkit as tested.

Program, Space and Accessories

First, let’s talk programs. Some microwaves are like culinary wizards with their auto-cook settings. These nifty features adjust the power and cooking time based on the type and weight of your food. Think frozen veggies, popcorn, and pizza – they’ve got you covered. And don’t forget about reheating and defrosting options. They can be real time-savers.

Now, when it comes to choosing between turntable and flatbed models, flatbeds have their perks. They give you more space inside because there’s no pesky platter taking up room. But keep in mind, a bigger microwave means more counter real estate, which can be a concern in smaller kitchens. We’ve got the measurements for each microwave, but remember to leave some space around the vents for heat to escape.

Speaking of space, here’s a tip: go for a microwave with a clear view inside. Trust me; it’s a game-changer. You won’t have to open the door repeatedly to check on your meal’s progress.

Now, safety is crucial, especially if you have little ones running around. Look for microwaves with a child lock feature. It locks the control panel, preventing curious kids from tinkering with the microwave and keeping them safe.

Finally, let’s talk controls. Microwaves come in all shapes and sizes when it comes to buttons and knobs. Some have touch-sensitive buttons or sliders, while others sport displays with menus. It’s essential to pick one that speaks your language, whether that’s through clear English labels or straightforward icons. After all, a combi microwave might have all the functions you want, but if you’re constantly consulting the manual, it’s not very practical.

Best Microwave Under £100 UK: Tried And Tested Models

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sharp microwave under 100 uk

This microwave earns high marks for its simplicity and ease of use. It’s excellent for everyday microwave tasks, offering a good volume and a versatile power range. The straightforward design is one of its strengths, with simple rotating knobs for setting time and heat settings. While it lacks numerical digital gauges for precise timing, this simplicity is what makes it user-friendly.

One minor drawback worth mentioning is the door mechanism; it’s a pull-to-open design, so there are no push buttons. However, if you appreciate straightforward and easy-to-use appliances, this microwave might be a solid choice. It’s not the cheapest option out there, but it comes from a reputable brand known for reliability. In our six weeks of testing, it has performed well and met our expectations.

See the view of package arrival and unboxing at our home.

view of sharp microwave under 100 unboxing purchased package arrival at home testing experience

The Sharp Microwave has proven to be a great product over the course of three months of use. It’s reliable and efficient, handling everyday microwave tasks with ease.

For those looking for an uncomplicated and user-friendly microwave, the Sharp Microwave fits the bill as tested. It features two knobs for time and heat settings, making it ideal for those who prefer a simple interface. The stainless steel interior is easy to clean, and the microwave heats up quickly, making it a practical choice.

Switching to the digital version, the Sharp Microwave remains a solid product. It’s easy to use, and the touch buttons have proven to be hassle-free, contrary to some reviews. The sealed button style prevents dust particles from getting into the switches, ensuring long-term durability. Overall, it has provided a positive experience so far.

While it may not compare to a more expensive Panasonic model in terms of size and materials, the Sharp Microwave still holds its own. It looks smart and gets the job done efficiently. It’s a reliable microwave that delivers on performance and functionality.

Russell Hobbs

russell hobbs microwave under 100 uk

This clever device packs a punch, offering the convenience of a solo microwave while also bringing the grilling game to the table. It may not be the most portable option out there, but its performance more than makes up for it. With this microwave, you can achieve that perfect golden-brown finish on your cottage pie or a crispy baked potato by combining the microwave and grilling functions.

What really impressed us were the automated cook options. It’s not just about reheating; this microwave offers a range of presets for tasks like cooking fish, rice, and more. And when it comes to defrosting, it takes into account the weight of your food, not just its type. Plus, there’s a nifty delayed start option, so you can time your supper to perfection.

In our testing, we found that some programs exceeded our expectations, like the defrost feature. However, others, such as the reheat function, struggled a bit with dense meals and required more time than expected. But considering the price point, it’s still a fantastic deal, especially when you consider that it’s on par with solo microwaves in terms of cost.

Here are the key specs to keep in mind: a convenient turntable, dimensions of 262 x 452 x 396 mm, a stated capacity of 20 liters, and a turntable diameter of 245 mm. It boasts a 1,000W power output and, yes, it has a grill function for all your grilling and baking needs.

So, if you’re looking for a versatile microwave that won’t break the bank, the Russell Hobbs Microwave Under £100 UK is worth a closer look.

Panasonic Solo

panasonic solo microwave under 100 uk

The Panasonic Solo Microwave Under £100 UK has earned its stripes in our testing. We were pleasantly surprised when we received it; it’s nearly identical in size to our previous microwave, which made the transition seamless. The program options had a few minor differences, but the best part was that even the turntable and plate bearer were interchangeable.

It’s easy to use and quite intuitive. While my wife missed the quick 1-minute button from our old microwave, she quickly adapted to the 30-second option, which she now presses twice for 1 minute. The 1-minute button is there as well, but she finds it a bit complex. The build quality seems sturdy, but we had issues with rust on our previous microwave, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Panasonic’s durability surpasses our previous experience.

Speaking of durability, this microwave has performed admirably for us. It’s easy to use, and the non-stick surfaces make cleaning a breeze. We upgraded from a smaller unit, and the increased volume and variety of food it can handle have been a game-changer. We did make a minor adjustment to the recommended temperatures and times for air frying, but the effort has paid off in excellent results. Overall, it’s been an ideal purchase for our needs.

We use the Panasonic Solo Microwave almost daily, and it has proven to be a quick and reliable performer. It’s perfect for our small kitchen, and the compact size makes it a space-saving gem. The various power levels are handy, but keep in mind that its interior capacity might limit larger dishes. Nevertheless, it’s easy to use and clean, making it a dependable choice for basic microwave functions in smaller spaces.


samsung solo microwave under 100 uk

The Samsung Solo Microwave Under £100 UK has won us over with its impressive performance and user-friendly design. We were delighted to find that we didn’t need to dive into the instruction manual even once. Its sleek exterior houses an easy-to-read fascia and responsive touch screen controls that make operation a breeze. Plus, the wipeable ceramic interior is a game-changer when it comes to quick and easy cleanup.

Now, don’t be fooled by its 800W maximum power; this microwave means business. It surprised us by heating our food just as fast and efficiently as more powerful models. From perfectly prepared ready meals to efficiently warmed soup and even evenly defrosted meat without overheating, it passed our tests with flying colors. It’s a dependable addition to any kitchen, and its stylish appearance will undoubtedly enhance your countertop.

Here are the essential details to keep in mind: it boasts a 23-liter capacity and offers a range of 6 programs. Despite its 800 watts of power, it performs admirably, making it a smart and budget-friendly choice for those seeking both style and functionality.


toshiba microwave under 100 uk

One of the recent buyer explains, while it’s proven to be a reliable replacement for our previous microwave, which lasted a commendable 8 years, we couldn’t help but notice a slight difference in build quality. It gets the job done, but there’s a subtle feeling that it might not be as sturdily made as our old one.

What stands out about this Toshiba microwave is its durability. It has served us well for 3 years, with daily usage and no issues to report. Its bulkiness might be a consideration for those with limited space, but its performance makes up for it. The interior’s gray finish adds a touch of aesthetics, though checking on your food can be a bit trickier.

The Toshiba Solo Microwave Under £100 UK has undergone our testing also. One thing worth mentioning is the microwave’s beep alert, which rings 5 times when the food is ready. While it ensures you won’t miss the moment, it can be quite loud. If you’re trying to be discreet, you’ll need to open the door before it reaches the 0-second mark to avoid the beep. But aside from that minor quibble, it’s been a great addition to our kitchen.

The Toshiba Solo Microwave handles its job well, with no major complaints. It’s easy to use and gets the job done as expected. The only drawback we’ve noticed is that the light inside remains on all the time when the door is open, which can be a bit inconvenient if you like to leave the door open to prevent odors.

On the other hand, the Toshiba Solo Microwave is an excellent addition to our kitchen. It’s easy to use, and the simple instructions make it hassle-free. It covers all the basics, including auto-defrost and reheating functions, and has been a reliable appliance for our needs.

This microwave has also been a repeat purchase for many. Finally, the Toshiba Solo Microwave has a few quirks when it comes to power levels. It took us some trial and error to figure out the right settings, as the power levels didn’t quite align with the wattage levels. Remember to jot down the cook times and power levels you prefer for future reference.

Overall, the Toshiba Solo Microwave is a durable and reliable kitchen companion. While it may not feel as robust as some other models, it has proven its worth in our daily use.


haden microwave under 100 uk

The Haden Microwave Under £100 UK has undergone testing, and here’s our assessment of it. This microwave, while basic, has some standout features that make it a solid choice.

One of the highlights of this microwave is its stainless steel interior. Unlike many microwaves that can suffer from rusting or chipping enamel inside, the stainless steel interior is not only easy to clean but also durable. This ensures that it remains in good condition for a long time, even with consistent use.

In terms of performance, it’s a 700-watt microwave, which may be considered on the lower end of the power spectrum. However, it still manages to get the job done effectively. It’s suitable for most basic microwave tasks, and it’s surprisingly spacious inside, accommodating even large dinner plates.

The controls on this microwave are simple and mechanical, which adds to its overall ease of use. While it lacks the fancy digital features and automatic settings of more advanced models, it’s straightforward to operate. You won’t need to consult a manual to figure out how to defrost or reheat food.

One downside we noticed is that the control knobs can be a bit challenging to turn if your hands are wet or greasy. However, this can easily be resolved by adding silicone rubber bands to provide better grip.

Overall, the Haden Microwave is a reliable choice, especially for those who appreciate simplicity and durability. Its stainless steel interior sets it apart, ensuring longevity and ease of cleaning. While it may not be the most powerful microwave, it’s certainly a great value for its price.


vytronix microwave under 100 uk

First and foremost, this microwave is incredibly easy to use. If simplicity is what you’re after, this microwave won’t disappoint. The straightforward design and intuitive controls make it hassle-free to operate. Whether you’re warming up leftovers or defrosting frozen items, this microwave gets the job done without any fuss.

In terms of style, it’s a winner. The sleek and modern design adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. It’s not just a functional appliance; it’s also a stylish addition to your countertop.

However, it’s worth noting that the interior space is a bit on the smaller side. While it’s adequate for most daily microwave tasks, if you need to heat larger items or dishes, you might find it somewhat limiting. So, it’s essential to consider your specific needs when choosing this microwave.

Overall, the VYTRONIX Microwave is an excellent choice for those who prioritize ease of use and style in their kitchen appliances. It’s a no-fuss microwave that delivers on its promises. Just be mindful of its interior size if you frequently microwave larger items.


swan microwave under 100 uk

It’s incredibly simple and straightforward, making it a hassle-free addition to your kitchen. The display and dials are user-friendly, so you won’t need to consult the manual constantly. It’s the kind of microwave that you can start using right away without any confusion.

In terms of design, it’s a standout. The elegant and stylish look adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. The available color options, whether it’s the classy white, striking blue, or trendy grey, ensure that you can choose one that complements your kitchen’s aesthetics.

view of swan microwave under 100 uk unboxing purchased package arrival at home testing experience

However, one thing to note is that it may not be the most powerful microwave on the market. While it does a decent job of heating food, it might take a bit longer compared to higher wattage models. So, if you prioritize speed in your microwave, this is something to consider.

Overall, the Swan Microwave combines style and ease of use. It’s a great addition to your kitchen, and while it may not be the most powerful, it certainly gets the job done efficiently. Just be prepared for the possibility of slightly longer heating times.

How We Test

Testing microwave ovens under £100 involves a hands-on approach, spanning several weeks of rigorous examination. We begin by unboxing the microwave, assessing its packaging, and noting any initial impressions. The first-hand experience starts with setting up the microwave, ensuring it’s user-friendly from the get-go.

We evaluate its design, build quality, and available features, looking for any unique attributes that set it apart. Over the testing period, we use the microwave extensively, reheating various dishes, defrosting frozen foods, and even attempting more advanced cooking tasks. This allows us to assess its cooking performance, speed, and consistency.

We take note of any noise levels, ease of use, and the intuitiveness of its controls. Cleaning and maintenance aspects are scrutinized, ensuring that it’s a practical addition to any kitchen.

Overall, our testing process provides valuable insights into the microwave’s functionality, durability, and overall user experience, helping consumers make informed decisions when shopping for a microwave under £100.

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