Sense-u Vs Owlet Baby Monitor

Finding the ideal baby monitor may be a difficult undertaking for new parents. Making a decision might be difficult because there are so many alternatives on the market. Two manufacturers caught my attention when I was looking for a baby monitor: Owlet and Sense-U.

Wearables and video streaming devices are among the several monitoring tools that Owlet provides. However, the cost of their baby monitors is high. I was lured to Sense-U because of its more affordable pricing points and because I was on a tight budget. Sense-U provides a comprehensive monitoring set, similar to Owlet. Nevertheless, given all the similarities, I doubted if Sense-U would perform as well as Owlet.

I looked into and contrasted the top-selling monitoring solutions from Sense-U and Owlet to assist new parents like myself in making an informed choice.

To help you choose which brand is best for your family, I will thoroughly compare the features and price ranges of each in this post.

Key Specifications Of Sense-u Vs Owlet Baby Monitor

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FeaturesSense-U Baby Monitor 2Owlet Smart Sock 3 and Cam
Components included in bundleHD camera, infant monitoring gadget, and base station.Owlet Cam and the core, the Owlet Smart Sock 3
Primary Monitoring DeviceAttaches to a baby’s diaper or sleepwear in the form of a button.Ankle wearable with a pulse oximeter sensor.
Connection to base stationWireless connection to base stationWireless connection to base station
Power sourcePowered by CR2 batteries that may be changed out.Wireless charging via the base station, functioning as a charging station.
Two-way communicationYes, with streaming video and audio in real-time.Yes, with streaming video and audio in real-time.
Night vision capabilityYes.Yes.
Design and InstallationBasic design, attaches to clothes.Low-profile and ergonomically designed, overlapping velcro strap for attaching to the baby’s ankle. Simple wall mounting kit included for cam, magnetic base for easy installation.
Monitoring FeaturesRespiration, sleeping posture, and body and surrounding temperature. Tracks a baby’s movement.Heart rate and oxygen levels. Thorough sleep insights, such as sleep length and quality.
Mobile AppYes.Yes.
Compatibility with base stationYes.Yes.
Radiation emittedLow-power BluetoothEncrypted HD video streaming
Safety FeaturesAES 256-bit encryption.AES 128-bit encryption. Smaller sensor to lessen pressure on the baby’s skin.
Price (UK)Check Current Low PriceCheck Current Low Price
Price (US)Low Price OfferLow Price Offer
Country (Current Price)Sense-UOwlet
AustraliaLow Price OfferLow Price Offer
CanadaLow Price OfferLow Price Offer

Sense-U Vs Owlet: Bundle System

A few of well-known companies that provide bundle deals include Sense-U and Owlet. While Owlet’s Monitor Duo comprises an Owlet Cam and the core, the Owlet Smart Sock 3, Sense-U’s Video+Breathing Monitor 2 package comes with an HD camera, infant monitoring gadget, and base station we discovered. See the picture below.

unboxing sense u bundle system close up view

Talking about making Owlet Smart Sock 3 work, wear it on an ankle along with a pulse oximeter sensor. This together responded to base station communicate to transmit alerts.

In contrast, the primary monitoring device used by Sense-U attaches to a baby’s diaper or sleepwear in the form of a button as tested.

The monitoring devices from Sense-U and Owlet connect to a base station that is part of each company’s package. The third generation of smart socks can allow wireless charging via the base station, although only Owlet’s can function as a charging station See the picture below. Sense-U’s Baby Monitor 2 is powered by CR2 batteries that may be changed out.

unboxing owlet bundle system view

Both of the products facilitated two-way communication real time streaming video as well as audio. They may also be utilised as security or nanny cameras, and both models have night vision capability.

Sense-U Vs Owlet: Design and Installation

During testing, we found Owlet looks to have an advantage over Sense-U in terms of design and installation. Compared to Sense-U, Owlet’s devices seem more expensive and need less setup and installation.

our purchasing view of owlet 3 model from us

The Smart Sock 3 is one of the low-profile and ergonomically designed parts of the Owlet Monitor Duo package that gives it a baby-friendly appearance while concealing the technology within. The monitoring gadget from Sense-U, in contrast, has a straightforward, basic design that works well.

Parents might prefer the Owlet Smart Sock’s overlapping velcro strap for attaching the gadget to the baby’s ankle when comparing it to the Sense-U Baby Monitor 2. Both items are handy and easy to store, but the Owlet sock’s design makes it more stable. See the picture below.

our purchasing view of owlet model

Additionally, compared to Sense-U’s Video, Owlet’s HD camera is simpler to setup. A wall mounting kit for the Owlet Cam is included, and it has cable guards to keep cords firmly in place and out of a baby’s reach. The camera mounts using a magnetic base, which makes it simple to install and move around as needed. The Sense-U Video, on the other hand, mounts using glue, which might not be as reliable or simple to take off.

Sense-U Vs Owlet: Monitoring Features Comparison

The baby monitor from Sense-U is a button-shaped gadget that attaches to your child’s clothes. Using sensors included into the gadget, it keeps tabs on your baby’s respiration, sleeping posture, and body and surrounding temperature.

The Sense-U monitor could be your best choice if you’re worried about having sensors close to your child as tested. Additionally, if your kid is active, the gadget might be useful because it tracks a baby’s movement better than the Owlet Smart Sock. See the picture below.

our baby with ankle wearable view

The Owlet Smart Sock, on the other hand, is a wearable gadget that monitors your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels using a pulse oximeter. The gadget works great while your kid is motionless, but it might not be as good at detecting movement as the Sense-U monitor. However, the Owlet gadget offers thorough sleep insights, such as sleep length and quality, which can be useful for monitoring your baby’s general sleeping habits.

sense u attaches to a babys diaper or sleepwear in the form of a button view

For remote monitoring, Sense-U and Owlet both integrate with mobile apps. The applications’ organised information displays make it simple to monitor your baby’s health and sleeping habits. You can check your baby’s body temperature, set rollover alarms, observe their current sleep posture, and track their respiration rate using the Sense-U app. Similar features are present in Owlet’s app along with in-depth sleep analysis.

Both Sense-U and Owlet’s monitoring devices are compatible with their respective base stations if you’d rather not utilise the mobile app. Despite the differences in appearance, the gadgets all employ colour-coded LEDs to indicate various conditions and notifications.

Sense-U Vs Owlet: Safety and Price

Safety is constantly a top priority while picking the best monitor. Although they are not regarded as medical gadgets, Sense-U and Owlet both sell goods that are intended to be safe for use.

To reduce the amount of radiation the monitor emits, Sense-U employs low-power Bluetooth. The business also claims of using AES 256-bit encryption to protect the transfer of data and media. Similar to this, Owlet’s Monitor Duo provides encrypted HD video streaming that is safe, but at a lesser AES 128-bit level. To lessen pressure that can leave imprints on a baby’s skin, the sensor on the Owlet Smart Sock 3 is also smaller than on earlier models.

our mobile app integration baby montior

It’s crucial to remember that while these gadgets provide comfort, they cannot be utilised for treatment or diagnosis.

In addition to safety, cost should also be taken into account when selecting a baby monitor. While the Owlet Smart Sock 3 costs £299.99, the Sense-U Baby Monitor 2 is only £129.99. Despite being more pricey, the Owlet comes with more features including HD video streaming and in-depth sleep insights. However, both products have base stations for remote monitoring and connectivity with mobile apps.

Sense-U Vs Owlet: Buyer Reviews

Reddit Users

The author is looking for suggestions on the best wearable monitor to use to keep an eye on their baby’s sleep. They presently follow the baby’s respiration and activity with a Sense-u monitor, but they don’t think it’s the best. They are thinking about upgrading to the more expensive, but generally superior sleep monitor, the Owlet Sock. The author wants to know if the Sense-u operates well enough to give peace of mind, or if the Owlet Sock is worth the extra money.

In response, one user suggested the Nanit monitor for breathing tracking because it performs well and, if a baby is old enough, provides an analytical analysis of their sleep. Another user challenges the value of such gadgets for healthy infants, arguing that they could lead to unwarranted concern and perhaps the development of unhealthy behaviours surrounding the child’s well-being.

The original poster replies that they are afraid that the Sense-u monitor may not be able to detect decreases in heart rate as well as a more expensive monitor like the Owlet Sock and that they want to be warned in case the baby rolls over and stops breathing. Despite being aware of the possibility of anxiousness, they nonetheless want to be ready for a crisis.

What To Expect

The blog post is a conversation regarding baby monitors among a group of mothers. As a first-time mother with no prior experience with either Owlet or Sense-U, the original poster, masirk, requests advise on these products.

In response, BabyKP93, a different mother, says that using the Owlet can occasionally be challenging because doing so risks waking the infant.

Another commenter, sschmokes, contends that these monitors are not required unless it becomes necessary to keep track of more than just the baby’s whereabouts or the room’s temperature. She suggests the Infant Optics dxr8 monitor, which does not link to Wi-Fi and has its own monitor. Masirk appreciates her wisdom because she was also researching it out of anxiety.

Another commenter, tay16, makes the recommendation that a monitor with two-factor authentication and a secure Wi-Fi password and account are essential to preventing hacking. She suggests the Nanit monitor since her husband, who studies cybersecurity products, feels it is incredibly secure and challenging to hack into. Masirk expresses gratitude to the couple for the useful information.

Baby Center

Both the Sense-U and the Owlet monitors keep an eye on the baby’s temperature, breathing, and rollovers, but the author took the Owlet off her list because she thought it was too pricey. An additional forum user reported having an excellent experience with the Owlet, which reduced their worry about their infant’s health and resulted in no false alarms or other issues. A third poster, however, stated that they had a child with heart abnormalities and an arrhythmia, and that their medical staff had advised against using the Owlet since it would not reliably read their baby’s heart rate.

The Snuza monitor, which clips to the diaper, and the MonBaby monitor, which is comparable to the Sense-U monitor, were also suggested by other posters as good baby monitor companies.

Last but not least, some posters offered advice on lowering the risk of SIDS, including keeping the infant in the same room as the parents and sleeping them on their back to prevent overheating. They also advised against using bumpers or blankets in cribs.

Conclusion: Verdict

In conclusion, bundle systems that contain base stations and monitoring devices are something that both Sense-U and Owlet provide.

While Sense-U’s Baby Monitor 2 is a button-shaped device that attaches to a baby’s clothes and monitors breathing, sleeping position, and temperature, Owlet’s Smart Sock 3 is a low-profile wearable ankle device that tracks heart rate and oxygen levels.

For remote monitoring, both devices are connected to a base station and mobile applications. While Sense-U’s devices have a simple design that works well, Owlet’s gadgets are more costly and feature a sleeker design with an overlapping velcro strap for fastening the device to the baby’s ankle and a wall mounting kit for the HD camera.

Both businesses place a high priority on security, and to secure the flow of data and media, their devices employ low-power Bluetooth and encryption. Although the Owlet costs more than the Sense-U, it boasts more functions, such as HD video streaming and comprehensive sleep insights.

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