X Rocker Panther Gaming Desk Review

Introducing the X Rocker Panther Gaming Desk, a gaming desk that I can personally vouch for as a great addition to any gaming setup.

This review guide is a fantastic resource that will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about purchasing this product.

Having used the desk myself, I can confidently say that it has exceeded my expectations in terms of reliability, durability, and overall performance.

One of the standout features of the X-rocker panther gaming desk is its ergonomic design, which ensures that you can game comfortably for long periods without experiencing any discomfort.

Its sturdy construction ensures that it will last for a long time, and the nice finish and cable management system make it a very practical and convenient choice as tested.

However, as with any product, there are areas where this desk can be improved, and our review will examine these in detail after testing it for several weeks.

In this article, Throughout this review, we walkthrough, an honest and unbiased assessment of the X rocker panther gaming desk, so you can make an informed decision about whether it’s the right gaming desk for you.

Key Specifications Of X Rocker Panther Gaming Desk

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FeaturesX Rocker Panther Gaming Desk
Sold To:100+ Customers
Buyer Satisfaction Ratings96%
5 Star Rating87%
Bad Review3%
Desk Size112 x 61 x 75 cm
Overall Weight18 Kilograms
MaterialMetal, Aluminium
ColorsBlack, Multicolour 
Height AdjustableNo
Max. load limit100 Kilograms
LED LightingYes
Cable ManagementYes
Desk Depth (Corner)60 cm
Desk Depth (Middle)55 cm
PriceCheck Current Price
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  • 87% of 126 buyers give this model a 5 star review 
  • Affordable and good value for money.
  • Can accommodate two standard-size monitors with some extra space as tested.
  • Sleek and stylish design with a carbon fiber finish and LED lights.


  • 3% of all buyers give this one a bad review.
  • May get dirty easily due to the carbon fiber finish.
  • Assembly may be difficult and time-consuming.
  • Cup holders are useless and may not be practical.

Brand Manufacturer

XRocker is a leading brand manufacturer that has been providing high-quality gaming chairs, desks, and beds for 15 years. Their mission is to make gaming accessible to everyone, and they have been the top brand of gaming chairs since 2005. X Rocker’s innovative designs and use of the latest technologies ensure that their products enhance the gaming experience to the next level.

X Rocker Panther Gaming Desk: Unboxing Package Arrival

As we were eagerly waiting for the delivery of my X-rocker panther gaming desk, much excited to unbox it. Finally, the day arrived and I received the package, which was well-packed and protected. See the image below.

x rocker panther gaming desk unboxing package arrival view

We opened the package, and it was fully packed. From the outer look, we clearly saw the sleek and stylish design of the desk. The carbon fiber top looked fantastic, and the included red mouse mat was a nice touch and a plus point.

As I inspected the desk, I found two cable management holes at the back, which I knew would come in handy. The desk was all metal, which gave it a sturdy feel. I couldn’t wait to set it up and use it.

We were pleased with the overall quality of the desk, especially for its affordable price. Overall, I was happy with the unboxing and excited to set up my gaming station.

X Rocker Panther Gaming Desk: Assembly

Talking about its assembly, assembling the X Rocker Panther Gaming Desk is a relatively easy process for us as we have assembled many before.

The desk comes with a well-detailed instruction manual that is easy to follow, making the assembly process straightforward. See the image below.

x rocker panther gaming desk assembly instruction manual view

The screws and other assembly hardware are included in the package and are well-packaged and wrapped, making it easy to identify each part.

x rocker panther gaming desk assembly view 1

It took me approximately 45 minutes to assemble the desk, and I did it alone. However, two people can also assemble it, making it even quicker. See the picture below.

x rocker panther gaming desk screw tighting view 1

X Rocker Panther Gaming Desk: Design And The Surface

Talking about the desk design, it is designed with beginners in mind.

The desk surface is wide enough to accommodate my monitor, soundbar, keyboard, and mouse, with room to spare. The carbon fibre effect finish gives the desk a sleek and modern appearance that complements my gaming setup perfectly. See the picture below.

x rocker panther gaming desk design next to wall view

I especially appreciate the desk size which is 160 centimeters long, which makes it enough for fitting standard two monitors, a concern that many gamers have. I was able to easily fit an ultra-wide on the desk also leaving plenty of extra space left over.

However, using it for several weeks, we found that the carbon fiber finish may get dirty over time. The fingerprints and smudges may become more visible on the carbon fiber feel of the desk. However, this is not a significant issue as it is easy to clean the desk with a microfiber cloth. See the image below.

x rocker panther gaming desk surface view

Another downside during testing we found the cup holders to be particularly not so useful for us. I personally did not find this to be an issue as I do not use the cup holders.

One area for improvement could be the desk’s size. We have noted that the desk measures 126cm in width, which can be a problem if you are trying to fit it into a space that is only 121cm wide.

X Rocker Panther Gaming Desk: Cable Management

We are happy with its cable management feature. The desk has a practical and efficient cable management system.

The desk features two port holes and a wire gutter to accommodate cables, making it particularly useful for multi-monitor setups.

See the image below.

x rocker panther gaming desk cable management holes view

During our testing, we found that the cable management system on this desk is a definite plus point. It provides enough space for cables to be routed and stored in a way that helps reduce clutter and keep cables organized. The desk also comes with a cable holder that is not the most practical to screw on, but this was not a significant issue for us.

In terms of areas for improvement, we did not find any major issues with the cable management system. However, it would be beneficial if the desk had more cable management options or additional wire gutters to accommodate more cables.

X Rocker Panther Gaming Desk: Neo RGB Lighting

RGB lighting really gave us a cool feel. Our testing room got enhanced the visual appeal of the desk. See the image below.

x rocker panther gaming desk neo rgb lighting view

The desk offers up to 30 different light settings and colour options across the full RGB colour spectrum, making it a great addition to any gamer’s arsenal.

In my experience with the model we tested, I found the RGB lighting to be quite impressive. The lighting modes are vivid and bright, and they add a touch of personality to the gaming setup. The lighting effects are smooth and well-coordinated, making it easy to switch between different modes. The control panel is also easy to use, and it allows for quick and easy customization of the lighting effects.

X Rocker Panther Gaming Desk: Buyer Reviews

The X Rocker Panther Gaming Desk has garnered a positive reputation from UK customers, with many praising its sleek design, sturdiness, and functionality. The desk features a carbon fiber top, free red mouse mat, and two cable management holes for optimal organization of your gaming gear.

Additionally, customers are pleased to report that the desk can accommodate two monitors, making it a great buy for gamers who require more screen space. The LED lights are also a nice touch, with different modes to choose from.

Several buyers noted that the desk is easy to set up, with a plug holder under the desktop, which adds to its appeal. It’s also an excellent value for money, with one customer noting it’s ideal for those starting their PC gaming endeavors.

However, some customers found assembling the desk to be challenging, taking up to 4 hours with three people required for the job. While the cup holder has been criticized as useless, the headphone stand is functional.

Overall, the desk is a great addition to any gamer’s room, and buyers highly recommend it.

Best Alternatives Choices

Brand/ModelDesk SizeOverall WeightMaterialAdjustableLED LightingCable ManagementDesk Depth (Corner)Desk Depth (Middle)
Arozzi Arena160 x 82 x 75 cm35 KilogramsMDF, SteelYesNoYes80 cm62 cm
EUREKA Ergonomic Z60152 x 71 x 76 cm28 KilogramsMDF, SteelYesNoYes120 cm64 cm
RESPAWN 1000114 x 61 x 76 cm31 KilogramsMDF, SteelYesNoYes75 cm56 cm
Vitesse 55″ Gaming Desk139.7 x 66 x 73.7 cm19.7 KilogramsCarbon Fiber, SteelNoNoYes66 cm61 cm
Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk116.84 x 76.2 x 76.2 cm24.2 KilogramsSteelNoNoYes74 cm60 cm

Final Thought

The X Rocker Panther Gaming Desk is a great option for gamers who want a light-up gaming desk with Neo motion RGB Lightning technology.

The desk offers up to 30 different light settings and colour options across the full RGB colour spectrum, making it a colourful addition to any gaming setup. The cable management feature is also a plus.

However, the desk’s overall design and build quality could be improved. It may not be the best option for gamers who prioritize a sturdy and reliable gaming setup.

Additionally, the desk is not height adjustable, which may be a concern for some users.

In terms of alternatives, the Arozzi Arena, EUREKA Ergonomic Z60, RESPAWN 1000, Vitesse 55″ Gaming Desk, and Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk are all great options to consider.

These desks offer different features such as adjustable height, larger desk size, and higher load capacity. It’s important to consider your specific needs and preferences when selecting a gaming desk.

Unboxing package arrival8/10
Design and the surface8.5/10
Cable management9/10
Neo RGB lighting9.5/10
Buyer reviews9/10
View ProductPrice At Amazon

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