Tefal Vs Philips Steam Iron

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We got a chance to use both the Tefal and Philips steam irons for several weeks. The reason for our purchase was to identify which works best for us.

During testing, we closely observe the quality and effectiveness of these devices in removing wrinkles and stains from various fabrics.

Steam generators are one of the essential home appliances for anyone looking to keep their clothes and linens in pristine condition, and both Tefal and Philips are reputable brands that produce reliable and durable steam irons.

Choosing between these two brands can be a daunting task for you as well, as both have their own unique features and advantages.

In this review, we will share our personal experience, and buyer’s reviews, and also compare the Tefal and Philips steam irons in terms of their design, performance, and overall value for money.

Whether you’re a seasoned ironing pro or a novice looking to invest in a quality steam iron, this review will help you make an informed decision.

Key Specifications Of Tefal Vs Philips Steam Iron

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We are comparing two popular units Philips GC4850 and Tefal FV5375.

FeaturesPhilips GC4850Tefal FV5375
Power2600 W2800 W
Steam Output50 g/min50-220 g/min
Wire length2.5 m2.5 m
Variable steam settingsYesYes
Current PricePhilips (Best Sellers)Tefal Steam Iron
United KingdomLow PriceLow Price
SingaporeLow PriceLow Price
AustraliaLow Price OfferLow Price Offer
Saudi ArabiaLow PriceLow Price
PolandLow Price OfferLow Price Offer
unboxing tefal steam iron package arrival at our home

Brand Manufacturing

Tefal and Philips are two well-known international manufacturers that specialize in making high-quality household equipment, including steam irons. Philips steam generators are the industry leaders in ironing quality, with the GC9640/60 model rating as the top-performing steam iron, according to research done by Roskachestvo in collaboration with ICRT.

Tefal models, on the other hand, are a popular choice among customers who value power and efficiency because they are recognized for producing the most steam per unit of time.

Philips steam irons are widely accessible on the UK market and are mostly produced in China, Indonesia, and the Netherlands. Contrarily, Tefal steam irons have been made in the United Kingdom over the last many years, and some of their models are even put together in France. While Philips also does the same.

Both Tefal and Philips are well-known companies with significant market share in the steam iron industry worldwide. The design, functionality, and overall value for the money of the Tefal and Philips steam irons will be compared in the next section.

Tefal Vs Philips Steam Iron: Pros and Cons

Let’s look at the pros and cons first. Tefal and Philips both provide trustworthy and efficient tools for ironing different textiles and getting rid of obstinate creases.

When deciding between the two brands, there are a few advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account. Let’s examine two well-liked models from each company, the Tefal FV5375 and the Philips GC4850.

Both versions function similarly, with the Philips GC4850 having a little greater power output and steam boost steam per minute than the Tefal FV5375. Sprinklers and descaling systems are included in both versions, which are crucial for preserving the durability of the equipment. Both variants have received favorable customer feedback, with consumers stating that the steam generators glide over fabric without damaging it.

The Philips GC4850’s ergonomic design makes it simple to operate without tiring when ironing, which is one of its main advantages. Furthermore, even the worst creases may be removed with the help of its strong steam.

The Tefal FV5375, on the other hand, warms up rapidly and features an obvious self-shutdown system. Beyond these advantages, however, there are a number of consumer concerns concerning Tefal products, including the difficulty in smoothing out even straightforward shirts, poor heating that falls short of what the company claims, a short cable, and the potential for staining materials.

The Tefal FV5375’s Autoclean Cathalys sole, constructed with a thin coating of palladium to chemically react with organic materials on cloth to automatically clean the surface, is one of its special features.

The Philips GC4850, in comparison, features a Steamglide Plus sole that forms an air cushion over the cloth during ironing, reducing contact between the sole and fabric.

The necessity to constantly top up the water tank on both appliances is a typical drawback since the tank’s capacity is only adequate for 3 to 5 turns of ironing.

Tefal Vs Philips Steam Iron: Capacity And Sizes

Tefal and Philips both provide a number of sizes and capacities to pick from. Different soleplate coatings and tank diameters are available for Philips steam generators, and Tefal versions also differ in this way. See the picture below.

view of philips steam iron capacity and sizes

The GV8960, one of the most expensive Tefal machines, has a steam pressure of 6 bar and a steam boost of 340 g/min, making it capable of handling any sort of cloth.

The GV7310 has a pressure of 4.5 bar, while the GV7620 generates steam at a maximum pressure of 5 bar, making them both perfect for ironing cotton materials.

With a maximum steam pressure of 6 bar, the GC9222 model from Philips ensures quick and excellent ironing.

The HI5914, on the other hand, is a lightweight model with a stylish look that fits well in the hand. It features the Smart Calc-Clean technology to remind customers to descale the appliance and has a steam pressure of 5 bar.

It’s critical to select the appropriate model from Tefal’s and Philips’ assortment of models with various features.

Tefal Vs Philips Steam Iron: Price and Services

There are several significant variations between Tefal and Philips steam irons when comparing their costs and services. Despite the fact that both companies offer models with comparable performance attributes, Philips versions are often significantly more expensive.

unboxing philips steam iron package arrival at our home

For instance, the Tefal GV8960 model with the same maximum pressure would be priced at about £50 whereas the Philips GC9222 model might cost approximately £70 pounds. Despite this, ratings on UK Market show that Philips models are often more well-liked.

Both Tefal and Philips appliances are typically dependable in terms of service, although they are not exempt from malfunctions. The standard warranty time for Tefal goods is two years from the date of retail sale or manufacturing, with a few requirements that must be satisfied in order for the guarantee to be effective.

These prerequisites can include following the descaling instructions and using the right kind of water, preventing mechanical damage or overload, and making sure that the frequency and voltage of the electric current meet the specifications of the device.

In the UK, Philips maintains a wide network of authorized service locations, including more than 500 in the nation’s capital. Customers that need their steam irons repaired or maintained may benefit from this. Additionally, Tefal has a sizable number of service locations around the nation, including more than 150 in the nation’s capital.

Choosing Tefal and Philips Steam Iron

There are two primary types of steam irons to think about when selecting one: the normal steam iron and the steam generator iron. Although the typical steam iron includes an inbuilt water reservoir with a 300ml capacity, it only produces modest steam pressure and must be often refilled.

A steam generator iron, on the other hand, has a separate base unit with a bigger water tank—about 1.8 liters—that enables you to iron six times as much before needing to refill.

Additionally, steam generator irons may generate up to 120g/min of steady steam per minute as opposed to the average 55g/min of a regular iron, which is a significant increase in steam production over traditional irons.

Impressive steam boost rates may be found, with the finest steam generators topping 500g/min against 230g/min from a conventional iron.

Furthermore, steam generator irons are the best for rapidly and efficiently ironing even the deepest wrinkles since they can pump out steam at significantly greater pressures, averaging 6.5 bars. When selecting a steam iron that suits your demands, take into account these variables.

Conclusion: Verdict

In conclusion, the decision between Tefal and Philips steam irons ultimately comes down to the demands and tastes of the consumer. Choose a Philips model if ironing is your top priority since they are the best at quickly and effectively eliminating any creases.

Tefal models, on the other hand, offer more potent steam generation and are also appropriate for high-quality cleaning of premises if a more diverse application is desired. Tefal steam irons might not be the ideal option for ironing, though, as items still feel a little moist and can’t be put in the closet right away.

Even if Philips models are slightly more expensive than comparable Tefal choices, both manufacturers have demonstrated their durability through “test drives.” Buyers must ultimately consider their alternatives and select the brand that best meets their demands.

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