Best Waterproof Jacket Under 200: Stop Wasting Money & Time!

This article is on the topic of best waterproof jackets under 200 based on our first hand purchased experience together with recent buyer reviews.

When it comes to outdoor adventures, the value of a reliable waterproof jacket can’t be overstated. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just someone who enjoys the occasional outdoor stroll, having the right gear is essential. We’ve spent weeks testing and exploring, and we understand the importance of staying dry when the skies open up.

High-end hiking coats may catch your eye in outdoor stores, but not all of us require such top-tier options. While trekking, a waterproof jacket is a necessity, but the good news is that there are some fantastic options that won’t break the bank. Contrary to what some might believe, “cheap” and “waterproof” can coexist, and finding outdoor gear that suits your needs is our top priority.

We believe in being thrifty when necessary, waiting for the right deal to save some hard-earned cash. You don’t need to splurge on a winter waterproof jacket loaded with features if all you require is a dependable hillwalking waterproof. Affordable, effective options do exist, and we’ve gathered a list of the best waterproof jackets under £200 for you.

While £200 may still seem like a significant investment, we’ve worked to eliminate the age-old risk of “buy cheap, pay twice.” Waterproof jackets rank among the most crucial outdoor gear items, just after your trusty walking boots. So, choosing one that can truly withstand the elements is essential, but it shouldn’t leave your wallet empty.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the world of reasonably priced waterproof jackets that deliver performance without the hefty price tag. We’ve personally tested and selected these options, aiming to prove that quality outdoor gear can be accessible to everyone.

Now, let’s dive into what makes an excellent waterproof jacket and explore some top choices that won’t disappoint.

Best Waterproof Jacket Under 200 At A Glance

Waterproof JacketsBuyer Satisfaction RatingsStores
(Men’s Recommend)
90%Low Price Offer
Rab Kangri
(Men’s Recommend)
92%Low Price Offer
(Women Recommend)
96%Low Price Offer
Marmot 88%Low Price Offer
The NORTH FACE86%Low Price Offer

Right Size Fit

Firstly, consider where and when you’ll be wearing your new jacket. If it’s for those chilly winter days when you need to bundle up, opt for a roomier style. It should have enough space to accommodate multiple layers, like a mid-layer and a base layer, without feeling constrictive as tested. Alternatively, you can go for a waterproof and insulated jacket to stay warm.

For activities like brisk hiking or cycling, a lightweight, form-fitting, and breathable jacket is the way to go. Try it on in person to ensure it fits well and provides flexibility without riding up when you move your arms. Pay attention to the sleeves, waist, and neck; they should fit snugly to keep out cold air and water. And don’t forget about the hood—it should comfortably cover your head and be adjustable if needed. If you’re a mountaineer or cyclist who wears a helmet, choose a jacket designed to work seamlessly with your headgear.

Now, about gender-specific fits—while waterproof jackets are often tailored to one gender, some ladies might find that men’s jackets with a boxier fit also work well for them.

Lastly, when it comes to fit, consider your intended use. If you’re hiking in the summer and won’t be layering much, opt for a standard fit or something with a more athletic cut. But if your adventures span all seasons, and you’ll need to layer up year-round, go for a jacket that accommodates layering comfortably.

Construction and Quality Of Fabric

The fabric it’s made of can make a big difference. First off, forget about the fancy Gore-Tex. In the lower price range, most brands use their own waterproof membranes, and some of these are pretty good. It’s important to be realistic and know what you’re getting. There are typically three types of fabric construction you’ll come across.

Two-Layer Hardshell Jackets: These are often the most budget-friendly. They have a waterproof membrane inside, a protective mesh layer, and an outer fabric. While they can keep you dry, they tend to be bulkier and not very breathable.

2.5-Layer Jackets: These come with a membrane, a shell fabric, and an inner layer, often made of PU that’s printed or sprayed on. They’re lightweight and excellent for fast-paced activities. Many in this category are perfect for three-season use.

Three-Layer Jackets: These are more expensive but offer top-notch breathability, durability, and longevity. They feature a membrane sandwiched between an inner backer cloth and an outer fabric. Brands like Gore-Tex often use this construction.

When assessing a jacket’s quality, pay attention to other details as well. The number of pockets, waterproof zippers, adjustable points on the hood, hem, and cuffs, and additional features like pit zips, RECCO reflectors, and two-way zippers can make a big difference.

There’s debate about using two, 2.5, or three layers. In the lower price range, you’ll find fewer options for three-layer jackets, which are the toughest but also the priciest. Two and 2.5-layer jackets are more common, partly due to cost, but also because not all jackets need to withstand mountain conditions. Many 2.5-layer waterproofs are lightweight and easy to carry in your pack until needed.

Jackets often come with a hydrostatic head rating in millimeters, indicating their waterproofing ability. Generally, up to 1,500mm is water-resistant, 1,500mm to 5,000mm is waterproof for everyday use, and 10,000mm and above is fully waterproof for rugged terrains and snow sports. Also, ensure your jacket has taped seams to prevent water from seeping through.

Breathability is vital to avoid feeling sweaty inside. Cheaper jackets may lack ventilation, so they’re best for light use. Opt for a jacket with pit zips if you expect to sweat. A sturdy hood peak is handy for drizzly days, and secure pockets keep your belongings dry.

Caring And Maintaining

On testing it for several months, we found that the first sign that your jacket needs attention is when water stops beading on the surface and starts soaking into the fabric—a condition called wetting out. In this case, avoid using regular detergents, as they can harm the waterproof materials. Instead, opt for a specialized cleaning solution like Nikwax’s Tech Wash. It works wonders to revive your jacket’s water resistance.

For jackets made with materials like Gore-Tex, running them on low heat for 20 to 30 minutes can help reactivate the durable water-resistant (DWR) exterior layer. While this can bring it back to life temporarily, it won’t last forever. To restore it fully, consider applying a spray-on or wash-in waterproofing solution, like Nikwax’s TX-Direct.

Remember, the care and maintenance of your jacket significantly impact its performance and lifespan. Brands like Grangers and Nikwax offer excellent gear care products that preserve the DWR coating of the fabric. Their options, like Grangers Performance Wash and Nikwax Tech Wash, outshine regular laundry detergent when it comes to cleaning waterproof gear.

If you want to go the extra mile in maintaining your gear, consider using Grangers or Nikwax kits to restore the waterproofing. Also, when your jacket experiences issues like a broken zipper, a seam in need of replacement, or a rip, don’t rush to replace it. Instead, explore repair options. Many outdoor stores and brands now offer gear repair services, which can be both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

In the long run, repairing your jacket not only saves you money but also contributes to a more sustainable approach to outdoor gear. So, make the most of these tips to keep your jacket in top shape for your adventures.

Best Waterproof Jacket Under 200: Tried And Tested Models

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berghaus waterproof jacket under 200

The Berghaus under 200 has earned a reputation. I recently had the opportunity to put one of their offerings to the test, and here’s my take on the experience.

First things first, I was impressed by the packability of this jacket. It’s not always easy to find a Gore-Tex jacket that can be neatly stowed away, but this one managed to surprise me. A waterproof jacket that doesn’t take up much space in your backpack is always a plus, and this Berghaus model delivers on that front.

Picture below of our own unboxing purchased package arrival.

view ofberghaus waterproof jacket under 200 unboxing purchased package arrival at home testing experience

In terms of style and fit, it’s a solid choice. I found it quite smart, and the fit was reasonable for my size. Although I haven’t had the chance to test it in wet conditions yet, the Gore-Tex technology it boasts gives me confidence that it will perform as expected when the rain decides to make an appearance.

Now, let’s talk about its lightweight nature. This feature was a real winner for me, especially during summer downpours. It doesn’t weigh you down, and when the rain hits, it keeps you nice and dry. Plus, the fact that you can easily roll it up and stash it in a pocket is a game-changer. Convenience is key, and this jacket has it covered.

One aspect that stood out was its ability to keep the rain out. I’ve had my fair share of so-called “waterproof” jackets that didn’t live up to the name, but this Berghaus jacket proved to be one of the best at keeping the rain at bay. It’s reassuring to know that when the weather turns, you can rely on it to keep you dry.

On the downside, I did notice a slight quirk when it came to sizing. I typically wear a size L, but this time, I ordered an XL to have some room for layering. It turned out to be the right call, as it provided the correct fit without being too baggy. However, the sizing might not be consistent for everyone, so it’s essential to pay attention to sizing charts and possibly order a size up if you plan to layer underneath.

Rab Kangri

rab kangri waterproof jacket under 200

Here’s my personal take on its performance, highlighting its praises and pointing out any shortcomings.

First and foremost, what struck me about the Rab Kangri under 200 is its incredible value for money. This jacket is made with Goretex, a name synonymous with quality, and it’s priced in a range that’s quite budget-friendly. It’s not every day you find a Goretex product of this caliber without breaking the bank.

One of the standout features of this jacket is its versatility. It’s not just waterproof; it’s also windproof and surprisingly warm. Whether you’re hiking in the wilderness or facing extreme winds, the Rab Kangri has design features that allow you to tighten down for added protection. It’s a true all-weather companion, and I appreciate gear that can adapt to various conditions.

Another point that caught my attention is its balance between being lightweight and robust. When you’re out hillwalking and carrying a daypack, you don’t want your jacket to weigh you down. The Rab Kangri manages to strike that delicate balance, ensuring you stay comfortable during your adventures.

The hood, high zip, and underarm vents are some of the thoughtful design elements that enhance the overall experience. The hood provides multiple adjustment options, allowing you to fine-tune it to your liking. The high zip keeps the elements out, and the underarm vents are a game-changer when you need to regulate your body temperature.

On the downside, it’s essential to note that this jacket falls below the waist. While this design element does help keep you dry during downpours, it might not be everyone’s preference. Some may prefer a longer length for added protection.

Overall, the Rab Kangri is a formidable contender in the category of waterproof jackets under £200.


maitland waterproof jacket under 200

First and foremost, let’s talk about fit. if you normally wear a size 14, but for this jacket, you should decide to go with a size 16, and it was the right call. Not only did it fit perfectly, but it also allowed room for an interactive Berghaus fleece. It’s essential to consider layering, and this jacket certainly accommodated that need. Plus, it’s available in a beautiful color that adds a touch of style to your outdoor adventures.

Now, the real test came when I wore it in wet and windy conditions. The Maitland jacket did not disappoint; it proved to be impressively waterproof. I stayed dry despite heavy rain, and that’s precisely what you want in a waterproof jacket. It’s reassuring to know that it can hold up to its claims, even in challenging weather conditions.

One minor point to consider is that the color may not always match the description. In my case, the jacket was described as purple, but it turned out to be a lovely burgundy color. While this may not be a deal-breaker, it’s worth noting if you have specific color preferences.

As for comfort, the Maitland jacket certainly delivers. It’s warm, waterproof, and comfortable to wear. When you’re out in the elements, you want gear that keeps you cozy and dry, and this jacket ticks those boxes.

Now, let’s address sizing again. It’s worth mentioning that some users found the jacket to have a very small fit. So, if you’re considering purchasing it, I’d recommend sizing up, especially if you plan to layer with a fleece or other clothing items underneath. Getting a larger size can ensure a more comfortable fit.


marmot waterproof jacket under 200

First off, let’s talk about the overall impression. The Marmot jacket might not fall under the “cheap” category, but it certainly leaves a positive impression. I chose the Arctic Navy color, and it not only looks good but also feels well-made. The moment I put it on, I could tell it was a quality piece of outerwear. Plus, it delivers on its primary promise – it’s waterproof.

One of the standout features of this jacket is its excellent value, especially considering it’s constructed from Gore-Tex material. Specifically, it uses Gore-Tex Paclite, making it lightweight and easy to carry. It even folds down small, making it a convenient addition to your outdoor gear collection. The hood design is worth mentioning too; a single drawcord makes it easy to adjust, and it moves with your head, ensuring excellent coverage.

Now, when it comes to breathability, it’s important to note that Paclite isn’t the most breathable of Gore-Tex materials and can wet out quickly. However, the Marmot jacket includes underarm pit zips, which work effectively to mitigate this issue. They allow you to regulate your body temperature, which is a crucial feature for comfort during outdoor activities.

On the downside, there are a few cons to consider. If you plan to wear this jacket as a layer with a hood, it might feel a bit tight and uncomfortable. Also, if you’re a fan of bulky beanies, you might run into some challenges. Additionally, the coverage for your face is somewhat limited.

Lastly, some users have raised concerns about the zips’ durability, which is worth keeping in mind. It’s essential to consider the longevity of your outdoor gear.

Overall, the Marmot waterproof jacket under £200 is a quality garment that offers great value. Its construction from Gore-Tex Paclite ensures excellent waterproofing, while thoughtful design elements like the adjustable hood and pit zips enhance its functionality. While there are a couple of minor cons to consider, it remains a solid choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking reliable waterproofing and convenience.


the north face waterproof jacket under 200

Right out of the packaging, I could tell this jacket was something special. The sleek style and the innovative jacket within a jacket design immediately caught my eye. Putting it on felt empowering, like I could take on any outdoor challenge with ease. It’s no wonder that this jacket is a favorite among my peers, and I joined the ranks with my own black NORTH FACE.

Now, let’s get serious. This jacket offers versatility like no other. It features an inner fleece and an outer shell that can be worn separately or together. This modular design is perfect for adapting to changing weather conditions. When it’s cold, you can bundle up with both layers, and when it’s milder, you have options to stay comfortable.

Warmth is a crucial factor in any jacket, and despite its slim appearance, this one does an excellent job of keeping you toasty. The hydrophobic nature of the jacket’s material ensures that you stay dry even in wet conditions. The hood is well-designed, offering ample coverage and adjustability for an ergonomic fit.

Now, here’s the kicker—it’s not just a fashion statement; it’s a functional piece of gear. It’s incredibly hydrophobic, ensuring that you stay dry even in the rainiest of conditions. The modular design allows you to adapt to changing weather, and the adjustable hood is a practical addition.

However, no product is without its minor shortcomings. Some users have reported issues with stitching durability, which is something to watch out for. Checking the stitching is a good practice to ensure long-term use.

Overall, The NORTH FACE waterproof jacket under £200 is a high-quality piece of gear that offers versatility and functionality. Its innovative design and ability to adapt to various weather conditions make it a worthy investment for outdoor enthusiasts. Just keep an eye on the stitching, and you’ll be well-prepared for any adventure.

How We Test Waterproof Jacket Under 200

Testing waterproof jackets under £200 is a meticulous process that involves evaluating their performance, durability, and overall suitability for outdoor enthusiasts on a budget. At our testing facility, we subject these jackets to a battery of tests to ensure they meet our stringent standards.

First and foremost, we assess their waterproofing capabilities. Jackets are exposed to simulated rain conditions, ranging from light drizzles to heavy downpours. We measure how well they repel water and prevent moisture from seeping through, ensuring they keep wearers dry even in adverse weather.

Breathability is equally crucial. We evaluate how effectively these jackets allow moisture and heat to escape, preventing the dreaded feeling of being clammy and uncomfortable inside. Pit zips and ventilation systems are put to the test to gauge their efficiency.

Durability is assessed by subjecting jackets to wear and tear scenarios, mimicking rough outdoor conditions. We inspect seams, zippers, and materials for any signs of weakness or failure.

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